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"Bill Graham Presents"

The Third Party

The Preface Page


Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, 1995,
singing Samson and Delilah


  Dear God
The Logical Solution
Dictatorship Now!
From the Start
I Am Your Only Way Out
The Masters of Deception
The Fix
  El Nino

A final statement I want to add to my Preface Page is the following:

American citizens cannot solve their immigration problems without military force and guns. That could but does not need me to collect signatures to be The Third Party by legal means. Evil has always controlled governments in perpetuated corruption. France and Mexico did revolution justice, besides Russia. The American people could say get volunteers from France to chop the politicians heads off, like revolutions in Europe. Early America and Russia dissatisfied with monarchies differently. Fire bombings like the Russians did it Molotov Coctail protests in America. Fill places with gas, bomb the authorities. Peaceful solutions are found to be impossible against the rich and powerful, in control of everything. Mutiny. Military power take out the authorities, corruption, nationalize everything, a suicide mission, for American citizens to take at the end of the world from a corrupt political system. Enemies of the people have to be massacred by violent revolution concluding a coup after American mutiny push politicians off of their "fiscal cliff" default, in my dictatorship over police and military, the only way the people have to make a crooked political system pay off their national debt and eliminate the public enemies for their property and everything, for public uses. Mutiny pay the U.S. Debt! So regardless of any election year's elected I am the leader for Police and Military dictatorship, and get to arm White America under my Power by Default leadership enlist a Militia, to weed out half of the population in America for peace! Maybe can enemies for pet food or to export to grill than bury. And since friends have always been enemies I will treat everyone fair, while the American people eliminate the bad from the good for Socialism. Shelter then world war so common citizen has a world able to support a pleasant state of life on Earth hotter every year, unless 7 going on 8 billion more humans than in 1950 when Earth reached a billion people has to be reduced to 18th century for survival of White America, my file against rank Mutiny solution.

Everything on this planet is going to die at in a day from a dwarf star light its cover falling in 2020. But while looking back at the maps of the core of the Earth as big as the Moon under Russia, spinning west, the biggest hurricanes are now typhoons. Iron core up from center of the Earth reached Earth's top March 11, 2011, causing end of the world in Japan Haiti Chile and New Zealand, several months early for Short Count Mayan calendar end of the world. But Long Count December 21, 2012, was to end of the Milky Way Galaxy through asteroid to gas plane Jesus could be right about the end of the world, when it happened to Noah. Sign 2011 when the core of the Earth ran into the top of the world and bounced three times, in a 9.2 and then three 8.8 earthquakes followed by tsunami's and the Earth falling over 1.5 or more degrees with each earthquake, until falling over in a big one earthquake eruption, with Armageddon still good to happen in June. Several years to new fig leaf in 2020 in the Spring Earth's core blows Earth's top like it did in Siberia. Russia could bomb capitalists pigs on Wall Street missing Ukraine end of the world would help out ecology in the long run, if humanity wanted to restore the planet. To likely die a ugly bomb death toll civilizations, money selling crooked political system in secrecy plots over a fiscal cliff in American tax graft schemes. Government gasping for solvency until September 2014. Military Mutiny now! Bomb the political system's default to anarchy. I am the Power by Default to avenge all the military suicides near the other side again, if ninja vanish.

While there may not be time for any nation physically to survive polar reversal, up to 7 more said fig tree seasons of putting forth new leaf while time runs out for the people, to prevent economic anarchy. My rule can be what the citizen's opinion wants it to be Power by Default, put the rich in concentration camps for tribunals. Public Services Fire Department Police White U.S. Military Forces, better off with me in power by Default, to save their skins. Weed out bomb and shoot evil and corruption, illegal aliens and all their cousins with all the weapons and support, taking back White American ways. Except government representing American citizens, taking out public enemies and aristocrats, to finance my hiring and redistributing the wealth to work for, according to ability, a White American economy to bunker-in for the worst. Arctic ice melting faster and faster from bottom up for a super volcano, in starvation weather. Here I pass American citizens guns and order profile enemies of the people destroy, and liberate White America. Though for 6 years of traffic to these pages from a few dozen China spies? So now China Military is presently accepting new leadership for the same reasons I am for a military coup, against the graft in the Chinese Communist Party, at least. National Debt, wring it out of authority anarchy destroy the present system of authorities for the people, so citizens inherit government never be possible unless I am put in power.

