Nostradamus' Planet X invisible, calculated to be huge snuck-up to Mercury.

Under construction a half millions years to be so huge, while Earth's iron core

up against Russia might rip out of the Earth in 2020 when the star Sirius rises in

orbit around the Sun close as Neptune. White dwarf star and blue planet behind it,

in front of it with a city at Mercury. For the Earth going to be destroyed a sixth time,

to be prepared under my power by default polling democracy, the people underground,

after mutiny and militia search and conquer America, builds ships. Gravity current shuttle

tech. Earth's core under Russia going to pop Earth at the Arctic and face a red dwarf star and

Wormwood disaster kept secret government closed society political conspiracy to have to kill it

soldier children enlist before world ending storm government overthrow so authority pays its Debt.

Kill/capture traitors of White America, my leadership for White America, in my armed forces mutiny.

Although the red dwarf star hits the Sun, Wormwood falls on the Earth, and Sirius asteroids hit the Earth.

Gliese B hiding a blue planet Gliese coming back up over Australia in 2016 looms larger returning Edenites

to their ship. Earth going to be turned upside down with the "Brightest-star" Sirius close as Neptune. Moons

up close 5 days to August 20, 2006 side by side. Sirius A setting in S.E. went behind the Sun October 23.

February 19, 2007, Sirius close enough it turned the Sun upside down "The Destroyer" of Egypt returning.

Here the outer planet of the Sun is making its annual return into the solar system, star Sirius. Visible

by April 2003. Besides a red dwarf star, coming up at the Sun causing red full moons. Coincidently

crossing paths. The Planet X Nostradamus calculated existed, an invisible planet, was not a planet.

I did not get word about it until 2013, when an amateur astronomer filmed a solar flare at Mercury,

which got ions all over the back side of a force-field, cloaking a huge space ship, blowing its cover.


Just remember signs in the sky visible from Earth something coming by will blow its top in Rapture!

Global warming caused by Earth's magnetic core up under Arctic, is from Earth's core turning faster.

Lava inside Earth shoved below its equator to 2016 cyclones. As Sirius "star" orbiting it approaches

in 2006. Dark star Sirius back again, orbiting around the Sun with a white dwarf, pushed backwards

Neptune and Mars out of their round orbits into one backwards loop. Away from star Sirius magnet,

with other planets not Jupiter or Mars with small moons plainly able to see by naked eye, were going

over southern hemisphere. Cause for my racist drastic American upheaval divide spoils and citizenize

our kind, immigration compatible with white citizens to employ eliminate racial tensions all shot away

so there can be civic duty again in society, working on the same team for all the dividends of progress.


I will call the blue planet behind Sirius "white dwarf" Wodan, that in 2005 was finally photographed

by an amateur astronomer the little blue "star", Sirius-A light off a blue planet in a 3.3 day orbit of a

White dwarf ran into Dark Matter, reappeared around Sirius on its other side in 1984. Facing Sirius!

In an orbit around the Sun over Australia. NASA photograph taken of the blue "star" behind its star,

forgotten since setting in northern hemisphere on October 23, 2006 to rise close as Neptune in 2020.


2 new Sirius orbs were up August 5, 2006, just over Hogback. I marveled at Sirius bright crescent top.

Moon over the East in deep darkness, the New Moon stood out blacker than night jet black and round.

Sirius dwarf to its lower left of the brightest star in the sky, Sirius A sat behind Hogback September 23

opposite of the New Moon to its left side. With two little new moons beside each other until August 20,

peak out over Hogback Sirius solar system visible with a white dwarf until sunrise September 23, 2006.


Sirius solar system nearest two new objects just over Hogback horizon, August 5 to 20, 2006. The

new moons sat behind Hogback Mountain. Standing out as small round new moons. Reflecting red

points of light fanned out to their upper right. A red spot of sunshine on their bottom lower left side

two objects plowed through Sun rays. But a red dwarf is speeding in 10 years 12 light years closer,

like a rock on a rubber band that is the "New Star". New planets in August 2006 so close naked eye

able to see them over Hogback the brightest star in northern hemisphere Sirius with solar system, its

objects visible at dawn approaching the Sun now rising to shoot by in 2020. A red dwarf hits the Sun

and stops the Sun's nuclear fission dark, expands to become red giant and therefore blood red Moon!


