Honor the Grateful Dead

"Bill Graham Presents"

The Third Party

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Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, 1995,
singing Samson and Delilah


  Dear God
The Logical Solution
Dictatorship Now!
From the Start
I Am Your Only Way Out
The Masters of Deception
The Fix
  El Nino

As American people's leader by Default racism I speak for the Majority:

American citizens cannot solve their immigration problems without military force and guns. That could but does not need me to collect signatures to be The Third Party by legal means, with millions of dollars to spend on it. Evil has always controlled governments in perpetual corruption, taking bribes. France and Mexico did a revolution justice, like in Russia. Radical U.S. Armed Forces blow-up the enemies of Americans in D.C. etcetera, volunteers from France chop the authorities heads off, for a shark feast. Radiation from Japan will kill all the sharks in the Pacific Ocean. A better job at cleaning up on corruption than revolutions in Europe use to do, with their aristocracies. Take their cars and everything, legal system at law their lives, and their wealth to run my martial law. While getting islam out of the United States plunder church and state, to pay off US National Debt so I get the war done right in the Middle East. But have not got the first thing right until here. With only time left to get a picture of the 3rd red Moon, before I go start faith in demonstrating breaking on through to the other side. To either stuck in gravity charge with friends, or if the element has memory of the past for physics to go, with will power to get around in there, prepared to wind up running racism in Early America, Revolution for the American colonies, to rid itself of aristocracies, like France and Russia, dissatisfied with monarchies. Channel revolutionary forces to form a world confederation. Maybe in bombings like Russia did with Molotov Cocktail, America. In debt default take back the Debt in a shoot out, gas or bomb the authorities, in my US Armed Forces change of Command. Bulldoze US government, and restore the hill. Peaceful solutions are found out to be impossible against the rich and powerful, controlling everything. Kill them in suicides the only way for US Armed Forces to take out government and the authorities. On a mission for your principles, at the end of the world policy of taking back opportunities and freedoms of the past from lawyer politician church and state, and criminals and their organizations. Rights continually compromised for the rich and all their authorities, for their own gain. The people might tell me to kill them all a way they say, or any way I say. I might have time to make democracy in the USA, in old fashioned American reasoning after a real revolution.

Enemies of the people have to be massacred, violent revolution concluding military coup, after Armed Forces mutiny, push lawyers and stock holders off the "Fiscal Cliff". My dictatorship over police and military, in Power by Default, our only way out of it citizens make the crooked political system pay off their national debt, detained for tribunal eliminate public enemies, and inmates, and take all their wealth for public uses. Need missile, U.S. Debt over the bodies of all the elected. Leadership for Police and Military. My dictatorship to arm White America, under my Power by Default, enlist a Militia to eliminate half of the population in America, for peace! Canning enemies for pet food and export to grill, rather than bury. But since friends are enemies I will treat everyone fair. American people eliminating the bad from the good for Socialism, in a Militia, then world war to make the world able to support a pleasant state of life on Earth again. Weather getting hotter every year because 7 going on 8 billion more humans than in 1950, when Earth reached a billion people. Why should I care to wait around for 6 more months to see what happens after the 4 red full Moons, the other 2 in 2015. Whole soul and all have all winter to get my skin to a miracle at the crossroads to Early America somewhere, offer manufacturing and socioeconomic corporation dividends. But U.S. File against Rank mutiny issue weapons go racist berserk now.

Everything on this planet certain to die 6 months after the last of 4 red moons, when the sunlight goes out. A red dwarf starlight bending over the sun from behind it runs into the sun in 2016, before Planet X white dwarf is up close in 2020. Look back at the maps of the core of the Earth as big as the Moon, under Russia spinning west, stretching Earth its biggest hurricanes and now typhoons and Pineapple Express up the west coast U.S.. Magnetic core up from knocking a peninsula into Antarctica, reached Earth's top March 11, 2011, end of the world in Japan Haiti Chile and New Zealand, several months early for Short Count Mayan calendar end of the Sun's orbit. Before Long Count December 21, 2012 to end of the Milky Way Galaxy turn around back through asteroids and later gas. Is Jesus right about the end of the world in the season it happened to Noah, April. End of the world earthquakes beginning in Alaska in 1964, from Earth's core breaking off fountains of the deep finally broken off in 1975. March 11, 2011 core of the Earth ran into the top of the world and bounced three times, after a 9.2 three 8.8 earthquakes followed by a tsunami, and the Earth falling over 1.5 or more degrees in every big earthquake. Until falling over in a Big One earthquake, after an Armageddon happens, before a star hits the Sun. Two years to new fig leaf in 2016 Israel. Or dirty bombs and nuclear war before Earth blows its top like in Siberia. Russia might as well bomb capitalists pigs and Wall Street, in Ukraine USSR end of the world, help out ecology in the long run. Japan restored Japan to 50 thousand years of radiation, rising in seafood. Another ugly bomb death toll race problem and gangland in the White House to apprehend or destroy, better to bomb them while taking back America. Militia hunting down all the crooked political system and secrecy plots creating a fiscal cliff inflation after July 1, 2014, in tax graft schemes government gasping for solvency. Sabotage it, suicide mission, American People no matter what November, Mutiny now! Power by Default. Anarchy otherwise, than ecology. If the people say okay I avenge military suicides. With volunteers suicide nuke islam. When I will vanish the ninja's vanish.