This old history of rulers over the people ends in my U.S. Dictatorship public enemy death toll my Power by Default since 1996 now racist mutiny over U.S. Military, for Public Militia search and destroy "the system", rid American turf of alien illegal immigrant kinds, ration spoils of victory, so American citizens live longer than 2020. My martial law take all the bunkers, build underground with all of the money metals confiscated, I pay Americans to be in control of America's resources and future, leadership in a National Company/ with all of the resources. Soldiers and civilians divide the property from the enemy. While assets confiscated I pay workers on Ten Levels in money metal coins in notes green U.S. economy down to trappers, redneck public opinion in their communities. This will make me on paper in 1763. Concerted researches and developments to divide the types that partner in all the various communities a democracy for each majority, and wages according to the talents needed for all the particular industries.

Maybe every U.S. Citizen who wants to survive the biggest disaster in history could put me into power by default. Where my Default vote victories in all of the elections and national debt default is a excuse to destroy authority to get all the weapons to destroy criminals and corrupt political system for all their money. These instructions U.S. soldiers a Militia action as America's new Commander in Chief, I put back good old U.S. Military protocol in a ancient no holds bared America, to take spoils of victory purging America, bomb and shoot corruption, purging them out of U.S. communities with armed citizen's, in a house to house, supported, deportation and shark feed. Ushering out present system of government in America with White America socialism us against them, to concentration camp authorities to the people's tribunal. Recycle hard real money out of them I hire all the professional talent and labor skills White America, and student abilities develop. The public opinion demanding economy, my 1 to 10 million dollar jobs limit on wages, while the greedy are public enemies. If in big game hunting cleansing America citizen's militia, under military support I get all the volunteers in a chosen industrial field in employment tours, paying in gold and silver to work for, after we have to pick a gun and police show us all of the public enemies, bomb shoot or otherwise capture deport or to Farm, incorporate estates in my National Company for the workers, to share leadership. Community sentiments always the right ones might say feed them to things in the swamp or salt water aliens the bad. Huge drop in population reducing pollution. Recycle the bars for steel.

Militia under my U.S. Military command purge America of ethnic aliens and public enemies. Deport bomb can or feed to something. Soldier labor for making everything ourselves, get the work done in America advanced by the majority, after file against rank American citizen's mutiny, the people's soldiers Nationalize government and business survive ecosystem collapse social dictatorship my Power by Default by the People's Opinion Majorities, this my White America's own equal opportunity, divide confiscated goods, pardon white hate crimes let loose, or jailed hippies to release with drugs.

Most American citizens do not like the way things are going in their country, where the quality of life for them they say is constantly getting worse and worse, to have American soldiers mutiny, even if it is a suicide mission. I deploy to unknown county to apprehend the authorities, cleanse America. My leadership of a necessary Martial Law arming every able bodied American citizen ready to take liberty for White America. For profit and good. Taking from America's enemies in a us against them. Rockets and then road blocks, targeting non-Americans and their cousins so I coordinate business and government build underground fortified cities, conduct public tribunals and decide the fates of all the traitors subversives and aliens captured. No Nazi plot, ridding American People of all of our enemies. Plunder stock market, that sent American jobs out of the U.S.A. legislation of U.S. tax dollars for housing and caring for mostly ethnic aliens in America, and Foreign Aid. White America can only change America my way in martial law, to get in control of all of the capabilities to provide American citizens with all ways and means to save themselves from climate change and protected from gamma ray burst save and restore USA out of oblivion, or break on through to the other side spot hard to find as a needle in a hay stack I return before antibiotics the chemistry course.

