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Luckily I don't have to stress myself out with any more new writing after this that

made everything more to the extreme than I planned, got everything I wrote right,

that no one could read. 11 years to get this and everything backwards all forward,

my calling being never have a U. S. Commander in Chief oligarchy to vote for for

my leadership follow mine on these pages a platform Rule for following the Polls.


Arrived 10:40 a.m. September 23, 1945. Amarillo, Texas.

I would never get to meet my father, then in the midst of

a WWII invasion into Sicily in Allied forces Vernon found

himself recovering from battle wounds in a field hospital

in the arms of his grade school sweetheart. They married

somewhere in Europe after WW II was over, then my mom

moving to San Francisco to find a sailor to marry. With so

many sailors to pick from getting out of US Navy, war won.


At 4 years old 4 year old Joyce happened to meet me on

my way to see her, suddenly she burst out you saved my

life! I looked to my right, a man was basking in the sun in

tall grass, and I turned back to her when a flash to my left

caught my attention. Turning I saw a portal of light, under

water, open to my left that looked deep! A sparkling portal

answer to the question "what is life" is a light and a water.

In 1992 I saw it pools chocolate drop shaped to barrier tip.

If anymore souls find seam beam themselves up to Scotty!

My camera a surface raise up film God's shape/on to 1760.


I was surprised in grade school to hear a friend telling me

my mother was good-looking. A sailor's catch from a 1945

bar room fight with a drummer band member one weekend

I got for a daddy, I felt the sailor was not really my father. In

school I was not good at anything being taught. The worlds

round as the moon with a bubble inside, only had art talent I

became a draftsman, for 11 years, from 1968 to 1979. At G. E.

I made the best machinist drawings for castings, to easily be

extracted out of their molds. 1980-1990 #1 hawked circus and

Ice Shows coast to coast Ringling Brothers, from one to other

Barnum and Bailey, a cohort family in America in circus trains,

until off season to enjoy fancy hotels, I vended for Walt Disney

on Ice. Then to Gatti hiring Ringling acts, all together in 7 years

I neglected early writing, occupied with friends. Life's been fun!


Now since 1996 #1 on Default vote copyrighted: Power by Default

this call for racist Military dictatorship with Militia. On to inversion

my own Rapture, rewinding aging etcetera trap a mystery to prove

from an old U.S. Army hill last resort to ascend from there again or

here. Even if its illegal enhance performance, to keep on innovating,

on sports channel someone I heard say "if you don't cheat your not

trying". France is best off giving Lance Armstrong his trophies back.


I took yellow-jackets beat all the competition in the seats against

me every day, show. But sports Halls of Fame Foundations really

need to keep old time records over its future's athletes stats/after

the advent of performance enhancing drugs became available, yet

in a Futures Hall of Fame: athletes enhance let use any pills to win,

1800's and half of 1900's athletes cocaine or Cokes enhanced talent.


Every other phrase read my writing style, for short.

4th seeing of God I jumped out of my skin into God

my double stayed, left my shoulder bone and collar

bone by a meter on a sidewalk, in 1989, a place now

between new San Francisco library and 1880 statue.

Bones of my double I found when I returned in 1989,

sold my van/invented Power by Default in 1997 page.


The basis of "When Will the Bubble Burst" is racist for

Nationalism influenced by skinheads and heavy-metal,

science discovery and racism seeding in me leadership

to write this manuscript last chance my ideology here. I

overcame all the obstacles Push "the system" off a Cliff.


DNA could prove I left two of my bones in San Francisco

in 1989, left behind after I broke through to the other side

on April 7, 1988 on the hill the cats found my double I left,

that night. Where I could get back there to do it again, this

Winter, or with spectators leave my double on another hill.


While as a sports fan if I have something to cheer about. Maybe

in military power I could make NASCAR "cautions", all red flags,

so they don't subtract laps for races going around to race again.

Give them graphite brakes to stop crashing smashing and death!

With my wishes for fan bases in past-times like college football. I

would fill all of the usual college Bowl's. Drawing, from a hat. For

Championships in December to 16 teams. National Championship

NCAA College Football Playoffs:

In January, the best sixteen teams,

in 8 College Playoffs, January games

leading up to a National Championship.

After my U.S. government pays off its Debt.

