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Instead of living until you are dead, is to do what they use to do in the Garden of Eden. Since they had the tool to ascend safely with their soul whole, they survived their visits. Gravity created everything in a electrical system, current flowing a charge, wounded now seeded inside and outside of the world, life from its deposits of gravity charge. Currents under pressure of Its Charge, driven through Positive Gravity Charge sphere, to center of Eternity in Its Hollow of Gravity Charge. God Gravity Charge, life came from these places, the mass of spinning faster than light, where gravity current is energy needed to project Gravity Charge to a creation. Universe a points twined together that pops-up the World, expands to Charge, until it reaches God overloads with Positive Gravity Charge, flowing on gravity currents, until all together, a Big Bang expanding Universe full of It's spheres, with everything circuits and earth a gravity current resistor in an electrical system. Everything out of a Negative Gravity Charge, to the center of Eternity. Gravity currents packed together black space. Moon ran into the Earth when Sirius came through the last time, in currents to their circuit through grounds in the World Gravity Circuit. Earth has expanded five times, Noah made a ship for a Flood because steam in a ocean inside Earth's core 27% of Earth's size was going to blow its top in Siberia, that in 2020 comes out of Earth's top below 85° latitude releasing ocean under steam pressure to ignite a methane gas fire, for a 6th time of suddenly expanding could collapse. My only chance of surviving being to get out alive from a gravity charge inversion spot, like where life came from, to ascend. "Sword of the lord" open, jump through, or through halo overhead, part hatch in the soul sphere grab, jump into the fire above, for a chance to change the past from the way it is in the USA now, to save the future of United States of America out of Debt Default, in political and economic conspiracies.

In most people's bosom what they never get to see, the damned ones identity sooner or later fall into their sack drained of Charge dream image of the World forever in the center of Earth's gravity circuit. In breaking through on a hill I ascended from, I returned a year later and found a collar bone with shoulder bone next to it, that one of the cats around there dragged away a piece of my double I left on the spot, after jumping into the illuminated material flooding Universe to expand faster and faster, I took my backpack. I jumped out to bring back one like the one I had on, with vital information, to benefit a American Revolution. Going up I panicked to stop, from going up, and jumped down out of it to the ground back to the world again. Maybe too high, I feared to the outer darkness. My heals touched down out of there. The Circuit always the same bright white every visit there. Only a small crowd, 70 or so. Find "the truth" in a testament, others fall to Hell into Earth's Gravity circuit web a tear from a sphere fall into their sack drained of gravity charge, in the reciprocal.

Flashes baffling astronomers candidly from places on the Moon concentrations of Gravity Charge. Suddenly a bright flash of light thought to be volcanic, Charge of Gravity flooding Universe and ground, current converging to everything blowing up at the same rate. That makes it hard to get off of the ground currents flowing Positive Gravity Charge mass to every creation, in every system. Popped out of the black hole under currents to creations originally, points from a few inches in diameter ball of thread, Circuit Field length that popped-up Universe in Hollow sphere of Eternity's center Gravity circuit pops-up Universe expanding, back here I get out of it before it kills me. History of and alternative publish at a earlier date.

Through pressure holding the world together in a moybus strip cable, circuit, Gravity current flowing Charge safety in the time machine. Escaping from the unforgivable sin bite of awareness charge molecules out of my Earth shaped soul from procreation explains the Adam and Eve story with the soul a "fruit", on two human trees, in the Garden of Eden. Located where Euphrates river and Zohreh river and a river dry wash going east by Hafar Al Batin through Kuwait meet. But after thousands of years of glacial meltdown is flooded. Extent of the Jews Promised Land. God- tempting the parents of everyone born to commit the "sin" of procreation pulled out of their shell so it cannot withstand crushing pressure in Earth's God(+) sphere, stretched tightly about the Earth, unsafe to ascend with a hole in their soul from a procreation "apple" bite. Eve and Adam ascended to God+ if they did not fall to God- into their sack. Universe Gravitational Field magnetic water cooled bubble in the Earth hit top, blew-up in Siberia last time up is spinning around in Earth's top again. So it blows out steam this time through thin Arctic crust fault line it made because Moon hit Earth.

