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Good Morning! It will be awsome, a red ring around the Sun in the way of a bigger star, at impact

This is another day when the good the bad and the ugly all get up to treat their neighbors. We have visitors, are they blue? No one else suspects a Planet X would get close enough to send the world visitors, that are acting like they have prior unfortunate experience with visiting people on Earth. That therefore have snuck up to the Sun in a huge city with a flight deck wider than the Moon, a planet size object hiding behind a cloak, which certainly know there is intelligent life on this planet watching, who plan a sneak attack when the moment is right. While they have pointed the bough of their ship straight at Earth, built like an aircraft carrier for high speeds, they are moored at Mercury keeping charged up with solar power, for a move anytime they choose. They listen and watch on all frequencies have a policy of peace toward humanity for now. Possibly waiting for an asteroid storm coming in with 2 passing stars. One runs into the Sun. At Mercury for now, UFO there to leave with their blue planet at Planet X coming up in 2020 coming around. Up close star Sirius' White dwarf star rises up in front of Sirius for its next visit to Earth. But coincidently approaching from the south the red dwarf star that hits the Sun and the Earth, so its frozen brown dwarf star raises up in hot sunlight thaws out and falls apart on the Moon and the Earth. After they have let down their cloak to escape the red dwarf going to hit the Sun water on Earth all freezes over when the Sun goes out after Earth's poles switch places, for a new heaven and a new earth, 2 suns could extend life to Mars and Neptune, poles switching. Bloodiest red Moon of all Sun turned to Red Giant, knocked out of its center of solar system. Media knowing the fate of the Sun keeps it a secret, so the public cannot put anything together to figure it out for themselves.

Enjoy life while you can, calm skies before the storm West coast on a fault line that slips when the star Sirius rises up in 2020 as close as Neptune, with a white dwarf star in front of the world divided against itself. Nationalism a good thing for the missing link of humanity advanced technology on the missing planet already in Earth's front yard, waiting to invade, broadcasting nothing. Sirius with 2 new planets in 2006 in the solar system went by close enough to plainly see their moons. Planet X now swinging back up around the southern hemisphere. A brown dwarf star to fall apart on Earth without even a UFO radio station frequency to make contact with a warning. The blue "star" orbiting behind the white dwarf of Sirius, a dark star back went between Jupiter and Mars took our 5th planet. Lucky "few" vanish in a rapture in a 2020 polar reversal. I am the only member of my family to escape. The other people only believe when they die the lights go out and there is no more for them but to rot, are in for a surprise when their circuit breaks don't care if their light goes out, to fall down in the black currents that deposit them in Hell in the Earth's Gravitational Field Image. Their globes of a thousand lights drained black to only dreaming body, sacked-up and laid back in a net a tear shaped glossy black sack. So if daylight shines on them, looked upon by the living, dreaming in the host of all the others sacked up in gravity field are awaken from their physical images of whatever chosen in the World, clamor for your hand out. Everyone left on Earth climb out of their bunkers to plant and build again under my leadership? Earth cleansed of 8 billion people. Where I never saw a dead deer that died of old age. Must be they jumped into Heaven somewhere into Positive Charge of Gravity. I'll soak with charge until stuck on a gravity charge deposit, frightened they jump off of it! Not "vortex" but inversion, locations scattered all around the world to do something crazy to save your skin, if you knew where to do it. God told me where to find the truth, I found in a scripture. The truth to find is the purpose of life! Where you don't try to enlighten anyone else because they already know everything and don't want help from you.

