American Armed Forces only cure for H.R. #2847 is Military Coup, or be Homeless in organized crime Inflation. Nationalize Business!





Honor the Grateful Dead

"Bill Graham Presents"

The Third Party

The Preface Page


Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, 1995,
singing Samson and Delilah

Without faulse government of politics and media am I the final solution


  Dear God
The Logical Solution
Dictatorship Now!
From the Start, it's been a tax conspiracy
I Am Your Only Way Out
The Masters of Deception
The Government Fix
  El Nino
Elsewhere in the world, outside of the West, in Russia and China, after Trump got elected, where a lot of people in the East resent their leaders dropping Marxism to get rich might as well - if they are all going to hell anyway - rise up like Bolsheviks and Maoists in a flood of blood, taking-out Capitolism to regain Marxism my way. With wages for the work people can do, on a 1 to 10 scale to a million dollars a year. That Americans could have gotten from Revolution, in Departments of Business publically-owned. Instead of following the rich under their legislators control, as slaves to the profits and taxation to acchieve Business ends, instead earn dividends from profits of the industries in my system of social-order tribunals, accomplishment only acchievable by bloody Revolution or Military Coup Debt Default!

In the end another president was elected on November 8, 2016. Where polls netted only 55% of the vote for candidates, I represent the 45% as The Third Party. I won Power by Default Vs. candidates for President with 45% of the vote. This my leadership in such a radical style, when no other style is appropriate, when the corrupt sociopolitical system cannot be reasoned with. When not even a billionare has enough money to make a difference I drew from a long history of ruthless role models, against my own nature, for my leadership. Peace and love does not work well enough for a following in a world that hates each other. I accomplish the ends of racism the new President with simular likes is restricted from mobilizing State by State Militias with America's Armed Forces I offer Military Coup. Politicians, lawyers, in with illegals and legal aliens, women's rights, leftists in positions of authority and the Media across the country, shoot to kill, prepared to block everything racist Trump stands for. Where either Italians become criminals or they become cops I only side with Italian Nazi Mussolini and Police. American 45% Majority Default, ineffective Donald Trump, my Martial Law gas out the institutional governments in every State I exterminate economic evils of greedy capitolism and politics. Nationalize. Gun it down, to dump in the middle of the ocean for whatever is hungry, establish a U.S. National Company, Business. Trump has a Cabinet good for centralizing Business, I confiscate all of its cash and services to pay off the National Debt. Giving Americans Credit a equal share of the money metals confiscated for coins, with gold and silver cirtificates thereof. While eliminating all of the racial division in America destroy or deport or run out of USA as refugees, with their women and children, security guards and private armies all standing in the way of the new President. Where I would increase farm machinery production to supply farmers with the means to do without alien labor, as well as for all industries through my nationalizing Business to train white Americans to run, for the benifit of White America. While the States provide Militia, so we help the U.S. Government to continue managing Public Lands, in our war effort to restore America. And concerning woman's rights, except for the diamonds in the rough, the lot of all the spiteful bitches I would go back to burning witches at the stake. Electing Trump as President was like putting new wine into an old bottle going to break, this Fall, 2018. Here I suspend Constitution so U.S. Armed Forces and Militia of citizens purge America by Revolution.

This is all about Majority Rule, to have opinions to go by in my dictatorship with the people by Default.

No politician could be my running mate for President. Tear gas Congress, run out of town, none of them are my friends, with the state of America controlled by organized crime, media and lawyers like elect women and an Islamic black president invite in every kind of foreign enemy, killers let out of prison stalk communities under political rule. Root of crimes against the people, my racism the only solution, thus an armed forces revolution, if only in suicide mutiny to get to enlist White America into 50 State militias I accomplish democracy in America. Government in my religious war with an ideology of search and destroy I pay off National Debt and get everything back to White. Where I can or exile politicians and business interests and bank the national debt conspiracy. Global warming spinning within and Planet X coming around the Sun and a red dwarf star causing red full Moons, my leadership for martyrs against the system. Elections are too late, a spy chip put in you if institutional politics of the left is left in power. To survive is my leadership/Donald Trump only a patch on the system no solution my Military dictatorship leadership is the only answer for martyrs against The System.

American citizens cannot solve their immigration problems without military force and guns. That could but does not need me to collect signatures to be The Third Party by legal means, needing a billion dollars to win in politics. When evil has always controlled governments in perpetual corruption taking bribes. France and Mexico did revolution justice, like Communist revolutions. U.S. Armed Forces must take out corporate interest's, enemies of the people in D.C. first. Volunteers from France can chop the authorities heads off for a shark feast. Radiation from Japan will kill off the sharks in the oceans, for the best job of cleaning up on corruption than revolutions in Europe use to do with aristocracies. Taking all their cars and everything. While canning the legal system at law for the wealth to run my Martial law and Third Government, while eradicating Islam from United States. So plunder church and state to pay off National Debt & I get war done right in the Middle East. Government cannot get it right without me in power. Consider the 4 red Moons in a row, the red dwarf star coming up to hit the Sun reason to break on through to the other side of gravity currents, to friends I have there 90° away where substance of gravity has a link to the past. Physics reaches there, with will-power to get around in there to wind up running racism in Early America, overthrowing aristocracy like in France and Russia dissatisfied with monarchies. I channel revolutionary forces to form a world confederation with better bombs than Russia with Molotov Cocktail in America. Unless in power I take back The Debt to the people from the establishment, in a shoot out gas and bomb the authorities in my Armed Forces change of Command. Bulldoze the U.S. government and restore the hill. Peaceful solutions are found out to be impossible against the rich and powerful, controlling everything. Kill them, even if in suicide, the only way U.S. Armed Forces can take out the powers that be. A mission in life for principles, at the end of the world. Cancel laws to take back opportunities and freedoms of the past. Kill lawyers politicians church and state the criminals. Rights continually compromised for the rich and their authorities seeking their own gains. Public opinion might say kill them the way they say, or I say, Democracy in USA back to good old fashioned American reasoning bloody American Revolution in a do or die!

Enemies of the people have to be massacred in a violent revolution in a military takeover, in a racial solution for the American people, push lawyers political party stock holders accounts off their "Fiscal Cliff"erasing the National Debt can the establishment and their scholars the Left, for whatever profitable use. Dictatorship over police and military in my Power by Default, the peoples only way out of Debt citizens in Militia take out the crooked political system house to house other races and the establishment for what they have, to pay off their national debt with their Business while reducing the population to White Americans. With democracy a tribunal. Make use of or can public enemies criminals and the inmatesinherit their accounts to pay the people, eliminate U.S. Debt over the bodies of all the elected etcetera chain of command. Leadership for Police and Military in my dictatorship arm trian White America. Power by Default enlist/draft Militia, reduce a 100 millions of aliens from America, for peace! Can our enemies for pet food or export to grill, rather than bury. Friends or enemies treat everyone fair in democracy, a team against the future. American people eliminate the bad from the good Social Cause. Armed Forces in a world war for White America defend and secure a pleasant state of life in the world. Weather getting hotter every year because of 7 billion more humans than in 1950 when the world reached a billion people. Should I care to wait around for debt default anarchy and chaos much longer, after 4 red full Moon warnings to September 28, 2015. Edit this get my whole soul over to exit through to reach crossroads to Early America, create and manufacture a socioeconomic corporation with dividends, unless File turn against Rank mutiny otherwise. I issue weapons and go racist berserk destroy legal and illegal aliens public enemies in America, White American military forces, if I have to be dictator.