There is time for the nations to physically to survive polar reversal, 2 more red Moons to 4 in a row before a red dwarf star hits the sun in APRIL 2016 time to be prepared. Anarchy and chaos, or my kind of rule citizens opinion on immigration policy in Power by Default. So government in concentration camps for tribunals. Public Services Fire Department Police, White U.S.A. Armed Forces. Better off with me in power by Default to save our skins. Bomb and shoot evil and corruption, illegal aliens and all their cousins. With all the weapons and support take back the old White American ways, if US government ever represented American citizens. Kill public enemies and aristocrats. Reasonable cut of wealth to work for, according to ability. A White American industry to bunker in for the worst. Arctic ice melting faster and faster from bottom up, end of last Ice Age. Starvation weather. I offer American citizens guns. Profile enemies of the people to destroy and liberate White America. 10 years of trying to correct this page, up to 95 countries visitors, spies the China Military 100? That hopefully accepted the new military leadership with same reasons I am calling for a military overthrow against graft in USA, in a action against the Chinese Communist Party corruption. Here in National Debt let me wring it out of the political and economic system, wealth, besides out of religions, while destroying the authorities. So American people inherit U.S. government, my Command in a revolution for redistribution of wealth!

This old history of rulers over the people ends in my U.S. Dictatorship. Public enemy death toll, Power by Default since 1996 for my racist mutiny. U.S. Armed Forces overthrow of government, then Public Militia search and destroy "the system" and rid American turf of alien and illegal immigrants. Ration spoils of victory, where American citizens live longer than 2020. My martial law taking all the bunkers build underground, with money metals confiscated pay Americans to be in control of America's resources and their future. My leadership of the National Company with all the resources and soldiers and civilians, divide property from the enemy. To treasury gold and silver confiscated, where I pay workers on Ten Levels. In money metal coins and notes. Green for U.S. economy down to trappers and small land owner redneck back woods, no tax. Busy with public opinion possibility and workers available redistribute to all the communities their share. Or this has a better chance of selling on paper in 1763, begin research and development I probably could get a start with proceeds from showing mp4's. Promote divide up the types in friendship communities democracy with all their majorities to represent jobs for wages, according talent needed in industry. Or this winter deep in a city to do without sun and polar reversal to grow greens for beef!

Maybe every US Citizen who wants to survive the biggest disaster in history puts me into Power by Default. Default vote victories in all of the elections and by national debt default my excuse to assault authorities, issue weapons. Destroy criminals and corrupt political system take all they have. My instructions U.S. soldier in revolution take America, capture or destroy authority, take back good old U.S. Military protocol in a no holds bared purge of society, for all of the spoils of victory to have, in America, bombing and shooting corruption to purge a out of U.S. territories. With armed citizens in a house to house supported deportation, for a shark feed usher out the present system of government in America for my White male American socialism, in a us against them concentration camp authority for American citizens a tribunal. Recycle money metals from of them, hire and train all the professional talent and labor skills White America student abilities to develop. Congress and all that canned or fed to hungry things. All the booty finances economy employed on a 1 to 10 million dollar limit, with everyone only one house. Greedy public enemies, big game hunt, cleanse America, citizens militia, U.S. Military support. Volunteers to each a chosen industrial field, employment tours, paid in gold and silver and all picking out a gun and police show us all of the public enemies where to bomb and shoot or capture to deport or to Farm. Divide wealth accordingly in my economy so the workers can share leadership. Community sentiment right ones might say, feed them all to things in swamp or salt water or predator available all the gangs illegal's and the bad. Population control to reduce pollution. Recycle the jail bars for steel to build a future deep in mountain tops all over for life after Sun everyone else a good night.

Militia under my U.S. Armed Forces Command purge America of ethnic aliens and public enemies, to deport bomb can and feed to something. American labor to make everything ourselves. Work gets done in America advanced by the contributors to industry and manufacturing, and services. After D-Day "file" against "rank" or recruit citizens mutiny. Their children all soldiers nationalize government pay in gold and silver reverse collapse of the dollar at home social dictatorship, Power by Default support the Public Opinion Majorities for White America's superior opportunity. Dividing victory goods, pardoning white hate crimes, and any jailed hippies to release with drugs to sell, to the $10 million limit.

Most American citizens do not like the way things are going in their country, where the quality of life for them they say is constantly getting worse and worse. So the American peoples soldiers tell take over, even if only in a suicide mission effort. Deploy to their county to apprehend leftist and non Americans, I cleanse America my leadership in a necessary Martial Law. Arming every able bodied White American Citizen ready to take liberty for White American profit and good confiscating all from America's enemies in a us against them. Rockets and then road blocks, targeting non-Americans and their cousins coordinate business and government and expand underground fortified cities. Conduct public tribunals to decide fate of all the traitors, subversives and aliens captured. No Nazi plot. Just only ridding American People of all of our enemies. Confiscating stock market shares from business sending American jobs out of USA capture legislators and U.S. tax dollars for housing and caring for mostly ethnic aliens in America. Stop Foreign Aid and let it all turn into world war. White America to change back everything martial law, rebuild all of the capabilities to provide American citizens with all the ways and means to save themselves from a solar disaster. Earth's back protected from gamma ray burst, I save and restore USA out of oblivion. Banks take all the accounts fiscal cliff or break on through to the other side week, to return to before antibiotics with chemistry courses and formulas to big nuggets.

Can there be a concerted effort before world ending disaster scientists say seldom ever happens, polar magnetic reversal turns Earth upside down. But under my U.S. Military power old-time American discrimination I save the day, delete laws unfair to National Americans, take all of our freedoms and opportunities back. Throwing out some court martial verdicts, in opinion majorities by soldiers. Hire qualified U.S. citizens to two year duty positions, in America's Company. Crime types removed from democracy! Citizenship opinions decided locally influence nationally all their futures. Majorities cancel some political treaties politicians made, what American citizens do not want. In Debt Default tear gas. Round up political system authority, church bank and lawyer. So I show up in early America.

