EDENITE'S RETURN from Planet X, Sun planet 5 knocked to white dwarf star

Edenite's returning to Easter Island from Sirius, that will rise up in the west as close as Neptune in 2020, left a ship(Vulcan) at Mercury!



For centuries people on the Earth thought they were being visited by people from other places in universe. But none of them could imagine they were all from this solar system. While several planets in This solar system supported life in this solar system, until life there was destroyed because of the star Sirius periodically coming around. So life on Earth has gone through 5 ages since the Garden of Eden. Where Jewish people last were put on Earth. Although Mars had a people on it, as did a planet that use to orbit Mars and Mercury also destroyed by an asteroid off of Sirius. While a planet that use to exist between Jupiter and Mars was hit by Sirius, while it was coming through. Some Edenites had settled there from the Earth, that had returned to the Earth before their planet I call Wodan was taken, that bounced off of Sirius to its White dwarf star that holds it facing Sirius while it orbits Sirius ever since then who landed a troop of its people on Easter Island to acquire resources from various places on the Earth to aid them in constructing a space city they recently returned completed, to Mercury. To more gravity weight they would rather had on Earth during their stay. Until they returned to the city in space they were building!

After expelled from Eden Edenite escaped a first Flood on Earth 7 million years ago, 4 more polar reversals since, return after each reversal, high brow long face left a war zone to return to building their city.

All of that red color here is solar flare ions from the Sun at Mercury upon its hot structure Edenites built, a spaceship carrier as big a planet. Room inside to support a million people, that fits in with my 2005 writings about Planet X, that is really happening! While intelligent life built this geometrical formation they place into space. We have the return of the first Garden of Eden people certain to reclaim Easter Island after a 2020 polar reversal spring fig tree leaf 2020 for a putting forth leaves to when Noah locked himself in his Ark. Such a coincidence Sirius sat behind the Sun that a space city shows up so huge it had to take 5 Ages of life on Earth to build of Sirius going around the Sun since Edenite's escaped Earth first polar reversal settled on Moon at lakes evacuated to blue planet rising in 2020. Wormwood shows up to fall apart on Earth/red dwarf star hits sun, 4 red full Moon warning. Wodan behind white dwarf its outpost ready to pounce.

Hiding behind a cloak is a space platform flight deck on a ship bigger than the Moon, right up in front of the Sun at Mercury. So Mercury got hit by a solar flare that got ions all over the back side of the cloak from its top to bottom weakened it to be able to see the mirage of a ship hiding a huge space platform, solar panel, arrived as Planet X set with the Sun in 2006. I am the only one with a clue and power to escape. The others only go to Hell. Space ship like a hunter stalking the Earth falling over a degree and a half 4 times in 2011, in 8.2 or stronger earthquakes. Earth's core hit top of the world warns of huge typhoons since 2013. Magnetic core spinning its equator up against continent under Russia. Europe heat wave, 2014 Polar Vortex stretching Earth to Chicago that hurricane Sandy went up. Earth's core spinning up against Russia an ocean boiling inside spinning faster than the Earth, building up pressure to explode! Jesus said not until new fig tree leaf in Israel to Noah's Flood geological end of the world: 1997 TV "2020" prediction, U.S. Military 5 polar reversal core samples indicate 6th polar reversal then. So my tribulation, politicians & crooked Congress Pass Bill 2847 put off Debt Default to 2018. Go berserk in anarchy and chaos File turn against Rank put me into White Power by Default, in 2016 Election, or elect Donald Trump for me to prevent it, a parallel force for the American people to be in charge.

Authorities think they will be evacuated when Earth blows its top safe from anything, secretly know there is a space platform at Mercury, will not escape but be murdered before 2020 in an American Revolution, regardless of a space invader threat to life on Earth populating a civilization at Mercury. Politicians will not save the people from polar reversal only save themselves, will not survive the Sun going out hit by a red dwarf star aimed at the Sun and the Earth. Earth a setting duck to a hunter behind a blind, with a blue planet rising.and Wormwood 5 years after 4 red full Moons falls apart at the end of the world in a storm after a blue planet behind a white dwarf star rises months after Planet X close as Neptune in 2020 a red dwarf star great death toll I hope in rule by the People our duty in no other way out.

Here everyone can see a space craft hiding behind a veil built like an aircraft carrier, aimed at the Earth every time around the Sun. Which Sirius brought by in 2006, that came up beside Mercury from the tiny white dwarf star at Planet X. The meek to inherit the Earth cleanse it of religion and crimes against "God" and otherwise positions of wealth and power, that stop at nothing to get their way. Latino etcetera prostitution drugs alcohol and violence in conspiracies, to control turf. Edenite watching and hearing it all invade right after the 2 stars pass each other "inherit the Earth". 4 red full Moons warn a red star knocks out the, Sun, on the rise. Planet X rising up around the Earth, with a ship the size of a planet up close, until coincidently the red dwarf star hits the Sun in 2020. Cities deep in the mountains for the end times I will build once in power, for American people underground, cities to live and work through it all, where only by industry can the people of the world save each other. While they are preparing for 2020.