Before end of life on Earth a few vanish, THROUGH THE SWORD OF THE LORD, also called THE KEY, into the adhesive sphere, Charge of gravity holding the Earth together. Hole in soul consumes all in "spontaneous combustion" whoever tries to hatch out of portal in the top of their Earth shaped soul. Whole soul made in the likeness of GOD+, a sphere, cosmic egg, an aperture called the "portal" over head emitting a "halo", when it closes to light fanning out in the top of the soul. The sword of the lord a crease, for those with a whole soul to go through. Many others to "a new heaven and a new earth" after a gamma ray burst, a 6th Age, or never see the Light to jump-in the other side. Don't look down at the animal in that light, when the way is open to ascend to get in it leap up into It. Call it Christ if you like, keeping my sight on it get back to the Memory Identities waiting for me a curtains!

To Hell with the Word in the scriptures going to Hell all the time/the religions all well known in Hell, in power and wealth all following the wrong God, currents to Image. Like conspiracies in government and religion only Revolution divide up their spoils. In vague testaments "seeing through a glass darkly" fashion a "snare and a trap", Judeo-Christian reasoning, debate one verses the other living a "forked tongue" syndrome result of Christian debate making lawyers for the practice of deception in money grabbing schemes courts a client's lying legal system, to have to kill them so white citizens have all the opportunity in America again, 1 to 8 billion in 70 years 1950 to 2020 raping and pillaging militias in Military conflict! 

''Ascend'' the barrier of all religious dogma, to the crossroads of the dimensions of time, crossing into the positive charge of gravity, leaving behind excess baggage, with what matters most take video proof these sensitive places like pictured are ascension deposits, where one such place "Jesus the Christ" left the world from Mount Carmel, or was it from hill in 1119 A. D. Turin, Italy, where Jesus ascended left the "Shroud" off of his body of "Christ"?

Jesus is not coming back in the flesh again. He is "the greater light" now, Christians only see through the scriptures darkly. Jesus crucified by order of Pope Calixtus II. Check that cloth on my Article 5, on this web site, real good! See if Jesus has any compassion for Christians to return again in the flesh, now, even though there are always certain few dead Christian "chosen" ones, ascended to pearly heights. Faith "saves" them, out of the grip of death and the gravitational "field", that traps most of all the other soul's attention ever lived, so most lost souls are left to fall into their sack in God-. To dream in/for "after life" a Heaven or Hell? 

"Babylon has fallen" and "the writing is on the wall", says Christian scriptures. Just look for "Sea Surface Temperature" on the Internet, to see Global warming is leading up to "Super Volcano" shock in a Rapture death take your body if predestined but whole soul to ascend may return. Like in my 7th of April 1988 jump-into Positive Gravity Charge "few" not guilty of unforgivable sin Once saved always saved/with still a chance for more to be in truth gods

If I am a new religion I say God is Element 0, the shape of JesusChrist. Positive Gravity Charge presses upon Earth harder and harder each of 5 polar reversals, core up boiling global warming. A leader for America the energy boost I need to repeat another ascension I returned in 1988, when Quetzalcoatl was suppose to return. I took pictures of my hill spot at the end of the last 52 years of Maya "century" since Cortez landed in Mexico, I thought was a coincidence on a April 7, 1988, when Quetzalcoatl was suppose to Return! But only I did. So since no one else I know of in 1988 claimed to have Returned, that year, out of the positive charge of gravity, I might as well consider myself Quetzalcoatl, ever since end of the last 52 year Mayan century, in 1988. Mayan calendar so asteroids blow-up over Russia and east of Florida before "destroyed" by gamma ray burst bubble in Earth's top pop/fault lines slip 6th Earth expansion churns boils-up global warming magnetic core turning faster than the Earth.