It might only help me if Russia bombs U.S. government, lesser and lesser popular in their various offices anywhere in America. Soldiers best storm the Command. Take it out for the American people! My U.S. Armed Forces Command. Able bodied Americans against political and corporate crime. Racism back to normal colleges run business. Military build into mountains fortified for annual Earth reversal now a red dwarf. Kill the powers that be, that fight back, my deport or kill enemies policy. Forever public enemies and bad will overall Negative Gravity Charge current like sat down in Russia killing the authorities put strict controls on the greedy evil human nature. Taking the money and property! Where usually more police, or ethics, seems to help utopia. Wealth and power here has an equal pile of gold reserved for each level of potential. Equally sharing land and job security. Free to party and peace or die from an overdose of anything or call 911 otherwise.

FEAR THIS: Earth's core hitting its top, top-heavy Earth wobbles violently and falls over, to destroy everyone on land or sea, turning 2020 water and steam filled Earth iron core bubble up, 6th Reversal!

The safest place to be when the Earth changes its magnetic poles is in the air.

Earth's core spinning counter-clockwise starting in 1975, spinning slipping northwest under Earth's flat top turning in a opposite direction, hit End of the World in 2011 Japan tsunami followed by three other hits a tsunami Earth's core bounced west. Fault slip under Haiti, then Chile and New Zealand, under Arctic Ocean from here to over Siberia. 2014 it was typhoons and two or three feet of rains in 10000 earthquakes at sea after 3 nuclear meltdowns Earth's core missed sideswiping the Earth at Yellowstone National Park, mountain rising, pressures up along a adjacent fault line maybe still rising up with the lava pressure. Deep under core churns heat friction going northwest faster and faster apparently took a left turn to over Siberia making Earth dangerously top heavy a bubble spinning to over Iceland, to embed in terra firma while spinning faster. Water steam inside the North Magnetic Pole Movement iron ball inside Earth turning faster should pop where it stops and throw Earth upside down like by a wrestler. Iron-ball size of the Moon turning in a opposite direction beginning in 1975 when the last two "fountains of the deep" were broken off spun off northwest up to Arctic Ocean. Earth magnetic sphere under iron-nickel getting hotter, steam sphere spinning around under Arctic Ocean army 5 core sample's chart math 2020 "The BIG ONE" earthquake Earth's core blows-up and 4th red moon until red dwarf star hits Sun here this long moon rises up falls apart on Moon and the Earth brown dwarf "Wormwood". But a surprise to me to hear that ancient Egyptians believed only "the pure in heart" will pass on to God.

Everybody get together and give me support, because this is the end of time for the people, when White America better get its U.S. Military and U.S. Government White now, if they want to live.

The Earth is going to blow it's top at

85° latitude west, past Russia.

Download the polar map PDF

Long Count December 21, 2012, and Short Count December 24, 2011 end of the Milky Way:

In 2011 A.D. around the Pacific Ocean end of the world earthquakes caused anarchy and chaos 4 times with tsunami each Global warming increasing quicker than expected an iron ball the size of the Moon filled with water and steam stretched Earth by it's top 4 times blows its top in 2020. Short Count Mayan calendar end of the world 2011 already happened, in Japan tsunami, in 4 2011 Earth expansions I will take to May to break through to the Positive Charge of gravity since I know where they are. Polar reversals NORTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT to SOUTH MAGNETIC POLE MOVEMENT the last astrology concluded on August 10, 3113 BCE Mayan calendar calculation to end of solar orbit. Aztec calendar end destroyed thousands in four countries, in 2011 end turn. Lethal radiation pouring into Pacific Ocean poisoning all the fishing for 50000 years end of the Sun orbit across star chart, end of the Milky Way Galaxy December 24, 2011, arc to December 21, 2012 Earth began going through the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. So two asteroids blew up one over Russia, one by Florida February 2013. North Magnetic Pole of the Earth crashed into the Earth as hot as hell, going to pop a methane gas fire at sea burning up 2020 world until Earth's oxygen for human survival is burned up, or after 4 red moons to April full Moon in 2016. Earth could collapse if its bubble comes out too far a blow-out, if Earth's core lets out too much steam. Even if I am the new government with Bank for every citizen equal share polar reversal 2020, unless a star rapidly coming up behind the Sun reflecting its red over it on 4 Moons is less than 2 years before hitting Sun. Or in my leadership we the people beat all the odds.

Check these facts to see what you think of it. The cause of the "MOVEMENT" of the Earth's solid to be a magnet, cooled by water inside for it to be the magnetic core of the world melting thinner, every time it expands. Planet X stopped Earth wobble, passing magnetic core burnt out dark star "Sirius", or its a "Red Dwarf Star" with brown dwarf in 2020 to lower left a 98% of the mass of the Sun collapsed star over eastern horizon all summer in 2006 "Sirius B" the only other candidate for Wormwood, at "the brightest star" in the sky in 2006 a tiny moon I could see with my little binoculars a blue planet behind a white dwarf reflecting it. Red other in 10 light years to only 6.5 light years to 2005 Sun with a red dwarf catching up to it from the Oort cloud, aimed at the Earth and the Sun. Comets and asteroids following it coming around the Sun and Earth. Methane ice melts off Sirius coming around closer. An asteroid blew up over Russia another over Florida Nostradamus said would hit Europe. Comets melt and break-up in pieces if they get too close to the Sun. But it's the red dwarf star coming straight in that hits the Sun, with Planet X civilization ship hiding at Mercury waiting for it to happen. The red dwarf two more red Moons 6 months. Wormwood raises up breaks apart and falls on Moon and Earth in Revelation and Kolbrin. Out of spot in the sky incoming New Star out of here coincidently close Planet X a red dwarf star cross paths 2020 a white dwarf star and 2016 star with a brown dwarf rises falls apart.