Can there be a concerted effort before a world ending disaster? Scientists say it seldom ever happens, a polar magnetic reversal turning our world upside down. Where U.S. Military power old-time American discrimination can save the day. In deleting all of the laws unfair to National Americans Americans can take all of their freedoms and opportunities back. Throwing out some of the court martial verdicts in opinion majorities by soldiers. Then I employ qualified U.S. citizens to two year positions, duties in America's Company where corruption is removed for democracy! Citizenship opinion decide locally influence nationally their future. From the Majorities canceling some political treaties politicians made what American Citizens do not want. With me representing the Default votes I round up bomb the political system authorities church bank lawyer, and I will be on to early America.

It might only help me if Russia bombs U.S. government lesser and lesser good in their various offices anywhere. American soldiers had better bomb the command for the American people! Great spoils of victory through my U.S. Military command. All able bodied Americans America against political and corporate and criminal un-Americans. Racism nationalizing business build underground in mountains, fortify for annual Earth turn direct change! Here Americans take everything from the rich and kill them, or whoever fights back, to end for them like the above overall Negative Gravity Charge current sat down in a Russia Revolution, against the authorities, for strict controls on the greedy and evil human nature kill the rich take the money and power! Usually more police or ethics always seems to help utopia, after the state of wealth and power has the same limit, the land to divide to the communities, for a state of party and peace possible, all separately.

FEAR THIS: Earth's core hitting its top, top-heavy Earth wobbles violently and falls over, to destroy everyone on land or sea 2020 water and steam filled Earth iron core bubble up 6th time!

The safest place to be when the Earth changes its magnetic poles is in the air.

Earth's core spinning counter-clockwise starting in 1975, slipping northwest under Earth's flat top, spinning in the opposite direction hit the End of the World in 2011 Japan tsunami, and three other hits a tsunami. Earth's core expanding so fault slipped under Haiti then Chile and New Zealand, while spinning under Arctic Ocean over Siberia. So for now its typhoons two and three feet of rains, after causing nuclear meltdowns missed sideswiping the Earth at Yellowstone National Park. Volcanic pressure building up along an adjacent fault line must still be rising with lava pressure building up, core churning heat of friction. Core going northwest faster and faster apparently took a left turn to over Siberia makes Earth top heavy, when its bubble embeds into terra firma while spinning faster, getting hotter in water to steam inside the North Magnetic Pole Movement, iron-ball inside the Earth turning faster should pop where it stops and throw Earth upside down like by a wrestler. Iron-ball size of the Moon turning in an opposite direction began in 1975 when the last two "fountains of the deep" tubes broke off it spun off northwest to under Arctic Ocean, magnetism sphere under molten iron-nickel getting hotter, steam sphere spinning around under Arctic Ocean 5 core sample's math 2020 is "The BIG ONE" earthquake.

Everybody get together and give me support, because this is the end of time for the people, when White America better get its U.S. Military and U.S. Government straight now, if they want to live.

The Earth is going to blow it's top at

85° latitude west past Russia.

Download the polar map PDF

Long Count December 21, 2012, and Short Count December 24, 2011 end of the world happened:

In 2011 A.D. around the Pacific Ocean end of the world, earthquakes caused anarchy and chaos in 4 earthquakes and tsunami's. Global warming increasing quicker than expected from the iron ball the size of the Moon filled with water and steam expanded upon impact 4 times, blows its top in 2020. The Short Count Mayan calendar end of the world 2011 starting in Japan tsunami, world in expansion some vanish in Positive Gravity Charge. Polar reversal by earthquake NORTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT and SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT the astrology concluded on August 10, 3113 BCE Mayan calendar calculation to end of the world Aztec calendar destroyed four countries in its 2011 end, lethal radiation pouring into the Pacific Ocean killing all the fishing to the Atlantic Ocean. Star alignment that duplicated a last polar reversal star chart ended on December 24, 2011. December 21, 2012, the Earth began going through the disc around the Milky Way Galaxy. So two asteroids blew up over the Earth February 2013. North Magnetic Pole of the Earth obviously crashed into the Earth as hot as hell. To pop a methane gas fire at sea burns up the world until the Earth's oxygen for human survival is depleted. When Earth could collapse if the bubble comes out too far while exploding, if it lets out too much steam inside, even if my government overthrow gives the citizens money metals shares in a Bank, limited to interest.

