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The Mars Conspiracy

Bleed the Needy. Feed the Greedy. Neglect the Future. The rich, politicians giving We the People the "finger", taxation conspiracy to use the people's taxes to bailout political system in hands with business special favors and refunds, to everyone who supports the indignant political party system agenda of getting richer through passing laws that laid-off White labor to decrease opportunity and national security to American citizens, the industry and economic prosperity politicians work hard at leading White America to depression and their children to despair feed the beast to tribunal and process authority in concentration camps to decide their fate in revenge for Debt Default. Majority destroy minority! In suicide Military Mutiny stop it with White America military Power By Default if U.S. Military still visits this site to read me, revolt and muster up a Militia to evict the system or can it to grill the authorities in Polynesia take every shelter they built for war and polar reversal with tax dollars.

I will just blow-up government any way to do it, arm American citizens, coordinate and employ every tactic in my economy to beat time, for magnetic core in Earth's top getting hotter to blow-up at 85° latitude over Scandinavia in 2020: Planet X at Neptune distance flips Earth magnetic north to south blows steam out a new super volcano, earthquake. Some of the rich will have a job. Industrialize shelters and take space station. Earth collapse in 2020. Kill the arrogant elect taxing so they get their kind to a glacier on Mars, to survive with water the end of the world. I could make space shuttles and shuttle to other places the people can live on, as the solar system takes us through edge of Milky Way Galaxy, to the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. My leadership for the American soldier is take out the unpopular system, to capture for tribunal, and bomb or shoot authorities from top on down. To can them.

Briefing the recruits we profile and capture, deport or destroy aliens criminals and gangs. Saving three trillion dollars I destroy 37 million prisoners and take all of the public enemies assets in America. My reserving 10 million dollars in gold for most citizens, on a planet going to become a hot barren planet blown away by a star coming up, while another melts its ice approaching the Sun. The aristocrats keeping the people ignorant of anything about it blast us all with advertising and other things, to take all of our attention away from the truth, while using up all the public taxation politicians spend on government programs and technology needed for escaping to Mars those of their choice. But on Mars there was a war I have more about. Leaving the people to have to kill the aristocrats, to get to have a tax-free economy, trade their metals to work for wages according to the people's capabilities.

The only chance American People have of saving their skins is with me in command of U.S. Military rank and file, whose duty is to American citizens and not to the crooked political establishment endangering homeland with political scams against White America. We do or die to arm American people in a Militia. Kill or capture illegal's and alien kinds to get rid of hostilities. Can the Political System, with me as the American citizen's Leader by Default so citizens get the best job training. White America's future depends on U.S. Military. Tear gas out White House and Congress a Museum example of political fraud crime criminals and gangsters died the way Mussolini would do it, mixing as dust in concrete rule with only White Americans, in agreement with traditional nationalist White American ways. Where I have the people determine themselves the laws, and how government and industry should be run, to let Americans have every opportunity and fair share of my Revolution booty!


This planet Pluto about a light year from the Earth, not visible from the Earth, to measure light years to red hot iron core of a star following the Sun since Creation "about 18 light years away, on November 30, 1995", to 6.5 light years away, coming in like a rock on the end of a rubber band. But in 2005 the Sun's Twin eclipsed by a White dwarf, in 2006. A "Consortium of authority, key members in government and intelligence agencies and science communities and finance do their bidding, work for their goals" keep news about Sirius solar system to themselves, away from public knowledge. I with only a cheap telescope could see a moon to left of a spotless white planet bigger than any planet around here with 6 sometime 7 moons, closer and closer going to set at dawn in the west in 2006, where the Sirius planet's metallic tiny 7th moon came around close to the new planet under it next to under the second moon opposite the 1 on the plane of its 3 moons alternating. I remember it just under the new planet, before taking in 24 hours an abrupt left turn to close under the lower left of moon 2 of 2 opposite 1 moon every 24 hours switching places, a tiny metallic moon on morning of February 13 under its own power not by natural orbit.

