In Texas and California Americans were in the majority, coming in from the United States. Americans and Mexican peoples there did not like the Mexican government of Santa Anna, a political problem the American militias solved, leading up a U.S. war with Mexico. Texas Mexicans were Indian people's of Mexico that wanted to liberate themselves all the way down the Gulf coast to Yucatan Peninsula, from Mexico sided with Revolution of Texas verses ruthless dictatorship of Santa Anna, provoked a fully justified rebellion by Anglo-Americans and Tejanos, Nahuatls Aztecs and Mayans, wanted to restore Constitution of 1824 and federalism. But after the war with Mexico the U.S. government realized that mexicans are not compatible with American community are completely alien a different culture therefore only annexed top of Mexico, with a small population of mexicans to separate themselves racially from did with Asians and blacks, into separate communities. But crime rate goes way up if you make them live and work together, raises the level of hatred. Where in the long run it is better to get rid of minorities all together, prevent problems. Americans see the effects of forced integration from trusting lawyer arguments using Jefferson's Constitution were wrong about equality everyone is not created equal, I will just have lawyers bodies put through a meat grinder together. Quit rewarding our enemies deport or can them, we kill the resistance, as a threat to the people traditionally. I will take out all the criminals Latin's and latinos leftists for Benito Mussolini to the Right, with the 9% Neo-Nazi America Nazi racist KKK Hate groups, American Armed Forces, Military put me in Power by Default. Not for this guy Trump, unless he is running the economy under my rule, where I limit American citizenship only to White Americans, with maybe a Confederation of Nations. The centralized Republic of Mexico was a chaotic experience that generated a severe political instability, from October 23, 1835 to August 22, before the Mexican Republic's dissolution in 1846. God does not care who blows up who, to get their countries right. Most other races and cultures in the U.S. are criminals, bandits that hate White Americans, are in and out of lock-ups. I save taxes going to supporting them, exterminate them all or they escape, in my Martial Law. The Republic of California was founded on October 4th, 1836, in response to the Mexican invasion of Texas. There are no good aliens, or it breaks down with their children, ship them out, gangs thieves criminals in the USA. Business I nationalize in my militarization! Look at what federalism did to the dollar in inflation, since 1789. My only chance is have a successful revolution before that to deporting blacks and bury the system at sea.

Martial Law in dollar inflation crisis put off with tax relief for billionaires. American Armed Forces save their skins White America by Military Coup government shutdown put off collapse puts me in Power by Default for a Majority of Americans, that stay home from the polls are votes for my leadership suspending U.S. Constitution. Arrest lawyers politicians and scholar left, nationalize business. My dictatorship to get the prices back to Right and everything back to White. USA saving itself, while stepping on nations toes. World wide tsunami U.S. Military bunkered-in shipped out weather, 2020. Truth otherwise of no value, Religion never escapes created to die hate each other, illegal immigration alien in equal opportunity encroachment, a racist ethnic cleansing Vs 7 billion more people elsewhere since 1950, a threat up to nuclear War.

Political government has to be destroyed. STAR WARS characterizes a corporation enemy of the people, in a Good verses Evil comedy plot. Real world corporations are the cause of today's sinister world mind increasing in a population explosion to profit Big Business. 1 billion to 8 billion people since 1950 in my lifetime. Where as dictator my economic puzzle is a return to small and medium sized family owned and operated, digital turf fill in the corporate monopoly molds nationalize to channel the separate functions of industry agriculture and public services, nationwide. So in my Power by Default elected by the Default Vote and the political system Debt Default, it keeps putting off I say bloody Revolution on behalf of the American people cheated out of their freedoms, I take back with the U.S. Military. My life of adventure found out how the world was made, with the tool to escape death, few dare restore youth in the healer, one later in my ear said happens. Corner stone of Universe expansion, in 5 polar reversals only 70± transformed dead or alive! My Texas mother Eastern Star Mason was another somebody I did not know, found out without any of that, God is a boring empty place except for the 70. All you need is collect enough Negative gravity charge Positive gravity charge, opposite charge, to get in.

Even if I stop the rewarding and start deporting alien, in Power by Default for the U.S. Armed Forces, to put me in power Martial Law, shoot on sight lawyer media political system/in the way of American voter wishes/elected Donald Trump to do it. I'll have nothing to stop men from doing whatever they feel like moment with women's rights, removed from U.S. Constitution stripped down to 1 Amendment. My orders to U.S. Military is form State Militia's, with orders to take over the political and economic system, everything to reinstall America with a True Democracy. So if it is me in power by the Majority it will be my rules adjusted from Poll's, opinions of the people. My rule described here could be the Constitution blueprint of government to go by. Adjusted to the people's own taste. Donald Trump dictate racism after me?

Since everyone else plans to die

why not blow-up nations, plan to do

it in bunkers. On a hostile planet to keep

blowing-up. I already knew that news is fake.

With this star coming in to hit the Sun head-on or

bounce it off to the left or to the right. Americans need

my government to make industry for everything in bunkers

to stay warm, no time left to do it before a star finishes swinging

around the sun before a red dwarf star runs into the sun, leadership.

The American people get but do not want U.S. Constitution for lawyers to

change its meaning to serve their political agendas. Do like the Bolsheviks

Ballistic, U.S. Military! Call-up citizens able to serve each State Militia, to

take over everything, doing like militias do in complete military takeovers.

My instructions are here, for leadership, to arm the Right against the Left.



Corporate inflation, you haven't seen nothing yet, from the rich legislating against the people,

who have to pick a way to take out the rich, business, like legislate huge gas tax hike drives up

the prices of everything for their businesses rent and investment property profits just blow-up

gun down and drive down the sidewalks kill people just for the hell of it Racist Military Coup,

these days for a body count, or its a bullet to the head. Better to just take out lawyer politician

the powers that be, woman's rights new world order digital money and corporate rule July 1's.


I use to like blowing-up things at a safe distance good for war to defend the whole country USA,

anytime soon. Where one country or another will kill the others to rule the world, if I don't do it

before Thor rises in the solar system. Like bowling ball through pins, followed by asteroid storm

while organizations only preach their own agenda you cannot get a word in edgewise as America

became great as a racist country, calls for Revolution. I regain U.S. stability from lawyers taking

equality to extremes proven to be subversive to American unity, sports standing for our anthem!


I am The Third Party since 1996, Power by Default, in presidential elections a landslide for me

every time, Default not voting. Without military takeover the people get no representation, but

only get taxed and watched business government more signs of threatening notices to everyone,

that is a citizen. Military Coup a cure, before tampering with cure to old age without insurance.

Arctic Ocean warming, from magnetic core of the Earth flung up to Earth's top, to 21st century

ocean levels rising, to Antarctica magnetic core heat source spun away to Arctic that freezes out

everything alive in Antarctica Ice? Is warming, magnetic core blows-up , Sirius rise floods poles.


I am ready to be dictator, if needed. Default Vote Majority, Debt Default leading to WWIII.

U.S. only through military takeover has any chance of ethnic cleansing America in a militia!

Takeover Business ends liberal politics in investing schemes has gotten cost of things the way

they are puts soldiers on the street homeless in need to be ordered in to take over everything,

jobs taken away from citizen given to our enemies Militia fight down to woman and children!



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