In Power by Default I am for dictatorship, I won/win that, to nazi and klan, an extremist run U.S. Military, prosecute and kill all of the people's enemies in Revolution, Right another gruesome history lesson.

The letter I wrote was about my Power by Default solution. I hope U.S. Military decides I am elected, that would greatly enable the racist Majority in the South and elsewhere in America, I could represent. Everyone can see how The Logical Solution turned out on what to do, to change the perpetual "present system" in favor of the Majority, called the Silent Majority in elections, when racist White Americans want their opinions to be represented. That turned out possible only in suicide missions against liberal social change and media interests enough times to take them out with random attacks, sometimes against anyone. Corporations to gas out and shoot down to pay their National Debt, legislation's! Some of my pages are still impossible to read. Maybe only effective at eliminating subversive races and nationalities in America in the past, through sword of the lord, a 5th time, to support my international agenda and move the capitol now, or in 1760's, when I get the right time to discontinue political power. But 21st century shaken and washed away in 2020, after I break on through to the other side pick up a 17 pound gold nugget in 1760, for a revolution then to get rid of the American people's enemies at home and away, my homeland security plan for 2018. A dictator by Default vote since 1996. I will bury the national debt default, put off to 2018. That citizens in suicide must kill in Debt Default, if they are going to die anyway, on a corporate card. For my Default vote the overthrow of U.S. government and business, the people's enemy unpopular political system to vote for. In tribunals the people might tell me kill them all, along with the aristocracy that runs everything, to pay off their national debt politicians made for them. In nazi camps captives, send to slave on the Farm, from concentration camps. Lawyers, politicians, banks, church capitalism and Wall Street shares of national debt nationalize. My Power by Default Vs. politicians. I have won 5 times since 1996. Where none of the politicians elected or appointed to office represent the American people. Competition only in business for themselves and their share holders, legislation, therefore my Martial Law against lawyers aliens and special interest groups, immigration policies against white Americans. Racial equality only serving business interests media women. While American Military laid off and discharged. My leadership is to take out politics lawyers authorities supporters of their lying legal system. Court feed to sharks for equal rights policies confiscate all their money to rule. American government system I don't need any doctrines or moral laws to accomplish anything for my own, or other people's good, what should be every citizen's natural motivation. Trump can't rule our racist way with Federal Government, therefore Military Coup! What else can racist parents of American soldiers do to get Representation.

My manuscript here is pagan learnedness from experience, with no education I remember anything from, to go along with the political and religious apathy of the times. Where the system is enemy of the people, the liberalism. U.S. Armed Forces under my Power by Default I order hit the powers that be, in the way of racist American leadership, for my Default vote count Majority in every election, against the Debt Default plans. Default therefore elects me verses any candidate, since 1996. American soldiers have my reasons here for taking out the establishment, for everything it has. I am the Third Party White American Armed Forces Commander in Chief representing the Majority, to take back American freedoms of the past. Democracy to live or die for, job opportunities to work for tax free while taking our enemies house.

Contrary to Newtonian faith I map out the structure and purpose of the Universe. Two Gods reigning in a gravity circuit physics above to below, where only the gods in atmosphere, on the other side advise us on earth, mentors guiding those of us who listen, the un-whole fall into the Field in the hollow Earth. Adam and Eve the damned, may have ascended besides others of the damned. The rest dream in the dark in Earth's Gravity Field, same shape as the Universe every atom at center. Where to be creative enough to serve the people, dictatorship, I might ask for volunteers from France to come chop the establishment's heads off, to roll if in following the American People's wishes, from polls, the whole political system and their stock market to pay off their national debt. Getting that done may end in a suicide mission for American soldiers, for their kind of leadership, in Command of American soldiers. Otherwise public attacks at schools against the authorities, in need of leadership. My Power by Default government a democracy derived from the mood of White male America. Something like United States of America started out trying to be. Women go work on the Farm, in some inhospitable place, if they don't like being second class citizens. USA in a preservation and advancement of White American citizens, expecting a 5 ocean core sample prediction of a 2020 magnetic polar reversal. Unaware of the Sun's Twin coming up as close as Neptune in 2020 a factor. Earth already ran into asteroids at the end of Milky Way Galaxy end of the world, for a thousand years of going through them, u-turned around on December 21, 2012, Sun going south top to bottom of the Milky Way Galaxy straight at the star coming out of center of galaxy at the Sun, so sunlight is knocked-out in 2020 for a bunker solution with a space program. My role is organizing the world for survival, purifying it racially. Genocide back to 1950 figures, or further.