Where, in Power by Default, my Militias of citizens, U.S. Military with 50 of them, rockets then road blocks, authorities can or to Farm prosecute through my public opinion polling system, in a dictatorship. U.S. citizens get to help me make leadership decisions in opinion polls. My leadership soon will take me to early America through JesusChrist, other names fail to describe the state of Positive Gravity Charge God. Quetzalcoatl sailed away after Jesus' death out of Egypt to evangelize West Indies, wound up in Mexico, learned to preach in Nahutl until collapse of Toltec empire and sailed away to Miami, Florida island again, Ascend!

Quetzalcoatl was White, doubting Thomas. Just as well here to join U.S. Armed Forces in a military takeover. Maybe time is left to get work done, save USA out of disaster in ships and shelters in a hope the world stays together after 2020! Most Citizens in United States of America have my choices on Default on political loans, bloody military revolution in my dictatorship, I delete all the crooked political establishment in my Power by Default and take bomb shelters ships and technology I copyrighted in 1997 in "The Logical Solution". This my last season in 21st century Power by Default, a one year retroactive Internet Copyright Law for Internet Copyright. I am The American People's Third Party, since 1996, representing here the Majority in Default votes. The Third Party Lee Harrison for Citizen's registered or not their racism. America's Default vote leader I power share Military takeover, in white America.

For Majorities in White America racial conflict is cause for Armed Forces Martial Law, as Commander in Chief of Revolution for my Citizen's Opinion Polls, to Rule in pursuing the people's interests, in science and industry services sciences social community jobs in far reaching projects, making cities of old mines polar reversal shelters. Americans take what they want to build for American citizens, from hostile immigrant peoples and adversaries, make the USA the way they want it! So to hang or fire or leave out in the fallout politics. Round up politicians and lawyers still alive. My dictatorial rule for the people, through my Third Party polling chart's choices. While in my Creation liturgy there is no advantage to giving penance or confession or gathering for communion and baptism unless by habit, a preference. Still God the Positive Gravity Charge rains down over Quetzalcoatl's Mexico, and all over the world, JesusChrist with a 2 edged wound, holding the particles of matter together. In America since early century A.D. learned Nahuatl, preached in the local language wisdom long before Cortez, Quetzalcoatl, most influential leader of Mexico. Who opposed human sacrifice did not care for war either angered his king who wanted to banish him from his city, angered the people. Under pressure from the king Quetzalcoatl finally left town, the king's soldiers saw, that upset the soldiers so much that they turned on the king and killed him. The people all abandoned his city. Leaving town Quetzalcoatl looked back at his city for a last time placed his hands on a bolder what someone carved, must be immortal.

The following URL /powerbydefault/premier.html defines the primary objectives of my "Power By Default" formula, for taking over leadership of the United States of America.


Everyone has the "sword of the lord" about 3" above belly button, in the abdomen, with only a slight chance of it rising up for you to see it. In a defensive reaction like when I hit my first fast ball pitched line drive hit the pitcher in the balls in fear of the ball, so fast. In desperate moments sword of the lord might rise-up pointing the safe way out of danger, "sword of the lord", a way out of danger. Obey the sword of the lord to save yourself. Barrier parts to Charge!

I did not find out I had such a thing to guide me until a baseball game a day before high school let out for summer, on May 18, 1965. After I hit 3 home runs off the pitcher, who was replaced when I came up again. The new pitcher was the gym instructor's college pitcher friend, the tallest man I ever saw. He threw an underhanded softball fastball that ripped right across the plate a strike right in front of me. I was intimidated and got mad and looked straight at his pitching arm, never looking at him, so I could watch the release of the ball and catch up to it to hit it, took a shoulder high vicious slice under next pitch, practicing. Realizing he was pitching way too high for me to hit it I crouched down waiting for the next pitch, and jumped up when he released the ball swung the bat to meet the ball solid at half swing. Velocity of the ball shoved me back when "sword of the lord" stood straight up, thin and red tinted, that suggested I slide my right hand out the barrel of the bat to grab it, twist the bat up and slam down a bunt slid the palm of my right hand to right to the fat of the bat and twisting the bat straight up and lunged forward and down hit a bunt to the ground just in front of the plate. It fling off to my right out of play into thick grass, not turning back I kept on running as fast as I could to second.

