THE WORLD POPPED UP SUDDENLY, in 6 days of creation, 4.5 billion years ago, aged. Jews popped up last, in a place flooded now: Kuwait to Iran.

I will not ask anyone for anything beyond here, everyone is on your own, you should have seen the light to save you when you were young, facing the future.

Bud-ha sitting on a plane, Universe expanding until it runs into it's substance, of positive charge of gravity, in a circuit, in a hierarchy of negative charge spheres.


Star matter prepared to blow-up each other, that people refine to kill all others, where people pack bombs to kill anyone anywhere, blow-up other spheres.

This is the last 9 years to panic, after the world is consumed in a methane gas fire, from this thing going around the Sun. But you could find the way to escape

it all on this web site while it rises up on this side of the Sun, going to rake havoc all through this solar system again swinging a White dwarf star, The Destroyer.


U.S. Military found evidence of 5 polar reversals, while drilling for core samples proof

of the happening of another polar reversal, 6th polar reversal approach, scholars leftists

all deny the Sun has a binary planet that-anyone can see here. Rapidly going around the

Sun like all of the other planets in the solar system a Planet. Whatever you might call it,

evidently with math and camera scientific community knows the day and the hour of the

Destroyer of ancient Egypt, that left middle eastern civilization in ruins it comes around.

But it will not be reported. Unless I take communications in Power by Default, so Militia

far to the Right takes over the jobs, deporting resistance or they escape refugees but alive.


Right here, after October 23, 2006, like a slingshot a big Planet in a

14 year orbit around the southern hemisphere. It is ready to come up

faster than it went down to this side of the Sun the closest it gets like

a speedboat going by with earth forces 3 to 12 times Jupiter passing,

while everyone in the know of the leftists all keep it a secret, deny it,

vote to elect their favorite enemy of White Power in America. Trump

U.S. Military take heed. Racist White American Armed Forces react!

In revolutionary change of Command for my dictatorship, thus world

powers we join together against China, that invented immunization in

ancient times China has had biological warfare objectives verses their

neighbors in a quest for world power. About when they made a Great

Wall against the world. But I say USA Russia and European countries

obliterate China, in war on all fronts to kill all the viruses China, back

to well under a billion people on Earth. Divide up China like Colonial

times. Russia takes Manchuria for their share. Blot out China, that has

antidotes likely for all their disease they spread to the rest of the world

we just kill them all, to their biological threats to the rest of the world.


No time left for rule the world plans, after the monster Bill Clinton and

his Democrats created in China are destroyed. We have the Sun's Twin

coming by for a world disaster. Then 8 years until a red dwarf star runs

into the Sun, so swelled up it could pop when it runs into the Sun to US

the world powers left standing turn their navies and armaments into star

ships to save themselves, since they don't want to or they cannot ascend




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