Meanwhile five times the size of the Sun Sirius will be seen as close as Neptune, at end of its 14 year U-turn around the Sun, in 2020 polar reversal, with a white dwarf star, after Wormwood up falls apart in 2016 before a bright blue planet goes behind a full Moon in 2020, an invasion soon after words off a 11th planet of the Sun from the Sun's 10th planet White dwarf star, up close, one of two new planets seem to have in an organized battle group of orbs kept a secret, because "The bribe includes a promise of salvation, an escape to an underground bunker, or being taken off the planet by an Alien craft during the period of destruction. Where since the Consortium believes the bulk of humanity will be wiped out anyway they feel quite justified in wiping out large swaths of humanity in advance by war, making genetically targeted diseases. That way those who survive destruction will be from a genetically desired group. All the others are left out to die, or killed off beforehand."

Is not this the kind of subject that causes Revolutions. Conspiracies in books, for a suicide mission. No wonder why in Summer of 2005 three Pentagon Generals were court martial-ed for conspiring to overthrow US government patriots of the People, US Military war machine in a do or die mutiny which is the US Armed Forces Duty!

However a Consortium of authorities in America of other ethnic groups plot, use knowledge kept secret by their kind, with strict control over the media in a cover up wait for people from a star Sirius blue planet in the solar system to save politics out of world wide destruction, bright behind the new orb up at dusk in 2006 with 6 sometimes 7 round objects the new orb way too close to be a planet from here, way closer than Mercury, Edenites making the light reflecting on the star Sirius turn against the Consortium and destroy them. To plunder the Earth again, for anything Wodan's people might want, or Earth is destroyed first by Wormwood, Earth alone for a 1000 years of going through from top half to bottom half of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Sun's tenth planet coming back up out of the Oort cloud. Ice melted off it it sets over Australia in 2020. When the blue planet's ship could microwave and invade the Earth from its space station following Mercury, after Wormwood breaks up and falls on the Earth after four red full moons, then in 2020 a 6th polar reversal.

The above infra-red detection spectrum imaging picked up this red rusted Planet X, under inches of ice, that reflects off of it in actuality a gleaming brilliant blue light reflection off of the Sirius ice, from a planet going around behind its White dwarf it reflects off of, that was visible in 2002, hid behind it later in 2003, in front or behind Sirius. Otherwise Destroyer of Moses Egypt one surviving scholar of the pharaoh "a moon rises up and falls", but coming up close as Neptune in 2020 Planet X!

Solar system remains of the Sun to its Twin after Sun popped out of the Milky Way Galaxy "black hole" is back again going around the sun since 1983, shooting in visible until dawn, incoming brighter since 2003. Planet X in summer 2003 became the brightest star, with a bright planet closer to Earth than Mercury in 2006. Two Sirius planets close enough, it's moons could be seen without telescope or binoculars!

Must be a star magnet went by for the Sun's magnet to switch on February 19, 2007, while the White dwarf at Sirius's lower left swings a blue planet around behind it up in a 3.3 day orbit behind it, so the blue planet with two magnetic fields is connected effectively lighting up Sirius a bright blue, the reflection off of Sirius ice, the blue planet's light source. Where the blue planet Wodan light is always facing star Sirius.

Sirius-A a bright red under blue light melting off ice in Sun since 2006, its Sirius B keeps eclipsing blue Wodan the White dwarf star likely the one with 7 moons. Only those watching for the Red Dwarf Star will get to see it glance off the Sun in its way, that goes nova, turning the Moon a blood red, when the solar fission stops. Sirius speeding in around the Sun to 2020, drawing in comets and asteroids in its wake, in front and behind Sirius, a solar system with two planets that went through this solar system in 2006. Coming back by the Sun shown here. Sirius sat diagonally behind the Sun in 2006, rising in a wave of asteroids in 2020. I bunker in American Citizens.

In 2020 Sirius goes away again, into its long orbit out into deep space for a hundred thousands of years out then back again pass when the outside of Kuiper Belt Planet X returns a blue planet, to between Jupiter and Mars. People were watching at night were seeing in 2006 one of Sirius two planets has 3 moons on a plane close in to it 2 alternating 1, and a 3 moon pyramid formation out to the right of it, people like colonized Easter Island? In a ship following Mercury, like a vulture circling a feast?

