Earth Today: El Nino

Earth's core, spinning faster than the Earth, began spinning in 1975. The cause of this warming to end with Sirius rising in 2020.

In the summer of 1986 an expedition of scientists were sent to locate Earth's North Magnetic Pole, not visited since it was the first scientific expedition to find the Earth's North Magnetic Pole in 1900. The 1986 expedition could not find it, until a week later located it 12 miles to the east of where it was in 1900. Earth's crust had shifted east in magnetic polar axis tilt from the west, that was not expected. Earth's core spinning now under Arctic Ocean floor melting Arctic ice cap, temperature rising faster than anywhere else. So much that several governments extended their borders to claim Arctic resources, exposed more and more as the ice breaks-up over Arctic Ocean. Hot 27% the size of Earth iron magnetic core began spinning around in top of the world to the west, at 85° latitude flat top of the world tilting west. Magnetic Pole axis of global warming Earth's core, turning faster and faster once broken free of "fountains of the deep" from Tripoli and Rome, core of Earth turning again in 1975 keeps spinning faster boiling lava in Earth's top. Getting colder in Antarctica so even penguins can't survive there, keeping their babies warm and fed, through ice. Earth's core beginning to spin, counterclockwise to Earth's spin, in 1975, when it was broken off of the last two remaining "fountains of the deep" by Celtic people inside under Rome in Earth's magnetic core. That spun off to the left from Vatican explorers counterclockwise, to Earth's clockwise spin, breaking from Rome fountain of the deep boils Earth's lithosphere. Caused by Earth's core dislodged from Earth's centre 2.5 billion years ago when Atlantic Trench was formed by the Apollo Asteroid that glanced off of Mars from Planet X running into 2 planets between Jupiter and Mars. Earth's core reaching top of the world in 2011 melts Arctic ice, spinning magnetic core displaced lithosphere to southern hemisphere, while going north all because its culprit passing star knocked Moon into Pacific Ocean. Which bounced off gushing lava all over the Moon.

The 1986 expedition of scientists finally found Earth's North Magnetic Pole to update its location, on magnetism shifting map, after they could not find it where it was in 1900 a week later radio and newspapers announced Earth's North Pole magnetism was 12 miles east of where it was in 1900. Earth's crust had shifted towards Europe, in that direction, away from magnetic polar axis north pole. Earth's magnetic north sphere flung northwest away from Earth's axis, offset load tilting northwest off center. So it is being slung northwest while heating up the Arctic as it spins faster and faster, causing violent El Nino vicious storm wealther and Earth to wobble. Since 1986 Earth's crust claimed to be on the shift east, with every 8.8 earthquake. By 1.5° or more with each earthquake. Earth turning upside down to the east ever since 1964, Alaska 9.2 and every 8.8 earthquake big ones or bigger that was claimed in 1986 newspapers and radio. Earth falling towards Europe a concern. Global magnetism core of Earth up west coast centered at Oregon global warming storms from Hawaii, began in November 1991, until polar reversal. While out in desert camping in 2002 a radio media person announcing the weather was very upset with the storms every Fall and winter, exasperated on another 80+ mph storm coming up the coast, the last time I wintered in Arizona. Where frequently dust storms off of the "Pineapple Express" from global warming were on. I tuned him in reported on California weather channels, the pouring rain, after he fought to get to work through another one going on, that began in November 1991, the result of a 1975 Vatican City mining operation to bottom of Catacomb's contacted people inside the Earth resulted in a conflict of interests, where Celtics broke Earth's core free to spin, safely from Earth and space threats, a 2020 Sirius rising too close!