Everything on Earth certain to die after the red dwarf star runs into the Sun so sunlight is knocked out. Red dwarf star light bending over the Sun's light from behind it, portends it runs into the Sun in 2020. Before that Planet X's white dwarf rises up its gravity sink and magnetism too close, in 2020. I looked at the maps of the core of the Earth as big as the Moon, now under Russia spinning west, stretches Earth biggest hurricanes and typhoons to Pineapple Express blast U.S. west coast. Magnetic core up in Earth's lithosphere melted a peninsula bay off Antarctica it reached Earth's top on March 11, 2011 end of the world, Japan Haiti Chile and New Zealand six months early for Short Count Mayan calendar end of the Sun's orbit in galaxy. Long Count December 21, 2012 completed its Milky Way Galaxy turn-around arc to Earth going through asteroids and later on gas. Maybe Jesus right about end of the world in the season it happened to Noah. End of the world earthquakes beginning in Alaska in 1964 prior to Earth's core broken off of last 2 fountains of the deep in 1975. March 11, 2011, core of the Earth ran into the top of the world and bounced three times after 9.2 in three 8.8 earthquakes followed by a tsunami each, the Earth falling over 1.5 or more degrees in each big earthquake until falling over in the Big One earthquake after an Armageddon happens before a red star hits the Sun, May fig leaf in Israel. Dirty bombs and nuclear war anyway Earth blows its top, since last in Siberia. Russia too passified to bomb capitalists pigs and Wall Street, rich Putin. Ukraine Vs. Russia end of the world whatever environment oblitorated like on Mars. Japan in 50 thousand years of radiation pouring out killing seafood a ugly bomb death toll. U.S. race problem gangland corporation greed U.S. government apprehend and destroy, while taking back America. White Man's Militia hunt down the crooked political system secrecy, Business created fiscal cliff inflation to 2018 National Debt Default. Graft scheming government gasping for tax. Sabotage it. Suicide mission America. Bomb the World Bank. Revolution mutiny! In my Power by Default ecology I pay all the bills and avenge military suicides wounded soldiers and soldier suicide takes out islam!

Is there time for USA to physically survive polar reversal? 4 red Moons in a row until a red dwarf star hits the Sun rises up, in May Sirius rises in the west in 2020 a bigger magnet with more gravity Earth's core pulled where it ran into Earth, when the Moon ran into the Pacific Ocean, during the last time the star Sirius came around, to go away its closest to the Sun and the Earth. Trump could not profit from revolution like I say, could avert anarchy and chaos happening in 2018 Default. Citizens rule otherwise, on immigration policy in my Power by Default, on authorities that survive put into concentration camps for tribunal. Public Services from Fire Department to Police White America Armed Forces better off with me in Power by Default, to save our skins. Bomb and shoot crime and corruption illegal aliens and all their cousins. With weapons and back-up take back old White American ways, make U.S. government represent American citizens, if I take out public enemies and aristocrats. For the public share of the wealth to work for according to their ability. White American industry/cities in bunkers for the worst. Arctic ice melting faster and faster from bottom up, end of the last Ice Age, in starvation weather I offer American citizens guns, profile enemies of the people to destroy and liberate White America. Up to 95 country visitors and 100 spies from China Military? I hope their military leader got away with his attempting a military overthrow against Communist Party corruption. Like I call for against graft in USA, against Chinese Communist Party capitalism, U.S. National Debt going to go over a cliff this Fall. Let me wring Debt Default out of the political and economic system and religions to pay it, so American citizens inherit USA profit under my command.

The old history of rulers ruling over the people ends in my democracy dictatorship and public enemy death toll. Power by Default since 1996 now racist mutiny. U.S. Armed Forces overthrow U.S. government enlist Militia for search and destroy "the system", to rid American turf of alien and illegal immigrants. Spoils of victory ration out, as American citizens live longer than 2020. In Martial Law I take all the bunkers build underground with wealth confiscated for Americans to be in control of America's resources and future, and leadership in a National Company economy. Soldiers and civilians pick their share of property from the enemy, to Bank gold and silver coins confiscated recalled, where I pay workers on Ten Levels in money metal coins and notes, if they can do work. Green U.S. economy down to trappers land owners and redneck back woods citizens. Temporary dictatorship until public opinion choices workers available to redistribute to each job community with their talents. This has a better chance of selling on paper in 1763, through JesusChrist to get there, for research and making gun types with proceeds from movies and music promote fraternity of the types for the whole to survive, fit into friendship communities common democracy for all majorities to represent, wages according to talents needed in industries, job community deep in a city without Sun after polar reversal, radiation eating virus making food for beef!

If American Armed Forces White America wants to survive the biggest disaster in history it has to put me into Power by Default dictatorship to survive. In my Debt Default and vote Default vote victory in political elections since 1996 my excuse to issue weapons and can the authorities, destroy criminals, a corrupt political system to take all they have. U.S. Armed Force's racist revolution, capture or destroy authority, take back good old fashioned Military protocol in a no holds bared purge of society for all the spoils of victory. Bomb and shoot and can corruption and aliens in a house to house deportation and shark feed, usher out the present system of government in America for a real democracy economy. White male American socialism in a us against them, concentration camp the management for public tribunals get rid of them. Take their money metals. Soldiers train on the job all the professional talent and labor skills, student abilities to develop. Lawyers and politicians can for pets and booty pay debt default. Economy on a 1 to 10 million dollar labor potential wages pay out, coins in the Bank. Public enemy big game hunt, social cleansing America, citizens Militia U.S. Armed Forces supported. Volunteers each a chosen industrial field on employment tours, paid in gold and silver to their limits, everyone pick out weapons and police show us all the public enemies where to bomb and shoot or capture deport or send to the Farm. I divide wealth in my ecology, where everyone shares leadership. Community sentiment majorities might say feed our enemies to preditors in swamp or salt water available, gangs illegal's or bad. Population control to reduce pollution, recycle jail bars for steel to build a future deep in high mountains for life after sun goes out, to high ice. Everyone left behind good night.

Militia under my U.S. Armed Forces Command purge America of aliens and public enemies. Deport bomb or load-up politics bodies to predators. American labor makes everything ourselves in America with democracy, instead of unions, for efficient industry and public services make America greater than ever! Facing default anarchy "file" turn against "rank" order in Military Mutiny White America, their children to State Militia overthrow establishment. Gold and silver economy replace dollars in USA pull out of world order end of age dictatorship, Power by Default. In public opinion majorities White America, superior opportunities. Pardon White hate crimes. Jailed Hippies pay-up in drugs, for a million dollars to work for.

For years American citizens do not like the way things are going in their country, where the quality of life for them they find is constantly getting worse and worse, a time when White American soldiers must take over. Even if only in a suicide mission, or be deployed to unknown county to apprehend leftists and non-Americans cleanse America, in my Martial Law leadership. Arm every able bodied White American Citizen ready to take Liberty for America's profit and good. Confiscate everything from America's enemies, in a us against them rockets and then road blocks purge. Target non-Americans and their cousins Church and state and Business wealth and property nationalize. Treasury in underground fortified cities I conduct public tribunals decide the fate of all the traitors subversives and aliens captured. My Rebel Yell, rid the American People of all of our enemies, confiscate stock market shares, business sending jobs out of the USA. Capture politics and their women in charge of U.S. tax dollars housing caring for ethnic aliens in America, the leftist media, stop Foreign Aid serve American needs. White America change back everything in Martial Law rebuild all the industries to provide American citizens with all the means and ways to save themselves from solar system disasters. Inner Earth protected from gamma ray burst since 1975 I save and restore out of oblivion. Bank our enemies accounts, so I break on through to the other side return with antibiotic wonders chemistry course's formulas to 1760!