Paying U.S. Debt over the bodies of its makers

U.S. Armed Forces with militia take everything to

pay off Debt with all of the dollars so white America

build underground city shelter/industries for the future!


As leader of White skins, military takeover, red 2017, hoping

to see another Stanley Cup. 4 red Moon omens until Sun goes

out. Martial Law does not have to end the games except aliens

American soldiers armed forces under my leadership fill ranks.

Trump runs the show, my public tribunal/bunker in mountains.


Earth polar reverse 8.8 earthquakes Indonesia Japan Haiti

Chile New Zealand from Iceland volcano Japan tsunami to

California Big One 2020. Lake Tahoe heating up with all of

of the Earth. Nostradamus asteroids blew up in February, as

circuit of gravity of the Universe shorts-out/gamma ray burst,

now a red dwarf star coming up under the Sun, to hit the Sun,

Planet X space ship aircraft carrier going around/its shield up.


With the new USA I solve the immigration problem in America

starting in California with soldiers + Militia, across the United

States of America to victory, new beginning. With a militia daft,

issued guns and rockets takeover the States for the White House,

nationalize the wealth, public shares Credit all equal to work for.


In desperate situations there are the usual remedies, where if

you live over 80 years you are lucky. But God host to only 70,

or 71 marked to be the next 1 or 2 more get to God like Enoch

did. Where I found my 15 year old girl friend the pure in heart

shall see God, my translated member of the host above in 1972.

Suddenly they in panic saying "she left!" "She is gone!" 2008.

My only way to find her is through their secret sword of the lord

wound on the light, distantly behind them, in God three choices.


Jesus? I laughed, back in my head my ID, angered I thrust back

into God to the memory identities, back in front of me! I'll bring

lots of data with me when I leave with a backpack on and vanish.

Leave for a closer look at the wound on the light of the other side

of the Father on the right side of the Son, if my girlfriend is there

out of only 72, who ever ascend to reach God. A whole un-bit soul.


Not only one God but two! A crossroads of time God+ pools here Zeus Christ.

When God+ is great enough to give me time with a British Colony's militia, to

play 365 entries from 7 fields of knowledge on 15 CD MP3 American History,

patent cotton gin. Antibiotics lab from manufacture of variations of my rifle, a

jet engine for gliders to shoot guided missiles with high explosives and a secret

democracy in a revolution. Locate gold refine oil mine mineral deposits build a

National Company for American citizens industry, in 200 years a space ship city

not possible to build in twenty-first century. Meltdowns tensions and corruption,

until civilization is starved out in the dark night coming in, before polar reversal.


I would have about as much time to be with people in 1760's time as I have now, back when most of the resources are not discovered yet. The people going to a revolution anyway, colonists would buy AK-74's and ammunition, fast as I could find resources and laborers willing to work for shares with interest in a democracy, weapons, and stay out of the rest of the world's wars only to gin cotton with equal shares of profit. Aristocrats wealth confiscate, and bomb the monarchy meddling in America's affairs. I will keep going back in time to stay young in the circuit of the World, with my files and rifle on my back. To keep on breaking through to the other side and back, to any of the other gravity charge inversions convenient around the world. Like Adam and Eve could have used. But Earth's magnetic core started global warming in 1975 has heated up to boil the lava lithosphere, magnetic bubble risen to Earth's top to pop in 2020 the way Jesus said, earthquakes, disasters. Then a Sun and star collision, since coincidences happen. This web site on the Internet until National Debt Default? While I camp fish and hunt. Most eMail I got was only advertising and fraud messages flooding my In box, after I took this Domain to park this to completion. Good enough to go with me for an editor to edit the unreadable on my other pages still, to make it sell in 1763 showing the future to avoid, with movies and concerts my ideology to rebel Colonies from turning out the way they did with politicians, with the system of corruption of the aristocracies in America, where politicians in 1792 founded capitalism on "Wall Street". Fight the King's men?

