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For variety on my political Internet site here I selected a few profitable business opportunities that anyone could have click on to look them over. Although investing is going to fall off of a national debt default cliff in 2014. When nobody should bank on long term gains in a investing world. Just take my advise and only buy such investments as "30 day US Treasury bill", with next to no interest, safe money pocket investment portfolio thinking. 10.5% or more elsewhere, compounded to over a cliff, save the heart of your money at until death, when there will be a new government here, most likely in suicide and nuclear war all the way around. 2015 S & P 500 sees positive returns 86.24% of the time, with respective gains of 5.3% and 9.6% over the next three to six months. But exponential system growth always leads to a collapse. So after I destroy the system and take business and its stocks I will just make a public portfolio to take care of social security and health insurance. With the cancer cures. And a growing nest egg for life!

I cannot communicate with anyone on this planet, because everyone is talking furiously. While big money investments may adversely fluctuate and tie-up money, devaluing that cannot be retrieved at maturity in a National Debt. Soldiers in Default suddenly take over and I get the people to safety at the authorities expense. Law putting off expense, detain in tribunal or try out I prefer short term investments! Overlap a steady flow of cash on gold at $1000 to $3000 in Bonds. Buy Bonds elsewhere, as US Bonds are falling to less than 33%, of foreign bonds at over 67%. Shop at term, life is short. Secretly a disaster approaches with star Sirius in 2020. Stock up on ammunitions! Friends are enemies, as in more than 11% Annual Return Funds (2008). Your portfolio might have contained FMI Common Stock (FMIMX), a 11.3% return, Arthur J. Gallager (AJG) Bemis (BMS) Arrow Electronics (ARW) CGM Realty (CGMRX), a 14.8% return, and CGM Focus (CGMFX), 15.2 %, to profit, while there are still interest rates. Wall Street death in a day. I will choose the day of destruction. You are better off stocking up everything for yourself now. Buy silver bullion coins to spend, in the chaos. Whenever gold costs too much for the dollar value printed on gold coins to spend them. You can only steal the establishments plans to take to an earlier date, to crucify them! I still have to wait through the cold wet and windy weather, to take what I can to the threshold of the other side to its water/find out what Positive Charge of Gravity is good for.


Ideally only buy stocks with secure dividends! 313 stocks around the world yield more than 15% in 2011, 177 yield more than 20%! Though a few of them are junk. However plenty of them are REIT's. Which are not ticking time bombs of toxic derivatives, but are bricks and mortar throwing off rents that go right into your pocket! Where all you need is a handful of stocks like these. So your best bet is to buy-up high-yield stocks, stock prices which least fluctuate and dig a hole to throw it in with all the gold you can before the U.S. defaults on the investor's Debt not to mention blown away by Earth turning over in a day polar reversal, one the Sun did on February 19, 2007. Or is you future to the end in Penny Stocks, since 2012 up 900%. Saying there is no danger under foot or in the heavens above, and that government is as solid as a rock, your investment dividends will pay off your stock investments at Scottrade, in the required lengths of time, in a world seven times more populous than in 1950, with seven times more demand for big business profits, booming with investment opportunities. Although this new revolutionary material called "graphine", patents mostly only owned by Communist China, that is only one molecule thick, but stronger than steel, for the next generation of computer monitors and weapons like a trojan horse with embedded programs in it. So the people have to have someone totally insane like me, to fight an enemy like that/to beat them any way that can be done with technology!

While investing is usually always a gamble, for those who have to have it. Although stock market sells FOREVER STOCKS: This "Forever" company has a $60 billion cash stockpile burning a hole in its pocket last year. The last time it had this much cash on the books it paid out a huge special dividend. With big profits it has to do it again, while the stock market is booming, when it could easily afford to do it again dividend yield a robust 2.5% to eye-popping 11.7% back in 2008 planned to position itself to profit then, to U. S. Default on Debt put off to 2018 ripe again. When voters have been doing this for over a hundred years, registering to vote but not voting. The voters helpless reasoning for not voting being that politicians do not do what most people elect them to do after they get elected, except to destroy social order from the normal for leftist billionaires.But by copyright law for Internet publishing rights I became The Third Party in American politics for “Power by Default”, since 1996, my 24 year plan until Earth's bubble bursts to becomes a smaller planet in 2020. This will be my last development on it, in "".