Red dwarf "Gliese 229" or Sirius A with a bright blue illuminated planet in $30,000 home telescopes hides behind Sirius B. "Planet X" went by the sun. One of two new planets visible came up to Earth so naked eye could see in 2006 orbiting it 6 moons. 2 on one side 1 on the other, and up close to it sometimes a 7th moon, and a far away or close up 3 moon triangle: Cortez' triangle. Planet X the Sun's Twin dead star its offshoot expanded and collapsed white dwarf. With what Planet X ran into between Jupiter and Mars. Gliese 229B brown dwarf collapsed, beside a Red Dwarf Star. But Planet X little "white dwarf" caught former Sun planet orbiting behind it every 3.3 days. Most likely the "brown dwarf" is Wormwood, frozen thaws when the red dwarf hits the Sun, breaks apart and falls apart like a comet that hit Jupiter. Asteroids coming around the Sun closer than Mars in 2016. Pieces of Wormwood hit Earth from a Red Dwarf star that hits the Sun.

Half moon shaped a tiny dwarf star eclipsed the 10th Planet all of summer 2006, that made it look half moon from its upper right side of the 10th Planet by mid June. Until brightest star Sirius sat here. Thor moon to its lower left on May 1, 2003 at first sight that will be up around in front of the star brightest in 2006 in 2020 Planet X close as Neptune. A red dwarf star suddenly appears out of the Oort cloud getting bigger and brighter to huge shoots by the Earth up close 5 times the size of the Sun in 2016, Planet X in 2020 close as Neptune, Red Dwarf Star hits Sun in April 2016.


" Earth Systems Polar Motion Monitor

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

last revised February 8, 2006

The Earth's Wobble Has Paused

What this portends, no one knows.


(ECB - February 8, 2006, MWM) For at least three and a half weeks there

has been almost no movement of the spin axis in the normal spiral track

of Chandler's Wobble. See an extensive analysis of the pause in the wobble

as of February 8, 2006 at the web site. It is also being sent to subscribers

via email directly after this Bulletin."


This has to do with the axis Earth's core spins on, of the iron and nickel sphere a solid 27% of the diameter of the Earth entirely up inside the northern hemisphere of the Earth, tilting west off of the axis of the Earth obviously proceeding to blow out steam longer Arctic Vortex stretched against Earth 85° latitude flat top going west around 85°. Sirius close enough to see naked eye 3 bright objects in a pyramid formation out in front of a Sirius planet with 6 sometimes 7 moons, and another Jupiter. After the 7 moon planet sat its moon triangle went to the new Jupiter, last an 11th and 12th moon of it was up-close over Hogback, two little round circles, August mornings for 5 dawns in 2006. Sirius magnetism balanced Earth magnetism stabilized the Earth for 3 1/2 weeks of not wobbling. Earth's magnet getting hotter here! Core against 85° spinning west under Russia. Typhoons you haven't seen anything yet! Global warming, Debt Default July 1st, human population time bomb 4 red Moons 2 more, Earth's core presses against 85 degrees latitude spinning faster and faster until it explodes April a end.

Earth falling over 1.5° east in every 8.8 earthquake and tsunami axis of core of the Earth up like a wrecking ball to Earth's flat top, hit it four times in 2011. Planet X gone around behind the Sun to so close on February 19, 2007, the Sun's magnetic poles switched places in a day. That will be up as close as Neptune in Spring 2020. Earth top heavy from its core up in the northwest away from Earth's axis, certain to come out of the Earth as big as Alaska around 85° latitude, bubble blowing out steam pressure that looks like U.S. Military had it right in 1997 for 2020. The U.S. National Debt Default voting Mutiny now! While I pick a place to break through to the other side kill politicians and lawyers and their friends with banks and businesses. Take all of their accounts. Always thinking they can put off forever their corrupt political system by making the people pay their debts target the rich. Most of them the people should kill or die before swat team shows up like we hear about all the time.

Meanwhile iron core of the Earth the size of the Moon now spinning further and further off angle from Earth's axis every week, where Earth acts like an off-center load in a washing machine. But Sirius magnetism while in balance with Earth magnetism stopped Earth from wobbling in 2006 was coming by now coming up around Australia 14 years until close as Neptune, in 2020. Earth's core spinning faster than Earth produces a heat wave that throws Earth upside down while digging in at 85 degrees latitude, all heated up from spinning faster Earth's magnetic north blows up Earth's top shook if a red dwarf star hits Sun it knocks out.


Before You Die

A Superior Race

Temples of the Sun

"Bill Graham Presents"





This is the rest of the future I will have to show in the past evil of capitalism. No one ever had any gripes or comments about anything on these pages, to change.

The Third Party c/o Lee Harrison
P.O. Box 1273
Klamath Falls, Oregon


I will be leaving in June. Leaving can't pay

Interest on a $100 trillion in National Debt,

spell WWIII. Unless this world is under my

Socialism. US Declaration of Independence

and Constitution, vanish in a crowd through

JesusChrist deposit in 21st century relativity,

to printer in 1760, to leave US Armed Forces

do my dirty work, we exterminate the system.