Rapture and your gone. Vanish through sword of the lord. Lucky other people are there, that vanish of those missing, that might as well not be known who break on through to the other side. I only have 2 places where to ascend. Someone popped off saying that "that would cause other people watching me vanish to vanish", or perform miracles, if I let them see it. I slept on the Mystery Spot at Santa Cruz, unexplained on a freaky mystery tour saw taller people become shorter than shorter people, switching places, to become taller near the center of their "vortex". I didn't even dream on it, overnight! A negative gravity current ground I discovered later, other places positive charge deposits into this dome shape. Not able to visit one in the desert where I ascended and left my double to pumas. I will find out if the physics in it extends to the past. In other side no touch ground return until I learn everything I need to know there, in Positive Charge of Gravity, reeking with knowledge begging to be asked. The group of my own gathered in the positive charge of gravity with my 1967 girlfriend all memory identity translated, at the Wound on the light of Earth's limits. Like a school of fishes in my way they advise me? Suddenly they caught me in a byway saying she's gone! She is gone! All of them in a panic! Maybe she went through the Wound on the Light, to the right. Trying to look through them they parted, so I saw "God" wounded after she went back to her place among them that parted. My body wanted to jump in when I saw the seraphim. I brought back pictures I took in the desert of over 40 positive gravity charged spots in hills. They are probably out end of sluice box for the gold in them by now. Another mountain in the middle of gem stone mines a Bald mountain top with a "guardian" to jump over on your way up. Safer to leave the ground forever unless you are on a mission, to DO something to return for. Negative Gravity Charge currents to each their own Original Self up through God+ sphere into the layers of negative gravity charged spheres like an onion, to everyone's own Negative Gravity Charge sphere, under God Negative Gravity current Charge. End of the World Circuit of Gravity Image breaks for the Universe when it expands to Positive Gravity Charge. Escape to immortality free from the flaw of aging healed. Expanding Universe expanding until its cord 87% of the Universe runs into a galaxy that breaks Eternity's Circuit like this. Souls are 8 foot long an egg shape, die to 6' round, then back to egg shaped, memory identity compressed into layers of static memory particles a compressed DNA ascended. You can stay in between round soul over the world like a beach ball like Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead over his Memorial stage unseen, probably made his presence known by the "Deadheads" there in his 5 day memorial experience, in the beginning of his after life, until a spot of cloud with a rainbow through it, returning for several years. Last time I saw it a blur of rainbow colors down a tall square curtain in the middle of slightly hazy skies, an unlikely place for a rainbow! Looking up from a cold beer on Halloween 2011, cheers to Jerry Garcia ascended, his opportunity to go further! Has by now taken up residence above, translated into Memory Identity. While if I get back from God as the master of Positive Charge of Gravity with my backpack still on again I will change how the world turns out, at end of the world. Maybe for fun in 17th century bars show Pat Benitar, while making a living, if God is Alpha to Omega.

Everyone else has to have the "sword of the lord", called the key. You don't have to be in a secret society to know it only becomes available if you need it. Like Jewish Old Testament knowledgeable knew what it was good for, used it. I never found it mentioned in ancient literature such as in the Kolbrin. Something hidden in everybody at the same place better used at a concentration of positive gravity charge to ascend in it on through to other side of gravity charge. Don't look down if you ascend looking for ground, to avoid the tough hided little hairy animal in front of your feet. There is no ground there, except a creature. If you jump in you only glide upwards like from the bottom to the top of water. Not moved up or down by anything else than your own efforts. No need to join any secret society to be one of the chosen in some ritual. Free to rise above the others I restore myself to good as new! From desperate times to new life, if God is good for anything through Jesus Christ, the substance of Apollo a Water lit up with current to charge of gravity I can deal with. Just don't call the light of GOD Jesus, or It will get mad, a sacrifice. That reminds me of a 1950's movie about a flying saucer landing, a preacher went up to it thumping his Bible, the ship yanked him off the ground smack against it a smoldering silhouette. Jesus became "God", Apollo, ascended is now sword wound on the light a element, not "particle" but a drop of new element holding all of the kinds of atoms together.

I said I was going to Oregon Vortex, or step on each spot in my desert hills to accumulate enough Positive Charge of Gravity to the saturation point, to the middle of each one to get stuck again on a Gravity Ground. V40 camera shirt pocket, everything in my bag I need on my back to back in time. Positive Gravity Charge like water drops stuck to one another pooled together like a chocolate drop on the ground. Stuck. No other choice but to jump off the ground to get off the Positive Gravity Charge. Negative Gravity Charge Currents cluster coned Gravity ground. Access to the Time Machine Positive Gravity Charge. Energy equals gravity current times the fall of its charge mass squared. Good for smashing atoms a gravity circuit, that lights up all the religions. Elijah took his friend to see him ascend, better abducted than dead, who demanded to be blessed to perform 14 miracles. He performed only 13 before he died. But someone who died before a battle was thrown in on his bones came back to life, clamoring to get out! Elijah's "tithe to the Lord" his remaining Positive Gravity Charge for one more miracle, until used. The bones saturated with it for one more miracle! Some one might see me by satellite, ascend, spare anyone else from performing miracles. Maybe my pages save White America, only able to overthrow corrupt government in Martial Law in my Power by Default Military Command, to change everything the way American citizens want it, destroy America's enemies and finish winning the West. Everything manipulated by the Majorities, of American citizen opinion, dictatorship. "By and for the people" forever! The consensus of every election having entitled me to be dictator by Default. Debt Default U.S. Military has to take this government and system out. Rub out the National Debt with a Third Government United States of America, in my dictatorship a White America, purged back to safe and secure in a industrial race with time. Politics leading the world blind, unless my pages cause U.S. Armed Forces Military Coup, for a citizen's Militia ethnic cleansing ready for world war. Our enemies as a people looted so American people become great again, for Armageddon .Guests show-up to recycle the damage.

"Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" (From 1944 Paramount movie HERE COME THE WAVES):

Gather' round me,
Eviry body,
Gather 'round me
While I preach some,
Feel a sermon
Comin' on me.
The topic will be sin
And that's what I'm agin.'
If you wanna
Hear my story,
Then settle back
And just sit tight
While I start reviewin'
The additude of doin' right.
You've got to
Accent-tchu-ate the positive,
E-lim-my-nate the negative,
Latch on to the affirmative,
Don't mess with Mister In-between.
You've got to spread joy
Up to the maximum,
Bring gloom down to the minimum,
Have faith, or pandemonium
Li'ble to walk upon the scene.
To illustrate my last remark,
Jonah in the whale, Noah in the Ark,
What did they do
Just when everything looked so dark?
"Man" they said,
"We better
Accent-tchu-ate the positive,
E-lim-my nate the negative,
Latch on
To the affirmative,
Don't mess with Mister In-between."
No, don't mess with Mister In-between.

Accentuate the Positive - Bette Midler & Bing Crosby

Lyrics to "accentuate the positive" by Jonny Mercer, and Music by Harold Arlen. Shopping Mall


Internet Streaming Music


And run your motors on this, and have a drink on me!

I am lucky big muscled males kept girls and women from me, saved my soul. Obligated since 1995 to do this work in writing with good travels for my soul, kept it whole for so long. Time to save the environment with propane for your diesels and "Mystery Oil" at half a pint to full tank full of pure alcohol to gas, motor efficiency, oil from for your tank of alcohol fuel, by to increase your motor's horsepower, to have some fun. Oil to alcohol and gasoline vehicle, or propane for fuel at 20 to 1 compression pays for the car in methanol. My choice of high performance carburetor. I will have to make Tesla car work in 17th century for cleaner omissions, efficient engines to make energy my Tesla think tank. I pull out a lot of modern college physics and chemistry, a lot of formulas for everything in my bag. U.S. military superiority Bill Clinton gave China, computer systems that made it all possible Clinton knew would lead to nuclear war with China. Business Lottery money sports money liberalism enemy races and nationalities, reason for my race war.

Mystery Oil was developed to combat deposits in carburetors, that used poorly refined gasoline, in 1923.


Expect dollar collapse, goods and services skyrocketed to skies crash over fiscal cliff inflation homeless

social and economic meltdown! Japan shake over edge of trench 15 miles deep hard hit to Japan banking.

A 2020 coastal collapse into Pacific Ocean jolt feel from 2,162 mile or so in diameter iron ball in the Earth

Magnetic core explodes northeast of Iceland 2020 U.S. Military predicts annual pole switch fault lines slip

"The Big One", California earthquake in the world expanding to JesusChrist, thus causes sudden Rapture:

Moment of Earth expanding until collapse from expanding, in 2020 destroys civilization, some bunker city

or vanish. Do not trust anyone else. Surprise to all the people in the next valley. Over a little blue glass ball

to 17th century and youth hidden from view looking where to return. Here they only run away and fall into

Hell Earth's core fills with lava blown-out Earth's side, already saved Ascend! Negative/enemies fall to Hell.


Although the safest place to be for The Big One is in Idaho, on the high plains. While all the mountains

are shaking apart and nuclear reactors are all melting down from a 12.0 earthquake bubble comes out for

nuclear reactors in WWIII, with no time left for all the nuclear materials to be neutralized or shot to sun.


U.S. Military has all of my politics written right for my leadership U.S. Educational has all of my proofs

explaining how the Universe was made, while maybe my Russian visitors might want to know deceased

compress into double-helix identity in an egg shape for all the ascended stored in the Positive Charge of

gravity the other side of current seeds of life out of ancient waters each of 5 super volcano's during all the

the last 5 polar reversals few people have always survived them all/the chosen vanish into gravity charge.


I would have to become rich to ascend at a place in London England, where someone certainly would

witness me vanish. However I only have two places in the United States to ascend from I can reach, to

get away alive with this. But cannot walk bare-footed on biting ants to get off a gravity ground deposit

here anymore remove/get in the time machine and go from there to when and where I return in the past.


The natives disassembled it because of the mansions closing in, dimensions of a chocolate drop shaped

transparent Positive Charge of Gravity dome there, no a chance on its smaller deposit to jump off vanish

leaving only my double. Depleted, its surface shape of Positive Gravity Charge raised up for my camera,

surface tension unavailable to raise my Element 0 dome of a shape like a chocolate drop inside "the way".

I'll leave evil behind makes more sense than trying to eradicate it or I do, so followers can keep on doing it.



U.S. GOVERNMENT over a cliff flooded with aliens so ENEMY ACTS FIRST or it's TRUMP



Next year to a 12.0 earthquake, nowhere to hide? People ascend before your eyes. Are you one?




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