Over 10 years of working with this Dreamweaver MX 2004 software obsoleted by its manufacturer, and something that was changing all of my key words to opposite meaning words. Editing was an impossible struggle against something my old page maker put on it subverting what I wrote. So I kept correcting it, which has turned out this way, too late to do the American people any good for their government, what certainly will be valuable in 1763. Elected by Default, including the National Debt Default scheme, since 1996, I inherit Power by Default in the end times of the world, worse than Babylonian flood texts say happened 9,400 years ago when "the land of Nod" was at the southern end of the big valley the Garden of Eden was beside Euphrates River going down now under the sea between Iran and Kuwait. But now in power I will take back America by the new President, in a bloody takeover to pay Debt and cleanse America of its racial infection. Earth going through Center of the Milky Way Galaxy for a thousand years, a Revelation reign? Israel supposedly with a bomb to blow up this Galaxy? If galaxies become nebulas because Jews, geniuses, blow them up? While in a world power struggle maybe I restore the Earth. Animal instinct being to jump when surprised could lead to safety! For anyone with a whole soul without blemish, while any/all of the others seeking that find enlightenment get crushed because their soul is not unblemished. Spontaneous combustion if they reach Earth's Gravity Charge. Better to have deep shelters. As the world has to overpopulate itself to starve to death and disease.

My only chance is make my escape like a fugitive, with only one way out for me with my guns and data. Without rights where every American is suspected of being an enemy I have to go back in time, or good for eternal life above in relativity, to show Ten Commandments and Ben Hur to rake in some money for a life beginning in 1760, to pick up a big nugget and convince the people to take freedom from the aristocrats and their secret society gang. Taking all of their wealth destroy all of the corruption and create social democracy! Fortunately everyone else is always talking, so I cannot give many purls to swine. I trust experience I get out alive, again. A different place/same conditions, with a political system, to get to change early America, with my bag of technology and history. Where so few ever find the crease, out through, unless they are very lucky! Otherwise citizens do what I say, or they go on having Hell to pay. Tomorrow starving from 3 Japan nuclear meltdowns, poisoning Pacific Ocean killing fishing, beginning 9 months before Mayan calendar ended in 2011 solar orbit end. Earth's core hit Arctic over Japan 4 tsunamis, proof of ancient to modern indications of disaster, before Sun goes out when New Star and Sun collide head on! Coincidence, Gliese 229A coming up. The ancients had no idea something would happen to coincidently appear in the sky other than ordinary astrology, that kills everyone.

I have time to get to the nearest place to ascend from. Maybe from the one where a car rolls on its own up-hill, on the largest one, in my new element "0", deposited on it, submerged in it. Just like on a spot developers may have bulldozed to build a mansion by the sea on, with the transparent chocolate drop shape deposit Miwok Indians may have sold to get a casino built left 6 of their souls above this circle a mansion is likely built on now, out to a grassy area and tree where I camped. I would have to bomb the house off it to take a picture of its shape and surface of its JesusChrist deposit of Positive Gravity Charge there. When this is the last page I need to edit to get go break on through to the other side at one of these places. The mansion owners can die in their bedroom in a tsunami from California splitting apart in 2020. I will be satisfied with any gravity deposit, to in a shallow end of it to raise up to take picture of the whole deposit, to jump through it at its peak, parting the key. Nothing ever happened in Scriptures if I was not there to see it happen, criminal minds will tell you, that die because of unforgivable sin. Procreation holes in the soul, they cannot see, for each child they begat. Eve's death sentence, in the soul about all of the damned, behind which most people's gravity Charge shield blocking gravity currents coming down all around them is insufficient, to allow them to ascend. So Adam and Eve's evicted.

Worse and worse times there are to get to safety, most not smart enough or too smart to see Long Count and Short Count Mayan calendar was the Sun turning around at its end of the Milky Way Galaxy. That was concluded for a Nostradamus 15th century prediction when two asteroids he said would hit Europe on December 21, 2012, that blew up on February 15 over Russia and February 16, 2013, over Florida. A coincidence that the Earth had just went through Mayan calendar end of the galaxy into its asteroid belt, at the end of the Sun's orbit in the Milky Way Galaxy, and to gas further in. While four earthquake disasters and tsunamis in 2011, 9 months early for Short Count calendar end of the world, so Japanese uranium began contaminating all of the seafood in the Pacific Ocean to the west coast of North America, by Spring 2014, gradually spreading and concentrating in all of the Oceans that will starve the world, poisoning to death fishing in the End of life on Earth. With Sun in its orbit turned around back towards the center of the galaxy I don't have time for another fat book of this stuff to read. To get a great paying job, by paying a $140 a month for being indoctrinated to get rich and famous by a bunch of rich leftists:


I only sliced out "The Secret of Non-Sequiturs", which is the heart of "Inside Secrets", only 6 pages long. I already figured it out for the most part from historical information on the degeneration of language, that makes communication more difficult, like it is today, Bro. So I will just keep my ideology correct with my data base of technology to take back with me to an earlier age, with the likes of my simulator for shooting down any one of 15 kinds of fighter planes on my PSP flight simulator, to just get built bombers and build fighter planes to rule the sky's by the 19th century. having fun learning to be a pilot while inspiring an Industrial Revolution in early America. With my iPods and projector leave room for my little rifle and some clips for breaking on through to the other side, certainly in nature's time machine. The above book supposing to be "a 10 second" solution to my every problem was only a big book of historical statements of truth in every chapter of it mixed in with liberal propaganda to let everyone in the world in to be my friends: $139.99, before seminars to pay by the month to be indoctrinated by rich leftist and alien people in a anti-American agenda. Instead I dictate to prosper in unity of White Americans!

There are good reasons for heredity differences sparking conflicts between every people, causing so many personality clashes with their neighbors, over millions of years of racism over language colors looks and ethnic traits. But here the rich "secret societies" need fit into cans with their equality obsession for cheep labor blacks and other pet illegal and legal aliens they want to integrate white Americans with. Pack them in salsa to grill for pet food, and export them. Nouveau society here claiming to make all of its readers rich if only they quit believing in God, but to believe in their liberal belief system, in a international gang. While gravity stays in touch with every people, in words of wisdom. Nouveau write half truths in their leftist manuals, for their New World Order, preaching unity in a divided world that is constantly at odds with most of the other peoples, throughout history always in racial and territorial conflicts. The enemy always convincing citizens to let them be invaded, with false pretenses. In equality few will live forever in pearly heights. No safe haven in the world, born of the human nature, under human prejudices. I am available to purge the United States of America in traditional ways, to destroy the crime element types and their aristocrats in U. S. territories, and the world. Eliminating threats to American people by any means, now and in the past. Public opinions seconding it I will can criminals, the evil ones, subversives and their cousins. Pets can eat them up grilled, or feed them to predators, justly killing all of the incarcerated and at large millions and millions of criminal types always a danger to public safety, all the gangster rap talk and what they call music. Here after 4 red Moons until a star hits the Sun. For health of Earth ecology a depopulation campaign good against evil to back under 1 Billion people.

To orderly world with divisions of labor and societies of people to produce in harmony, is my goal, exceeding religion and politics that are not the truth, the people find out. Much of the conflicts can be averted by separating those who served in wars into military communities, into their own territories, in my national company, with each their own chores for a healthier and secure planet as one being. Original sin useful in peace for national defense. Like good Marines, who fight to the death or victory, in adversity. Once a young girl told me first, then her girlfriend said the same across in town the common belief that when you die it is only lights, out to them, free to believe that way. As soldiers looking at the bodies and the killing, most of them say the same. So society divide into their faith communities, all against the enemies of humanity the bad their whole lives. Violent natures, use them against America's enemies. Get the prisoners out in the yard and gun them down to save the USA $3,000,000,000 off of the National Debt, while hunting down the rest of the crime and criminal types establish tribunals for Free American Citizens to decide the fates, while drafting imprisoned White's guilty of White hate crimes.

"End of the world" over a fiscal cliff in 2018, beginning to cross from top to bottom of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2012, to bad a times as The Plague in Tribulation, for everyone left behind. Best to take the traitor secret society leftist legal system for all of its wealth and positions, eliminating all of the conspiracies of the powers that be, and cancel their equality under the broadest interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and eliminate their court system, for a system of tribunals. 1792 politicians having conspired to establish a stock market on Wall Street, to get rich in political graft. Lastly a Japanese put in charge of Veterans Affairs by a black president intentionally killed off American soldiers, by putting off medical care, but got fired for 40 Veterans left to die with care available, in a VA Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia and similar in other VA Hospitals. U.S. government legislated until now to make lawyers and white collar criminals rich, to keep the money from the people. Stopping all of that is my leadership for U.S. Armed Forces to kill, that can be done now through Martial Law. White America can grill all of them for export, illegal's and their cousins pay off National Debt with church "Non-profit's" cash, taking their cadillac's etcetera and wealth for public distribution like a French and Russian Revolution. While the Universe expands faster and faster rush's to run out of Space until it dissolves into the matter expanding it.