If you're a habitual investor GraphiteCorp., OTCQB Symbol: GRPH, November 2012 current price around $0.70, making 20% of the world's production, for making of Li-Ion batteries in the USA, China produces 80% of it. If I were an investor I would have a stack of that stock before the dollar is no longer legal tender. America's only prayer is in my military solution. While setting around watching and pursuing materialism! I get traffic around the world, that don't buy products on this site. So I don't get any commission. But visitors keep coming back for music, sometimes over "34% US Commercial" traffic from 95 countries, window shop my .com banner ads, which pick from any kind of music available to entertain, or upset them, Napster and Shoutcast. I keep up with hope I can get back to my element 0 shape of back pressure to ascend from the world new for the charts, to past or bomb shelter my command a retreat pointed out by my four year old first girlfriend Joyce surprise, say the truth. 15 year old Sharon with a surprise for me the truth in the world otherwise invisible, in the bright gravity circuit the other side "the Light" with "fish" in it. Jesus-Christ water, through a wound you have to go through to get to the "Father" turn right, in the wound on the "Light" through it.

World was made in the likeness of an Atom: Eternity is an Atom, suddenly the Circuit of Gravity twined together to a point in space "Bang!" pops-up into being parallel Universe!

All of the round worlds popped up out of “black hole” a Universe Circuit. The round world with a gravitational field in their iron core shaped like the Universe magnetic along its field core center for all the atoms. At the centers the same inside all of the planets and atoms parallelgravity field. All the earth and soul the stars round. Because Eternity is round. With all the centers in common two systems joined in a Positive Gravity Charge DC flowing down on Negative Gravity Charge currents AC connected to their spheres, universal Gravitational Field Circuit, its mass expanding earth flooding the world gravitational field, at 4.9m/s to the center of the hollow in Earth's core. All of the creations intended to become God (-)'s food for thought, kept in the circuit, where the only way out might as well be in a White versus the Black world, so that only a "few" people and other individuals ever born escape God (-)'s appetite for souls. Rest easier in morals, civic good, personal and social convention. A better life makes dreaming consistently good, especially those going to do it for eternity! Only very few break the rule find their portal to the Charge, to bask in the circuit of Eternity. Don't assume a Rapture just do it yourself! Leave religions believe their money and contributions saves their soul authority reserved to the Field the un-forgiven.

Earth is egg shaped, looking like a iris in an eye, the soul not round like a AT & T icon the transformed ID, egg shape will mean a lot to anyone who gets to that place where they fly.

While in 21st century White citizenship needs me in power to run government bomb targets and have mutiny. My "Default Vote" wins jobs and opportunity revolution, Power sharing according to American opinions at work, on duty, on how far I go with what I would do as the Leader. I represent the people through my economic and social agenda, like citizens wish they could have. With my opinion majorities determine laws and conditions citizens want for their own good, and the nation, in every sector of government and industry on all levels. I could rebuild America for a 6th Age. Or is it only "five Ages", Mexico City calendar end of the world core samples U.S. Military dug up, figured 2020 polar reversal while crossing the Milky Way Galaxy edge. 6th age asteroids already blew-up. Bubble inside Earth ran into Earth, then it bursts and collapses the Earth. If it does not pop out of the Earth in the Spring of 2020 it implodes to scatter the Earth out into space a new asteroid belt around the Sun, to have to make some way to ship out.