My beginning on the Internet "The Logical Solution", Power by Default, I copyrighted to establish a public run government, through "Dictatorship Now!" Greatly influenced by skinhead movement in the 1980's and 1990's heavy metal music made it right. While I still have these pages on the Internet I made sense for traditional USA and Western Civilization's best interests. Back in Klamath Falls, Oregon, I worried about the steam geysers blowing steam from the distant and near mountain tops and ridges so often for as far as I could see them, Mt. Shasta volcano a huge steam shadow coming or going in the distance, so I left, after two years all acting like hot pressure cookers from Earth's core spinning since 1975. Until polar reversal 2020, mountains blow their tops after a very long red full moon this July. Until Noah's "fire": Flood.

Here I am the leadership, with Power by Default. My letter I sent to Senator Trent Lott saying I won it. Who was a great speaker and Senator from the South. With Racist White American values!

Speaking against the subversive Bill Clinton for reasons here to hang him. "Ignore the polls and rise to the occasion" said Republican Chairman Henry Hyde of Illinois in his 10 minute House Judicial Committee oration over the vote in Congress to impeach Bill Clinton, who was elected by money from China, to give China computers able to design anything the U. S. has in its arsenal or better. Then in the scheme of things lawyers and labor unions in 2008 donations elected a black, with no identification he was born in Kenya, picked by organized crime for subversive politics against White America, by leftist David Axelrod and other leftists to hang in paying off the National Debt with their money. White America not represented in government, strike down the media's fallacy of the importance in voting, instead my Martial Law for a house to house purge, "rise to every occasion", through my leadership a U.S. Opinion Majority Democracy for Senator Trent Lott, of his wishes, my favorite politician other than George C. Wallace, of racists from the South, but his hands tied from being racist in Congress. Where Newt Gingrich lost his seat in Congress was cool, for pinching a bitching Congresswoman by the ass! But he is still only another politician in the system obeying business interests, with political correctness. Opinion might let me chain saw a certain woman's head off in particular, I hope to can in salsa myself, for polynesians to grill. Untrustworthy but useful other man or woman leftists have work on the Farm. My nationalizing business and media for public uses, close as the way we want it, a comprehension of how and what the world is made for: Repeating!

Another thing the critics were irritated about in regards to Edward Seaton's statement to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, as their president, "We've got to cut down the anonymous quotes, which invariably have an ax to grind", speaking about the fact that the public has lost confidence in newspapers, their establishment for business interests, to please everyone for the highest profits. Where if it were not for the sports section in newspapers they would not sell for them to survive at all! But with admittance that the media would even let the people lose confidence to happen in the first place, when so many other Americans besides me have just quit listening to and reading media, turned against NFL because of them, in their "New World Order" propaganda hatred of White male America, our flag, which have all deviated from a "dedication to truth telling." Rightfully my martial law overthrow of the government, fill concentration camps with aristocracies and leftists, to tribunals, in with white leftists, U.S. Armed Forces change of command. I take on Militia the American public, the keys of command, democracy according to the people's interests, in White America. Feeding enemies of the people to crock and gator media lawyer and political system I get news back "a good rating", public opinions guiding leadership. Advertisement, sports, data and other needs, internet coverage.