One round new object beside another, two new moons visible sat on August 20, 2006. After 15 days

while star Sirius system headed around the Sun, two little orbs much closer than the Moon were seen

without telescope at dawn beginning August 5, 2006 until August 20 up close the new orbs star points

flared up to their right obsessed with a red spot on their lower left, in the Sun light two red rusted orbs

just over Hogback Mountain, when I got up to look for anything else new going by with the star Sirius.


Planet X bottom left a bright blood-red crescent spot of Sun light melted off ice, on five times the size

of the Sun Sirius, in August 2006, that came in like a train headlight right behind sunrise, melted a spot

of methane ice off the red rusted surface of Sirius-A, facing the Sun, few inches of gas and atmosphere

frozen solid to Sirius-A surface Sunlight revealing under ice Sirius-A reflection light of the Sun off of it.

Surface of the magnetic core remains of red dwarf star called "The Destroyer", and Bible "Wormwood".

Arrived at dawn with Sirius-A Sirius-B, a new solar system in 2006, to upper right of the incoming

Sun Twin right in front of it all of its objects with a blood red spot on all of their bottom lefts facing

the Sun, the three new planets of Sirius-B in front of Sirius-A reflect Sun light off of lower left ends

in telescopes, coming in to go around the Sun with blue planet Wodan hidden behind a white dwarf.

Bright blue planet behind the white dwarf reflects blue on Sirius shines on magnetic core covered in

ice that melts a red spot off Planet 10 in sunlight larger since 2013, Sirius moons 3rd planet went by.


The orb with 10 moons visible over the east on morning of September 1, 2006, at 4:55am I notice

up at the top of its orbit on September 6 without telescope it looked like a Saturn up close. With a

thick ring tilted down left toward Sirius-A, 10 moon plane all red bottom moons at lower left end,

of new Saturn red-tinted on left end, from its 7 moon orb that sat there was it's three noon triangle!


At dawn on September 14 a distant fourth new planet appeared in Sirius solar system. After the 7 moon

planet sat new Saturn-like planet of Sirius with points of light flared up from sunlight on blood red spot,

Saturn bottomed left like on Sirius when the 4th new planet moons were visible including moon triangle

out from lower left, then out to its upper right end, further and further away from the new Saturn moons.


Bright Venus at sundown not big as Sirius coming in out of the southeast new planets and moons, every

bottom all blood-red on the lower left end closest to sunlight melting off the icy glazed surfaces down to

their rusted surfaces in 2006 Sirius-A looks like a fast train coming in head-on vibrating bright to sun-up.


Nostradamus after one of his visions called "The Destroyer" of Ancient Egypt "a bearded comet".

Which by telescope by mid-summer 2006 the bottom of Sirius-A looked pointed down, off its red

spot a red beard beam of light pointing off Sirius-A where sunlight melts off methane ice to 2020.


Here in two descriptions of The Destroyer over Egypt high winds blew down houses and temples.

Sirius caught in the Sun's gravity sink taking a 45° diagonal right around the Sun, but a red dwarf's

brown dwarf star is going to fall apart to be "Wormwood". After its red dwarf hits the sun in 2020,

with Sirius up close as Neptune. Red dwarf star and brown dwarf in Earth's face red dwarf hits sun.


Every dictator has had to destroy their opposition as soon as they get power/to "do something" to

save their country out of disastrous times, and I will be no different. Otherwise, I will just have

to take care of my own safety by vanishing in front of unsuspecting onlookers at a mystery.

So if any there see me vanish those few likewise vanish, with their supernatural powers.


After surviving the destruction of Egypt said a scholar "in accordance with human nature man will be

unprepared for the destruction of their world." 7 billion people destroyed by Sun going out. Cleansing

the Earth from it's polluting human infection and Debt Default July 1 start of Tribulation. I say mutiny,

destroy government authority aliens and rich, so I pick out advisors for my actions through citizen polls

decide what should be's in opinion majority run government and industry, citizens run their own country

go berserk in armed retaliation command takeover in suicide, for opinion majority hierarchy democracy,

all necessary measures vote decide citizen objectives with experts survive, in American nation creativity

Earth destruction in 2020. Prepare for the future, to prosper together without new Amendments, we must

colonize space, surviving in green jungles and similar gravity as Earth temperatures on Neptune, or Mars.