No concerted national disaster effort before everything swept away in 2 years, scientists say seldom ever happens, a polar magnetic reversal Earth upside down, ocean over the hemospheres. Martial Law in old-time American discrimination I save the day delete laws unfair to White Americans, taking every freedom and opportunity back. Throw out some court martial verdicts in opinion majorities by soldiers, I hire only qualified U.S. citizens to 2 year tours of duty in America's Company. Crime type's fate decided in democracy annually. Citizens opinions decide locally influence nationally, all of our futures. Majorities cancel political treaties politicians made, whatever American citizens do not want. Instead of Debt Default tear gas round up political system authorities church bank, lawyer, take all. Early America or martyr's suicide missions for democracy with high explosives?

Debt Default even if North Korea could bomb Washington, D.C., lesser and lesser popular with its corporate agenda everywhere in the world. Soldiers best storm the Command to take out for white American self rule! My U.S. Armed Forces Command take all able bodied Americans against political and corporate crime, racism back to normal. College run Business U.S. Military build into mountains fortified for Earth reversal and red dwarf star. Kill the powers that be that fight back, in my capture deport or kill enemies policy. Public enemies, bad, like overall Negative Gravity Charge current sat down in Russia killed the authorities put strict controls on the greedy evil human nature took the Tsar's money and property. Where usually more police or ethics seems to help utopia. Wealth and power an equal pile of gold reserved for each level of potential. No more than 2 houses for job security. Party in peace or die of an overdose of anything, or you just call 911.

FEAR THIS: Earth's core pops out its top, top-heavy, while Earth wobbling violently falls over destroys everyone on land or sea, water and steam filled magnetic core going to blow-out in Earth 6th polar reversal or collapse without it!

The safest place to be when the Earth switches its magnetic poles is in the air.

Earth's core spinning counter-clockwise began spinning in 1975 northwest counterclockwise, up to Earth's flat top spinning in the opposite direction, hit End of the World in 2011 Japan tsunami followed by 3 other hits a tsunami, when Earth's core bounced West slipped fault line vectors at Haiti, then Chile and New Zealand, when Earth's core bounced on 85° latitude hit top of the world west to over Siberia. Causing big typhoons and two to three feet of rains and 10,000 earthquakes at sea, amid 3 nuclear meltdowns, easy enough to forget about. Where Earth's core missed sideswiping the Earth at Yellowstone National Park, a fault rising pressures up along an adjacent fault line and still rising from lava pressure over Earth's core churning lava past Idaho, going northwest from there. Earth's bubble apparently took left turn to over Siberia, making Earth dangerously top heavy, spinning like a top to come out of Atlantic fault spinning faster than the Earth. Steam inside North Magnetic Pole over an ocean inside the Earth turning faster a bubble, it will pop out of the Earth west of Norway throwing Earth upside down, like by a wrestler, by a sphere the size of the Moon turning in the opposite direction. Ever since 1975 the last two "fountains of the deep" were broken off, spun-off northwest up to Arctic Circle flat top. The Earth's magnetic solidified core churning molten iron-nickel up against 85° latitude global warming, melting Arctic Ice Cap, aimed westward spinning west under Arctic Ocean. 5 core sample's math forecast 2020 "The BIG ONE" earthquake and volcanoes blowing-up, from star Sirius passing in 2020 up too close. Then 4th red moon a red dwarf star hits the Sun, a omen its brown dwarf star rises up and falls apart on the Moon and the Earth "Wormwood". To my surprise ancient Egyptians believed only "the pure in heart" pass on to the other side, did not know you do not need to die to get there.

Everybody get together and give me support, because this is the end of time for the people, when White America better make it's U.S. Military and U.S. Government White, if they want to live!

The Earth is going to blow it's top below

85° latitude, North West of Norway.

Download this polar map PDF

Long Count December 21, 2012/Short Count December 24, 2011 Sun u-turn to Milky Way center.

In 2011 A.D. around the Pacific Ocean end of the world earthquakes caused anarchy and chaos 4 times, with tsunami each. Global warming increasing quicker than expected, iron ball the size of the Moon filled with water and steam stretched Earth's crust 4 times blows its top in 2020. But Short Count Mayan calendar end of the world 2011 already happened in Japan tsunami, in four 2011 Earth flexations. I just kept on putting it off breaking on through to Gravity Charge from gravity currents to the other side until this. With Polar reversal NORTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT to SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT astrology concluded on August 10, 3113 BCE. Mayan calendar calculation to end of the solar orbit Aztec calendar end destroyed the world in 4 countries in 2011. Coincidently Planet X coming around the sun, radiation pouring into the Pacific Ocean poisoning all the fishing for 50000 years. Change of Sun orbit across a star chart end of the Milky Way Galaxy, December 24, 2011, an arc to December 21, 2012 Earth began to swing through edge of Milky Way Galaxy wayward. So 2 asteroids blew-up one over Russia, one beside Florida, February 2013. North Magnetic Pole of the Earth crashed into Earth, hot as hell, going to pop a methane gas fire burning up the 2020 world until Earth's oxygen for human survival is burned up. Then 4 red moons to a full Moon in 2020. Earth could collapse if its bubble comes out, if Earth's core blows out too much steam. Even if I am the new government with Bank for every citizen a equal share polar reversal and a star rapidly coming up to the Sun straight at it. Its red bent around it on 4 full Moons in a row! A star with Wormwood star, no odds of escape?

Check these facts to see what you think of it. The cause of the "MOVEMENT" of the Earth's solid, to be a magnet, cooled by water inside of it to be the magnetic core of the Earth, that melts thinner every time it expands. Planet X stopped Earth wobble, the magnetic core burnt out dark star "Sirius" went by. As a "Red Dwarf Star" with a brown dwarf star 98% of the mass of the Sun collapsed star will do much worse later in 2020. "Sirius B" the brightest star in the sky blue until 2006, a tiny moon I could see with my little binoculars. A blue planet behind a white dwarf star reflecting white this way and blue off star Sirius. But a Red dwarf in 10 light years to only 6.5 light years to 2005, Sun with a red dwarf catching up to it through Ort cloud aimed at the Earth and the Sun, comets and asteroids in front and back coming at the Sun and Earth. Methane ice melting off Sirius I saw an asteroid in front in the sunlight. One asteroid blew up over Russia and another over Florida that Nostradamus said would hit Europe on 12/21/2012 came 2 months late. Comets melt and break-up in pieces if they get too close to the Sun Wormwood, red dwarf star coming straight at the Sun Planet X civilization ship hides at Mercury. A red dwarf star red Moons 6 months apart Wormwood raises up breaks apart and falls on the Moon and Earth, in Revelation and Kolbrin. From spot in the sky incoming New Star out of here coincidently Planet X and a red dwarf star cross paths in 2020. A planet size space ship at Mercury waiting for Sirius.

"Gliese 229" dwarf star or dwarf star at red dwarf Wormwood. While the bright blue illuminated planet for $30,000 home telescopes to find hides behind Sirius B. "Planet X" went by the Sun. One of its two new planets visible came up to Earth so naked eye could see it orbiting 6 moons in summer 2006, 2 on one side and 1 on the other side, up close. Sometimes it had a 7th moon besides 2 of them, with far away or up close 3 moon triangle Cortez' triangle. Planet X the Sun's Twin, its dead star offshoot with an expanded collapsed white dwarf star. Planet X ran into and took a planet between Jupiter and Mars is at Gliese 229B. The other collapsed star beside the Red Dwarf Star. Planet X's little "white dwarf" star caught the Sun's 6th planet orbiting behind it every 3.3 days. While the incoming frozen brown dwarf star thawing out, its red dwarf hits the Sun, breaks apart and falls like the comet that hit Jupiter did, on Earth. Asteroids coming around the Sun also with Sirius UB313. But the true identity of Wormwood will hit the Earth as the brown dwarf star.