Restoring White America, my racist leadership

bitter population explosion and hostility pill, to

can illegal's bad blood kinds, to all their cousins

maybe get it done myself nuclear war hardware

and wounded volunteers and other suicide wish.


Maybe another Age of Life will squirt out of

the Earth's core this time Earth blows it's top,

in 2020 like it did a 100,000 years ago 5 core

samples, new life matures once out of an egg,

up to overpopulation, usually then extinction.


Cosmicopia Shopping Mall

There is no time left for economic recovery another way

than I offer here a armed forces file against rank mutiny.

Like a "Expansion Theory" of Mark McCutcheon quest,

"THE FINAL THEORY". Take an anvil and drop it off

a building show Earth is expanding that fast all around it,

as fast as anything falls to the ground the mass expanding

earth, splattered in colliders substance of a sticky gravity.

While 6 points of star light a clue, that atoms turn slowly,

pinwheel counter clockwise matter in a smoke to nucleus.

Down 6 ends of current to every atom, black sky so many

down the tube of visible universe to stars, to earth objects.


With matter flood to every atomic particle. Beginning the

circuits until back pressure of gravity charge close circuit

reflex of mass saturation suddenly expands the Universe.

Fountains of water spring out, of every thus round world,

water pressure ocean inside Earth's iron core still keeping

it cool enough to be a magnet expanding faster than Earth

making it egg shaped, flung away to Arctic Circle latitude

crossing over Russia. Somewhere to blow-up 85° latitude.

Bubble's axis digs into Earth spin will blow-up Earth's top

2020, top heavy wobble suddenly flips Earth over in a day,

in Polar Reversal like the Sun did in 2/19/2007 might blow

out all the internal steam pressure collapsing the Earth Hell

fills with lava. Flood up to mountain shelter to Jesus Christ.


My "Theory of Everything" might help a world better

off with only approximations. Gravity x Light = Mass

for matter charge splattering out of atoms in colliders

I stop and splatter the scholars in my Power by Default

harness gravity current, collect circuit of the Two Gods.


Luckily I was told where to find the "truth", scriptural

God wounded in its left side of Christ my friends there.

Gravity Currents reign side by side. Separated by Light!

Religion world physical dimension obsession and phones,

authority and their friends DISBELIEVERS GO TO HELL.



E = m times current input charge flow the output gravity expands mass.

E = ml squared + Area in Earth's core x Steam there squared

or another equivalent Ek = 1/2mv squared x Area x S squared.

Universe expanding faster has to run out of hollow black space

not expanding but Universe is expanding, space can only fill in!


While the "c" in Einstein equation is a positive gravity charge.

Attracting to where it deposits. To ascend from one of them is

insanity rather than die? Gravity x Light = Mass here. Same as

Input x Output = Energy the expansion over length of universe

proportionate at every point in time. Matter flooding Universe.


Calculate with certainty the end result of Earth's core turning

faster and faster since 1975 to a point that already hit Earth's

85° latitude over Japan before USA Defaulted on Debt July,

free from fountains of the deep Earth, core melts the ice cap,

meltdowns poisoning fishing, to starvation without sea food.


Majority of the American people don't vote or gun go berserk.

Arctic Vortex over Canada, Earth's core pressing up on Russia,

tropical storms tornado bunches, typhoons, cyclones volcanoes,

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College says religion was invented by the left half of the human brain, that has proven since the beginning of religions they are a malicious scheme to control a populace with the illusion there is a God that cares, for the money and power in it, only laws of science and math. So the empires came and went, bigger now for wealth and power that corrupts corrupted every time. If the people want religion they can nationalize it, in with everything else take all of its profits and destroy the resistance, getting rid of illegal aliens and aliens. While there are proven methods you find out by accident, or intension, a way to get into the other side, breaking through it from aging and death. I will take pictures of its surface tension with my GoPro in the shallows around it, to prove a new element exists to put on the charts. Forget the good times and the bad times and break through to the other side. Eternal life, to be able to come back if you did not die getting there. Religion best only with monuments built around town with all the moral commandments to be reminded of. Where everyone has plenty of money to work for, in my government with wealth and power confiscated from the powers that be. Even if we have to blow up other peoples countries if they are a threat to Americans, in my religion of doing right. Morals, acting like physical elements that normally flow through restricted areas under right conditions. Wrong action resulting in events always disastrous accordingly. Lucky I do not know other people personally, keeping my attention that makes this creation possible, listening and watching. Mostly crime reports and sports media, enemies of American people. Only having to believe in my self continuously I stay on the narrow path to salvation. Blow-up the Command in a File against Rank Mutiny taking out the system with tear gas. To confine them for a tribunal. American revolution the soldiers of the American people mutiny leadership to take out the system to pay its Debt, owed to the people. And pick from students in schools the qualifications for government services and industries. Labor in two years of duty, from the classes available, each worker type in labor pools. Colleges run industry for national survival, engineer the people's economic security. Or in a road rage the people can just "T-bone" the high priced vehicles coming down the road, if we cannot take out the system without Mutiny followed by military Coup, right away.


P.O. Box 1743

Sumas, WA 98295

client support:

"Work-At-Home Companies" turns out are

"Advance Fee Loan Scams". And they are

"Proliferating". "Work-At-Home Schemes"

as, Phone:

1-866-302-6475, instead of "Cash Grant"

you get a fake Grant "of no cash value". It

favors kill locked-up criminal, and at large

criminal, to sharks to save 3 trillion dollars!

