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Here is my foreign policy on terrorism  

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Not many of them alive in the USA could read any of this, that attracted mostly only foreign visitors to play the music, when the design of my pages and the music only mattered. These are the days for weapons ready to die fighting authority change. So most visits to this site come from other countries where Marx was the revolution going on. Now revolution ended in America when the music was cut off, and organized crime took over the media along with the government. Where it is better for the East to kill the West, if I don't get into power. In a time when Iran is going to tunnel nuclear attack Israel and start a world war from every city in Iran, with their tunnels full of Russian nuclear weapons. Unless I use a better technological strategy.


I know all about terrorism in America and what to do all about it. Where by "Default Vote" Majority I copyrighted to represent White America to overthrow Court suppressed racism. The Third Party by Default US Armed Forces a mutiny any way to blow up the political system and take Wall Street stock market, they created in 1792. Impound all its assets to US Treasury. Capture all the stockholders and politicians, the wealthy classes that can be taken alive, to put into concentration camps at the prisoners expense, to eliminate. Fed to predictors sharks and whatever else can eat them fill the prisons and jails with the political system. Nationally divide their property in tribunals on what to do with them, most of them work on farm or ranch or starve, to pay-off their national debt, or maybe blow up all of our creditors? Not racial division again, racial elimination. White "America" in a nuclear war shoot out, with all of the other races and differences, if the planet is not big enough for all of us. Something like the west was won. Climate change before Magnetic core blows its top, lava filling up volcanoes around the world, pressure build-up to its top as big as the Moon, from spinning faster and faster boiling Earth's molten lithosphere poll those who will survive no Sun. I will figure out from American people's opinions on what to do with the enemy and show the way back to other side. Taking countries to colonize, if there is no peaceful solution but to destroy them. Too long trying to share constitution with aliens, that failed to raise the quality of life for Americans. Now only divided, all of the American society at the expense of their freedoms and national security, having to resort to fascist thinking. So out of revolution circulate gold, the people profile aliens and criminals for search and destroy. If we don't know which ones to trust we kill them all, or they become refugees. My American citizen's militia, in a civil war shoot or hang politicians and business as usual, bomb security. Take all the banks and concentrate the authorities. Military arming citizens and taking out the system I will pay the national debt, while serving the citizens who cannot otherwise vote me into power by default. That takes US Armed Forces to mutiny for me to represent the Majority vote White America. In line of duty for their country and skin brotherhood, for spoils of victory I ration out to the American people, for deporting or otherwise destroying America's enemies. Alien players catch a plane out to somewhere else. Russia's capitalists work on a farm in Siberia, like Joseph Stalin would have them do, for most of them. Assets of public enemies secret societies rich and crime families, to have to bomb and shoot, and take DNA to find them confiscate all their domestic and offshore money and metals to mint or destroy. Red Moon October 2015 before anything until nuclear military suicide accident. Pacific Ocean already polluted in mercury and radiation from Japan on US coast beginning in 2014 killing-off sea food for 50, 000 years, a radiation hungry virus could eat-up in global warming. But without another election Mutiny, for my racist leadership!


Here First Amendment rights are only available to White citizen's reserved, US Constitution rights to only male vote I restore Old World and Eastern European and Asian discrimination tradition that first identified US citizenship in workers opinion matters taking jobs available,

so the land is the people's in the twenty-first century no amending male rights Constitution

Americans survive the arms race with the world building up for a world war, when survivors should at least be Russia Ukraine Germany Canada USA UK, in confederation. Japs settle in Jap land in Australia if they can't go back to Japan. US Military said 2020 from core samples the poles switch. Geological disaster happens, a polar reversal that started in 1964 Alaska 9.2 earthquake then 8.8 Indonesia until the Big One slips 9 years after Japan March 11, 2011 9.2.


I will have my country on better than fossil fuel, with all the bad karma since Adam and Eve "Sin" in Hell, Earth broken open so continents of it drifted apart in 5 expansions a 6th one happens to all governments after October 4th red full Moon, June Congress with knives a suicide mission to be American. Maybe we are lucky enough of us take out more of them than they can take out of us. While the people can kill them all at end of world, with it right side up.

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This is my Original Panic Button page, that turned out invisible until I got the code right.



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This is what I was getting for a Traffic Report, until the end of 2012. Practically no one interested in it in the USA. Someone still must offer that kind of tracking, to find out where my Internet traffic comes from. Maybe it does not matter if I ever get a response, good or bad, I am around for another election unless swept into power by enough suicide missions I delete political government for my democracy, or off a spot to arm revolution in 1760's!

Communism wanted socialism for dictatorship. Germany wanted socialism in a dictatorship like Communism, full of self-centered authoritarians. Fascist Germany under an ultra nationalism, with Mussolini gorging himself in Italy, without public restraints. Democracy likewise reserved to who and how the rich choose authoritarians. All of the dictatorships unpopular. So down went Fascism and Communism. Here my dictatorship people's choice socialism polls above my racism etcetera, choices.


