I would have done a better job than Adolph Hitler!

He did not need France Russia and Britain needed-

Austria Hungary Denmark Holland & Scandinavia,

a Confederation. Take middle east with Jews for oil

Mussolini was doing fine taking Ethiopia for a relic

to have built in Jerusalem a Temple to put it in for a

Jewish reason to be deported to Palestine. Or ELSE.

I could go get that Ark of the Covenant, to transport

it/since I know God I am not afraid of the Jews God.


I would love to see thousands of men in black marching in formation with torches, and

shouting Siege Heil!, Sieg Heil!!, Sieg Heil!!! Through the streets seeking my leadership!

Nationalism so impressive in Germany, once so many of its citizens would join together,

with such enthusiasm formed into magnificent order and purpose, with torches at night

in marches to inspire representation. Like marches for Ku Klux Klan in White America

showed support for the elimination of the black menace across America, against its host

of alien cultures Supreme Court forced on White America under a political government,

which White America must overthrow, to achieve representation I am working for here!

My views are all illegal. Only Federal agents are allowed to visit this site, that always fly

in their helicopters, that somebody else can shoot down every time I put another update

of anything on my web site, where I might as well go crazy here with ranting and raving

everything that should be done. When your freedoms have all expired, with your money,

all of this is about revolution in America against government business science astronomy

and college anyone would want to bomb liberals over liberal Constitution and colleges, in

America overrun by its enemies under State government support for and advancement of

cultivating subversive culture in America since Court imposed Integration on Americans.


Revolution #9 Street Fighting Man Back in the USSR

Revolution these days besides Government and what the people don't want in power,

the only way the majority of White American's win such a Revolution better than

Molotov Cocktails, Americans having all of these other different color kinds of

people from white to black all in the way because business interests brought

them in, the only way American People can win such a Revolution is that

they have to have an American Armed Forces military Coup, even if the president

is in on it to win Revolutionary war against the system citizens must win war against Business,

leaving the people to have to deal with slaughter to win a Revolution against the system, to take everything

from Business, to get rid of racial problems in America I need troops to get into power, to take jobs to insure everybody.


White Supremacy is America's heritage, all of the other nation's heritage is:

whatever their people are. America's registered to vote citizen's vote default

is The Third Party's vote, my votes described in The Logical Solution where

America keeps electing me Dictator of America up to 2016, for Martial Law.

Most books say end of the world 12/21/2012 did not know it was a solar orbit

end of if American people under my leadership for representation overthrow

America with old methods of putting people into power will work for my rule.


All other races of people in America are a threat hate Americans/my solution

to illegal and alien people is arm citizens take them out in my Representation,

thus eliminating jail in trial by the people in Martial Law so we can criminals,

the bones of in concrete Mexicans can in salsa for Africa and polynesian grills.


If blacks don't want to go back to Africa in salsa they take Africa by invasion.

Where export grill back cuts and butt cuts off of politicians to see if all of the

money they make from being dingbats is good for anything off of the bone,

the Establishment feed to the dogs, while all their wealth is nationalized.


Come to think of it: The Italian accent came from Italians being allowed to

fully integrate into Celtic society in Europe, when Italians made Latin their

language out of Celtic letters and took over Celtic authority with their plots

took over Italy and invaded Celtic Carthage evacuated, that stuffed a Great

Pyramid at Rome and Tripoli down tunnel under catacomb, left Italians out

of its hollow inside of the magnetic core of the Earth where was drifted until

Vatican reached magnetic core in 1975 off center from Earth's axis dangling

when the Catholic finished clearing out the fountain "of the deep", at Rome,

which ended in conflict in 1975 breaking off inner-Earth from outer-Earth it

kept Italians out of there! Spin started global warming in 1975 now spinning

magnetic core of the Earth around in Earth's top to blow-out in Spring 2020,

stops heated-up waters in Earth's magnetic core, churning Earth lithosphere.


USA farmers most of them hire only illegal aliens must surrender kill them

or capture them into concentration camps to be judged by white Americans

in Martial Law purge out anti-American people in America, kill to camp or steak

take all property business industry and everything in America. For citizen's use's.


To survive American people must take over underground fortifications: For

the end of the world as we know it, take over America's resources for public

works Martial Law solution to politics American citizen volunteer home and

away for racism's sake chance to be delivered out of a worldwide catastrophe

and "Rapture" before Earth expands pray the saved taken up vanish into the

Positive Charge of Gravity out of bottomless darkness to negative charge web

of Gravity current in both directions running on AC and DC Gravity current.

With my plan majority number of American citizens dug in, to Mars Neptune

regardless if I experience break on through to the other side too soon in power.


Since 1996 U.S. electoral system of petitions to be filled out correctly is obsolete

Defaulted, "The Secretary of State shall verify whether the petition contains the

required number of signatures of electors. The petition shall not be accepted for

filing if it contains less than 100 percent of the required number of signatures.

The Secretary of State by rule shall designate a statistical sampling technique to

verify whether a petition contains the required number of signatures of electors.

The second sampling must contain a larger number of signatures than the first

sampling, submitted signed sheets of registered to vote citizens, who don't vote

the leadership of the Default here offers survival reasons for my rule. Add up all

of the default vote forever registered to vote. Before circulating the petition the

chief sponsor of the petition shall file with the Secretary of State a signed copy

of the prospective petition. The chief sponsor shall include with the prospective

petition a statement declaring whether one or more persons will be paid money or

other valuable consideration for obtaining signatures of electors on the petition."


Only Armed Forces power can replace current system with me Lee Ronald Harrison

or Trump do it, my Power by Default replaces bankrupt U.S. government nationalize

alien's and illegal's and authority pays for new government take all its gold and silver

hire White people according to their talents for highest quality of work in job security

so building a future for United States of America safest in underground fortifications.

Where after polar reversal/gamma ray burst blows out the Sun Moon turns blood red,

is it the end of time for the Circuit of Gravity of Universe broken a few people ascend?


Here is one example of petitioning gone wrong: Home rule not on ballot. Invalid sheets

mean vote on county government will wait. Bill Kennedy, spokesman and chief petitioner

for the charter effort said "We have a little research to do". The signatures of 1,421 active

registered voters were required to qualify the charter for the May ballot. A 6% number of

those who voted in the last gubernatorial election it was percentage set by Oregon statute.

Kennedy turned in his more than 1,600 signatures compared to the 1,499 he wrote in the

documentation to the clerk's office when he filed the paperwork. The county clerk's office

started it's first step in approving the 200-plus signature sheets, February 22, 2008, in the

morning, scanning them to make sure they were filled out properly. More than 50 of the

sheets were immediately disqualified because petitioners signing and dating the sheets to

verify the signatures on them was done before collecting signatures, though technicality

Smith said state statute requires she disregard those sheets. Only 1,298 signatures --

remained as a result, that was below the number required. This clerk's office also

scanned fewer than 100 of the remaining signatures for registered voter status.

About a quarter of them would have been disqualified, because the signers

were not registered voters with the county clerk's office, one Smith said.


If black people have anything to say against white people

they should go back to their roots, and get together and

separate into their tribes where they came from, while

finding out what African tribes captured each people

and took them to the coast to sell them to Whites, to

become slaves. Now returning to Africa backed by

U.S. Military kill their enemies for settling down!


In July 1995 my writing was sidetracked. I had

to write everything over, in it's original context.

By luck I found a savior. Who got me through it.



Lee Harrison,
 Shopping Mall



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