In each of the 8.0 and over earthquakes Earth's crust slips towards Europe, while magnetic north spins away to northwest to where it hit Earth's crust when Moon ran into the Pacific Ocean hit Earth and bounced away with water and atmosphere. Lava in the whirlpool of core of the Earth spinning away off-center from Earth's axis causes global warming. Earth's Magnetic Core churning molten lithosphere, while going away from Earth's axis thrown northwest like a javelin, axis in the Earth's spin. Inner Earth changing outer Earth weather with Earth's core in its top, stretching Earth's shape until it stops slipping to the west to the end of the world. Where Earth's core runs into its crust when Sirius rises in 2020, causes Earth to fall down in a day. Earth's core axis north pole spinning stops, Earth spinning, stuck into it when star Sirius coming up is too close in 2020. From 1986 to 1990 news of Earth's crust slipping east falling down was enough for me to predict that top of Earth's magnetic core axis end would run into terrestrial crust of the Earth. Where it can blow out internal steam pressure from its crack in Earth's crust northwest of Norway. Earth's core egg shaped like the Earth could be ripped open by an asteroid like destroyed life on Mars. While Earth's magnetic core is in Earth's top spinning faster than the Earth, its magnetic core size of the Moon, mapped in 5 year segments Earth with a ocean in its water cooled iron core. Where "Polar Wandering" in the top of the world from magnetic core spinning off-center away from Earth's axis tilts on its own axis, northwest. Earth's magnetism therefore gone northwest away from Earth's bottom, that lost its magnetism. Earth's bubble of solid iron inside a molten iron sphere, sonogram of, that up going to blow-up out of the top of the world in 2020 like bubbles do. Where inside Inner Earth an ocean steam pressure continues to build up from spinning faster and faster than the Earth. That will blow out its steam and ocean inside keeping Earth's magnetic poles, under 700° to be a magnet. Cathloics fulfill Revelation end of scriptures in 8 years, after Mayan calendar Sun orbit u-turn in Milky Way Galaxy, after Earth's core ran into top of the world, radiation killing sea food to famine and blind sided by a star end of the world and Ice Age in a day.

Magnetic core looked like a wrecking ball coming up to the flat top of the Earth, to its 85° latitude, an iron sphere as big as the Moon. While Argentina's end of Earth's core has gone away to northern hemisphere. So South Magnetic Pole magnetism is gone from south seas, while following its North Magnetic Pole end. Earth's core seas overheating to explode in 2020, in the Jesus said new fig tree leaf spring in Israel. Maybe end of this age will be to another new age of life on the Earth, after a red dwarf star hits the Sun. Bigger star to have caused red full Moon September 28, 2015 4th red Moon, since 2014. Earth's core being rotated in an increasing rate of speed to boiling Earth's lava, pressing up in corner of Earth's top. Iron core a pressure cooker to erupt out of Earth's crust, through the Atlantic fault, during closest pass of star Sirius in May 2020, star magnetic poles attract/repel Earth's core in northern hemisphere could act like clutch pressing against terra firma to stop Earth turning in polar reversal, like left a volcanic hole as big as Texas it's last time up into northern hemisphere. Earth's core under Arctic Circle heating a bloom trail 2,162 miles in diameter. Global heat small then big and bigger boiling mountain tops, getting ready to blow their tops all around here in 2020. With me the people's Leader by Default, file turn against rank or Trump overthrow politics Coup a future underground after all-out nuclear war like destroyed life on Mars 2.5 billion years ago 2 surveillance rovers found in 2018. Space fleets will lead to nuclear war from space like melted down Chernobyl, shuttle shot down.

At the end of Earth's core movement here, ran into terrestrial sphere of the Earth at 85° latitude, flat top of the world, with magnetic north pointing its 2,162 miles apart ends away from Earth's axis spin, that will flip Earth upside down on its top wrestled where its core explodes. Top heavy Earth blowing its top polar reversal in a day, stuck in Earth's crust from a bigger magnet going by close enough. Other areas shown off of North Americas' west coast in 2001 show global warming is strongest off of the coast of Oregon from Brookings, where core of the Earth is centered going west, increasing its rotational speed slipped Japan fault. Earth shook in first of 4 tsunami's in 2011, to its core going northwest around the inside of Earth's top turning faster, continuing the heat to rise inside for blowing-out its steam! While the Red Full Moon is from a red dwarf star bigger than the Sun, a coincidence that 2 stars cross paths one hits the Sun. In Power by Default U.S. Armed Forces do as I say: Revolution or Trump take out the left for White Male alternative's control of American government, industry & service's good old American customs and values. Without any racial differences to deal with.