Duty to do better I occupy my day every day of leadership, chores balancing my wishes with the majorities of the people. My leadership of society according to the Majorities Rules, for building my synthesizer on what a social organism needs to prosper and survive coordinating the workers according to the needs of the whole, their wishes and job requirements, with all of the details in a okay or nay. We dig in for escalating disasters up to polar reversal, with opinions and facts I run my machine of state 2016 democracy. In the past I vanish find my second girlfriend, hop through the wound on the Light of the other side. My people's tool to breach Positive Charge of Gravity, only to be done on a deposit of Positive Gravity Charge. World randomly falling down on black Negative Gravity Charge currents out of all of the layers of Negative Gravity Eternity's Charge's, that converges each their images in the Universe blinded out by the light going through it. A good place to hide out to find out what is up. Test the new element left to right in the memory identities got out of my way, so I could look at a wound double edged (I thought boobs, I laughed). Dark wound stabbed in Eternity's Positive Gravity Charge White Light! My girlfriend must have taken a right turn there into flow of the speed of positive charge of gravity, that holds all the atomic particles together, other side reality to break into and out of with my gear on again!

Earth only a circuit of gravity sphere twined around in origin moybus strip go up or down in the spheres. Negative Gravity Charge currents to other side said the pure in heart see "God", in the Jewish Christian fable, waiting until 2020 to reversal. Before then I will get back with my 15 year old girlfriend Sharon Shields, there since 1967. Lucky to know someone in the right place to set out on a mission, even if I am busy being a dictator, Americans might have a civilized civilization on Earth. I will pick up some gold this weekend to ascend with. Here all month to finish this and pack some more data to take to my eternal youth and healing, in the Positive Charge of Gravity. With nothing to do but duty to God and country if I can't do it now. But natives in Colonial New York did so well as a confederation in America thirteen English colonies tried it in a USA nation. 21st century technology I should be able to make democracy work in my hierarchical model of a healthy Person. My economics in a Civil Body of Services with a Purpose in Life. Maybe easier for me to ask 1760 publisher and pick up a 17 pound gold nugget finance, packing some theater to watch action movies of their choice, introduce my 1 to 10 quality of performance pay in Gold Hours and Silver Minutes coins and notes with interest USA taking everything to pay for making democracy for Americans and avoid a whole lot of trouble in the future by providing a life worth living, over the bodies of the aristocracy and corruption and now feminists. Feed them to sharks. If I get power to wield in 21st century.

My dictatorship a Third American Government, an economic Confederation with a democracy machine, for American people to use to rule themselves to the end of the world and beyond. I'll see if twenty first century college course lectures and laminated cheat sheets, chemistry courses and gadgets from the twenty first century useful to make 17th century America united, and able to become a global power for their own good. Democracy in a world where Americans need to be supportive of their own kinds, and get rid of all of the others and their cousins out of America I grew up in. My leadership out of a Melting Pot plot of the authorities, which only want equality, big population for more votes to get more powerful obviously subversive to the American citizen like use to buy slaves, and let all sorts of leftist and aliens into America like left a white person in a convalescent home with their IV open left an American bleed to death intentional accident and left tools in others after operations are a danger to Americans at home and away, in a cold world where even the people's pets eat their masters if they find them dead. Where evil must be purged out with the police in plain clothes. Good people around to and from work or on the street make sure everyone is safe. Armed back-up and public servants to perform their services.

My White U.S. Armed Forces and Militia destroy America's enemies at home, disposing of oppressive and crooked governments around the world, them and religion with all its riches to confiscate so there can be a civilized world in a fellowship of nations where no one has to worry about anyone else if I want to travel the world to visit other cultures for what ever tourists visit other countries for. I just might as well raise hell in America, redistribute property to the soldiers and American public. Confiscating the booty for the people to ration out, and mint the assets of the rich to blow-up, for putting politicians into power with their conspiracies. Taking the wealth and metals into the U.S. Treasury to coin, for opportunities to award the public in all the sectors accordingly. Work funds, potential workers training to accomplish something, backing pastime pursuits. I will finance democracy for services according to the preferences of the people, what ever needs to be done, and what laws there should be, build America underground prepared for storms, earning a fair share of their nations wealth. Worthy compensation, according to abilities. In security everyone obligated to civic duty to fulfill along with the wages on ten skill levels. The citizens and country homeland secure. I will only take a pocket of coins from the future, and a backpack to save my skin and get younger over Five Ages of mankind to go back maybe to a first Age and shoot Eve's assailant to live happily ever after in the Garden of Eden with my 1967 girlfriend and the others on the other side without sex to keep the soul whole from unforgivable sin. While 50 billions of people fell to Hell needed there to dream to keep the World the solid image it is. A fraternity made me have to shine the Sun over my shoulder on them, looking into Hell, each in their tear shaped sack in Earth's gravitational field. They jumped out of the tears, frantically climbing over each other reaching up at me to pull someone out! The secret society witchcraft man from a dark corner across a yard. I turned to look at in the shadow standing still, I walked away. They're suppose to "rest in peace", down there in Hell. The people need to outlaw secret societies!