The majority of every people left to their religion to save them! Asteroids blowing up then Super Volcano panic. The few chosen ones are caught up in positive gravity charge, at places a stick of wood can be stood up on level ground and let go stands on its own in a new element. To bunkers or the others die in dangerous outer-space.

If I do not get to destroy the traitor authorities ruling over national America the US Armed Forces are better off seizing government, for my dictatorship or their own. My plan to destroy America's oppressors at home as well as away, when I have to settle for getting myself out of the world alive this June, leaving the others to be burned by a Superior Race to plunder Earth from a passing planet, to glide around translated to ask to return with my backpack on out of sight in the circuit of gravity to Earth a paradise again, or back into the past to get an American Revolution right!


The "New Star" got on the map above at the end of finishing a distance from November 30, 1995, to May 2005, after "about 18 light years away from Earth" to only "6.5 light years away", in 10 years! And Planet X White dwarf going back to between Jupiter and Mars in 2020, since out in the clear from Oort cloud to the planets of the Sun "Sirius A", that in 2013 began returning deep from southern hemisphere to over the Earth up-close as Neptune. But the "New Star" with a "brown dwarf" it will shake-off. And bright blue planet Wodan for space telescopes, where science has pictures of it up-close figure out its cloud composition in a secrecy.

May 1, 2003, the companion of Planet X Wodan orbiting behind it's White dwarf, hiding the light of Thor's solar system preceded by 2 planets, the White dwarf up close with 7 moons in northern hemisphere, until Fall 2006. Wodan hidden behind a Q-ball reflecting light on Sirius went behind full Moon in 2006. But the "New Star" approaching the Sun will bring in Oort cloud and Kuiper Belt asteroids hits the Sun.

Sirius close as Neptune will turn Earth upside down, new planets passing in 2006, the rich planning everything at everyone else's expense. Europe missed by two asteroids blew-up in 2013 February, Sirius half way around. "New Star" shooting in. Iron ball as big as the Moon up in Earth's top to erupt a new Super Volcano. America needs strong underground shelters to take right now, repossessing America above ground for 300 mile per hour winds, from the storm of Earth falling over in a polar reversal, that destroys everyone above ground. Expect an asteroid storm in the winter of 2019-2020, since Earth began going from top to bottom side of Milky Way Galaxy. The "New Star" shooting straight in a bright red in sun light, 4 red moons until a moon rises and falls to pieces Wormwood after I will rid us of public enemies.

An artist's representation of the Milky Way Galaxy. Charting the course of what scientists
believe was the looping path of a black hole and "it's companion". Over the last 7 billion
years or so. While the purplish flash represents the current position of the black hole to a
yellowish spot marking location of our own Sun in relationship to it. Way
back in 1999.

Above is a 2003 artist illustration of where Planet X is, now in the solar system. The small White dwarf orbiting Sirius should be showing a bright blue planet orbiting it in a 3.3 days halo orbit, always facing Sirius, visible from right or left end of Thor's White dwarf orbit around Planet X, where comets and asteroids like by bowling ball come into inner solar system get closest to the Earth while Sirius is leaving the solar system. Here 1 of 2 disasters coming in to the Sun. One to as close as Neptune here, 2020, when magnetic core of a star too close with its magnetism strong as the Sun it will be bigger than the Sun over northern hemisphere, that turns upside down, same magnetic pole ends cross. Sirius coming out of solar system to a distant turnaround from below the Sun a star stalking Earth all the way around it Sun hit by red dwarf.