Check these facts to see what you think of it. The cause of the "MOVEMENT" of the Earth's solid to be a magnet cooled by water inside, for it to be the magnetic iron core of the Earth, melting thinner every time it expands. Planet X stopped Earth wobble a passing magnetic core burnt out dark star "Sirius" like a "Red Dwarf Star" with brown dwarf in 2020 to lower left a 98% of the mass of the Sun collapsed star over eastern horizon all summer in 2006, "Sirius B" the only other candidate for Wormwood. But "the brightest star" in the sky in 2006 a tiny moon visible with my little binoculars, a blue planet behind a white dwarf it reflects. The other in 10 light years to only 6.5 light years, to 2005. Sun plus red dwarf speed in the Oort cloud, aimed at the Earth or the Sun. Comets and asteroids following from behind it at the Sun and Earth. Methane ice melts off Sirius coming around. A asteroid blows up over Russia, one beside Florida. Comets melt and break-up into pieces if they get too close to the Sun, Sirius B coming around closer to the Sun the blue planet civilization up at Mercury now from Planet X. Or our red dwarf, close enough to see Wormwood raise up break apart fall on the Moon and the Earth, in Revelation and Kolbrin, out of spot in the sky incoming New Star straight from here.

Red dwarf "Gliese 229", or Sirius with a bright blue illuminated planet in $30K home telescopes hides behind Sirius B. "Planet X" went by the sun. It's biggest planet visible came up to Earth so naked eye could see in 2006 orbiting it 6 moons, 2 on one side 1 on the other, and close to it sometimes a 7th moon including a far away or close up 3 moon triangle, Cortez' triangle. Planet X the Sun's Twin dead star expanded, its moon collapsed. Gliese 229B brown dwarf collapsed by a Red Dwarf Star. Sun' Twin little "white dwarf" caught former Sun planet orbiting behind it every 3.3 days. Wormwood frozen thaws to break apart and fall like another comet hit Jupiter, after going by the Sun. So maybe pieces of Wormwood might hit the Earth.

Half moon shaped the tiny dwarf star eclipse of the 10th Planet all summer 2006 made it look half moon in its upper right side of the 10th Planet, by mid June. The bright star Sirius sat here. Otherwise it is Thor's moon to its lower left on May 1, 2003, that will be up around in front of the star brightest in 2006, in 2020. Two stars up close, a red dwarf star suddenly appears out of the Oort cloud getting bigger and brighter to huge, shoots by Earth's face up close 5 times the size of the Sun in 2020, the other runs into the Sun or Earth gets in the way.


" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

last revised February 8, 2006

The Earth's Wobble Has Paused

What this portends, no one knows.


(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there

has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track

of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble

as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers

via email directly after this Bulletin."


This has to do with the axis Earth's core spins on, of the iron and nickel sphere solid 27% of the diameter of the Earth entirely up inside the northern hemisphere of the Earth, tilting west off of the axis of the Earth, which is obviously proceeding to blow out Earth's 85° latitude flat top somewhere around 85°. Sirius close enough to see naked eye 3 bright objects in a pyramid formation out in front of a Sirius planet, one with 6 sometimes 7 moons, and a new Saturn with the moon triangle, its 11th and 12th moon rose close-up to see two round new moons in August for 5 nights, in 2006. Sirius magnetism balanced Earth magnetism stabilized Earth to 3 1/2 weeks of no wobble. Earth's magnet getting hotter up here! Typhoons hurricanes you haven't seen anything yet! Global warming Default human population time bomb.