Half-moon shaped a tiny moon eclipsed the 10th Planet all of summer of 2006, that made it look like a bite from its upper right side of the 10th Planet, June until the brightest star Sirius sat in October. Sirius' moon to its lower left on May 1, 2003, the Sun's missing planet light, star brightest in 2006. In 2020 Planet X close as Neptune. A red dwarf star out of the Oort cloud rises up to hit the Sun, 5 times the size of the Sun, that bounces the Sun off, to swell up 5 times it's size!


" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

last revised February 8, 2006

The Earth's Wobble Has Paused

What this portends, no one knows.


(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there

has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track

of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble

as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers

via email directly after this Bulletin."


This has to do with the axis Earth's core spins on, a solid iron and nickel sphere 27% of the diameter of the Earth, entirely up inside northern hemisphere of the Earth tilting west, off of axis of the Earth, that ran into Earth's top 4 times in 2011. Each time tilting its axis more and more to the west, thrust its momentum west bounced to over Siberia, pointing its axis north pole west to blow out its inner Earth steam pressure and ocean through its fault in the Arctic Circle. While it presses up against Russia an Arctic Vortex streatched over Canada to USA, that Hurricane Sandy went-up through Chicago, spinning its equater up against Earth's 85° latitude flat top, Earth's core continues going west under Russia's north coast. Until star Sirius magnet is too close. Enough to see with the naked eye 3 bright objects in a pyramid formation out in front of its White dwarf with 3 sometimes 4 moons, went to its visible 10 moon Saturn new planet in 2006 after the white 4 moon planet sat with its moon triangle, that next appeared at the new Saturn's lower left end of 10 moons, the year the Chandler wobble stopping, a 11th and 12th moon were up-close over Hogback two little round circles August morning 5 days in a row. The 2006 Sirius magnetism balanced Earth magnetism from the right distance, stabilized the Earth for 3 1/2 weeks of not wobbling. Earth's core up against its 85° latitude spinning west under Arctic Russia global warming, you haven't seen nothing yet! Famine Debt Default Inflatioon human population time bomb, 4 red moons, Earth's core pressing against 85 degrees latitude spinning faster until it explodes from Atlantic fault line north of Iceland, star Sirius close as Neptune in 2020. Earth wobble began in 1975 when its magnetic core was broken off from 2 fountains of the deep, counterclockwise against Earth spin ran into Earth's top in 2011. Fault lines in Earth's crust caused by Moon hitting Earth, magnetic core ocean inside, steam in Earth's core expanding faster than the Earth going to pop in Earth's top destroys civilization in 2020, star Sirius A rising up Sirius B much closer than Neptune, as Earth's core reaches its former impact Fault line, blow-out collapses Earth in worldwide tsunami falls over pulled by Sirius and White dwarf star with blue planet.

Earth falling over 1.5° east in every 8.8 earthquake and tsunami. Axis of core of the Earth up like a wrecking ball to Earth's flat top hit it 4 times in 2011. Planet X gone around behind the Sun to so close on February 19, 2007, the Sun's magnetic poles switched places in a day. Sirius magnetism will be up close as Neptune in May 2020. Earth top heavy from its core up in the northwest away from Earth's axis certain to come out of the Earth bigger than Alaska, below 85° latitude blowing out steam pressure. U.S. Military had it right on 1997 "2020" TV, next polar reversal. But U.S. National Debt Default a vote for Mutiny now! While I plan to break through to the other side, to kill politicians and lawyers and their friends at a earlier time, to take everything they have, always thinking they can put off forever their corrupt political system for the people to pay their Debt. Kill them all! Where the people have to fight back or die, so a swat team shows-up. In suicide attacks taking out all of the leftists you can get at, before you go down. RAGE! Buying gold will not save you. The end of days a secret shows authorities only want to save themselves always at the People's expense forces revolution against the system to represent the people, Military dictatorship possible?

Meanwhile the iron core of the Earth the size of the Moon spun away further and further off of Earth's axis, so that Earth is like an off-center load in a washing machine. But Sirius magnetism while in balance with Earth magnetism stopped Earth from wobbling in 2006. Star Sirius coming up around Australia for 14 years until close as Neptune in 2020. Earth's core spinning faster than Earth produces global warming, will throw Earth upside down when it digs-in blowing-out through Arctic Circle trap-door. Earth's core heating-up from spinning faster and faster than the Earth magnetic core blows-out of Arctic Circle May 2020 flips Earth over to face a red dwarf star coming-in to knock out Sun, whole souls a chance unforgivable sin only a lottery chance saved from Atlantic Fault Line West of Norway erupting Earth's core. Scientists havn't seen nothing yet. Pressure build-up north pole end of Earth's core expanding spinning lithosphere in waves each-slip, closer closer until it runs into Fault blows its top in 2020 under Sirius running core into Earth hit moon into Pacific Ocean.



Before You Die

A Superior Race

Temples of the Sun

"Bill Graham Presents"



STAR WARS; George Lucus at work stole my Earth collapse escape to city for Death Star, in his 1977 motion picture quit Pyrimid Derrick & Equipment Company in 1975.


This is the rest of the future I will have to show in the past, the evils of capitalism for when I needed a billion dollars for advertising to turn away the voters from voting, to do any good as a dictator for the people, in a partnership against the system, where U.S. Military must overthrow the present government by any means put me in power to pay off the National Debt, over the bodies of the present system. After this I tamper with sword of the lord pack back out to God again, time on a sliding scale, or U.S. Military waiting for chip put in you to live?

From time to time Earth falls over to the east a degree and a half or more since 1964 9.2 Alaska earthquake. Then Indonesia 8.8 Japan 9.2 Haiti 8.8 Chili 8.8 New Zealand 8.8 Chili 2015 8.2 earthquake, that put off the annual October 15 time-change to November 1. While media for business and politics keeps blasting advertising in a circus of entertainment under their control constantly distracting the public for more power and profit. In USA the U.S. dollar anytime after July 1st 2018 a Default. Congress Bill H.R. 2847 "FATCA" Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act a back door tax on the U.S. dollar to the British monarchy, conspiracy with banking, since JP Morgan and Goldman Sacks are #1 and #2 in world revenues. JP Morgan and Goldman primarily owned by Rothschild family, that owns the Federal Reserve Bank system. It is okay to pay tax on imported stuff, but not okay to pay tax on U.S. dollars. America's only recourse is fight the system, with their lives! If they cannot have Representation.

Born in the minds of legislators is secrecy, since 1776, in Congressional conspiracies for profit. So if U.S. Citizen's we are going to die anyway and cannot get good White American government in America we better let God sort us out dead or alive, to shut up media and advertising. Can the whole damn system.

I just found and deleted Apple code I should not have on this page! That streatches from one side to the other on its code page, I must have picked up on a UCSB Apple computer. So when I edited down to it it blew-up the design of this page, put there by someone watching working against my interests, by some leftist or Apple Japanese against radical views and racism bad for Business, prevented me from correcting the text between here down to "I saw a Russian girl in Russia got caught", that without the code allowed me here to correct them down to there. While I have a treaty to work out with North Korea they will love!


Congress having put off Default on National

Debt, 21 trillion dollars it cannot pay. I have

to November to escape Default not under my

Socialism. U.S. Declaration of Independence,

and Constitution in my pack, work to be ready

to vanish on my spot in 21st Century relativity

I drop in 1760. Leave U.S. Armed Forces to do

my dirty work plans for a White American rule.