Conflicts over the years of wars constantly ever since Adam and Eve to the New World all the trillions and trillions of tons of human pollution and now radioactivity in with all of the other deadly pollution's in Earth's oceans a good reason for me to do the impossible knowing Earth will wind up like left a tank hid in a forest now depleted to no oxygen to breathe. Earth down from a 110% dinosaurs oxygen breathed, down to everyone frozen when the sun goes out. 4 red full moons to end of the world suddenly. Pills to make 7 billion people 21 billion people to control, finds itself in famine and mass extinction weather, Universe expanding faster and faster, boiling Earth's core. End of the world to be so crazy as to have to vanish somewhere other people find other side. Earth round until Universe reaches end of Hollow vacuum of space to white light charge of gravity in circuit with other gravity. Currents expanding wider, increasing in numbers, squeezes white charge of gravity flowing tighter and faster. Until charge is cut off, when Universe expands to its spinning Positive gravity charge.


But Earth's bubble blows its top in 2020, that needs my dictatorship now, where likely only suicide can get me in power to take back America, and be a miracle in the past.

At all cost in my socialist rule I build cities underground in mountains after mutiny, suicide in the societies tunnel into bedrock all the people's communities on levels around components of manufacturing everything, manufactured and distributed to the people, needed to survive. Society with no racial differences my US Armed Forces supervise the land and recycle the destruction in my purge out other races and capitalism in America take the establishments land for all of its uses. Where to live and get to work each a fraternity for the types, re-hire the people to begin again as a nation. Gradually building housing and industry underground, using the fertile land for agriculture. Besides everything necessary luxuries for the people my National Company economy United States of America. Wages on a 1 to 10 wage scale in 2 year Volunteer Labor Commitments for every area of endeavor to fill labor requirements, in every area of society. Centralized government, opinion poll influence my every choice as America's Leader. Citizens contribute to my leadership bury politics as usual, feed it to wild hogs, nationalize getting rid of corruption to all kinds of predators, kill the guilty and gangs ethnic and religion aliens, taking their wealth over their dead bodies for all of their property. So in this kind of civil war Americans form labor communities go underground, to survive Earth's internal and external catastrophes, and this! The meek, waiting for the end of the world.

US Government was designed to make the rich richer, and the poor poorer, by corruption that never ends. P
resident Bush and all the others in stock fraud, his financial backer big donations from Enron Corporation insider, in Enron Corporation tip-off* while aiding and abetting Muslim terrorists to destroy the World Trade Center in New York City to justify a "war against terrorism", oppress Americans with high security, invade Afghanistan to benefit his industrialist friends in a increasingly expensive war, for his cut out of corporate profits. Where his father paved the way for a second war in Iraq, business in perpetual wars for the rich, Christian dogma rooted in a quest for wealth and power tricks of the trade, lies fool the people.


In my rule U.S. Military keeps getting whatever it wants for weapons systems, out of Military takeover for my new system. Pentagon backing Militia soldiers of the American people's racism! My copyright to "Power by Default" winning percentage of no-shows Vs. the elected, ever since 1996, elected to bomb or otherwise detain U.S. government and confiscate all of its assets. So Majority of White America decides their fate in Opinion Majorities, in my citizen's owned and managed National Company, lucky to survive a polar reversal U.S. Military predicted. Civilian Forces destroy or run out of America all of it's enemies, establishing my government for only those representative of White America. My leadership having to side with the majority, on how to kill the enemy. Might as well lynch those who let 9/11 disaster happen with hijacked planes. Intelligence sources knowing all along of Bush 1 family paving the way for it to happen. In my rule poll on crimes to do with immigration business and foreign policy.


The cover-ups are never ending, with gender at odds, until here American male majority rules. "Bush staff must submit all Enron material, White House lawyer (Alberto Gonzales) orders compliance", after White House held onto all of the *Enron material since late March, "no instance has been found that Enron officials asked anyone in the White House for help before Enron's bankruptcy filing Dec. 2", Gonzales said. He was absolutely certain that all of the incriminating evidence was deleted beforehand, White House submitted Enron material fully aware of the fact that Bush and his White House staff said "sell out" to Enron executives. Politics always involved in fraud, paid in favors and money, "The System" to bomb or execute.

By Default vote Americans have shown no confidence in politicians and the legal system, a women's crooked legal system subversive to male American rule. Woman in chains to bargain for, buy to marry, but can get a divorce/a job. While as The Third Party, after U.S. Armed Forces purge, I arm White America. Veterans so never die homeless un-cared-for after military duty survive inherit financial independence live old American values according to White American Majorities. Where Bill of Rights is only for White Americans! But good hospitality to anyone only visiting for tourist attractions and resorts or guided adventure, in a free country.


