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"I Wanna Riot"
With two political parties in the USA and a much larger Third Party of Americans who do not vote, that cannot get their racism represented. Rightists I arm in a Martial Law justifing this anarchy, killing leftists in the system against racism. My Power by Default dictatorship taking leftist's wealth and rights, tribunal rule take the establishment for all its worth, pay-off their national debt, with me in power by default, democracy finally established, for the Majority of White Americans U.S. Military save our skins, so I take "Bill of Rights" to mean that only White Americans are USA, Citizens!

Then arming the Right take out the alien's their graffiti and their gangs with our power, delete the government immigration policies and restore American rights taken way because of and all the cameras. Killing and feeding the meat of politicians to predators, along with illegal alien votes and financial support electing enemies against American people, to get rich and richer with their faulse equality, lawyers, laws, making Americans homeless and poorer. Still now under Italian Mafia government, with whores and prostitutes and niggers running everything, going on. The people have to take that kind of government out of power, a blood bath or they get out, made of corruption and graft legislation, for foreign interest groups, until over their "fiscal cliff" printing trillions of dollars in foreign aid, subtract from National Debt! Military can blow-up the whole "melting pot" idea, "special interest groups" organized crime liberalism lobbies electing alien nationalities not interested in White American opinions a year after Janet Reno Waco, Texas incident, women in power anywhere. Default! And White American armed forces "file" turn against the system follow the leader kill the Left Business new world order, woman's rights and aliens rights Congress Bill 2847, 2018 dollar collapse buy gold and silver legislators plan, inflation scams.

Here I am Power by Default, to represent Americans who don't vote, I copyrighted for 1996, voted me president for my racist U.S. Armed Forces Leadership, to draft 50 Militia pass out guns and bombs for back-up in a ethnic cleansing, taking out the whole political system by force. Concentration camp authority for tribunal, nationalize business all of its wealth, for my Third American Government and our "Bill of Rights" I restore the economy if not to my element vanish soon as I can, or Power by Default U.S. Military purge yourself of the enemy/minorities, a coordinated ethnic cleansing effort citizen's Militia social upheaval revolution. Treading anywhere against the Left, blades swinging bullets flying home made bombs from commonly available substances like use to be available at, U.S. Arsenal is available against the enemies determined to destroy America. Kill them any way possible regardless if only a suicide mission massacre die a martyr saving your soul in the end. Kill lawyers politicians, leftist authority!

Leadership in the U.S. Senate, Senator Trent Lott, is saying here "The System" is rigged and crooked/politicians are not going to change things the way the people want it without Revolution.

Since governments are crooked anywhere you go, doing whatever they and their business friends say for money. Closed societies of traitors here with their legal system, latino's and women in power, always in the way of Americans having a White racist leader like themselves. By military power Americans can only make the rules with their views in my government. Here I am The Third Party by Default Votes, to rid America of all of its ant-Americans and confiscate the lawyers and liberals wealth and power that blocks the freedoms of White Americans, so that any act of violence against political authority is the American people's duty. Any casualties sustained by the government and their women, in their actions against the people and national security, that die or are injured is justified, and could become pet food out of a meat processor with a Tribunal poll. Soldiers worthy of honors fair share of the "spoils of victory", for American citizens against all of the other races in America, political parties and unions. So any American war crimes committed are accountable to the prior government, but not to any of the Americans acting against the prior government, on behalf of White American citizens, as the result of politics in America. Without waiting for U.S. Dollar to collapse, blasted by commercials, with the media leaving the people in the dark about the truth in fact, and the future of their world, otherwise.

I am saying U.S. democracy is a fake, and don't support it with your votes in any election! This copyright is a Referendum to overthrow the system a citizen's survival chance with my plan.

From now on, if you don't vote your votes are Third Party votes, my votes, for my Martial Law to consult opinion polls, to make White America rich purging out aliens, traitors and the bad, so I coin all of the enemies money metals. College and democracy American, underground in cities with necessary industries farming and ranching.

Race is the dominant issue in America, for my racial purge with U.S. Military hardware. So my martial law with Militia I roll back the prices of everything. Reducing the demand, to where a dollar is worth a dollar again, for citizens. Where American Forces, in a deportation and nationalization, confiscate wealth in a civil strife, I decide the issue of race in my Opinion Polls, on what is nigger and what is not. By Default vote and the National Debt Default vote take out Congress, investing Debt payments so they can get richer, to the end of it. Default keeps electing me dictator, for polls on my leadership choices, to represent eligible to vote but don't vote White American citizen's wishes. Doing away with "Integration" in government and public life, so doctors and prescriptions are free, plenty for White Americans, from removing the unsafe to have alien and illegal immigrants which drain all the resources and services from White Americans.

My above sentiments are from my old originals. Default Vote is still my "Referendum" vote for "Power by Default", that keeps electing me president to advance U.S. Armed Forces obligation back to White American citizen's majority interests, American people's Armed Forces leadership. My racism leadership, the Default votes outnumbering the cast votes, in all the elections keeps electing me! My leadership plans on these pages as an unknown only possible by enough suicide attacks, for me to take out the national debt fast! Foreign diplomats get out, rape some more of them, diplomatic immunity, for isolationism. Middle east and the rest, disaster approaching from the south. Duty to Americans, Russia bomb its Islamic threat while I pack out to my 1760 escape.

No one ever responded in writing to my mailing address, I put here beginning in 1997, must mean no one could read this. World War will start soon enough to kill the leftists and the Islamic threat to the world, and Business. Islam with a dirty bomb to get the bombs all flying around. While the last 2 years of life on Earth to 8 billion people in 2020, remains a secret. With the seafood dying off in the radiation pouring into the oceans from Japan, along with all of the shipping and sewers dumping pollution into it all around the world. With the media keeping silent about worse disasters approaching from Earth's blind side, and from within, a secret to keep so the rich keep on getting richer. Thankfully my escape from disaster is available, a safe zone from the climax of climate change. If I do not accomplish anything more I will take these ideologies to God, Positive Gravity Charge. Humanity left unprepared for the world to suddenly change the direction it spins. In need of my drastic leadership the world destroyed by tsunami to the West then to the East Planet X rises in 2020. Even if I change the outcome of the future out of God, to overthrow the system of things before there is USA, in the perpetual system of crime and greed running everything. Mark of the Beast 21st century! Where the logical solution at this point in time is finally corrected, on this web site, to answer any question. Throw your wrenches into the system for me, FED coin, Red October!

Article 2: Dictatorship Now!


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The recent 09/11/01 "Attack On America" only a coincidence.
On a 11th day of a month in honor of martyred Timothy McVeigh.

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