Live like this is the last year of your life, avoiding the Positive Gravity Charge.

Some Colony in Early America found it disappeared. Earth getting cooler in its' old age, layer by layer in the long run until heat pressure building again for the whole planet to expand again in 6th polar reversal expansion. Recently the biggest cyclone sign of a no brainer that global warming from ground up Earth's bubble is on schedule to burst in Spring 2020 finish turning Earth's magnetic poles north to south at end of a world expansion when fault lines all slip blow up a heating up Lake Tahoe and Yellowstone National Park, core up to Earth's top a super volcano to erupt. Though Nostradamus December 21, 2012, two asteroids did not hit Europe blew up in 2013 in northern hemisphere.1997 U.S. Military warns 2020 6th magnetic polar reversal expect Earth turn upside down. Volcano'serupting around the world. Earth passing from top to bottom half of the Milky Way Galaxy, while gradually getting warmer to another regular burst of Inner Earth in Outer Earth. An omen every time that the Planet X (Sirius A with Sirius B a white dwarf star near warning that a red dwarf star is coming right at Earth at end of 5th Age of mankind coincidence, a disaster with a star close as Neptune beginning a 6th Age of Maya Mexico time the "Long Count" Mesoamerican Day of Doom December 21, 2012, threshold people have been predicting ever since John the Baptist saying be water baptized symbolic of Positive Charge of Gravity break on through to the other side the fire baptism body and soul into Her flesh to the other side and Jesus' wound.

Here the first core samples were taken from Ocean floor in the mid 1950's. The results of which resulted in a Sunday afternoon television interview with a General from the Pentagon, in a "Meet the Press" interview on the significance of the discovery that the magnetic poles of the Earth have reversed twice. The General was very uncomfortable about being on the spot, reluctant to speak in the mid 1950's to panic anyone only calmly implied mass destruction of humanity destroyed in "2035", in another magnetic polar reversal, saying only reversal would cause "a large decrease in the population of humanity." He refrained from giving any cause for alarm like the "Press" wanted to hear. But in mid 1960's I saw yet another Meet the Press interview with a Pentagon General on two more Ocean floor core samples, showing two more magnetic polar reversals. So the US Military subtracted from the 2035 date for polar reversal to 2025, and kept on drilling for reversals.

Later in the 1970's I read in a newspaper that a fifth Ocean floor core sample had been found, showing a fifth reversal had happened. So subtract one more five years to the "end of the world" to settle on the current US Military 2020 prediction for another magnetic polar reversal, that was in 1999 a television special "2020" on Military science views of when the world would end, after a Clinton Administration woman official in 1997 owned up over the radio that a fifth core sample had been found revealed a fifth magnetic polar reversal, for the scientific guess to a 6th magnetic polar reversal coming in 2020. But the round stone calendar in Mexico City was an astronomical countdown to the end of the Earth's orbit from center of Milky Way Galaxy extent of solar orbit that Mayan experts concluded on August 10, 3113 BCE, for 24th day of December 2011, solar turn around. Early end of the world tsunami hit Japan Haiti Chile and New Zealand. The math is here on Pole Movement 2 on the "SITE MAP" link, open "LOOK HERE" and "CHECK THIS OUT" pages POLE MOVEMENT maps. Figure there is a Moon size solid iron-nickel asteroid composition magnetic core inside the Earth, water cooled enough to be a magnet, now at the top of the world at 85° latitude, spinning west, hit top of the world. Now 9 years of going northwest, until it reaches Atlantic rift to blow-up out of the Arctic Ocean sea floor, in Spring 2020, 8 years after the Mayan calendar Long Count end of the galaxy. When US citizens will only survive as a nation with me in power, after US Armed Forces apprehend the system to put me in power and bunker in my White American economy for self rule, with all the means for democracy, but has to prepare for two stars crossing paths.

