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South Magnetic Pole Movement map with link to North Magnetic Pole Movement map: Core hit 85

latitude from Earth's core spun off counterclockwise once broken off of Noah's "fountains" in 1975.


if you can read me. October 1 cash use ban maybe go on a murder rampage, kill those you should,

panic. Billionaires and criminals in cash and power only corruption makes the rules. Take them out!

This is the only planet in the galaxy where there is human life. If human life lives anywhere else in the Milky Way Galaxy it came from the Earth, where it began over 2.5 billion years ago for bones, around the bottom of ocean levels up, when Grand Canyons were created. Human bones back to the "missing human link" around the shores of the lowest ocean level after 5 polar reversals. Out of the Garden of Eden bones from the first polar reversal before the last Flood, a eastern city on the bottom of the Mediterranean Basin, where Noah built his Ark. Then the Flood began. It raised him up to float by Tripoli and Rome, on the winds from the west that took him by 2 "fountains of the deep". After floating away from drowned disbelievers to over a ridge before he ran aground, on an eastern mountain. Steam explodes from the Earth's core in each polar reversal. Caused by a bigger magnet coming by again close. Earth's core axis off center from Earth's axis, magnetic poles spun off up to the northwest in 1975, until it crashed into Earth's top. Steam filled, Earth's core ran into Siberia squirted out Noah's Flood "fountains of the deep", washed out a ridge he went through, East end, in Mediterranean Flood.

Periodically Earth "destroyed", in polar magnetic reversals. Where the world expands each time, over Ocean filled iron core pressure. Five times Earth's core ran into it's top covered ocean floors in lava. The next reversal bursts Earth's bubble that collapses, from the steam built up inside it more and more blowing out in Spring 2020 certain fiscal cliff U.S. government in 2018. I am American people's leader now. Rockets and then road blocks take out FEMA agency for all its U.S. deep underground cities and bunkers, destroy the political system its debt and lawyers kill, export where to be grilled.

An estimated 22 miles thick earth crust, at a 8.8 earthquake crack next to Chile, example of lava pressure filling up all of the Earth's southern hemisphere, with weight of molten lava below its solid core spinning above all of the lava inside up to a Moon size "solid", magnetic core filled with water keeping it cool enough to be the Earth's magnet at the end of pushing north under the Arctic sucked up bottom of the Earth under Chile and New Zealand slipped southern hemisphere fault erupt Chile volcano Ocean heating big typhoons.

Earth's iron core now under Arctic Ocean floor boiling away methane gas frozen there indication hot iron reached it hit Earth's top a bubble going to blow-up. Everyone can figure out what is up, what media keeps a secret, that the advertising covers-up, found here. Know the day and hour, approximate to when "the Big One" happens from 2011 U.S. Military said happens in 2020, organized crime runs U.S. media, controls truth. Military power is my cure!

Just get all of the oxygen everyone can stock-up bottled, stored before core of the Earth blows up out of Arctic Ocean fault line big as the Moon 2,162 miles in diameter Earth hits asteroid off Planet X 2020 Wormwood break-up.

I am not going to waite around for November elections, but will take 21st century math and science and documentaries with me when I vanish in public. Not likely to get to ascend from where I became Quetzalcoatl on April 7, 1988, ascended. Returned from dumb one dimensional people unable to cross dimensions. Probably better off safely hiding in gridlock in original sin.

No one else has admitted ascending, to return in 1988. Like Jesus' disciple Peter with a boat, to Mexico, who said he was going to return as Quetzalcoatl, in the last 52 year Mayan century, when I ascended and returned at end of the final 52 year century in Mexico. Peter sailed away to evangelize West Indies but became Quetzalcoatl, escaped fall of Toltec civilization in a boat ascended. Though my ascension was a accident I only have to do it again, and not to jump down out of it before I learn a lot more in it, if physics continues there to every time, to right time and place to return in the past ask to drop into 1760, pick up a 17 lb. gold nugget show mp4's make M-16's and AK-47's and 74's!

The only thing found of all the past ages of life on Earth, in 2.5 billions years of life on Earth, is their bones, and footprints. While for all the ages worshiping either one or both, of the GODS, is blasphemy! Dooming the Earth to polar reversal. Thousands of people happen to be caught up in a annual "Rapture". Out of 5 ages of the Earth core blowing-up in its top expands the Earth again. Original sin steam build up inside Earth's core each time over shallower ocean kills billions of people in 5 Earth expansions 2020 killing another 8 billion people!

The first human race on Earth escaped magnetic polar reversal, to make a ship as big as a planet. Their Garden of Eden was located up a valley from the land of Nod, at the Indian Ocean, over 7 million years ago. Subsequent races of man emerged out of each polar reversal expansion. Flood sowing DNA seeds of life. Memory Identity usually manifests in pairs from gravity ground spots during each Polar reversal proper for them to emerge to maturity.

Woman's "Original sin" leads to another Super Volcano Earth expansion that began breaking the Earth land masses into "continents" and islands. With the missing link of man already back, to mine the Earth in pieces? Positive gravity charge to hyper space within its wall's gravity grounds life. UFO's keep coming out to be seen in brief encounters. Throughout history.

