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To A Book Publisher,

To restore American society from the dangers threatening it requires violent change, with radical leaders of the past for some of my inspiration, until U.S. Military visitors quit visiting these anti-government ideologies, no one else appreciates, where no U.S. Military visits are recorded after election 2012, for Military overthrow impossible unless there are enough military suicide missions supporting me, to draft a citizens militia to capture or destroy the authorities. Gun down prisoners to make room, after eliminating public enemy costs, for a corrupt government. Enlisting a U.S. Militia to deploy in a house to house campaign to destroy gangland, capture or destroy latinos, offering the enemy to get out of USA rather than be sent to meat processing, selling Mexicans in salsa to cannibals overseas to grill and get rid of aliens and public enemies. While I will only edit this last page to complete my manuscript, before I pack my bags to take with me on my next adventure, leaving only a chance for others to ascend. A camera to capture my escape, picturing the shape of my escape, to publish in early America through Jesus Christ on the other side, to confiscate all of the system's property from one of my spots after I break on through to the other side.

I found a way to vanish in a crowd. I think I can only come back to where I ascend from, relative to any time, in the past or future. I might have to give some native chief a iPod loaded with music, to get all the help I need to get to big California gold nuggets, to pay an escort to the nearest river east to British Colonies quickest way to early English settlements to unite, in 1760's 13 American colonies with a map to mineral deposits, build the future with guns and formulas, show Star Wars, to get rich enough to publish these pages, in a book, young. Offering democracy for a profit here, representative of the people and their opinions. Hide a 17th century corporation of the people from 1760 government for sudden Revolution in 1763, with two jet planes, guided missiles blow up battle ships. Commando forces take out the rich, for everything the people can take. Hang the powers that be, for hamburger to pets and zoo's. Take establishment money and property for my Democracy, by and for the people, paving the way for American people to survive the end of the world through prosperity. Preserving the environment while at it 21st century math for space ships make a city in space, to support a million Americans by 20th century! Honeycomb Moon titanium line with platinum deadly gamma rays to meteors in the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy December 21, 2012 until polar reversal 2020. While I take this book to the other side of gravity current to a publisher, not going to die with Business. These pages correct on the Internet Long Count Mayan calendar 12/21/2012, world going to die, missed it by 8 years. 2020 after 5 previous Earth expansions from magnetic core expanding figures the 6th Earth expansion that Earth's axis turns over, but will face a red dwarf star approaching.

No one believes anything unless they have seen it, so no one thinks I have a religion to out smart them all, with the real truth. The hidden mass that exploded the Universe, out of a point in space, into their own class of particles, atom smash! Gravity circuit, then there was light, the mystery of all the ancestors. The basic element of "matter" expands Universe better described as ZeusChrist, deposits on gravity current grounds. Between current positive gravity charge, filling up everything in the Universe. The wide black gravity currents Moslems worship, the current's negative gravity charge, the bleakness Allah made up to be a religion. However matter, the raining Gravity Charge is transparent, flowing down currents to Gravity Grounds. Gravity currents and other God Charge holding the World together in a circuit of gravity! Where the only God that really matters is the ZeusChrist: Mass that can pop destroying cities. Christ deposits only a transparent chocolate drop pool of back pressure on earth, at places to ascend transformed into memory identity, to save your life! The Two Gravity God "creation" popped up a Universe all the galaxies the gravity currents, to each of the creations everything to a matrix atom. So World pops-up out of the black hole, Circuit of the Two Gods, a Universal Gravity Field Image. Its' swear byre's all fall into their sack drained black of awareness, dream what they will of the World in a sack, laid back in the Earth's hollow in Gravity Field Image electrical trap everyone else prefers, rest in peace, or through JesusChrist positive gravity charge God, to Father gravity charge wide currents, do my duty.

I would have to buy a place not a aberration unfathomable light a name no one can pronounce, to get to eternal life. Earth and sky a threat, born for the way out alive, national security do or die, on impossible to correct previously my English, 21 years. Maybe too late to get elected? Began on September 5, 1995. Power by Default since 1996 a political solution. Others had worse problems than me in 1995, under a new faith pulsing the sky, caused by a death, new member of "the gods" not yet transformed, a sphere to gaze upon, if other people could gaze, cross their eyes to look for someone in August 1995, likely places, or a white spot of cloud otherwise, with a rainbow all across it, last on Chinese New Year 2009 rainbow between two layers of dark clouds, separations on the horizon beside each other, a rainbow layer no doubt separated between clouds like Jerry Garcia looking through to say "Hi!" I said to someone beside me did not think so but dropped dead in a library.

For religion as the American people's leader by Default, elected or by Military disposition, I will make for Americans a room to explain the secrets of the soul. Where someone will be standing or setting at each of four opposite locations. In the east west north and south holding models of the four objects in the soul, one in the east and one in the west and one in the north and one in the south from the center of the room my soul egg shaped like the Earth what calculus suggests. From center point of the room south 14° to the right a small sphere of crystal rays in front where is suspended the orb of creation in thin crystals. The person west of center holds a one inch black glazed sphere of Power. Behind center 14° to the east is held a small aperture that flames out of diameter of a quarter, opposite the Shapes of Life assembling sphere, all radiating with long thin crystals in the south. While the person in the east in the bowl holds the bright flaming sphere of Reflections on all of the knowledge in the Two God's in its Hollow globe, center of Eternity inside God Positive, Gravity Charge or cosmic egg, sphere spinning faster than light, pressing outward created the vacuum of space inside. Thus 90° from gravity current to get into Heaven through the double edged sword wound on the Light and not die. Blazing east end of the pointed end of the egg shaped soul if you have a soul, positive gravity charge moleculed shell all around you, whole. A east to west and north to south night sky domed glass ceiling the four cardinal directions, coinciding with the four life manifesting objects hidden around real people, able to find with moon and street light if a flaming Circuit of Gravity portal is overhead, aperture to a fire baptism.