Earth falling over 1.5° east in every 8.8 earthquake, and tsunami, axis of core of the Earth up like a wrecking ball to Earth's flat top hit it four times in 2011. Planet X gone around behind the Sun February 19, 2007, so close the Sun's magnetic poles switched places in a day. That will be up as close as Neptune in 2020. While Earth top heavy from its core up in the northwest away from Earth's axis is certain to come out of the Earth as big as Alaska, out of 85° latitude, blowing out its steam pressure. That looks like U.S. Military had it right in 1997 for 2020. 2014 a U.S. National Debt Default year. I have time to break through to the other side, before U.S. defaults on debt politicians and lawyers and their friends with banks and businesses have in their accounts, who think they can put off forever their corrupt political system.

While the iron core of the Earth the size of the Moon spinning further and further off center from the Earth's axis every week it acts like an off-center load in a washing machine. But Sirius magnetism while in balance with Earth magnetism stopped the Earth from wobbling. Yet while it comes up closer than Neptune in 2020, Earth's core spinning faster than Earth does will throw Earth upside down when it digs in at magnetic north to blow up in Earth's top!


Before You Die

A Superior Race

Temples of the Sun

"Bill Graham Presents"




If everyone donated a dollar I would find out where everyone is coming from

The Third Party c/o Lee Harrison
P.O. Box 1273
Klamath Falls, Oregon


This program destroys these writings that

turn out this way and I am leadership for

2014 with a Declaration of Independence

and Constitution, maybe died in a crowd

at a inversion in 21st century relativity sell

this to a printer in 1763 leave US anarchy

to do my dirty work taking out the system,

lead White America in my racist leadership

bitter population explosion and hostility pill.

Genocide illegal's bad blood kinds&cousins

to get done myself, or a nuclear war will do.


Maybe another Age of Life will squirt out of

the Earth's core this time Earth blows its top,

when Earth's bubble inside bursts in warming

erupts. New life matures once out of the egg,

up to overpopulation always to an extinction.


Cosmicopia Shopping Mall


There is no time left for economic recovery another way

than I offer here, a U.S. military file against rank mutiny.

Ideally "Expansion Theory" of Mark McCutcheon using

"THE FINAL THEORY" take an anvil and drop it off of

a building show Earth is expanding that fast all around it,

as fast as anything falls to the ground the mass expanding

earth that can be splattered in colliders the light of matter

from six points of star light a clue, that atoms turn slowly,

pinwheel counter clockwise like smoke around a nucleus

to their ends of six currents of gravity so many a dark sky,

down the tube of the visible universe to the stars and earth.


The fall of matter to every sphere of energy found, once

started, by back pressure of gravity charge, exceeding a

limit upon the spheres of energy, to expanding Universe

the water at the center of every thus round world. Here

expansion steam, compressing Ocean inside Earth's iron

core kept cool enough to be a magnet, it expands faster

than the Earth, slinging it up to Arctic Circle around 85°,

west over Russia, to somewhere to blow-up 85° latitude

wherever axis runs into it to blows-up in Earth's top, that

wobbles top heavy, violently flips off of its axis in a day a

polar reversal, like the sun did on 2/19/2007, should blow

out all of its internal steam pressure, if collapses the world,

Hollow Earth, flood up to mountain shelter or Jesus Christ.


My "Theory of Everything" might help a world better

off with only approximations. Gravity x Light = Mass

the matter charge splattering out of atoms in colliders.

I will bomb to stop it and splatter scholars with power,

harness circuit for physics current to matter Two Gods.


Luckily I was told where to find the substance to "see

God" wounded in its left side personified, my friends there.

Gravity Currents reign side by side separated by Light.

Religion world physical dimension obsession and phone




E = m times current input flowing output gravity charge expanding.

E = ml squared + Area in the Earth's core x Steam squared?