The black line drawn around the Sun here is the orbit of Neptune. Planet X and 2 other new objects anyone looking at the sky could see standing up together shown. The Moons always going by them 2 upright standing stars, in the sky after dark, in the middle of coinciding object anyone with any size of telescope could see 2 planets at dusk the 2005 FY9 a little to the right of 2003 EL61, all of 2006. Overcast a night "2005 FY9" quit having moons to its upper right side, a pyramid of three moons. Beside "2003 EL61" seemingly patrolling forward and backward to and fro from upper right side of the white new planet. In background light with 6 moons a pyramid of moons up-close, first night I looked. I dialed in to focus on the new planet, past a pyramid of moons to its lower left side that were next night behind it! FY9 always above EL61 tilting more or less to the right of EL61. A distant 2 moons of the new Jupiter planet were in a clockwise orbit, around its moon plane, orbiting around it like a seat on a ferris wheel. 2005 FY9 and 2003 EL61 so huge, if objects to see them outside of the solar system, a "2003 EL61" and "FY9" Sirius close as Neptune in 2020, 2013 UB313 magnetism cause polar reversal two magnets in a day.

Here in 2006 the brightest star looming bigger sat on sunrise at dawn here, five times bigger than the Sun. Sirius anciently The Destroyer its dwarf ran all the Jews out of Egypt with Moses, is back for a day when the Twin Sun rises up close in bright daylight, to the end of economics. Asteroids blowing up only the beginning. Where only a few notice signs of end times, and the "few" vanish with them. Steam bursts water in fountains with Earth's core expanding Earth's magnet, that blows it's top Earth's "bubble". In the lava, with it's iron core. Spinning upon 85° latitude.


Here is Planet X in 2005, under bright blue Wodan light. The seeming to be ripples out around Sirius reveals only some of its huge size, under the blue light behind a White dwarf star in front of the brightest star. Sky clearing off in Oregon in 2005 only three days. January 24 to 26, 2006. A little crescent moon to its lower left of Planet X, visible in January, until by June 2006 the White dwarf was half way eclipsing Planet X, new solar system with a new Jupiter. Sirius going behind Sun sat closest behind Sun on February 19, 2007, turning the Sun upside down like it will Earth when it rises into northern hemisphere in 2020 bigger magnet turns the Earth upside down, after the browndwarf star Wormwood rises up thawed out, falls apart.

A crescent Moon beside Planet X to it's lower left. With the 11th planet, Wodan orbiting a White dwarf on January 24, 2006, Thor and a planet of its dwarf's solar system pure white sat just left of where the Sun would rise. I got my telescope. The close new planet with 3 moons alternating 45 degrees 1 up right and 2 down left had a 3 equal sided triangle formation of bright moons, I first noticed way up close. But next morning the triangle formation of 3 other moons were way back in the distant upper right side, of the new orb. A later night the triangle's nearest moon was under the new orb opposite 2 moons, forming a upside down triangle, once. The bright sphere of white without rings or blemish planet, or 10 moons around a close new Jupiter. The white orb's tiny metallic object had taken a sharp left turn from under it, away to the lowest one of two moons, alternating 1 and 2 moons. The scholars finding no life out there. While three farthest away bright little orbs in a equal sided triangle a battle formation, patrols front to back of the new orb, ready to battle asteroids and comets, and burn the Earth in 2020. Wodan to go behind another Full Moon, in 2020. Object that propelled away from the nearest new planet has an old military base compound where 1970's APOLLO mission orbiting around the Moon located a military style compound of buildings on the back side of the Moon. That could by now be reactivated as a military base from the blue planet, or its space station. "New Star" of the 2005 map hints at a coincidental appearance of a brown dwarf star and a White dwarf star with Wodan with a clear shot at the Earth from Mercury. The Earth burned with fire in 2020. I could raise hell a while as a dictator, secure White America safely destroy the bad and Consortium and ascend all of that!

Just take captives. Take everyone out of authority in my military takeover of all the establishments and capture or blow up business, taking the establishments property and assets. If the people have those kind of sentiments about lawyers and other corruption conspiracies for money I could execute the whole system for democracy!

I guess I would be starting a new religion by demonstrating breaking through to the other side for a threat to all of the religions and this Age, a end of the world where you should try anything that has worked four times already. I will take these ideologies and data to the other side, to find any other possibilities there, so if I wind up running Martial Law, right away, I still have a place to break on through to other side with a bag, other people see such a thing happen might also perform miracles. Shopping Mall


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