Stars go Nova, but planets only turn upside down and collapse.

Description of a Black Hole with the words: Peering into Black Holes. Which Came First Stars, Galaxies or Black Holes?Circuit then Black Holes came first, when new Universe suddenly become Circuit Cord length of Gravity currents to Gravity Charge, that suddenly forced the Cord to expand out of Point Centre 100% mass, spewed 13%, Black Hole's galaxies under the back pressure, from suddenly twined together into a new circuit of gravity, until each time overloaded reaching Positive Gravity Charge sphere. That once started continues to flow faster and faster expanding Image of Universe, unchecked. As volume increases the Universe circuit expands on to Positive Gravity Charge, to overload so all of the Negative Charges are thrust back into Eternity Point Centre, suddenly, overloaded with Positive Gravity Charge. Bang, expanding Universe receiving Positive Gravity Charge, out of Eternity's sphere of Charge, spinning faster than light, every time right after Universe Circuit is either broken or overloaded with Charge. Mass of the Universe to it's Point Centre Bang! Circuit of the Universe pops-up expanding, faster and faster. Suddenly from each Black Hole the spheres spewed like firework's displays out of the ends of Black Holes, expanding Universe pops-up. Increasing in size faster and faster until World reaches end of the Hollow Space within Eternity's Positive Gravity Charge. Expanding Universe Circuit shorts-out overloaded with Positive Gravity Charge falls right back again to Eternity's Centre Point overlapping each other as above stored in layers like a onion in outer Negative Charge of Gravity World regularly pops-up out of Point Centre reciprocating system.

Here proof a "Moon size iron core of the Earth" went under North America to under Arctic Ocean hit its top and stretched a 9.2 Japan earthquake fault line and spun westward after hitting Arctic 3 more times in 2011 8.8 earthquakes, tsunami. Magnetism in South Atlantic Ocean floor went-out spread across South Pacific, source of Earth's magnetism iron sphere keeps going west on 85° further and further away from Earth's axis from beneath Antarctica all the way building up pressure, spinning its equator on 85° latitude, to blow-up at -0.001159 Latitude and -19.996639 Longitude to fig trees putting forth new leaves in 2020 facing star Sirius, when you can burn your Bibles if there is no "Rapture", to a new crop of saints if Earth's steam filled magnetic core blows-up its top stuck in Earth's Arctic fault Earth turns over expanding a sixth time is spread molten lava on ocean floors, with some iron-nickel about Earth's core, northwest of Norway. Inner Earth crust steaming up it's oceans inside. Earth's core and star cores sometime break out of them like Mercury did, that is now only magnetic core of a planet, made all the materials left of Mercury available to build a future. To be this big it has to have a moon inside, to live on gravity.

Dwarf stars are the parent, or the solar jet first squirt of their sun's. But NGC 2300, if it blows-up on 87% of Universe hidden under black gravity currents, Universe Gravity Circuit might break. Concussion will be felt on Earth in a gamma ray burst on its way. Justifies all ancient ways to break on through to the other side. I will make sure most people are never born, out of mass of "matter" piled-up like chocolate drops unseen on passages of positive charge of gravity pouring down on gravity currents, backup, can't get charge to the earth fast enough. Gathering together down gravity currents to Grounds pools all around them, like here. Terrestrial Earth falling to the east every 8.8 earthquake or bigger has slipped Earth crust east since 1964, 9.2 earthquake Alaska, on the wake pressure of core of Earth drifting west. 1986 expedition discovered Earth's magnetic core is going northwest, but the surface of the Earth is slipping towards Europe, news forgot. Earth started to turn upside down, but will fall down suddenly so Inner Earth stops turning, stuck blows-up in Earth's crust, turning a different direction all ocean tsunami. Core blowing-up in Arctic Earth wobbles off of its axis and falls to "a new heaven and a new earth" location, while fig tree put forth new leaves in Israel. Stone calendar vs core sample math, 8 years off from Sun u-turn at end of Milky Way Galaxy until 2020 polar reversal 2 stars crossing paths coincidence. But in Power by Default I cancel the inevitable national debt default order Armed Forces destroy or exile, do as I say, children of American's Militia, in Martial Law! To bomb shelter, the American people and Democracy, my leadership in Power by Default set on tons and tons of gold, over the bodies of the rich and crime track down, confiscating all of the wealth, or the lives of escaped enemy and traitor. American people U.S. citizens on all of our turf we prosper and survive!