Religion products of a "evil empire" system,

tribunal jail, confiscate debt. Globalwarming

great for Russian beach life. While Socialism

is not working after they shot down a shuttle,

later melted down a Chernobyl cooling room.

I saw a Russian girl in Russia got caught with a bomb of "mass destruction", who did not look like she was a bad person. So the plot had to be against political society changes and a disregard of Socialism. But the American citizens these days might as well blow-up with their bombs, killing authorities and most of the rich. Russians in D.C. on a target change of heart help Socialism and White Power unity. Get bombed!

Things are not perfect in Russia either, when some Russian was going home from a bar was accosted by one of his countryman. That in the heat of the fight he killed his countryman, which he dragged home with him to chop up and boil to eat. He said it was bad! So he grilled him and told his family it was "kangaroo". Well he is in a high security prison in Russia now, I guess for life. I'll poll put the bad in salsa, illegal's and the political system. Feed what's left to the zoos. Export public enemies to grill as "Kangaroo Brand" and pack as pet food. Grind bones to dust, into concrete the "bad".

An asteroid exploded over a city east of Moscow, Russia, blowing out windows like a neutron bomb, sending over 1000 people to the hospital and damaged over 3000 buildings. People there joked about it, probably saying at least it was not the one that blew up over Siberia a hundred years ago! While no one else understands that Earth began going through edge of Milky Way Galaxy, from top to bottom for a thousand years reign, of going through a field of asteroids to get through them beginning December 21, 2012. I expected soon as February, when asteroids blew up left and right was felt. Some will hit the ground after 4 red Moons, April 2016 when sun goes out be underground up in the mountains! The powers that be all stakes and meat export, or pet food. Whatever the people say is okay, coalition, or panic button and use my key again break through to the other side, to find out if God is a time machine.

December 21 "end of the world" 2012 Milky Way Galaxy edge, fatal sun orbit turn.

Hubble Space Telescope consecution of the visible universe down a tube spectrum. Increasing faster than Milky Way Galaxy: 87% of the Universe turns faster and faster accumulating mass and energy. Faster than galaxies expand zero on this map of the visible universe 87% has expanded out to NGC2300, burning up two galaxies to hydrogen gas that maybe blew up already gamma ray burst hit Earth faster than light!

The people will not be ready for Absolute Zero unless they are in deep shelters, with 2 thirds of galaxies in the Universe clustered along a tube out from its center. From most galaxies to least galaxies out all around its infinite length of dark 87% expanding faster than visible Universe 13%. Matter water and steam down center of universal black hole center of the World popped out suddenly unwound I saw coming at me in 1973 at a Nishren Buddhist initiation come up close enough to see static electrical discharges from the turning coils of the Universe, expanding all along its length, the visible universe out to its red shifts. The white line down each center was galaxies. That is a tubular Universe where 87% consumes galaxies until circuit of gravity shorts out, coincidently over a fiscal cliff, for US Armed Forces to mutiny take underground shelters and eliminate public enemies and authorities, search and destroy, going room to room to destroy public enemies and finance my 21st century American Revolution.

Meanwhile Planet X is coming back around the Earth to up close enough for a dwarf star to rise up and fall apart like an Egyptian said in Moses time. Where US Military was right digging up samples of 5 different magnetic pole directions to calculate 2020 is the next polar reversal. The Sun's Twin Sirius close as Neptune star magnetism changes the direction Earth spins in whole planet tsunami earthquakes super volcano! Escape routes privately owned, you might have to kill security guards on somebody's property to ascend from a gravity deposit if I were you, or steal the charge to other hills to break on through, in better weather, to return to anytime. With seam to the other side, to start a American revolution. Some of the spectators will see the miracle.

Hawaii hurricane wind and rain storms all the way up the coast since 1991. But the worst is not expected until 2020. Billions destroyed by weather or no sunlight biggest earthquake followed by 8.8 earthquakes greater than 2011 end of the world slow like a snake bite geological end of the world, Death Star behind a force field at Mercury, waiting like an enemy behind camouflage, planning a war to take over for something.

I don't have a choice but vanish in a crowd for a miracle to do in better weather, or if in power with military force my plan to follow. Countries take back illegal immigrants and destroy the bad and the criminal minded. Take all their money to pay off national debt and recycle the bars leaving a Socialist Confederation build cities into mountains and a defensive dome over the world. Get a camera come up around Mercury behind that UFO@Mercury to find out what they are doing. Packing a lot of missiles just in case there is any reason for alarm to Bomb that UFO, or make contact.

The nigger President's secret Bill passed in Congress for July 1st, 2014, U.S. House of Representatives Bill "H. R. 2847" went into effect will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar and make millions of Americans poorer overnight next summer. So I have 3 or 4 months to prepare. After Mussolini lost power the people hanged him on a meat hook after killing him. Government top to bottom, some will be hanged on a meat hook. Yes or No vote by the people. July 1, 2014 US dollar fell to 37¢ exchange rate. Genocide to pay off National Debt, in my US Armed Forces fight for Americans!

But over in Russia I would have evacuated the surrounding areas around Chechnya, that Russia should have done in their war with them, to Bomb the place! While these people can break all the electrical circuits on Earth from Mercury my plan against them, on Earth Russia will inherit Indian Ocean port and Israel promised land radio active. Events reshaped Russia in July, so help us God, with a looting shooting future.