Like hunters, fire power behind a blind, to Bulls-Eye. Nice shot. Here illustrating, a laser beam shot from Mercury. While U.S. shot an asteroid put a dent in an asteroid on a 4th of July, could nuke a asteroid. U.S. Military with 5 core samples has a graph to the Big One polar reversal polar shift in 2020, while Earth with "Polar Vortex" from Russia hurricane Sandy came up. Earth's core up against Western Russia! By now heating up until it explodes out of Ocean fault beside northern Norway, with temperatures increasing in southern hemisphere already up to hundred twenty five degrees across Australia, 123° in India. Edenite UFO at Mercury certainly picks up radio transmissions here are not offering evacuation to people on Earth expect us all to die. With the media reduced to woman's socials for leftists. Only wanting to condemn White males that have to repeal women's rights! Driven by money and power serving crime interests. With nothing in common with the meek who will inherit the Earth. Silently, waiting for the end of the world. But no one gets out alive except those who know the way. The others left behind go to Hell, to dream forever, or out cold. Few ever break on through to the other side, of gravity current, dead or alive. Italians and crime bad blood, evil to the core, help me Mussolini! Feed organized crime to meat eaters all of the feminists and their government. Pack them in cans or work them on the Farm capitalism, against everything Eden stands for. The meek going to inherit the Earth must be socialists, to be living here. On \a battle ship. Probably covered with solar panels. Certainly was designed by a militant people!


Target practice from Mercury! Comet 17P/Holmes blew-up to 5 times bigger than the Sun, shot from behind a force-field blind by a space ship charged-up with power showing off its fire power. Waiting for nature to depopulate the Earth in 2020 during polar reversal, the first people on Earth back for a 6th Age. Sun a red giant hit by a red dwarf star, Earth's future lost in all the Media flap and advertising to death.

In 2013 this asteroid blew up, running into Earth's atmosphere, the first of 2 blew-up loud and bright that February, the Sun going for a head-on collision with a red dwarf star to hit the Sun in 2020. Coincidences happen. Planet X (Sirius) rises back up over northern hemisphere as close as Neptune, in a flock of asteroids it knocked out of the Oot cloud, up-close when a red dwarf star shows up.

My leadership for American takeover of government going out of business in 2 years Debt Default. Drastic racism with no other choice than take out the left in Military and Militia under Donald Trump? A Martial Law Revolution rather than wait around to get a chip in you by order of Congress surveillance of the people if everyone dies anyway, fight for the success of the new President's campaign promises.

"Watchers" waiting at Mercury for the right moment to invade not until Earth and Mercury are either closer to the Sun or further away from it, as speed of light is faster at furthest orbit from the Sun. In magnetism, gravity charge pouring down on gravity currents to the Sun expanding it Earth close to it slows down light. Universe once sphere now unwound, a tubular circuit. That continues expanding.

Here we have a people with some way to make food in huts, maybe the virus that eats radiation for making food for itself, useful for insulating space ships from radiation in space, to feed themselves on Mars here must be in their houses or gardens that pop up together in a loose federation, a people must be bright enough to know from all the space junk and things roving around Mars from Earth our space travel is

primitive. Mars its core of a planet 2 entrances here into hollow of here, after war with a people. US die now or survive capitalism with my plan.

Mars planet hit by an asteroid coming in behind the star Sirius. That hit the planet at Mars now only pit of a peach while war was going on Mars,

but scientists say they cannot find life on Mars or anywhere else contacted a radio broadcast from deep space for 72 seconds say they are coming.

Radio telescopes around the world trying to contact life elsewhere anywhere. Scientists are like game animals hunting to find hunters to kill us all.

These devices are calling this planet out for invasions. With no peaceful people's to contact anywhere, out there.

All of the planets and stars, and moons, have life in their hollows of them. Where in this solar system only five human races reached the surface of them, through fountains of the deep. Then you have interbreeding after Earth became the only place in this solar system to survive on after star Sirius kept coming through, destroyed everything in its wake with asteroids, until a red dwarf star shows up.

The bigger than the Sun red star coming in red around the Sun, eclipsed by Earth's clear blue sky, red

portending to hit the Sun, yet a planet size space station hidden behind a force field cloak at Mercury.

Product of a planet at Planet X going to rise up closest in 2020, white dwarf star magnetism, a people!

IMAGE ONE People from the Planet X white dwarf star, hiding behind a force field, plan an invasion.

Einstein's Relativity math had nothing to do with accounting for a planet size object in Mercury's orbit:

IMAGE TWO If people in the space ship at Mercury want a swift attack upon Earth it will happen here.

These two images were calculated because U.S. intelligence wanted to know when to expect their attack.

IMAGE THREE Meanwhile, the welcome mat is out to any people in space that want a habitable planet.

Though the world is trying to contact other life in the galaxy, it ignores it will only get Earth an invasion.

IMAGE FOUR Scientists with illusions that everyone else out in space is kind and benevolent a fatal lie:


Look at all the countries and factions of people that want to kill each other on Earth/Universal truth.

The authorities have to be killed for their wealth and property to establish democracy under my rule,

doing away with secret societies National debt conspiracies, all the authorities bomb all their brains,

auditing society find out what is right the truth about everything for running democracy collectively,

victorious all the people could survive in my confederation all the countries cleansing all the nations.



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