Someone published a book in 2008 titled "Get Rich or Die Trying", had to been a big seller, if you want to "Retire in Style" while you can, at the end of the world suddenly to a whip lash, at the end of the world revolving east, I offer peace on Earth to the American people.

As far as successful business opportunities go on the Internet I picked out a few I recommended to invest in, but lost interest in links to get leads, to several successful business opportunities, for cell phone services and Internet access first offered on the Internet for credit card sales to make commissions off of some automated sales schemes, all saying join their sales teams serving public need for communications services, that profited many thousands of outgoing entrepreneurs. But I am not outgoing for making commissions that way. While investing in gold was good, when the prices were low, that are too high now to make much profit on it unless you buy low and sell at a few dollars more over and over. I am better off causing a military overthrow, over big business and women taking over government and everything, to become a dictator, for men to rape and rob the system.

Meanwhile I have antibiotic formulas to take back to Early America, and chemistry lessons to show and publish on my next adventure. Ascending I will still return with a backpack on like the last time. Not waiting for Earth to be a paradise. Instead of banking on the future I will take my talents everyone is born with, I am lucky to find out I have by experience, for next time I jump into the other side. To go back in time, down into the past in God (+) joined with God (-). A few get into Heaven at death, unable to reincarnate in the flesh a pity. But in Hell those return in the next cycle of time, after the universal gravity circuit shorts out, this time. When the length of Eternity recoils back to a point suddenly to a Big Bang it expands again! The beat goes on and on again Universe eternally Two God's circuit ends re-creates Universe over again, which scholars say only they know how it was made.

State revenue at rock bottom a financial problem for citizens in Oregon, rich on hallowed ground a possibility no one else ever thought of. If it has the shape of something where a Old Testament Jew ascended there is one here, further down the road. Maybe I get to prove the strange place in Oregon is one of those. For me to use a Old Testament Jewish tool everyone has to get out of the world again, only possible to get to one east of here out in the desert. I will pack up as soon as I get through with this, charge up, maybe find my New "Element 0" deposit at Gold Hill, see if I can raise a corner of it to find the inversion layer on it to take with me pictures, if it has gravity currents bunched together flowing down Positive Gravity Charge at the speed of falling mass to its gravity ground. A day to find out if a Negative Gravity Ground like the ones I have ascended from is there. You could get as rich as hell in one year investing all of your spare riches into one or both of these below two stock market items. Getting richer and richer and more powerful before you die! I will have stocks of these in a Public Portfolio, if a mutiny puts me into power anytime soon.

With hundreds of millions of people distracted, having so much fun getting fat off of progress, or not so much until some hill smashes them. Metals, taking off in the last 12 months, in 2008, gold up 28% and oil up 75% silver went up 48%, who can expect inflation to end? These rallies have provided a tremendous tailwind for resource stocks. Opportunity is in natural gas, with the production of it in the U.S. up 42%, demand for natural gas has only gone up 27% in 2008. Try Tesla design to make engines with only one working part, to power the future, with natural gas. No crash could obliterate your 2009 gains regardless of bank failure in 2007. Twenty-five banks fail in 2008, one hundred and forty banks fail in 2009. Forty-one banks fail in only the first three months of 2010. Small banks and hundreds more will fail. "These banks have already failed", but the FDIC does not have manpower or funding to officially "seize" them. Better to just take any money out of banks. Buy silver bullion coins with a dollar value on them, for spending, and gold dust mined, Gold $305 from the ground for $706/ounce in 2010, coin all the gold cheaper right from the mines. Avoid all of the drilling holes in bars assaying fuss, ship from the mines to have it Coined!

Maybe try "Online Trading - TD Ameritrade - Online Stock Trading Online Investing" at for 30 Days Commission Free? Though January 2 on the stock market channel they said only invest in Real Estate and Apple. But U.S. government put off its National Debt and the great Tribulation to 2018.