Download a PDF file

Download a PDF file

These maps conclude U.S. Military mapping of polar movement, their 5 ocean core samples of previous polar reversals, predict a polar reversal in 2020 on the TV Special "2020" end of the world in 1997. A 5th end of the world located, subtract 5 years each for the last 3 later discovered polar reversals to 2020, May in Israel end of this Age of a planet, to be prepared for or die.



" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

last revised February 8, 2006

The Earth's Wobble Has Paused

What this portends, no one knows.


(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there

has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track

of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble

as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers

via email directly after this Bulletin."


This has to do with the axis Earth's core spins on going northwest, a sphere made out of magnet 27% the diameter of the Earth entirely up inside of Earth's northern hemisphere, tilting west off-of the axis of the Earth going to pop its insides out of Arctic Ocean under Earth's flat top bend, from Atlantic fault line, when Planet X rises up as close as Neptune in 2020. Sirius sat in 2006, while its planets moved close enough to see one with naked eye 3 bright moons in a pyramid formation out behind a 3 moon planet of Planet X. At first I thought the close up white planet like a Q-Ball with 3 moons was its white dwarf star, with a bright blue planet behind it the first night, reflecting its white dwarf big white rays of light all around it, that next night was turned off since then. After that went by the further away Saturn looking planet with 10 moons somehow had picked up the 3 bright moons in a pyramid formation, out to its lower left end, on its 10 moon plane. Neighbors came over to use my telescope in 2006 to see the moon pyramid formation at the end of it's 10 moons having moved there from the 3-4 moon white planet that just sat in the west the night before. In the morning an 11th and a 12th moon appeared over Hogback 5 August mornings in a row. Sirius magnet getting closer until it stabilized the Earth's revolving for 3.5 weeks of not wobbling. Earth falling over 1.5°s to the east in every 8.8 earthquake or so, core of the Earth going to blow out through a longitudinal side of the Arctic Ocean north of Iceland. Planet X coming by (3-12) times Jupiter's magnetism push or pulls off-center core of the Earth to blow-up moon and core Fault, Earth's core made running into. In a earthquake some 2000 years ago John the Baptist probably felt core of the Earth slip, break-off fountains of the deep from Earth's core, going northwest to blow-up in Earth's top, now melting frozen methane gas out of permafrost, blooming in the Arctic ocean, heating up the world core turning lava faster than the Earth. A red dwarf star approach's Sun with "Wormwood" close as a comet like blew-up to pieces going around Sun fell apart on Jupiter, a brown dwarf star falls apart on Earth, while a red dwarf star raises up runs into the Sun knocking its lights out!

Iron core of the Earth the size of the Moon spinning, further and further off-angle from Earth's axis, until it is acting like an off-center load in a washing machine, that is wobbling the Earth's spin. So no wonder why the Earth stops wobbling, when the star Sirius(Planet X) magnetism comes-in around the Sun, close enough to pull Earth's core out of its top. Earth top-heavy, ever since it began wobbling, until turning upside down in day like the Sun did February 19, 2007. Falling through Earth's atmosphere in 300 mile per hour winds, turning upside down. Sirius magnetism rises up to Earth's pole movement, that rocks and rolls to blow out of the Earth's top, stops it turning, so Earth falls over like by a wrestler is thrown down in the momentum of changing the direction of the Earth's spin.

Is there no safe place in the world? Where life is short. I only have until this winter to get young in the past, immortal on the crossroads of time, or risking it all to start revolution in America before anyone else does at the first shot, science in a book 21st century college course knowledge and guns. Earth's gravitational field reaps those who waite too long, a 1st then 2nd Rapture, Earth stops expanding deflates its core. Ether magnetic core pops out of the world collapsing or water cooled "bubble" big as the Moon expanding faster destroys it a 1975 bottoms up!




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