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Still another election year has passed and no one else knows I won Power by Default, ever since 1996, I am the U.S. Armed Forces leadership before U.S. government goes out of business over fiscal cliff, like Germany in 1923, where by me U.S. Military establishment is obligated to defend White American citizens I am America's alternative to politics as usual to finally solve problems in America for White Americans. All the Electorate vote one way or another for every U.S. State. I stopped looking for abstentions that amounted to 51% of eligible voters who stayed away from the polls for president in 1996. Thereafter and since then I kept winning "Power by Default" still a secret? U.S. Government, Article 2!

Nobody can hear me, this kind of writing is cencored by the establishment, and is blocked from the Internet around the world. Congress even joked about the Y2K problem politics, spending tax payer's billions to get their share of the graft out of "the "political system". In my U.S. Armed Forces leadership I can them all. Politicians saying citizens don't care what is good for them make the laws. So as dictator for the people, the authorities like who figured out "Y2k" for the graft of it only another political scam to mislead the people to bankruptcy over a 100 trillion dollar fiscal cliff the people have to kill them. Taking way more than 23 million American homes confiscated, get a kick back planned by politicians and banking in fraudulent politics, got the people fired or laid off sent their jobs overseas, by crooked business, with their politicians and lobbyists in Congress. Throwing in the people's towel for all they could get out of them. Military power has to take authority out of power, meat pack them or something eats them if we the people have to kill them, take all of their money to pay off their national debt so they cannot take U.S. tax dollars for subverting our national security with their immigration policies opened US borders to the world to get their votes. To get elected to pass treasonous treaties and economic policies to do away with White American male society. In Martial Law I kill the swindlers and gangs for all of their wealth. Authorities to deport or pack them in salsa for Africans and polynesians to grill them. Racial profiling in White U.S. Military and Militia agenda American soldiers take from our enemies each a share of their property. Call in the jets if our soldiers can't take them out, break any "Commandment". Take all of the accounts of religion politics representing graft with a tax exemption money to prop up their profits, living it up with luxury vehicles etc. care less if Jesus Christ is God with a wound on the Positive Gravity Charge mass expanding Universe. Religion so self righteous all go to Hell.  

Here I have one of the possible ways for correcting the "Y2K" problem in a year 2000 date verses a 00 through 99 computer date perception of time to 2000. Adding a second to 1999 counting in electronics, for the transition into the new century in a new year, where all of the artificial intelligence's must know after 1900 comes 2000, circuit blows-out to change it!

While it is too late now for a space ship industry for sealing nuclear matter in something to keep the gamma rays in to get rid of it, before it melts down when the world turns upside down, in escaping from Earth to Mars? Build our cities underground before a red star hits the Sun, after the 4 red moons. We will have to recycle our cities above ground, take farming underground restore the land. My Martial Law an ethnic cleansing so American fighters each get a choice of their enemies homes and things to take from aliens in battles to divide up all of the spoils of victory we remove illegal's and their cousins from American soil. U.S. Citizens take their enemies property and things as booty. Drawing from lots soldiers expropriate send to National Treasury the enemies accounts, in confiscating the enemies wealth while I deposit in warehouses food and other necessities to stockpile from the battles until Final Victory is achieved to to ration out. U.S. Military and Militia forces USA thinned out to only White Americans. Violent change in desperate times of no peaceful solution without refugees. American labor socioeconomic government despoils it's enemies and alien people's wealth so American citizens get paid in gold and silver through my Federal Banking system. Citizens of United States of America every white kindred nationality thereof from other Western countries fight a race war citizens in my war to preserve prosper Western civilization volunteers each from their own countries. In America citizen Majorities make our rules in opinion polls. Ideological Backbone of World Confederation countries thereof make a nuclear shield over the whole world because of this aircraft carrier aimed at Earth, every time it goes around the Sun, I offer this Leadership!

No need to scrap the embedded computer chips storing cards from reading a 1900 date in two digits, 1900 becomes 2000, if in 1 second 9 happens to turn to 10 when 19 becomes 20, where I don't have to be a "geek" with computer savvy to know that "Y2K" was a political scam to take multi-billions of tax dollars to make computers count to a different hundred years so politicians and their friends graft tax on labor kick-back under capitalism.