My White America now I can't get it done alone,

bitter population explosion and hostility pill cure

I can illegal/bad blood kinds, and all their cousins

under my leadership. I offer nuclear war weapons

for wounded soldier paybacks in suicide missions.


Maybe another Age of Life will squirt out of

the Earth's core this time Earth blows it's top,

a 2020 like it did a 100,000 years ago 6 polar

reversals new life matures once out of the egg

up to a overpopulation/usually then extinction.


Cosmicopia Shopping Mall


There is no time left for economic recovery another way

than I offer in an Armed Forces file against rank mutiny.

"Expansion Theory", a creative Mark McCutcheon proof,

"THE FINAL THEORY": Drop a heavy and light object

to show that the world is expanding equally all around it,

2 objects fall equally to the ground both at the same rates,

gravity charge falling on gravity current Universe expands

from nothing scientists say is pulled down. Gravity Charge

fills in space independently to splatter in colliders a scholar

name threatening truth expand universe say gravity pulling.


I hope to splatter scientists and blow-up the world to stop

the Frankenstein educational system: At where it is today

science digging for facts blindly 7 million years of human

experience and development waiting here for the world to

be destroyed. Four billion years around to take Earth back,

as 6 points of star light a clue, atom power! Turning slowly

pinwheel counter clockwise matter/a smoke trail to nucleus

down 6 ends of currents, to every atom. Black sky so-Many

currents. Down to visible Universe to star and earth objects.


Matter in a Flood to every atomic particle. Universe only

circuit a back pressure of gravity charge the closed circuit

reflex of mass saturation, suddenly pops-up the Universe!

Fountains of water spring out of, every thus round world.

Water pressure spins inside Earth's iron core, still keeping

it cool enough to be a magnet, expanding faster than Earth

makes it egg shaped, broken away to Arctic Circle latitude

spinning under Russia westward, blows-out on 85° latitude

in Atlantic fault fuses to Earth spin blows-out Arctic Circle,

2020. Top-heavy wobble suddenly flips Earth over in a day!

A Polar Reversal like the Sun did on 2/19/2007, might blow

out all the internal steam pressure, collapsing the Earth. Hell

fill up with lava, Flood up-to mountain shelter to JesusChrist.


My "Theory of Everything" might help a world better

off with only approximations. Gravity x Light = Mass

the matter charge, splattered out of atoms in colliders

separates the wide black currents reciprocal up center

to Negative gravity charge circuit charges in the world

my reason to splatter scholars in my Power by Default,

harnessing gravity current/matter circuit 2 God charges

in the past, if not now as the Commander in Chief, use it.


Luckily I was told where to find the "truth". Scriptural

God wounded in its left side of Christ my friends there.

Gravity Currents, reign side by side. Separated by God!

Religion world physical dimension obsession and phone

authorities the wide path DISBELIEVERS GO TO HELL



E = m times current input charge flow rate = volume increase, expanding mass.

E = ml squared + area in Earth's core x steam expanding squared.

Another equivalent: Ek = 1/2mv squared x Area x Steam squared,

Universe expanding increasingly runs out of SPACE. Black space

not expanding, Universe is expanding, the Hollow can only fill in.


While the "c" in Einstein equation is positive gravity charge.

The gravity ground charge pressure ascend from one of them

my insanity, rather than die. Gravity x Light = Mass same as

Input x Output = Energy expands length, breadth of Universe

proportionate at every point in time. Mass of charge flooding a circuit expanding, coming at you. The power to streatch a forcefield in front of a planet sized structure with a flight deck. They Are Back!Certain to go back to Easter Island/visit their ruins.

College says religion was invented by the left half of the human brain. Historically proven since the beginning of religion they are all a malicious schemes to control populaces with the illusion that something beyond us cares. In fact religions and their care is only for all the money and power they can get out of it, in a politically motivated world, obligates its followers to pay their dues. While the laws of science and truth remain consistant the empires come and go, seaking out wealth and power over the people corrupt it to no limit. But the people want religion, who can nationalize it in with everything else, take all of the profits and destroy the resistance, while getting rid of illegal aliens and aliens. Though there are proven methods you find out by accident or intension, where suddenly you break on through to the other side, a few in scriptures, escaped from aging and death for their health. I will take pictures of its surface tension on the shallows of God, to prove a new element exists, to put on the charts. Forget the good times and the bad times and break on through to the other side. Eternal life if you stay, able to come back if you did not die getting there. Religion best with monuments to put all around, display all of the moral commandments to be reminded of. With me in power everyone has plenty of money to work for, in an economy, wealth and position confiscated from the powers that be. Possibly having to destroy other people's countries if they are a threat to Americans, in my religion of doing right. Morals act like physical law elements, that normally flow through restricted areas, under their conditions, right or wrong actions resulting in events always true or disastrous accordingly. Lucky no one else has a clue, I only keep my attention on making this work possible, while I listen and watch. Delusion in the media reports, subversive politics, enemies of American people. I just believe in my self continuously, staying on the narrow path to salvation. Level Capitol Hill in a File against Rank Mutiny take out the system with tear gas, shoot the authorities. American Armed Forces of White America my leadership, pay politic's National Debt owed to the people. Pick students in schools qualifications for government services and industry I lead with democracy. Labor choice's 2 years of duty the labor classes, each worker type in labor pools colleges run industry for survival engineer everyone's economic security, or road rage citizens "T-bone" high priced vehicles coming down the road rage if we can't take out political rule, a suicide crisis, get back at the system!


P.O. Box 1743

Sumas, WA 98295

client a fraud.

"Work-At-Home Companies" turns out are

"Advance Fee Loan Scams". And they are

"Proliferating". "Work-At-Home Schemes"

like call up

1-866-302-6475. Instead of a "Cash Grant"

you get fake Grant "of no cash value" sheet.

In debt default feed locked-up at large alien

criminal to sharks save 3 trillion$ gun down

the threat products of "Evil Empire" system.

Tribunal, corrupt to gallows. Globalwarming

great for Russian beach life where Socialism

is not working after they shot down a shuttle

that melted down a Chernobyl cooling room.

I saw a Russian girl in Russia got caught with a bomb of "mass destruction", who did not look like she was a bad person. So the plot had to be against political and social changes, in its disregard of Socialism. Likewise American citizens these days might as well blow-up with their bombs, killing authorities and the rich, for freedoms their legislators take away. Russians in D.C. on a target, change of heart, help Socialism and White Power might as well get bombed for their skins, in that cesspool of leftists!

Things are not perfect in Russia either, when some Russian was going home from a bar was accosted by one of his countryman. That in the heat of the fight he killed his countryman, where he dragged him home with him to chop up and boil to eat. He said it was bad! So he grilled him and told his family it was "kangaroo". Well he is in a high security prison in Russia, I guess for life. I'll poll to put the bad in salsa, illegal's and political system, feed what's left in the zoos. Export public enemies to grill them as "Kangaroo Brand" or pack as pet food. Grind bones to dust into concrete the "bad".

An asteroid exploded over a city east of Moscow, Russia, blowing out windows like a neutron bomb, sending over 1000 people to the hospital and damaging over 3000 buildings. People there joked about it, probably saying at least it was not the one that blew-up over Siberia a hundred years ago! Maybe I am the only one who knows the Earth began going through edge of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2012, top to bottom, for a thousand year reign. Going through a field of asteroids, from top to bottom, through them beginning December 21, 2012 I expected disaster. But in February asteroids blew-up from right to left were felt, only the beginning! Then a 4 red Moons and a hours long red moon warning for 2020, sunlight goes out to live underground in the mountains! The powers that-be all stakes a meat export or pet food. Whatever the people 2nd is okay, or panic button break on through to the other-side a time machine.