In 1983 I was a vendor in Philadelphia at their NHL and NBA arena, while working the seats at a Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus event. I came running down an isle during the high wire act, to run across the hockey retainer wall to get to an isle in front of the high wire act. But I found that the wall was not bolted down to the floor when I jumped on it, which tilted way over towards the seats full of people, when I swung my tray of cotton candy overhead to the right that made the wall raise upright again. While the wall was wobbling left and right as I tried to stop the wobbling the long slender red tinted "sword of the lord" raised up in front of me and pointed to the stable end of the wall. So I ran across the wobbling wall to where it pointed without slipping. Where I jumped off of the wall into the isle I wanted to get to. I was shocked that the crowd all across there broke out cheering me wildly, thinking it was a planned act in the show to my surprise, while the high-wire act was going on, lucky to have such a tool!

The third time I got to see the "sword of the lord" was when I let go, of the part down the middle of it to get away from the hog hided little creature with short black curly hairs covering it I found looking up at me with big round gooseberry gray eyes, a little hog animal at the bottom of the light blocked my step, onto nothing else there, I found right in front of me in Earth's Positive Gravity Charge sphere when I decided to look down in it, to see if there was any ground there before I leap instead of leaping, my right leg up like my first impulse was to jump right in to what I had just opened, but looked down for ground at the bottom of it it does not have. Where happened to be a building in front of me to my left of the round clearing in the forest on a mountain in September 1985 in Franklin County North Carolina reminded me of a January 1975 vivid dream start out suddenly with me running straight to a wall of large glazed bricks and turn straight to my right, I ran along the right side of the wall to its end, immediately took a left, and ran to the center of rows of old worn broken steps up, where I stopped, turned left and looked up to a ledge in front of a wall. Above the wall facing me was a old battered sphinx. Between the two paws a crowd of people were gathered around someone on the left side of the ledge that suddenly turned around from talking to look down at me looking up at them. I immediately looked down and ran up the steps to the ledge, turned to my right facing a paw. A mirage revealed an open doorway, few step went down, took a left I ran up to a bookshelf in the wall with a doorway to the right of the books. Steps leading down into the dark. When appeared an adobe house in the desert in front of me. Before that I looked at the dusty old books haphazardly standing, some leaning against the others. That begin to mirage while a voice said to me "God is moving through the world", I knew was on gravity currents! The steps were leading down into the darkness to a room excavated in the 1967 Jewish 7 day war a U.S. college expedition emptied a Masonic Order room under the Sphinx, I did not go down into, like them all. Instead suddenly an adobe house in a desert appeared in front of me. To its left in the dream 4 plump letters lit up across, middle eastern looking foreign alphabet as if stenciled out of the air, lit up bright white, light that appeared to spell out a plump "9", a Hebrew looking "]" wide Jewish letter, a plump "V" and "N" lettered word. I parted there with my hands, on the mountain for the heck of it, it opened into God the Positive Charge of Gravity. Inside the Light the little animal frightened me. I let go of what I opened that gently closed off of my fingers slowly closing like a kind of flesh to red line down long thin red sword.