Here all of the worlds created come with a wrecking ball inside them, filled with water, a small hollow humid center for steam to build up and expand in. Them and this planet magnetic core's crash into their earth's crust. Twenty super volcano's so far, Earth turning upside down. Where water came first in the creation of the earth spheres centrifugally hollowed a hollow for steam pressure to build up in released in 5 Earth polar reversals Universe expanding as metals came up for magnetic core. Lava concluded under layers of mineral deposits to fall furiously assembled Earth's terrestrial crust to today in layers known of today, churning lava underneath continents and tectonic plates. Earth's core spun away from Earth's axis hit by moon Sirius ran into blows its top beside Norway, out of Arctic fault line it made, Moon ran into Pacific Ocean.

Stars and some planets like Earth expand, in 5 Ages of life. Here a iron core drifting around inside encounters asteroids and there is a Flood if core hits terrestrial crust on planets spews seeds of life. From the fertile hollow Earth 5 different Ages came. Some planets may get too close to stars, that pass by them, many have pulled magnetic core out through terrestrial crust. If Earth squirting water under steam pressure inside, the steam pops many of their bubbles, or collapse if the water is blown out. Earth's core blowing-up a 6th time too many, heating up Earth to expand collapses magnet-core now thinner.

Earth's core hitting crust again sprouts fountains of the deep, like solar flares on stars, super volcano in the Arctic certainly going to ignite rapidly thawing methane gas out of Arctic and Antarctic in world earthquake, sets the world on fire. While Earth blows its top 2 stars crossing paths upsets our planets. Earth's core could pop out of Arctic Ocean volcano, or Earth's core to a bigger body with a bigger magnet Planet X, like turned the Sun upside down early on February 19, in 2007. Here on Earth see Sirius went behind the Sun like a comet coming around. Call it UB313 rises with Sun, all day goes across sky with the Sun. Blind sided the Sun hit by a red dwarf aimed at Earth. Northern hemisphere facing south witness star run into Sun? Only scientists know for sure if Sirius' white dwarf or red dwarf star's brown dwarf star is going to fall apart on Earth Wormwood. Sirius rise reversal happens, if a red dwarf hits Sun.

Fate demands answers must be found to questions of survival now, answered by my Military rule, here throughout my leadership, up until 2020. My confiscating government secrets and secret society secrets and monetary system I recycle them. Backed by U.S. Military I nationalize all means and resources, taking back American to old ways of work and play and community life, mow down lawyers and politician's and Supreme Court politics, from destroying life and liberty of American citizens. In an anarchy to order I go back in time through the other side, take America with Molotov cocktail assault rifle and pipe bomb. Now in 2019 calling for units of police and American citizens armed in units and divisions take all the knowledge hidden by government and industry, nationalizing anything Americans can use. Souls safe our skins, citizens bunker into Earth construction right away. Stars and galaxies all pop out of plumes points from the Circuit Cord center of tubular Universe, that pops-out in a Big Bang! "The Lord is moving through the world" flowing a hidden adhesive in a electrical magnetic Gravity Circuit Cord of TWO GODS, branching out along its sides to all of the galaxies. From a central black hole plumed 13% of all of the matter in the Universe. Original Creation Impulse Universe expands to charge, collapse creations to Point Centre burst Bang Universe pop-up repeating from a single point each pops-up World expanding, manifests all the laws of everything. So few get through the seam in the secret key, no one else knows about other than me and secret societies. Which all lay to rest, in their graveyards. With their Original Sin.

Elemental matter, the Positive Charge of Gravity. I will call it JesusChrist, Element 0 for the charts flowing down to earth on gravity currents to grounds to shape curve, Charge on current of Negative Gravity Charges gravity ground only way to God Negative up to Original Self Charge, if Immortality is what you want, up your own layer of negative gravity charge, layers stored in God- within the over all design of physical laws to each original charge of everything.