Some say there are 20 super volcano's around the world, with few to ascend spotless of original sin each of the last 5 when Earth expanded for the once saved always saved "few". If ships to Positive Gravity Charge could be ready long before a 21st Super Volcano 6th time Earth expands Earth's core blowing its top could pop it out like Mercury, only a planet core.

Through one scenario or another the original people on Earth built a military style compound on the back side of the Moon, that one Apollo Mission orbit around behind the Moon took a picture of from the lunar-lander Command Module and reported it to newspapers. I was surprised to see the same article again on that Apollo flight years later from a 1997 newspaper.

Carved in stone on Easter Island the missing human race lives on a radiant blue planet in a 3.3 Earth day orbit behind a white hot dwarf star below the solar system for now. Star "Sirius" sat October 23, 2006, began a U-turn around the Sun beginning on February 19, 2007, flipped Sun magnetic poles upside down a year early, that a satellite orbiting it discovered.

While the media keeps secret Planet X, getting closer to the Sun to close as Neptune to Earth, hundred forty-four thousand people to vanish, in "Rapture" through sword of the lord a "few" vanish on the sensitive positive gravity charge deposits. "THE TRUTH" lucky to be on, for the end of the world that turns upside down in the height of storms. The Earth up for grabs, to a

passing human civilization certain to take over to colonize and mine, what is left of the Earth, after Planet X goes by, causing Polar Reversal.

Here the star Sirius in the background, blue from its white dwarf star blue planet reflection. Which white dwarf star will be close enough for any forces it has, holding its blue planet close to it to rip the Earth apart, while going through the solar system through the Milky Way Galaxy edge. Say there is better outcome for survivors as a nation here, in my martial law military dictatorship, a citizen's opinion democracy to help me represent the people, and do what is right in weapons advancement, prevent aliens from invading by immigrating illegally into the USA we destroy instantly all alien group threats.

I voted in May of 2008 for only local and State officials, and did not vote for any candidate for president, after I copyrighted in 1997 Power Default. Default votes and Debt Default are My votes, Congress Internet law set back to 1996, my copyright of Power by Default a dictatorship.

U.S. Military needing my leadership in a state of martial law, in my last say dictatorship to make White America safe, with a National Militia in a labor partnership, following military upheaval, Majority Rule, in "Power by Default" where public opinion majorities decide how far I go with my plans, such as bomb and shoot the rich and can the bad and illegal aliens enemies of the people in salsa and export the legal system conspiracies immigrate only White Citizen kinds.

The nations all to be wiped off of the face of the Earth, leaving the people to have to try their own ways for saving themselves. Desperate times, until bankruptcy and laid off, foreclosure, on July 1, 2018. US Dollar over cliff, to bottom, inflation in a economic depression while starting to cross a asteroid field from top to bottom of Milky Way Galaxy, December 21, 2012. Now blowing over East and West, Default always electing me to Martial Law to get rid of the present political system and take all its wealth and power, to pay National Debt to establish my real democracy, for safety and prosperity of White America, that might have to be a suicide mission to get it done against the powers that be. In White America's future we recycle U.S. government, take the bomb shelters to help Americans survive "polar-reversal", and save Japan face by pouring in 'Radiation-eating' fungi stamp out radiation pollution. Pour in Malanized Cryptococcus, a fungi possessing a previously undiscovered talent with profound implication, ability to use radioactivity as energy for making food, to spur their growth, to stamp out radiation with food for thought and space travel.

All this, however ominous, leaves the people oppressed by authority, the people have kill them all die for their country freedoms they had! Here White armed forces the third party promotes rightist revolution.


Here is the description of "BUDDHA" with all the mysteries of Universe and space, all black packed with gravity currents, raining down gravity charge out of Two Gods above Buddha, a Gravity Circuit. Theology for three types of religion destroy all the others cooperation is impossible between one religion and the others. Where good eliminates evil, can America's enemies, call it gay lesbian politician leftist or crime activator?

War between good and evil a scripture, I will keep evil stamped out.

They would have to translate this I would buy, to see more than only what Buddha looks like. When I was given one of these to meditate the formula matching physical universe, good for exploring Universe! Where religion is good for only what you can get out of them but not to be obsessed with them, in the world struggle, even after I saw God. While Hindu end of the world is in 4 billion years, orbit of the Sun. So here we are again, at the end of the Sun's orbit. With a red dwarf star catching up to the Sun, turning around in the Milky Way Galaxy, to hit the Sun head-on. While the Jesus Christ became God the Positive Charge of Gravity, using too much of it, Negative Charge of Gravity currents made the image of the Universe suddenly with a bang, you can see popped-up from nothing, all the orbs and squirts thereof, that the authorities keep to themselves show only fragments of the truth for power over the people that must kill them all and the political system. Raise up children to take all the socioeconomic areas with morals for the people. Export the political system all of its authorities to grill them all somewhere else!


Here is our yellow Sun at the end of a 4 billion year orbit in the Milky Way Galaxy: Black Hole plumb our Galaxy came out of loose. Overhead.


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