The educated mind dies in the world for changes eternally, into other states fixated to the world, going through changes for the rest of eternity's age of circuit. Unnoticed Universe goes on expanding uniformly filling the void, a transparent JesusChrist Element 0 mass, accumulating dimensions and proportions, buried in their definitions. While Element 0 deposits are all that matters. Where to break on through to the other side, take a ship out or its up to heaven or down to hell, for design and image in any religious book, except for two Jews. A two edged stab wound in the distance, on the light of the Earth's gravity circuit, because of religion. So here are two more years of the end times. If you want to wait around for famine and homelessness, at end of U.S. dollar cash to digital money, in 2018. Planned that way by politicians, filthy rich or aspiring to be. Unless the racist right puts me in power. While this structure stalks Earth to destroy everyone in 2020. Their people know all about life on Earth from past visits, a dangerous place to hide from behind a force field, for sending us only their UFO survailence vehicles.

I can only take a few things on a mission on me. Ancient Egyptians did not believe anyone could take anything with them. But I found out I did, when I returned from getting out of having ascended panic jump down to get out of God, back to the ground, but left my double to mountain lions. I found out when I got back the following year. I should be able to do it again, if I have to ask my way to 1760, with my guns. To have to do it all over again, ascend, maybe fashion steam boilers lined with leather huge lawn mower bush hogs, to mow down 600,000 thousand soldiers going to invade ancient Greece, on a level plain on the west end of, which under camouflage wait with the steam barrel sealed boilers, to order fired-up and come out to mow down everyone with bronze, to to east end of the plain, then flame throwers, so they don't get as far as to wipe out 300 Spartans blocking their way, could just as well pack flame throwers. Which would be a great opportunity for democracy to establish, with all of the resources available in the middle east, with 21st century math and physics, just out of Positive Gravity Charge of Eternity, to anywhere else in the World, for fast ships! The next Super Volcano on Earth going to explode for thousands of years, like the one in Siberia did. Jesus talk about budding fig tree leaves in Israel when Noah's Flood began. Coming up after July longest red full Moon a Debt Default. Tribulation before a red dwarf hits the Sun Planet X collapses Earth's core, that pops turns Earth upside down in 2020 Trump too late to restore American industry in unreversable climate change. His world corporate plan to flood Earth with greenhouse gasses.

Ascended and returned, I walked away down to my van. Not possible to ascend from a biting ant spot, even they left. A camcorder in my hat to prove I am from the 21st century. Its surface on a shallow end of its transparent substance, raised up in the center, my Element 0, beach spot with a chocolate drop shaped deposit of gravity charge on it. That only has oil, for a mineral deposit. Six different white flashes side by side awkwardly pointing bashfully were surprised, over the left side of its center on developed photo printouts, that ruined my beautiful picture. I burned the ugly picture, thinking it to be only defects in the film. From my first visit to LowTide@TheSpot, 6 Memory Identities ascended there. But return to the world might not be a good idea, unless I take back history physics chemistry lessons and movies on a mission, to make revolutionary weapons in the 1700's, unless I am making democracy possible. Over the bodies of the authorities then and now, ending immigration of different people's to only Early American kinds, I send the others home. Racism a good excuse to profit from. For survival.

While the authorities want to shut down the government, for a world corporation to take over. I will replace the whole political system with the schools, draft to arm the American people, to be able to nationalize all of the wealth, in a good against evil upheaval in America. That is only possible with U.S. Military hardware, power turned over to me for a Militia of White U.S. citizens. With soldiers to distribute weapons and organize into troops, to take United States of America, to make America the way American citizens want it. All American. Wealth confiscated, and the bad destroyed or made useful! While I destroy everyone across the equator across Africa, to deport all of the native and African blood to, taking all of the resources there to advance American interests. For when the northern and southern hemisphere are flooded.

--> This my Logical Solution, to the end of the world. The racist American people's alternative to politics and business racial equality, with still a chance of surviving to 2020 extinction, or will it be up to your doors in glaciers.





Lee Harrison,


Religions don't know GOD offer a harem to its followers dream in Hell forever!

I'll just go back a sudden transformation in God, no giving or taking in marriage.

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