Something out of the ordinary, while I was only hiking up to a peak out in California desert. I left my double on a hill on the 7th of April 1988, returned a year later and found my right collar bone beside my right shoulder bone, a phantom mountain lion objected to me picking up. All in neon colors, for a frightening moment. I jumped back and waited for it to end, before picking up my bones. Forty some small deposits of sticky positive charge of gravity I needed to touch, until suddenly I have too much on me so I can't walk off of another gravity ground, when have to jump off it, I break on through to the other side. I only wanted to find out why in a book Don Juan or Don Generro told the author to step on those places, to accumulate power of some kind he did not say, I found out was to make a miracle happen, like happened to me. Like usually found on mining claims and mineral deposits, covered with them. The end of life on Earth I will suppose is 2020, to have to accomplish something, my whole soul for other side to break on though to, other side of the physical. Asteroids rip across Earth February 2013. My other bones must be scattered all around those hills from my hike, to take pictures of over 40 spots, until I found out I had accumulated an excessive amount of Positive Gravity Charge I broke on through to the other side. Someone else probably found some of my bones, staking out mining claim markers, on a placer gold claim, covered with these spots, my new element of matter for the charts. I will just leave another feast for the mountain lions there, while I get out of the world alive on the other side of the Colorado River from a tour to positive gravity charges. I only have the biggest charged areas to choose from, to get into the time machine. Others are found all around the world. Even found under ocean where prehistoric creatures on ancient Earth materialized on, or may have returned back to. Ascend before or during North Pole suddenly falls straight down in a 12.0 earthquake, while dollars still good. I only have until this Fall to take some cash with me for this next time I pack-out into the Genii.

Once you are in you are in God+. There I should be able find what station I want to get off at, leave memory identities in God+ in weightlessness. The future gone to hell in a huge population explosion out of control in a 21st century, to learn math of everything there to ask in Positive Gravity Charge, to save in me for a right time and place, to return in the past, to change the future. My plan to a $10,000,000 wealth limit system offer for revolution pure democracy, to illustrate good reasons for. Making sure that Earth never gets anywhere near a billion people again patriotism plot antibiotics reserve it to us.

The following is to inform everyone that scientists can recreate in an 0.0 followed by a lot of zero's of a second to a 7, what normally happens when a star of sufficient amount of mass to become a star pops out of God (+), see a "Plasma-Jet-Stream" being emitted out of it, in a laboratory creation. So science figured out our own solar system extent out to the Sun's Twin Sun Sirius, squirt of matter the string of solar orbs out from the Sun to the end of this solar system twin, star out of a plasma-jet-stream eruption, right after Sun popped out of Circuit of Gravity from Universal Black Hole, tentacle, star Sirius!

Every time a previous Universe gravity circuit breaks, every creation back to its own sphere in a sphere in the bosom of Negative Gravity Charge, back again to centre. Everything back to Circuit center, Eternity's hollow to points aligned together along the length of Eternity's gravity Circuit wound into a ball at the center of Eternity, small enough to fit on the palm of your hand. Moment of circuit, when critical mass is exceeded, the Circuit of Gravity pops out of Eternity centre, suddenly a parallel Universe, that unwinds itself to about 2.5 x 1.0 Universal Gravitational Field Universe image, pops-up an expanding storm!

Into a void, expanded Circuit of Gravity to 2.5 x 1.0 a electrical field suddenly burst out into strands of mass of the Black Hole, that popped galaxies out of Eternity's Circuit all along it. Visible Universe from Quetzalcoatl-like plumed serpent. The Sun in a orbit in the Milky Way Galaxy that squirted out a Twin, in the vacuum, so solar system popped up out of the Circuit of Eternity. Open to closed circuit, a point then back to Universe suddenly, untwining coughed up the Earth in the First planetary Grand Alignment. "Gamma-Ray-Bursts", in Creation, far and wide on the first day resulted in galaxies all along the Black Hole center, the universe containing 87% of the Universe's mass. Science has reaffirmed far less knowledge of Creation from splattering atoms and looking for matter reactions. Media a garden party gag can never conceive of "seeing" galaxies along the lines of a parallel universe, in a Gravitational Field Image, any such truth I found while holding a scroll in 1973 a quantum entanglement experience, view from outside of Universe witness Universe expanding! As scientists make temporary atoms with their "Omega" and "Z-pinch" kinds of machines, stars for "nanoseconds" of existence, caving in atoms for making pinhead size supernovas, try to figure out how the world was created, tests in the June 2001 issue of Discover magazine, it makes me glad that science cannot find what matter really is. By whatever names they call it clinging to atomic particles, holding them together into atoms! Earth expanded 5 times until science dies in the next Earth expansion, starves to death in space. As the American People's Third Party in elections, not complete unknown, to citizens as their leader Military Coup, U.S. Armed Forces if capable of putting me into power to represent American people's race views, ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT THINK THEIR VOTE will do them any good who don't vote. Only Revolution is the cure. Where if children of the people at arms do as I say, to do with power, if White's want to live longer than only to 2021. You can do it through Military Power, taking out the whole political system in America with my plan. Acting as America's new "Commander in Chief" divide spoils of victory in Martial Law, establishing White American citizenship in control of their own future. Back to established Original freedoms on American soil after Revolution.