December 21 "end of the world" 2012 Milky Way Galaxy edge, fatal sun orbit u-turn.

Hubble Space Telescope consecution of the visible universe, down a tube, a spectrum expanding slower out of center of the Universe 87% of its mass, expanding faster and faster. Accumulating mass and energy faster than galaxies expand, out of center of this map of visible universe, 87% expanded out to NGC2300, burnt up 2 galaxies into hydrogen gas maybe blew-up already! So gamma ray burst hits Earth faster than light.

Humanity will not be ready for Absolute Zero, unless they are in deep shelters. With all of the galaxies in the Universe clustered along a tube out from it's center, from most galaxies to least galaxies, out all around the infinite length of the 87% expanding faster than visible Universe 13%. World at heart water and steam down center of the universal black hole 87% of the World popped out and popped up suddenly I saw coming at me in 1973 at a Nishren Buddhist initiation, close enough to see static electrical discharges from the circuit coil of the Universe expanding all along its infinite length, visible universe out to its red shifts, a white line down each center, galaxies in a tubular Universe. With 87% consuming galaxies until circuit of gravity shorts out expanding to God. But fiscal cliff for U.S. Armed Forces I say Mutiny to it all! Take underground shelters, eliminate public enemies and authorities in search and destroy public enemies and overpopulation to finance my racist American Revolution.

Meanwhile Planet X keeps getting closer to the Earth, then close enough a dwarf star rises up and falls apart like an Egyptian scholar said in Moses time. But U.S. Military was digging up samples of 5 different magnetic polar reversals, calculated that 2020 is the next polar reversal. Scientists keep secret Sirius will be as close as Neptune, that will change the direction Earth spins in, causes a whole planet tsunami earthquake and super volcano, out of a trap door! Escape portals all privately owned you might have to kill security guards on somebody's property to ascend on a gravity charge deposit, or steal the charge, to take to other hills where to break on through to the other side, I have available. A secret seam to the other side, for me to start American revolution first. No spectators will get to perform miracles, while my 21st century stuff survives transit through JesusChrist. When I have to get all of this page in code corrected to go.

Hawaii "Pineapple Express" wind and rain storms all the way up the coast since 1991. The highest wind is not expected until 2020 polar reversal extinction, in the biggest earthquake followed by 8.8 earthquakes greater than the 2011 end of the world, slow like a snake bite geological end of the world. Death Star behind force field at Mercury waiting like hunters hiding behind camouflage, the meek planning to inherit the Earth.

There is nowhere here to vanish in a crowd, so anyone who sees it performs miracles, cats will clean up what's left in my hills, or even in power with military forces to command and soldiers to arm for independance. Deporting or destroying illegal immigrants and all of the alien insurgents and the bad, to take all of the public enemies money to pay off the national debt. So to recycle all of the jail bars. So in my Socialist Confederation build all the cities into mountains and put a defensive dome over the world. Even a camera comes up around Mercury behind the UFO@Mercury, to see what they are doing pack a lot of nukes in case there is any reason for alarm, to bomb that UFO if contact is impossible when the bombs cannot fire crash them into it.

But niggers and women running U.S. government secret Bill passed in Congress for business interests legislated July 1, 2014. U.S. House of Representatives Bill "H. R. 2847" in effect in September true collapse of the U.S. dollar Obama for his Italian Mafia backers makes millions of Americans poorer overnight. After Mussolini lost power the people hanged him, put him on a meat hook after killing him, take out government from top to bottom, Obama hanged on a meat hook with the Clintons. Yes or No vote by the people. July 1, 2014 U.S. dollar fell to 37¢ exchange rate at first, Americans can only pay off National Debt in my mass genocide and deportation Rule!

While over in Russia I would have evacuated the surrounding areas around Chechnya, that Russia should have done in their war with them, to Bomb the place! But these people will break all the electrical circuits on Earth from Mercury, after on Earth Russia inherits a Indian Ocean port Israel promised land certain to be radio active. Events reshaped Russia into Ukraine, so help us God a war against policians and business. Other plans of wait and see the huge city hiding behind a force field at Mercury could spread in Earth's skies a biological weapon I have reason to believe will be simular to Jewish Passover, with a black growth in the air spreading reaching upstairs to grow in you death. I have only to worry about WWIII getting started. North Korea will throw in their 2 cents worth of bombs on the U.S. government anytime causing everyone else to join in just following everyone itchy trugger fingers!


  1.   Cached
    On this date, U.S. House of Representatives Bill "H. R.2847" goes into effect. It will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar, businesses not accepting Government Check Card for payment, can only buy gold with it or Bitcoin, is making millions of the retired poorer to homeless, like happens to a lot of white American soldiers better off blowing-up with their bombs.... Hidden in long unsuspecting places you need a lawyer for it to take effect dollar switch to Bitcoin points stored on the Internet that can be hacked into, where the people need Military intervention to survive Business and their politicians and lawyers. Where the value of money is a ficticious figure that ends in war when U.S. Government defaults on its Debt. Street wars and a time of tribulation, for me to cross dimensions with all of this.... You try to look through all these pages, while prices of everything keep going up everywhere with population here you have my solution. By Martial Law I will eliminate the system, of these lengthly Congressional haystacks for hiding conspiracies, eliminating the U.S. Dollar write off National Debt in these volumes of legislation.
    Congressional Record, Volume 159 Issue 111 (Tuesday, July 30, 2013) Congress Gangland

Thanks to the greedyness of the West investing in the East Russia and China dialing in to destroy the West with all the technoligy they have been given to them for profits on Wall Street the East will at the right moment destroy Wall Street and the West. Where my only choice is to decide how far back in time I can go, after I break on through to the other side, instead of get my vengeance now against the system under capitolism, while dangerous people all along the way until I am safely through the crease. USA over fiscal cliff anytime now to October 2018. The authorities with plenty of time, to stack away gold, leave the people to Debt Default. So I will make assult rifles in the past for a living, Revolution against corporate government. The red full moons a omen in a Bible conspiracy, to make the rich richer. Just pick out your targets for anarchy in a do or die against the authorities, to kill powers that-be and their gangs. I hope the system tries swim away from alligators crocodiles and sharks on prime time, if Public Tribunals say Yes, for government by the people in 2018, despite incoming red dwarf star from the south my main concern. It hits the Sun, coming in fast. In Kolbrin ancient text an Egyptian scholar said a moon will rise up and fall apart. Wormwood from a red star a must to bunker-in deep build big space ship in 100 years.

        Worrisome mountains all around this town, smoking out their tops like volcanoes, blowing smoke huge straight up and all around town. With Mt. Shasta smoke is blowing this way. I don't expect any mountain to blow its top until 2020, when all of the other volcanoes are expected to blow their tops, which U.S. Military figured from 5 polar reversals dug up, is in 2020. I have available several places to vanish, to take these pages to a 1760 publisher from twenty first century, through JesusChrist. The lost are left to die, since they want it that way. Maybe 1 of the damned will see me break-into the other side, performs miracles after I get away. Camera on my head, solar panels and electronics on my back. Maybe I will help White American Forces take out leftists and the whole damn political system. Mustard gas them out while taking out guards, capture, kill Italian media and their woman and blacks the prostitutes running everything. Can them for over-seas cannibals. Confiscate all their wealth, to pay off the National Debt because of them. Do away with aliens and criminals for White America, it should taste great barbequed in Polynesia and Africa, killed in another bloody American Revolution. Radiation from Japan spreading, in a 50,000 year die-off of sea food. USA in genocide, America eliminate 100 million aliens back to the "Land of Plenty" again. To pack out the resources to dry equator to have to take before Ocean goes north and south star Sirius rise clutches Earth's core.