Just for the record Y2K solution was not necessary, a new millennium began on all of the computer equipment so capitol gains were made changing the electronics. I would have used to rebuild railroads bridges recycle the sewage and trash rebuild industry or build to survive the future. Where military could have had electronics date 01/01/@0 equal the year 2000 in 01/01/00 without adding 1 second to 1999 to turn 99 to 2000, instead of leap second every hundred years after 2000, keep double digit computer code. Changing the code didn't matter, computers have artificial intelligence knew 99 turned to another century, anyone flying a airplane on an old 1 to 99 code none of them crashed when 1999 became 2000.

After 1900 computer time, since a computer is half alive a creature of habit, to come up with an "@" all of the time to mean that information is somehow different beginning there, the 24hr 99 year century I have ending at @ to a added second. Where to begin the 21st Century from 1900, computers are sure to conceive that my @ equals 2000 referred to here as anything but 1900, must count up to 2000 from a 99 so 01/01/@0 is actually year 2000 immediately following 1999 @ 1 second Just before the New Year to 2000=01/01@0! 

On the same line beside the 1999 "date and time", in the lower right hand corner of every Web page express in so many days hours and seconds of a countdown to the New Year 2000 with "@0" 1999 concluding 1900 to date 01/01/@0 in 1 second that adds up to the year 2000 on to a world going to be destroyed in 2020. So 1999 computers all recognizing 2000 date "01/01/@0=2000" the new century begins. Imbedded computer chips could stay double digit okay century to century. The present system is okay for my leadership. But "00" plus a second = 2000 where 01/01/@0 equals "2000", that certainly did not turn out to be 1900 on computers! While in 1760's there will be no taxation, Revolution limited to 10 million dollars to work for in a National Bank prints Dollars to work for gold and silver. 

If it was needed, in my 01/01/00 "countdown" mo/d/yr hours minutes and seconds to "2000=01/01/@0" countdown, in "mo/d/yr hours minutes seconds to" run out for the two digit time system, Congress tax dollars paid for what we got, "2000=01/01/@0" was just as good, counting down seconds of a day to 2000! Electronics run by the double digit computer system could have been left working as usual, counting time up in double digits! 

My "Y2K" Fix could only work if everything time dated on computers ended year 1999 at:

to 2000=01/01/@0 

Millennium Conversion

01/01/@0=2000, in  ,

left until 2000=01/01/@0

EXPLANATION:  Beginning on New Years Day in the box above for time time goes forward from 1999 to 2000, leap years go on as usual. Where if my computer year @0 computer time dating method were installed on every computer it would stay good for converting century changes forever. But "Y2K" never needed tax dollars in a computer fixing program to change or replace "embedded" computer chips, in planes and things. 1900 could just as well go on forever every time the world changes centuries every 100 years, over and over again, if experts were right about time starting over in 1900. Producing materials we have already been refining we only need keep recycling, to always have the resources we need. The century changed in the first second of 2000. 01/01/@00 end of the counting to 2000 in my 2 counting boxes. 2000 began at 00 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes, 00 seconds left of 1999, when concurrently my Millennium Conversion time ticker at 00 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes began in 01 seconds to 2000! While in 21st century my Power by Default citizens will fashion the social and economic system and government in a National Company making products and services on ten wage levels if Trump cannot do it.

If computers could reason 1900 repeating at the end of 1999 that would mean computers cannot count up to 2000 without technical assistance. Embedded chips only conflict with political correctness, Federal government acted out another political scam, to spend as much of the tax payer's dollars buying votes for politicians to stay in power, the American people's public enemies, from White House on down the chain of command, necessitating my leadership from Power by Default vote majority the people turn against their rulers go along with my plans. If not Revolution for my reasons U.S. Military may as well roll over dead.

In the future, right now. The United States Federal Government is going to reach 100 trillion dollars in debt in 2018, so Russia and China are selling off their U.S. dollars trust in the White House, with Belgium a dollar broker for the White House a David Axelrod idea, who runs the political Left in the USA, where the dollar will collapse suddenly on July 1, 2018. So if Americans find this I am saying American Forces turn against your command! To establish a new Government of the United States, in Majority Rule of America, so I change the money to gold Hours and Silver Minutes isolate USA from the rest of the world preparing us for disaster!

But after the count down to the year 2000 I am ready to break on through to the other side with these pages and my rifle, to find out if God is a time machine back to where racism is okay to rouse followers, to win a Revolution against politics, show the future of politics and capitalism. Offering leadership in government and manufacturing, public purpose with all the wealth, secrecy from British make AK-74.

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