Here the Majorities of opinion choose what kind of leadership and laws and work conditions Americans want in America. My dictatorship the people get the wages opportunity they deserve, work on their own levels in my economic industries, for a life together. Founded over the bodies of the rich, illegal and anti-Americans. Early America I'll strive for benefits of a housing compound on the back side of the Moon, nationalism to space sphere before 1900's. Long before the end of this Age of life on Earth before it's iron core blows-out steam pressure and Inner Earth Ocean again, build a city in the Moon and a city away from water ice on the Moon spiders. Magnetic bubble bursts out of Earth's top, 2020 super volcano certainly ignites methane gas fire hot as hell, pouring lava.

Here in 1975 Earth's core was broken free of last two "fountains of the deep":

Download a PDF file - North Magnetic Pole

Download a PDF file - South Magnetic Pole

Take a look at these above two "PDF" files. Keep in mind that scientists have by way of tracking 38 earthquakes' shockwave's from different locations all around the world have accomplished a accurate inner Earth scientific mapping project, conducted between 1967 and 1995, producing a "sonogram" image of the Magnetic Core of the Earth. The diameter of Earths' core, about 2,162 miles, the size of the Moon, not saying at the end of its course on an independently tilting axis away from Earth's axis, turning faster and faster than Earth, turning at 900 miles an hour, hit 85 degrees latitude going northwest until blowing-out its steam pressure next to northern Scandinavia. Core broken off of its last fountains of the deep in 1975, from Rome and Tripoli. So it began spinning in the opposite direction, shown here picking up speed, faster than Earth spins, slipped Japan's Pacific Ocean fault line an iron punch, churning Earth's magma, after coming up to Earth's top, going to pop. The two PDF file images here show the two terrestrial Earth surface ends of the world, located its North and South magnetic pole ends, not saying where they are. Spin-torque calculate from mass of Earth's core spinning, that rose up inside the Earth under 700 degrees Fahrenheit, water cooled "magnet" under 700 degrees, solid iron sphere churning lava, the magnetism gone away from southern hemisphere like a javelin, in 5 year measurements of iron core of the Earth swinging up northwest, faster and faster, like a bubble in hot water spinning against 85° latitude, with a Arctic Polar Vortex stretched over Canada, while slipping west magnetic north around Arctic Circle, to "end of the world", facing the star Sirius rising up, while spinning west in Earth's corner of flat top.

Thankfully a warning from drilling deeper and deeper into Earth's ocean floors for core samples located 5 different "world" ending directions the Earth's magnetic poles existed, in 5 polar reversals covering ocean floors with lava. So magnetic particles cooled to align to each of 5 different known North and South Poles. World ending in 2011 Japan a warning, 6th destruction of life on Earth in 2020. Earth's ocean floors covered with lava while expanding, "once in every 100,000 years or so. Steam pressure in the core of Earth up again for a 6th expansion, Day of Doom, when Earth's poles reverse. North Pole falls south. Coincidently a red dwarf star head-on at the Sun and Earth big enough to hit both, sometime in 2020. Earth collapses and lava cools, a short flood unto "a new heaven and a new earth", like shot out of a muzzle at Sun a nemesis hitting both Sun and Earth. While there is a Hyper Space, if ships can get in IT.

Scientists guessing with their charts and approximations the world there will be trouble, U.S. Military predicted in 2020 from evidence dug up out of ocean floors. Stone calendar in Mexico predicting Earth goes through Milky Way Galaxy edge, concludes 5 Ages of life on Earth, when the stars are in order destroys life on Earth eventually to galaxy gas. My PDF file evidences point to Earth's bubble up to pop! Science coincidentally only 9 years off from ancient Mayan astronomical and mathematical calculation Short Count Sun orbit, end of Galaxy to solar orbit u-turn, on December 24, 2011, concluded on August 10, 3113 B.C. Mexico, to a last star a countdown to December 21, 2012, to Milky Way Galaxy edge. Long Count conclusion of the Sun in its orbit turning around, back to center of Galaxy. But Short Count number of days and years to the end of the world 2011 pounded Japan Haiti Chile and New Zealand with tsunamis, concluding "the worlds' most accurate calendar", counted down days and years remaining to end of a 5th if not Final Age of human life on Earth. Already beginning to run into Galaxy asteroids, later to gas in its asteroid belt!