Something equivalent Ek = 1/2mv squared x Area x S square

expanding faster, Universe has to run out of the hollow space

which is not expanding. Universe is expanding in outer space!


While the "c" in Einstein equation is a positive gravity charge

attracted to places deposited to have to pick one of them it

is insane rather than die Gravity x Light = Mass the same as

Input x Output = Energy in expansion over length of universe

proportionate every point in time mass flooding the Universe.


Calculate with known certainty specific end result of Earth's

core spinning faster and faster since 1975 should hit Earth at

85° latitude on or about time U.S. Defaults on Debt, the free

from fountains of the deep Earth's core melting Arctic ice cap

meltdowns poisoning the people into starvation and bad water

Arctic Vortex to Canada during a warming to 2047 manmade

globally. Big hurricanes bunches of tornadoes, to big typhoons!

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Religion was invented by the left half of the human brain, which is a malicious scheme to control a populace with the illusion that there is a God that cares. So you might as well save yourself from aging and death on a God deposit, but take pictures of its surface tension in the shallow around it and back to break through sight to get to the past if not eternal life, means your stuck up there, or come down. Morals acting like physical elements that normally flow through restricted areas under right conditions. Wrong action resulting in events always disastrous accordingly. Lucky I do not know other people personally, while making this creation possible, only listening. Mostly crime reports and sports, only to have to believe in my self continuously to stay on the narrow path to salvation blow up Pentagon in a file against rank Mutiny taking out the command. American revolution for my American soldier Coup leadership, picking from students in schools all the qualifications for government services and industries. Labor in two years of duty from choices available, all the worker types in labor pools. Colleges run industry for national survival build the people's economic security, or the people can "T-bone" the rich in a vehicle if we can't take out the system in a Mutiny and a Coup!


P.O. Box 1743

Sumas, WA 98295

client support:

"Work-At-Home Companies" turns out are

"Advance Fee Loan Scams", and they are

"Proliferating". "Work-At-Home Schemes"

as, Phone:

1-866-302-6475, instead of a cash Grant

you get a fake Grant "of no cash value" to

kill all the locked-up criminals and at large

criminals to sharks save three trillion dollars

on prisoners in an "evil empire" to lock it up,

tribunal political government. Globalwarming

great for Russian beach life. Where Socialism

is not working after they shot down a shuttle,

that melted down a Chernobyl cooling room.

I saw a Russian girl in Russia got caught with a bomb of "mass destruction", who did not look like she was a bad person. So the plot had to be against political society changes, and disregard of Socialism. While the American citizen these days might as well blow up with their bombs the authorities and rich than get caught, as Russians in D.C. are on the target, change of heart would help Socialism and White Power unite.

Things are not perfect in Russia either: When some Russian was going home from a bar was accosted by one of his countryman. That in the heat of the fight he killed his countryman, which he dragged home with him to chop up and boil to eat. He said it was bad. So he grilled him and told his family it was "kangaroo". Well he is in a high security prison in Russia now, I guess for life! I'll poll put the bad in salsa illegal's and the political system, if not all feed to predators export, public enemies of American people to grill as "Kangaroo Brand" pack as pet food and burn all the bones to dust.

An asteroid exploded over a city east of Moscow, Russia, blowing out windows like a neutron bomb, sending over 1,000 people to the hospital and damaging over 3,000 buildings. People there joked about it, probably saying at least it was not the one that blew up over Siberia a hundred years ago! Although they cannot understand that the Earth began crossing edge of Milky Way Galaxy from top to bottom will last a thousand year reign, of going through a field of asteroids to get through them, since December 21, 2012. Expect that there will be days when asteroids will be blowing up left and right. Some will hit Earth. Where there is a need to build cities fortified underground up in the mountains. The powers that-be all stakes, exported and or pet food. Whatever the people say is okay. Unless life is panic button time to see if my key still works to break on through to the other side find out what "God".is good for.