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    On this date, U.S. House of Representatives Bill "H. R. 2847" goes into effect. It will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar, and will make millions of ...
    Congressional Record, Volume 159 Issue 111 (Tuesday, July 30, 2013) Congress Gangland

    I might just see how far back in time you can go, after I break on through to the other side, or get my vengeance now. With dangerous people all along the way to through a crease. USA over a fiscal cliff July 1, 2014 to September 2015 Debt Default I have time to save dollars to sell in the past. Revolution maybe no use after a 4th red moon in a row in a Bible conspiracy to make the rich richer I don't vote in November. White American people anarchy in do or die Militia, kill powers that be and their gangs. Let rulers try swim away from alligators and crocodiles or sharks on prime time, if Public Tribunals say Yes, for a government I could make in a few months before a incoming red dwarf star from the south hits sun a ancient Kolbrin script of a Egyptian scholar said a moon will rise up and fall apart.

          But now a volcano in California usually blowing smoke south or north I can see from a bridge switch a day this way I do not expect will blow its top until 2020, when all of the other volcanoes suspected of blowing their tops will blow up that U.S. Military figured year from core samples dug up. But if you know the way out you go for it after this April 4th 3rd Red Moon and before September 28 Red Moon. I will take these page to a 1760 publisher from twenty first century gold deposit leave the lost to die since they want it that way, both young and old. Life only time and space to the damned or see me break into the other side perform miracles after I get away. Hero3+ camera on my head and solar panels and electronics on my back. U.S. White Armed Forces take out Obama the whole damn political system. Tear gas out take away all the presidents guards capture media Italians their woman and blacks running everything can for over seas to cannibals and confiscate all their wealth to pay off national debt because of them, extermination for White America the system authorities aliens and criminals should taste great barbequed in Polynesia and Africa, during a bloody American Revolution. Radiation from Japan spreading daily for 50,000 years killing off and contaminating remaining fishing. Isolationism USA White Man the Land of Plenty.

    I will just arm the bigot's and barbeque the President to see what first lady tastes like, and feed all the rest of them to razor back pigs and other critters in my Third Party Armed Forces Mutiny even if it is only suicide mission blowing-up everyone in government lawyers politicians and business. Capture or destroy the system, take all the investments and exemptions profits, that got the dollar this way. Round up for public tribunal authority, a payback for July 1st Default on National Debt, who got rid of industry for a killing on Wall Street. But with a sword wound in the distance on "the light" of God must mean God is Jesus Christ before which called Apollo a alternative reality to the Jews' false God the "Father" and the others' "Allah" religion. Where religions are a threat to the people they must be destroyed, following the devil with the crown on, in my holy war against religion for peace on Earth. US Citizens taking everything from enemies of the American people. Or destroy it.

    Christianity for profit is a cult of Satin. God the Father in words of poison, so when they are all damned to die they want to take everyone else down with them. "Religion" a damnation to their children, who die. So why not do as I say and cut the heads off their religion, to take all of their wealth, in my revolution. Here to establish true faith like mine. Where if the seam of the world is in my way, while I am going somewhere I will break on through to the other side earlier. The Father false God don't care, is only formulas of forces. The true God is the matter expanding the other side. Duty of mankind to kill Father God worshippers religion dollars in the world to take to run democracy among Americans. To build a ship out of here!!

    The best thing for Ukraine right now is let Russia have what territory they annexed, if Russia could relocate Russian separatists to it and to wherever in Russia where they can get a job. Russia and Ukraine could work together like old times, if they don't blow-up each other now. Where citizens of all the countries and the USA have to kill Business interests, to be a people, in my form of democracy, so we cleanse the world of evil and rebuild industry to restore products, and run business cooperatively, after world Industry is destroyed in my revolution. The wealth of business and politics most of their estates I confiscate. Resistance is eaten or fertilizer. Opinion polls my only way to get things right, by the charts.

    Only the physics here was really worth my time. Where conditions are much worse in government today than when Lucky Luciano Mafia could sell US diesel fuel at sea in tanked up fishing boats to fill up German submarines in World War II, to their corruption now spread to dictatorship of US government and media with their sexy whores and prostitutes running everything wrong. Where I will start a Revolution now, or in the past keep modern cures to our self, so world population never gets to a billion people again, the World expands to God.

    I don't have money to go anywhere. But 4 months saving I can take my "GoPro" and accessories to show me break on through to the other side, from 2 charges of gravity to 1. Everyone worshipping the black world I will kill them all and their black belts and wives. Blacks are good in sports are useful there, in my cutoff point, concerning enemies of Americans. In my homeland security policy we round up all the establishment. For tribunals.

    If I have enough power the first thing I will do in power is let every man who was not incarcerated for wrongs against the people to take back any property they lost to ex-wives, and do anything they want with them if they get their hands on them. As I restore America!!