Mayan calendar carved tall or on round stone had laid out all of the number of days and years remaining, to the astrological end of the world. Periodically as U.S. government prepares to shut down for lack of funds, intentionally to fulfill scriptural prophecy on Tribulation. Maya added up 5124 years into their future, to their 2011, year of solar turn around, a warning to get out alive any way possible. While in the United States of America the Ship of State is lost and in the hands of anti-American peoples, talking trash and sold out to every kind of crime family's big business and lobby, in control of America, that might as well be blown-up under Trump government in my Martial Law purge, authority misusing public funds for inflation. While taking down all of the other parts of politics and corporate economy. Where I will get rid of all of the treaties against the people's wishes. Unemployed I get them to pick out weapons and get regimented. Gas out and gun down politics passing out tax money to its rich friends foreign aid and organized crime scams, Congress lobbying, capture or destroy the authorities, bomb them spending tax payer dollars conspiracies only interested in corruption for money, false equality integrating infiltrating White male run America, over the course of 3 hundred years of White House politics, working against White male American majority wishes. Subversion to America's National Security, always on a fast track to impoverishing American citizens, so millions of Americans lose their houses, with White America dependent on our enemies like China and investors, turn citizens to suicide missions against liberal left, political candidate syndicate money groups, electing any politician they choose. Martial Law shuts it down, by me or Trump.

Listen U.S. Military Armed Services. Whatever it takes hear my leadership, so solve our economy problems with money confiscated from all the gangs and corporations my Third Party Debt Default leadership Military solution takeover dictatorship according to the American citizen opinion majority in public polls. Thus the people end the electing anyone anymore into political positions, take the money and power of traitors and criminals, White America purge out enemies-against American citizen wishes. Dictatorship command U.S. Armed Forces at the end of the dollar hunt down and shoot gangs and criminals, taking all the resources for running my Third U.S. Government. Destroy or confiscate homeland turf, in my Martial Law Militia turning everything back to 1940's thinking, however bloody. Politics so corrupt only Military RULE can remedy it, with my representation of the Default Vote make a boom economy with Democracy in America! While rest of the world is out in the cold, starving.

Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor
Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006
The Earth's Wobble Has Paused.
What this portends, no one knows.

(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM For at least three and a half weeks there has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers via email directly after this Bulletin, found at:

This has to do with the axis the Earth's core spins on, the something made out of iron 27% the diameter of the Earth entirely up inside of Arctic Circle, going west of Siberia, angled west off of Earth's axis, its axis destined to blow-up out of a side of Earth's flat top, under 85 degrees latitude. 2006 a new planet in another solar system came close enough to see by naked eye 3 bright objects in a pyramid formation, at first a 4 moon planet of Sirius, then to one with 10 moons, in 2006, when 2 other moons peaked over Hogback up-close, visible for only 5 mornings. Sirius solar system magnet push or pull upon Earth's core stabilized Earth's revolving for 3.5 weeks of not wobbling. But stopped falling over 1.5° or more degrees to the east in 8.8 earthquakes, until axis of core of the Earth embeds in longitudinal side of the Earth, blowing-up northwest of Scandinavia. Earth's core people cut off fountains of the deep in 1975, spun northwest away from Earth's axis, should rock the world with earthquakes, coming out some distance, north of Atlantic Ocean, in a methane gas fire engulfing the world, to both ends of the world iron core the size of the Moon spinning furthest off center from Earth axis occasionally acts like a off-center load in a washing machine. Star Sirius magnetism could pull Earth's core out if its Arctic. Earth top heavy has to turn upside down, pushed or pulled by Planet-X, while it is coming back, up around the Sun, its twin. While Earth's 2 spheres turn 90° to each other its core blows its top. I only have to wait for the weather to get right, to get on to pearly heights, while time is on my side to Ascend! to my adventure.

Here everyone can see there is a Crack In The Universe, when in the World everything has self-destruction built into it. The Devil made with a new element pooled on certain ground a exit from all of that. Where I go higher, like others do that ascend, the future is die, I escape through to the other side again, planning to get U.S. Government right!


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