December 21 "end of the world" 2012, in the Milky Way Galaxy edge to the gasses.

Hubble Space Telescope consecution of the visible universe, down a tube, spectrum. The much bigger than Milky Way Galaxy 87% of Universe turning faster and faster accumulating mass and energy faster than any of its galaxies, out of zero on the map, out to visible universe the 87% expanded out to NGC2300, burning a galaxy to hydrogen gas maybe blew up so anytime gamma ray burst hits Earth faster than light.

No one will be ready for Reversal, unless they are in strong shelters. Plainly here two thirds of the galaxies in the Universe cluster along a tube around its center. From most galaxies to least galaxies all around its infinite length of dark 87% expanding faster than its 13%, with water and steam down center of the universal black hole, from where the water in the center of the world came from in the sudden creation. I could see it coming at me in 1973 at a Nishren Buddhist initiation to up close enough to see the static electrical discharges from the turning coils of the Universe expanding up against its length, of the visible universe, out to its red shifts. The white line down each center galaxies, thus tubular Universe, where 87% consumes galaxies the circuit of gravity. It shorting out coincidently over fiscal cliff for a U.S. military mutiny taking underground shelters eliminating public enemies, search and destroy, like a war game going from room to room, disposing of the public enemies, in a final American Revolution.

Meanwhile Planet X is coming back around the Earth to up close enough for a dwarf star to rise up and fall apart, like a Egyptian said in Moses time. Where U.S. Military was right in digging up samples of 5 different directions the Earth turned calculated 2020 is the next polar reversal. The Sun's Twin, Sirius close as Neptune, magnetism will change the direction Earth spins, cause tsunami and earthquakes and volcanism! Escape routes privately owned you might have to kill security guards on somebody's property to ascend, from a power spot, if I were you. Or steal the power to other hills, where to get it done there! Unless no one is there in the hot weather I get away to return to the past from the other side, to start a American revolution when I leave!

This is the worst year for storms. But the worst is not expected until 2020. While the billions are destroyed by the weather not to mention a bigger earthquake followed by 8.8 earthquakes like in 2011 end of the world, slow like a snake bite, predicted in Central America. Big as the Death Star behind a force field at Mercury waits like an enemy behind camouflage to inherit Earth, in polar reversal, mine more of something.

Where I have time to warm weather to vanish in a crowd for a miracle. If I don't have to perform a miracle in power with military force, so all the countries take back their immigrants and destroy the bad and criminal minds, for all the money pay back all of the debts, recycle all the bars, leaving only a Socialist Confederation building cities into mountains, putting a defensive dome over the world, and getting a camera come up around Mercury behind that UFO at Mercury. I'll find what it is doing. Build cities into mountains and put a defensive dome over the world and get a camera come up around Mercury behind that UFO at Mercury, to find what aliens are doing. Packing a load of missiles just in case there is any reason for alarm, if I have to bomb that UFO.

PS: The nigger President's secret bill passed in Congress for July 1st, 2014, the U.S. House of Representatives Bill "H. R. 2847" goes into effect. It will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar, and will make millions of Americans poorer, overnight. You have these several months to prepare. After Mussolini lost power the people hanged him on a meat hook, after they killed him. The Government to the top some of them will be hanged on a meat hook alive, yes or no vote by the people, July 1 U.S. Government falls, that I could accomplish through a complete Mutiny of U.S. forces for democracy!

But over in Russia I would have evacuated the surrounding areas around Chechnya, that Russia should have done in their war with them, to Bomb the place. While these people can break all of the electrical circuits on Earth from Mercury I have a plan for that. When on Earth Russia will inherit Indian Ocean port after Israel inherits promise land, course of events this June that will reshape Russia in July, help us God in my martial law.

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    On this date, U.S. House of Representatives Bill "H.R. 2847" goes into effect. It will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar, and will make millions of ...
    Congressional Record, Volume 159 Issue 111 (Tuesday, July 30, 2013) Congress Gangland

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