    I will just arm the bigot's and barbeque Obama, and see what first lady tastes like, feeding the rest of them to razor back hogs and other critters, in my Third Party Armed Forces Martial Law. Even if only suicide mission, blowing-up government lawyers media and business kill capture and destroy the system. Treasury takes all, investments and exemption profits, that got the dollar this way. Round up for public tribunal the powers that be. Payback for anytime now, Default on National Debt, that got rid of industry for a killing on Wall Street. A sword wound in the distance on "the light" of God must mean God is Jesus Christ. Apollo. Alternative reality to the Jews' false God the "Father", "Allah" to their enemies. Religions a threat to the people must be destroyed, following the devil with the crown on, in holy war against the deception of religions, for peace on Earth. Americans take everything from our enemies destroy or deport them, to finance the future of USA, an us against them end times.

    Christianity for profit is a cult of Satin, God the Father in words of poison. Damned to die, the children they made, that want to take everyone else down with them. "Religion" a damnation to their children, to die, do as I say. Nationalize religions to preserve house of worship as musiums, less all of their wealth, in my Revolution to establish independent faith, like mine. Through seam in the key is the "Way" out, on a gravity inversion round, with enough break on through to the other side. Father false God only currents formulas and forces. True God rain of charge expanding Universe. Mankind's duty is end Father God worship religion of the users to rally around themselves ascend end of the world or ship out a equator only dry land.

    The best thing for Ukraine right now is let Russia have what territory they took, and build up for war with Russia to relocate Russian separatists wherever in Russia they can get a job. Russia and Ukraine could work together like old times, if they don't blow-up each other. Militaris of all the countries along with USA kill Business interests, to be a people, cleans the world of evil rebuild industry repair and restore products, run economics cooperatively in my world industry. Military Coups in my overpopulation purge of evil. Wealth of business and political estates confiscate, can the resistance or to fertilizer. By public opinion polls get everything done right according to Democracy the fairest of public reasoning my dictatorship.

    Only the physics described here was really worth my time. While conditions are much worse in government today than when Lucky Luciano Mafia could sell U.S. diesel fuel at sea in tanked up fishing boats to fill up German submarines in World War II, with gangster corruption spread of Obama leftist corruption in U.S. government and media Italians blacks and prostitutes running everything wrong. My Revolution now or in the past. I keep modern cures to our self so population never gets to a billion people again, World expanding to God.

    All I need is a all morning hike collecting gravity charge, to show breaking on through to the other side, to prove it is good health. No peace and harmony without a police state, a popular way. 2018 people still only want to see and read violence and disaster stay under wrath of God and ulterior motives. To criminals and crimes against citizens have only me for a dictatorship, to thin out world population the right way. Blacks and Latin's good at sports of useful entertainment value enemies of White America, in my homeland security policy. Round up all the establishment for tribunals, or kill them on sight. Just like Vikings took out a rich monastery in Scandinavia for everything, the people eliminate politic's national debt. God only laws of physics which does not care about right or wrong. Only the Citizenship can accomplish right from wrong Morals, mostly appreciated in the past, for this Logical Solution.

    By chance I get into power the first thing I will do is let every man who was not incarcerated for wrongs against the people to take back aned to look down to see if it had a bottom, from a bald mountain. There was only a tough little hog shaped animal covered with black curly hairs looking up at me with big gooseberry eyes. I pulled out of there, let go of the Key, watched as its two reddish lines slowly fell back together. The cause of my third time in the light of the other side I was on lunch break at work thinking about all the books I read on scriptures, at a loss on where to find the Truth, when a man's voice spoke as a friend: "If there is any Truth in the Bible you will find it in the Sermon on the Mount". No one else believes it happened. At end of work it all came back what happened at lunch break. I hurried down to my car after work in an adrenalin rush, that kept increasing all the way home. I grabbed a Bible and went right to Sermon on the Mount, read a few lines down to "the pure in heart". Piercing light in my heart gradually went away. My eyes came upon egg shaped strata's, like a school of fishes in front of me. I looked to the right end of them to where one of them leaped forward, came right up to me in a movement, like my girlfriend in 1967 coming up to me when I got in her house, when she brought her new high school ring to give to me. The fourth time in the light in the other side came while hiking three hills, for substance of the light of the other side deposited on spots, back to where I missed one I returned to stand on, while collecting "power". When I started to walk away I could not move, with no recourse I jumped off into the other side. Panicking because I could not stop gliding up in it I remembered a Carlos Castaneda book said jump down, to get out of it. The other side circuit light that went out, when my heels touched down on ground, back on Earth. I will go back to do it all over, to find out if the system of 2 gravity charges is a time machine to command, connected to everywhere in the past. The likes of Spinoza and others with masters degrees only have their head up their ass with explanations full of college words and no experience only die witness gravity current flowing charge leave them circuits in Hell, image in a sack black in the dark a tear, soul caught in circuit of the world. To dream forever.

    I have various scenarios of history repeating itself Mayan end of the world, the Sun to end of the Milky Way Galaxy a u-turn on 2 calendars, on going back to center of Milky Way Galaxy Sun stopped going away from the "Big Bang". Which was like a shotgun blast. While a red dwarf star rapidly is catching up to the Sun, u-turned at it, presently on a collision course with the Sun, picking up speed going back to its beginning. U.S. Military dug up 5 polar reversals say 2020 6th polar reversal happens did not know a red dwarf star hits the Sun causing red full Moon if star bigger than the sun head-on. Light goes in a straight line bends around sun!

    October full Moon a proper Day and Hour for a star going to hit the Sun where sunlight goes out, all night red full Moon warning this July leading up to terrible times. Default then a gamma ray burst from NGC2300 running into "a live wire" getting hotter and hotter until all its hydrogen gas explodes. Rays reaching Earth kill everything to Earth's core. Only the pure in heart escape the end times, everyone else only like water in a well if any more are "chosen".

    The right way to have a Revolution in America is for the White American military to take all the illegal and alien peoples out of schools and shoot them racism. White House 27% vote turn out of the vote, where I am the Third Party the Default Vote 45% mostly racist interests, on what to do with America's enemies. Bomb the authorities, break off relations with the world trade, get out of Ukraine and let them do what they got to, peaceful solution is impossible. U.S. Armed Forces bomb the system Military Coup. USA go racist, death march!

    If I have no chance of accomplishing anything in the 21st century, without high school diploma, grammer and punctuation good enough for me to squeeze my way into 1760 with it correct for a book, in and out, take out scholars like Obama Nobel Prize by patenting Dynamite chemistry myself. Congress the enemy of the people and the White House. Kill them like Caesar with knives Congress and Supreme Court. Like French Revolution squeeze Debt out of them all. Their coins and economy to build ships to go to Neptune, not bombed Mars. I would come up with ships as dictator, controlling all the sciences and resources. Thankfully I have the core of 21st century college education to drop into 1760 century to patent cotton gin, through Jesus Christ, college formula charts, designs to make Colonial America the only Super Power, with cures and technology keep to ourselves. Population under American control, science and medicine. I pack all of these reminders and designs.

      Without profit from advertising here, I show my own images. Maybe I can write history. This planet at the end of being a habitable planet as we know it, or solar system for me to have to make Americana out of bloody Revolution. Extinct in world war like happened to Mars, see Sirius damage. A last whole season on Earth in 21st century after 4 red full Moons, to my miracle. So if you see God, are once saved, is your ticket to God dead or alive. If you have been there before you know It when you see It again. You just jump In!