    These are the four times I saw the light of the other side: At school over my assignment I stopped to think about the coming weekend with my girlfriend in 1967. Suddenly I was immersed in light radiating love, that suddenly changed to frightening black storm with screaming. I yanked myself out of it only to have someone out of the office come get me to take a call that was my girlfriends mother, who wanted me to leave school and come up right away 60 miles away. My girlfriend died in a asthma attack while getting ready for school, the first time I found myself in the light of the other side. Second time I saw the light of the other side I parted a thing called the Key, on Wayah Bald. Ready to jump in with my left leg I stopped to look down in it, to see if it had a bottom. There was only a tough looking hog shaped animal covered with black hairs looking up at me, with big gooseberry eyes. I pulled back out of it and let go of the Key, watched its two reddish lines slowly fall back together. The third time I saw the light of the other side I was on lunch break at work thinking about all the books I read on the Bible, where in it is the Truth? When a voice spoke. "If there is any Truth in the Bible you will find it in the Sermon on the Mount". All of a sudden day is done. I hurried down to my car and got home, in a adrenalin rush that was increasing. I grabbed a Bible and went right to Sermon on the Mount, read a few lines down to "the pure in heart shall see God". Pain piercing my heart gradually went away. My eyes came upon egg shaped strata's, like a school of fishes in front of me. I looked to the right end of them to where one of them came right to me, in a movement like my girlfriend in 1967 coming to me when I got in her house to give me her new high school ring. My fourth time in the light of the other side came while hiking to three places where substance of the light of the other side was deposited on bald spots, where I had missed one to stand on for power I had no idea what for. I started to walk away but could not move. I jumped off, into Light. Panicking because I could not stop gliding up in it I thought from Don Juan books to jump down to get out of it. The light of the other side went out when my heels touched down on the ground. I don't like the sudden change of reality of breaking on through to the other side. Though while I am here I decided to accomplish something like this before going back to where to get out of the world, to find out if current and charge of gravity connect to beginning and end of time. Or is the other side only connected to return to now or the future. Where the likes of Spinoza, and others with masters degrees, have their heads up their ass.

    I have various scenarios of history repeating itself like Mayan end of the world in a Milky Way Galaxy U-turn two calendars back to center of Milky Way Galaxy. Sun stopped going away from "Big Bang", that was like a shotgun blast, so a red dwarf star rapidly catching up to the Sun from behind it, presently on a collision course with the Sun as it picks up speed going back. U.S. Military dug up 5 polar reversals predict 2020 for 6th polar reversal didn't know a red dwarf star hits Sun, after 4 red Moon 6 months, a Moon April day and hour 2016!

    April 2016 full Moon is the proper Day and Hour for the star going to hit the Sun so its light go out, 6 months after October 2015 red full Moon. Terrible times, then a gamma ray burst from NGC2300 running into "something" getting hotter and hotter until all of its hydrogen gas explodes, reaches the Earth killing everything to Earth's core. When only the pure in heart escape such end times. Where everyone else is like water in a well, if any more are chosen.

    The right way to start another Revolution in America is for White American military to take all of the illegal and alien peoples out of schools and shoot them. Verses politic's 27% vote turn out, when I am the Third Party and Default Vote 73% mostly racist interest on what to do nationally with natural enemies. Hang the authorities break off relations with the world stop trade get out of Ukraine. Let them have all out war, peaceful solution is impossible. Here US military has to blow-up in mutiny, to have a coup in the USA. To go racist berserk!

    I don't have a chance of accomplishing anything in the 21st century, without even a high school diploma, but have time to save up for near future and squeeze my way into 1760. Where as far as Oslo, Sweden and their Nobel Prize I will bomb them to the Arctic. Take that out. Congress has to go into the White House like going to kill Caesar with knives Obama and everyone there, some to kill like France, squeeze Debt out of all of them metals to make coins to make a economy to build ships to go to Neptune or to Mars. Unless I come up with something better as a dictator, over all of the sciences and resources. Thankfully I will take the cores of a 21st century college education, to 18th century or 17th century to patent cotton gin first, through a super space with all of the college to make Colonial America the only Super power. We have to keep all of our technology to Ourselves.

      Can I pick advertising and show my own images, maybe I can write history, this planet the most unstable rock in the Universe, to have to make Americana out of bloody revolution. Here one more whole year of life on Earth in 21st century, to a April 2016 Moon. Once you are in God you see it you are are always in, dead or alive, if you have been there before you know it when you see it again, unless you jumped in the first time.

      I will wait to get a motor to my destination or the world will blow-up in a 2015 nuclear war. No one thinks a star is going to run into the Sun anytime soon, which is coming in to hit the Earth and the Sun, coincidently before a polar reversal occurs in 2020, after running into a star going to hit the Sun in 2016 4 red Moons until a 5th one, red star hits the Sun. Where everyone wants me to be wrong will die in their days, seeing a red star coming in.

      For religion I would be Confucian with I Ching or Marxist from his book on religion. God only physics, hiding because they don't want a human to survive. Screaming idiots the secret sodomy societies with college degrees no wonder why the meek are hiding from the Earth, to end like on Mars. Their power went out here, stuck in elevators, Mars this and the Moon that, 2.5 billion years ago, 24 years 1994 to 2016 orb breaks hits Earth good enough to be called Wormwood, through tail of debris of it falling apart, what happened 2.5 billion years ago ready to happen again in 2016. After fourth red Full Moon.

      I might as well be for Russia, spying, destroying USA, in the 21st century, for Karl Marx, or for their own greed and struggle for world power at any expense, to win third world war.

      For now there is peace in Ukraine. Where it is over for Socialism in the East, for now on, and libraries have blocked my Web site from public computers in the USA. So Naturally East Rub Out the West, if the system of corruption in USA crime orders cannot even pay interest on their National Debt. WWIII after 1.1 million Ukrainians out of Cold War jobs, while now in border disputes displaced from their homes, making weapons need to make their own. The People in rage if anyone open NO TRESSPASSING kill them, the enemies of the people, take everything. Out of anarchy and chaos instead Majority Rule!

      That Trump person running for president sounds like he read all of my web site racism, in his earlier news reports. After 4th red Moon World Bank Red October pop up a woman say a $ alternative, can her!! I am just going fishing in bear country where there is a barrel for trash to put in 3 open cans of tuna, stick in my .45 shotgun revolver blow-out brains jerky in the past, where all of the problems with a tattoo for the people in my time can! Twist God mathematics to take a job in 1760, that is just about all down hill, or in these days have to rule with military majority the bluest blood of the white American way





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