To find real people the dome of the room need only a street light under full moon. From end of a bridge I crossed under a bright street light to file citizens under, on a full moon, to make sure they are real people in the likeness of the Maker's sphere. Faith, God Positive Gravity Charge holding the world together. Full Moon beside street lamp two shadows off of you, a halo over the moon shadow two shadows on the ground from you, showing everyone is an egg shape, or they are aliens with no shell with aperture in its top, turning blades of light around from an aperture a halo in their top, that whenever found in the soul emits flames of Gravity Circuit from around the world. Unnoticed flames so bright it is invisible. Aperture closing to clenching, it fans out to a milky white "halo" over the head of the chosen under Full Moon, two shadows of soul cast down off of me, under an old street lamp, two shadows in a "V" formation from me to a halo over my left shadow. Where moon shadow and electric light shadow meet shows the soul shell top of on moon shadow you see the light of JesusChrist in a gravity circuit that fans out in the top of positive gravity charge shell. Clenched together so beams fan out counter clockwise a halo intersecting egg shaped sphere of the soul in it's top, if a purge of aliens to locate real people.

Like most people I do not believe much of what I hear or read do not trust others unless in the same duty. So when the passage said "the pure in heart" I died pierced through the heart seeing "God" am certain that will help me escape this world with some things and political solution, alive. No time left to get a book published against crimes against the American people, to destroy the authorities giving America's enemies equality with Americans, put in our Constitution, with women a vote against men an organized crime politics its puppet media to rape and destroy. So citizens direct how science and everything is proceeded, in opinion polls, controlling how research and progress is made, prove my theories. Taking out all the secrecy reveal secrets being kept a secret from the people, but ascend to return with a backpack of 21st century college science, a gravity ground where I leave ascension trail for others, the closest route to the other side.

Over the course of the years of my life thieves have pilfered my belongings and stolen all of my writings three times, I began in 1973. Where someone each time would encounter me boasting, most often in groups telling me that they had stolen all of my things and would not return them, kept all their rights. But here again are my old writings, all their subjects and essential facts, including the origin of catacombs at Rome and Tripoli, each a Great Pyramid Celtic people built before Egyptians inherited Egypt. Earth's South Magnetic Pole in 1900 far off of South end of Earth's axis, on fountains of the deep. Celtics came out of Fountains of the Deep at Rome and Tripoli, built a pyramid over them and one in Egypt, to mount a huge diamond on the three pyramids so when the sun came up in the east it lit up one diamond sphere to reflect to the others, for weather forecasting. Where the Great Pyramid mixed fuel down two shafts in a large long chamber inside, which angled up to fuel the cranes that built it. A shaft to a high room behind three doors hides light of positive to negative gravity, circuit at the pyramid's focal point of Egypt's moybus of gravity circuit binding the world down to grounds all around it, that have pooled the transparent element of Christ upon the earth. So that people are known to have emerged out of "fountains of the deep". U.S. Southwest native tribe saying they were washed out of Inner Earth by steam pressure. While Mediterranean fountains of the deep eventually explored by carving a pathway up, two staircases to the stars. Vatican City a pyramid dug out of catacombs left Tripoli catacombs ruins under a dump.

Information on movement of the magnetic poles was charted every five years since 1900 to 2005 until stopped being reported on January 1, 2006. Earth's core increasing its spin faster every five years, ran out of earth to rise in, to pop from the heat of spinning around to Atlantic Ocean by 2020 when Jesus said. Magnetic pole movement inside Earth under Arctic going west around 85° latitude to northeast of Iceland steam-filled magnetic core blows-up Arctic Ocean a Super Volcano out a fault line. I prepare American citizens, employ to change everything, destroy illegal aliens, graffiti the bad, some can get out alive. I am the American people's machine gun for peace! God always left having to pick out the heavenward from the hell bound keeps on making world a heaven for a Hell using the living's attention to dream up the world for eternity in a sack.

These pages better meant to publish in the past, 21 years to finally right for the trip. Axis of the Moon sized iron core of the Earth spinning to the northwest, to blow up in Earth's top below 85° latitude, while spinning away northwest from Antarctica up to Earth's flat top, when it's equator did not sideswipe the Earth at Yellowstone National Park, in 2012 missed it while going up and away, continuing to slip west, up beside Scandinavia. 2 Nostradamus predicted asteroids blew up over Russia and Florida, 2 months later. I will ascend before Earth's core blows out its steam out a crack in the Atlantic Ocean north end, where Earth's Inner Ocean steam pressure could come out of Earth's top, collapsing the Earth, both spinning in opposite directions, that will throw the Earth upside down top-heavy! But the pure in heart get out alive, vanish into the Earth's gravity current convergence sphere. Earth flips over and stops expanding collapses, 2020 Flood. That should cause a second Rapture, concluding Earth axis reversal, will be lucky for any of the left behind that vanish. To make it into Earth's gravity current convergence sphere, where gravity charge is backed up from flowing down gravity currents, to all of the ascend in God's weightlessness.


As for mass shooting in Norway if you kill Moslems you have to kill them all!

Where to achieve world peace I will depopulate it of the bad, and scrap prison,

the world has to take my position on crime and criminals to survive the future.


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