In 1986 I was in a southern California desert town where I came across a bench in a place Hispanic seers were in training, sitting side by side in a trance. One on a gravity current spot and the other on a positive gravity charged spot. A skinny old man sat to the left of a young man on what I found out on another visit when no one was there, the old man's spot was a "tonal" spot. Setting on it made me feel like I was on the tip of a pentacle. I slid over to the left to the "nagual" spot, when I looked up to see a Mexican staring at me. There to my left I saw a thick amber spot. I slid over onto it and felt totally at ease, in total silence from internal dialogue. The young Hispanic man got up from the bench and left, while the skinny old Hispanic man was still slumped in trance on the "tonal" spot. The old man got up and turned to me and started waving his hand, as if saying good-bye, stood there waving his hand at me. Change of state dreaming I tried to raise my right hand to wave back at him. But rolling backwards like a beach ball on water I caught myself in a lunge forward to stay up. My right hand came up and I waved back at him I realized I was not quite mine but my dreaming body's hand. It went down right away. When my hand went down "the sword of the lord" raised straight up with its thin dark red line down it. To get away I turned around and went on doing what I was there for and got out of the trance. I went back whenever I could, to set on the nagual spot to soak up power at peace where my cup filled-up to overflowing, for three fill-ups.

On my last visit a Spanish speaking man with his wife busy tried to communicate with me, while I was sitting on his nagual spot. When he realized I could not understand him he offered me a cigarette. I smoked it to be courteous to the nice man. He must have known I knew was sitting on a nagual's spot. Later drove up to free camping on BLM land overlooking a distant RV park. Fall 1986. While hiking to the top of the hill along the way to the peak I was stunned to find myself in the midst of nagual spots on a hill, all around me! I did not have a camera, so I went around the spots to the peak for the view. I did not get back with a camera until April 7, 1988 looking to accumulate power until I got stuck on the last one could not move. Jumped off.

Early in 1988 I met a Jewish college student at the beach, answered all of his questions about the Universe. He asked for a copy of my diagram of Eternity, drew a face on it. Later he found out he had Alzheimer's disease. When I had doubts about ascending on April 7 he encouraged me not to doubt, saying I was going to ascend! I took a camera up the hill in the desert to take a picture of each of the spots before standing on each one to get soaked with charge. Gazing all around the peaks and the dunes for any spot to flash while gazing, on my first visit. Across the dunes on the right peak were two spots to take a picture of to stand on, on to the next. I slid down the peak to dunes and crossed over, to two nagual spots at a ravine. There was only one picture left in my camera, when I realized the most important nagual spot to visit I missed. I had just enough water to get there, so I crossed the dunes and climbed back up to the nagual spot covered hill to my beautiful spot, on its south end, to take a picture of that to stand on. I stood for a moment until I was ready to leave. But to my surprise I could not move. To get off of the spot I thought, that's easy, I will just jump off it. Sword of the lord must have been up in my face when I jumped splitting it open I glided upwards in a arc unimpeded, in Positive Gravity Charge circuit blind of the Negative gravity currents going through it. Planning to take pictures I found "God" again! I brought back pictures of the place, the other side good for something. I went straight down until my heels touched the ground when the world appeared I was back on the hill covered with spots, stunned. I walked away down the hill to my camper Quetzalcoatl ascended, just returned, Quetzalcoatl expected in 1988 White. But only I returned.

Positive Charge of Gravity JesusChrist deposited in a chocolate drop shape of various sizes, for me, one of "the chosen few". I might as well break the limits for good reasons. Unless U.S. Armed Forces has to have me in command in a FEMA underground city for Sirius a red dwarf or gamma ray burst from NGC-2300 blowing-up to arrive, Military rule White America fight the future choose my rule, then to 1760 my little projector help me show the future prevent Civil War make farm machinery kill the rich fucking slaves, leading to Constitution leftist laws.

Age of Reason and later ideologies were great while they lasted, trying to convert the basically evil self-centered human animal always talking screaming shouting ranting and raving arguing world that cannot hear anyone else but themselves. So you have to be, or carry weapons to kill any of them from taking your stuff, so many people don't care will kill you for any reason alien liberal if you are White. My Power by Default kill them Military coup or put a spy chip in you?

I will ascend from the world in southern California in Debt Default.

Lee Harrison,

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