While taken on a tour in Russia on a train, when I stopped looking at the shear cliff of sediment layers beside a river that finally went by I realized I was on a train. My guide was a beautiful wife of a Russian I saw later with her husband, at the end of the tour, ending in a great underground hall for a lecture on a new weapon of mass destruction beside a big brick tunnel with a guard. After the lecture her young boy ran over to me setting at the left end of the bleachers, at the right end of them on the front row. He asked me if I had any American money. I pulled out of my left pocket a fat wallet. It had only Russian money in it. I wanted to give him an American piece of money. He said "They must have switched it." I was in peasants clothes but being treated like a celebrity. I felt at home there in Russia. Along the way at a stop we all walked by a bending candles sculpture atop of a sloping hill in a courtyard where must have been in a monastery. Passing some old round towered stone houses the train went through a drab square building town to where everyone got out and walked over to a beautiful cobblestone tiled entrance into a mountain. I woke up from the morning after I put back up on the Internet my "original" version of Panic Button, that was invisible on the Internet because of something wrong with the code. I replaced it with another version. Russia with Putin in power, a rich politician certainly a threat to its poor, in a Rich Vs. Poor world. But Russia did ban microwave ovens to protect the people from catching colin cancer from molecules getting bent out of shape, will leave most Russians out in a nuclear and polar reversal storm underground while enemies hiding here wait for two stars coming in to go by!

Here I have a alternative to living in a country screwed by lawyers, politicians and Unions. Where the best you can do is blow-up in a coffee shop full of lawyers, in protest! Anyone with a military clearance or backing could take-out US government from their positions, U. S. Armed Forces for White power. Maybe it has to be through suicide, to get my kind of leadership. Maybe there is a better chance to make a democracy in Russia, with my Power by Default. I don't have time to edit all of it in this century. With a new element and a biblical tool I will start a revolution in at least one time period, take a house from someone, in a Revolution. Russia fits in, where I could sell a book in 17th century, about capitalism and resentful conspiracies against the people. I felt like one of them in Russia, even at a tunnel off limits with a guard on the tracks. Still I would go down it's big brick corridor, if for nothing else than find the scene I found myself setting into place a model of an elaborate historical down-town Russian building out of their dusty past when I would have a world Confederation.

Looks like I am not getting anywhere in the US of A, as a racist and a isolationist, where I would have to be put into power, than to take it out anywhere myself, to build a empire now. But in the past through the other side to early America I will make Ak-74 better thing to do than have a fiscal cliff, and drop-in in 1760, to begin USA over again. After going back earlier to pick up huge Yreka gold nuggets, cross continent, if go from a gravity charge inversion deposit of it nearest to 17th century from where I ascend, so have to return back to where I left.

As in modern mathematics, that figures in approximations and probabilities, figuring to the end of the world a Flood carved canyons on the Earth and Mars. The last one star chart Short Count and Long Count to December 21 and 24 our decent into Milky Way Galaxy edge, when 2 asteroids blew-up in the sky in February 2013 Nostradamus 500 years ago said would hit Europe, 2 months late caused damage. In 1900 Earth's core spinning away from Earth's axis to Earth's top, in 2013 turning faster. In 2006 USGS removed maps of an approaching polar reversal expected in 2020, after nuclear war. So I have sometime in the spring to escape in a unknown element to avoid world war/to the other side with everything I need for the past rather than future. So out of the genii I play back the experience from camcorder, through laptop 3M mini projector fill theaters and manufacture my rifle. With alternatives to the future!

While more than twice as many visitors were expected in 2012 to Maya Mexico ruins over the number of visitors in 2011. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones to ascend, when in 2020 Earth blows it's top out its side, ending Arctic melting faster and faster than the models predict.

Try out http://themayantraveler.com/ for Mayan tours, Archaeology tours, Maya tours, Mayan ruins, by the U.S. Based World Leader in Mundo Maya Mexico and Central America Tours, since 1984, if you don't have a clue what to do than travel the world.

The world is not going to get any better, with all the refugees. It can only get worse to have a war over something. I was lucky to find the other side to ascend and return to America in the past, if it is connected to the future. Maybe even end corruption in overthrow of U.S. government for total genocide I destroy anti-American conspiracies at their roots, where society is melting down in corruption and women's rights, default on debt, my change of leadership only possible by Mutiny for government and presidents in a can, the powers that be.

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Like Axis Powers and Communist media control electing me will put racist U.S. America in control of everything, where if Genghis Kahn had a islamic problem he would just go in and kill everyone to live in a society where everyone is alike/in a common cause and having fun!

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If "the evil" captured from "The System" don't work on the Farm they don't eat, predators will find them out in the yard where they eat public enemies, if the people say it is okay. I will have to have a good against evil oppression, to take all of the authorities wealth, to pay their national debt with lawyers and their secret society wealth, in with Italian Mafia that took over US government and owns the bulk of national debt to collect, in my good against evil dictatorship, I kill the powers that be/put to work on the Farm or can them. Cull bad children from good.

2016 for my Power by Default U.S. Armed Forces need bombs to blow up U.S. government, even if they are stolen bombs, anyone to bomb Capitol Hill missiles or by jets the establishment and Congress this November election, for capitalists and their women and niggers and aliens voting all day against White people, where the majority has to take out all of the minorities!

Population bomb 1 billion to 8 billion people in my lifetime until nature flooding the world blows it away, similar to Mars in a war, a clue for me to ascend before I get my revenge, saw the bitch's head off who stole my prize winning photography.

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