      I have to wait for desert to cool down, if the world don't blow-up in nuclear war and dirty bombs. U.S. Military ignorant a star is going to run into the Sun anytime soon is it? Coming in to hit Earth and Sun in 2020, coincidently after polar reversal. The 4 red Full Moons in a row, 6 months apart, giving Earth a 5 year warning, where everyone wants me to be wrong will die on the day of polar reversal, have to see the red star run into sun.

      For religion I must be Confucian, with I Ching, or Marxist from his book On Religion. God only physics. Edenite's back are hiding because they don't want any trouble yet. People screaming idiots in secret sodomy societies with college degrees no wonder why the meek are hiding from Earth, to its end like on Mars. Their people here stuck in elevators. Mars this and the Moon that 2.5 billion years ago. 24 years 1994 to 2020, orb falls apart hitting Earth, good enough to be called Wormwood. Disaster happened 2.5 billion years ago when Planet X ran into 2 planets of the Sun. Until a browndwarf star falls apart from the star running head-on into the Sun, swings it up thawed out to the Earth in Tribulation.

      I might as well be for Russia it seems, to destroy the USA in the 21st century for Karl Marx, the way it is going here against media and politics all the same, greed and struggle for world power at any expense will turn into World War 3, just to let the bulls butt heads!

      For now there is peace in Ukraine. Is it over for Socialism in the East? Freedom to show this on the Internet is disappearing. Natural to say East Rub Out the West, to stop corruption in corporate crime, if it cannot even pay interest on their National Debt. While 1.1 million Ukrainians out of Cold War jobs in border disputes displaced from their homes need to manufacture weapons again. U.S. dollar legislated to be worthless in 2019 rage. If anyone opens NO TRESSPASSING kill them, enemies of the people, take everything they have. Out of anarchy and chaos instead Majority Rule, eliminate political campaigns and caucuse scams. Under power by default dictatorship majority rules with my ideology!

      That Trump person now president sounds like he read all of my web site racism, in his earlier news reports. After 4th red Moon the World Bank in October pops up a woman saying October (2017) begins an alternative to the dollar, beginning digital money. Bomb it like in bear country where there is a barrel for trash to put in 3 open cans of tuna to stick in a .45 shotgun revolver blow-out its brains 21st century on my way to time machine, leaving all the problems with a tattoo for people to put a chip in in 21st century, or can them. I will twist God law to make way for jobs in 1760's White America/prosperity!

      With global warming and ozone layer hole expanding over the Earth from south pole, 50% of all life in oceans died-off since 1970, massive die-off of species on land, to a 7 billion human population increase since 1950. Greenhouse gasses and pollution destroying habitats with polutions faster and star Sirius coming around sun to up close, while a red dwarf star head-on to hit the sun. Gods of Greece a sign a few became a ghost dead and alive, same as Jerry Garcia round like full moon. Dead to think 4 red full moons in a row 6 months apart countdown 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th red moon to longest red moon of all July 2018 a warning. USA Debt Default world economic collapse on national debt, leaving no recorse but nuclear war/no buying or selling scriptural end of the world, beginning with 2 ICBM's from North Korea? Just better off U.S. Armed Forces in Military Coup White America and U.S. armed forces overthrow The System for New government!

      Life on Earth by instinct senses the end of the world is coming, right down to the coral reefs dying-off, for all the sea food. But the red dwarf star going to run into the Sun worse yet, that is only going to bounce away with a black eye and swell up to become a red giant, up to only as close as the Sun is now, which would spring-up life out to Neptune, after a long cold night before a new heaven and a new Earth. No one else will come-up with a social and economic system to save White America, strip Constitution to freedoms.

      While the Element I call Zero, matter, is like the skin of a bubble over pressure a film of positive gravity charge, over a gravity current ground, backing up a gravity charge into an inversion. To where it converges upon the ground, spread out over the ground, around a current convergence soaking into the gravity ground, expanding the stuff scientists splatter out of atoms they call matter, what collects into hollow chocolate drop shaped inversions. But empirical mind, programmed in school leads everyone to Hell. While I get out sword of the Lord, or it does the trick. The secret that everyone is suppose to find when they are children. That usually never find it, die with original sin, seam on the sword of the Lord, in human bosom's, but can't get in anyway with original sin hole in the soul, but hard to be reborn whole. Or your a martyr, to get in like religions say, about war dead.

      No one else knows what is God other than me, and 70 or 71 others already there. No other faith matters, in God's sight, in gravity 4.5 billion years of life on Earth. There is no way the nations of the world with or without the United States in a worldwide effort can stop global warming. In America aliens all around pushing strollers, a baby in one arm and little children running all around them, likely everywhere else in the world pushing for more billions of people in need of burning fuels to sustain an out of control population explosion. With more and more hot bodies to feed and polution generating that cannot be disposed of to any advantage fast enough, to get ahead of the avalanche of human growth. Trump did the right thing by getting out of a treaty on global warming. Earth's internal global warming coming to an abrupt end in 2020. Solar power alternative and clean energy programs cannot prevent extinction of humanity, so your stranded on Earth!


      Anyone wishing to donate something for my adventure, just send Cash or Money Order or Bank Draft to: 7127 HOLLISTER AVE. SUITE 25A-202, GOLETA,CA. 93117 there is no 10 day WWIII Jews said begins September 23, 2018, if you believe Jews. So I will just go on busy promoting Martial Law to wage Revolution for racist White America. The nations all find out by immagrating alien races and cultures into theirs, that it always divides the people. As in war, they will all steal your stuff. Is what leftists and color create, that leaves U.S. Military White America no choice but to kill them all or they get out eliminate uncompromising "integration" factions and "equal rights", leaves no choice but kill the left. Donald Trump racism is okay, like in Phoenix in August, 2017, for pardoning an Italian policeman doing his duty of profiling aliens to deport them. SEO's and their leftist chain of command have to all be destroyed as enemies of the people, take all their accounts! Proven by increase in prices of manufacturing, conspiracy. Jobs turned over to China by Bill Clinton donations got him elected, politics since you can remember. I will nationalize Business! Donald Trump hopes to strip mine National Parks and Monuments and drill for oil in them for favors from Business concerns, he was billions of dollars in debt to, might wind up a can for me to grill for my pets, or I'll leave him my successor to find his creditors cannibal grill Export Military Coup kill media take over communications! Capture the political and legal system Trump I arm the right against the left in Revolution!

      Russia took Crimea for a naval port at Sevastopol, Ukraine, in a world takeover plan. With China a world power now thanks to all of the U.S. technological ability computers that made U.S. Military capability the greatest world power Bill Clinton gave to China, for donations to get elected. I am the alternative to all of that, for U.S. Armed Forces. When the human animal has to fight, always rubs out peace throughout history. Leftists and political party with their stock market liberalism has an unpleasant end, in good old fashioned racist nazi ism nationalism verses capitolism end times. Bombed out like Mars.


      Trump turn dictator? Or Military Coup me get into Power by Default, so American Armed Forces take out U.S. Government, so I begin a world wide genocide trend get rid of all those alien to White Americans, where jobs all become White American jobs. Where if the Earth does not become a star industry will have to rebuild underground, recycling the damage from WW3 to go on advancing, Earth cannot restore itself from human progress.

      This is all about Majority Rule, to have opinions to go by, in my dictatorship with the people. Copyright © 1996, 1997, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Lee Ronald Harrison

All Rights Reserved