Children wish The Gospel of Thomas translation (ISBN 0-06-065581) is true! To ascend and survive

burst and collapse of the world in 2020. However it happens I will not waite but ascend with my pack.

The fortunate on Earth survive end of the world in 300mph winds in shelter, or part the seam immortals.

Otherwise its martial law economy after American mutiny in revolution military dictatorship democracy.


I will not read a hidden gospel 2nd Edition if the First Edition didn't have it. I am already enlightened.

Leave Church enlightened to their houses. Believing Wormwood Revelation happens after their dead.

I'll do citizen's dirty work cheap for their day in power, government building ships to breath elsewhere

for Americans, life as if on death row at end of the world until I change US history before beginning it

in the past. Pray Armed Forces takeover in Power by Default. If I should shoot asteroids at any enemy.


Sirius is Thor, the Sun's "Twin", its dwarf hides a blue star, visible coming around its lower left in 2003.

I saw it in the southwest, May 1st at 5:30 a.m., from Thor's lower left was the blue planet* to the right of

a white dwarf. Thor sat behind the Sun on October 23, but December 6 2002 first shows

the brightly lit blue planet of Gliese-B in front of a big dim Sirius. In a U-turn around the Sun since 2006,

missing 10th planet back to go by the Earth in 2020, for a blue planet ship at Mercury, ready for invasion.


Sirius will rise in the west, causing polar reversal, suddenly too close for anyone above ground to survive,

what only the authorities have knowledge of. To escape the flyby of The Destroyer until their food runs out.

Wormwood falling apart so some asteroids hit the Earth. Survivors' fate will be good at first, before collapse

8th day (August) of steam deflating magnetic core of the Earth Sirius goes back out to its distant turn around.


Sirius sat from northern hemisphere on 10/23/2006 behind the Sun, with a passing planet with a 3

moon triangle, to point out from my patio, go further and further out right of red Saturn-look alike,

moon plane go away from left to right of! Even neighbors I pointed orb triangle, use my telescope,

of new Saturn in Fall 2006 to upper right of and away Sirius solar system planets all sat in the west.

It's angle, the Sun's Twin crossing the horizon so easy for governments of the world to calculate the

day and the hour of The Destroyer. Here my Military leadership cure to US suicidal economic times

corruption, politics, secret society conspiracy. My military power the cure, with duty capture destroy

the system Masterful Meyer translation of The Gospel of Thomas save you soul@!

Here is a Gravitational Ground of current to charge deposit peace zone, like where predators only swim by,

in no evil zones at sea/there is a secret substance shape of Gravity law where to use a secret tool to Ascend!



The Third Party, Lee Harrison
P.O. Box 1273
Klamath Falls, Oregon

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*Second new planet with bright moons to its upper right, and one moon alternating with two.

I used small magnification to cut glare off big bright new planet in January biggest in the sky

with crescent Moon beside orderly set of three moon's planet with a distant triangle of moons.

The white planet with a brilliant tiny little sphere close beside it one night then close under the

new orb next, and next night to the left, right under the furthest of two moons alternating one!


Note: No three moons in this solar system form a perfect triangle formation for months. Venus

being moonless, not three or four moons! All on lookers saw new planets with moons, in 2006.

The new planet with three moons alternating 1 sat, a distance moon triangle went to new Saturn!

The brightest star Sirius. Feared enough US shot an asteroid on a Fourth of July, in fear. Thor so

close in 2020, but the red dwarf star hits the Sun. Sirius a ball through pins asteroids follow it in.


What goes around comes around, is back! Pieces of Wormwood hit Earth, the red dwarf hits Sun,

having to go to extremes in government as well as self preservation creative anything, faith a test.

The red dwarf here coming straight at the Earth and the Sun, must mean that it is big enough to hit

both! With Planet X, which is coming around the Sun in 14 years, since 2006, when the red dwarf

star arrive closest to the Earth coincidently at the same time will certainly turn Earth upside down.




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