One stock to own after Natural Gas 2011 became law you gold diggers search for "fuel injector" stocks . Maybe invest in go faster for less.

If you are adventurous you might profit by searching for "Dividend Boost companies", and Private Equity (BlackRock), to manage diversified private equity portfolios inclusive of primary... where most folks earn only 2% - 6% dividends on Blue Chips like Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, and AT & T. Savvy investing Americans are secretly "boosting" those small yields. Here revolution mutiny is most beneficial for American people. Apprehend the political system, take all the wealth, I will pay off the National Debt.

Women in power, a ship on calm seas with a party in progress, that hits an iceberg:

"Magnetic pole reversals have been shown to occur in the Earth's geological history - the most recent reversal to the current polarity (known as the Brunhes/Matuyama boundary) occurred about 700,000 years ago. Other reversals have been dated at irregular intervals generally 500,000 to 1 million years apart. The reversals are not thought to cause lava to flow, but when it happens lava cools after flowing solidifies and records the current magnetic polarity, at the end of globalwarming affecting Earth's magnetic field in 110 years of mapping the magnetic core movement, lava locks in place magnetic polarity as it cools into solid rock, every time the Earth's 'bubble' inside blows-out of Earth's top again. Long-lived centers of volcanic activity such as mid-ocean ridges have produced lava for millions of years, across many reversals, which produces the rock of different polarity, indicating the age of the reversals." NORTH and SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT maps here locate a solid iron magnetized water cooled sphere, for it to be the magnetic core of the Earth, aligning magnetic particles after every reversal. Sonogram measurementof Earth's core, the size of the Moon, sphere at the end of accelerating up to 85° latitude to Earth's flat top bounced 4 times, 4 tsunami's, for a repeat of Noah's Flood, 8 years after the end of the Long Count calendar. Mayan mathematicians and astronomers reenacted on 10th of August 3113 BCE figured out to the last star position to the Sun's end of the Galaxy, that ended with asteroid blowing up over Russia! Though to save U.S. citizens I have Militia feed politics and their politicians and criminals to the sharks, dead or alive, for all their wealth and business save vast trillions of dollars. U.S. Military hear my call, to White America. Mutiny for me to have a Militia to rid USA of illegal's and all of their cousins, arm the people lead in a U.S. Armed Forces takeover. Give hell to the enemy, "the system". Severe weather patterns from a moon size sphere spinning under Earth's flat top, west.

If Americans want to save their soul and skin USA builds strong bunkers to live in, survive monster earthquake in a bucket seat! Or plan to be in the air with the ascended. Earth's core stretched hemisphere against Russia, for hurricane Sandy up its Polar Vortex to Chicago. Iron-nickel core meets Earth's crust its bubble to pop wobbles will fall over like the Sun did 19 February 2007 flipped over when star Sirius got close enough to the Sun magnetism turned the Sun up side down. Worse in 2020 Earth's core north pole at terrestrial top stops Earth spin, joining in a Rapture upon eruption! Earth falling over in a day, oceans wash over land:

The safest place to be when the Earth changes its magnetic poles is in the air!

Some are prepared for a "Rapture",

are not guilty of "ORIGINAL SIN".

Without much time to provide leadership, Earth's core up getting ready to blow up in the Arctic Ocean, in the polar reversal wait and see. Hurricane Sandy to the biggest cyclone swarms of tornado Earth's core stretching is now pressing upon 85° latitude spinning northwest above Siberia did not sideswipe Yellowstone National Park. The shape here on the ground, two deposits of Element 0 on it, to jump over my new Element one to another positive gravity charge, my exit transporter to teleport to the other side.

Jesus said season of fig trees put forth new leaves. Earth's core in its top spinning faster, until 2020. But end of a Fifth Age in 2011 in four tsunami. North Magnetic Pole Movement map of this pressure cooker, blows Earth's top over Iceland west of Norway, expect in 2020 6th polar reversal, while this is the last time I will ever use this program to make web pages.



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