I might as well not care what happens to the USA, after Spring, if I had no morals or obligations to the Positive Charge of Gravity, the real God, who is always personified in some kind of flesh form throughout history, in every culture. I will continue to live the isolated life with almost no education I remember anything about, to have to prove what I say is the truth, while everyone else knows the truth about everything. Just to make sure that most people living today will never be born. Appearing in 13 colonies' million and a half people in the past to populate those territories without immigrants, join Indian confederation to claim all the mineral rights to support and defend the nation, and get rid of a monarchy. With a thousand tribes for trade a promise of products for their resources for the 13 colonies to defend and provide medicine to I could kill the monarchy if it does not leave Britain. United States maybe with British United States so I visit German speaking peoples to unite for a future space industry if I drop in!

Truth is Our Lady of Guadeloupe is the acceptable version, of my vision of:

Sermon on the Mount on my lap my departed 15 year old girlfriend came forward from about 70 others, transformed.

Here someone is riding an ox to Guadeloupe, Mexico. Who diligently seeking "the truth"
suddenly sees the truth, God. The pure in heart see the Christ, Catholic setting pagan hill,
Lord God the light symbolically for God. As an artist here drew a young lady a womb, so
lady light that feels like love likely did not go in, he like me saw heavenly hosts in Christ
blocking a double edged sword wound on the extent of Earth's gravity charge God sphere,
The pure in heart see Jesus Christ, formerly Apollo. Or by other Names around the World,
Holy Spirit to any that brake into it from the Universe expanding as fast as a rock to earth.

The ox rider above could have depicted Jesus Christ on the light of God had to be Catholic
kept the rest secret depicted faithful girl on "the truth" in the Bible on another hill than me
all of a sudden someone else enlightened circuit of gravity opened his key to the other side
saw God. He under Spanish rule Mary mother of Jesus had to be the truth Catholic Church
in control of his country so having to be Catholic, so decided to paint the Virgin Mary on it
to get away with even an illustration of "the truth" God to set him free from doubt and fear,
similar to three children against WW I, appeared to them, the Lady of Fatama appearances.

The artist of Guadeloupe depicting Magdalene could not go around saying he saw God, with a Catholic Church around. And the Lady at Fatama with her "miracle", that had to happen when she said it would, should have been telling the children that the aristocracy* had gotten together and decided to make World War I happen to get richer and more powerful, off of their war effort that they started, and that it was their fault to be prosecuted, to stop it. To turn the European people against the rich, to stop the war and jail the conspiracy, to prevent anything such as G4 Summits. That today would take something like a French Revolution to pay off their debt to the people, with their lives, for starting it. Once confronted by a small crowd after I saw God, while reading the sermon on the mount, the Reality of which Christians told me I could not have seen. So I did not read anymore of Christianity's Bible, and went on to find out what Buddha experienced while meditating under a tree, an electrical circuit, I drew it. After seeing the whole Universe expanding, to close enough to see light off of the galaxies going down the centers of its tubular strands, a huge bundle of them, as if held in a fist grip from left to right. Christian experts cross examining my experience said it could only happen if I was dead to see God. I said was not breathing! I was meditating holding a Buddhist scroll to see the Universe, that I just had gotten and went to sit down and meditate on it being what I believed that God Positive and God Negative had created. The authorities concerned later went on to say enlightenment happens to anyone, from poor to rich, but did not say anything about what enlightenment is good for. In 1985 I went on to learn how to break into the other side, on a North Carolina mountain bald area, might now only be limited to doing it in front of a crowd for Summer-if I don't get to do it for Spring, saving my skin to make a religion for more than only me, on another spot "that crushes the serpent". Maybe I will cause others to have miracles happen to them, after one happens to me, in Oregon, if the place I want to ascend from is not destroyed, ascend messing around with the charge of gravity on a gravity current ground, so I prove what I am saying is true.

Money is the top religion in the world. So Christian snobs got together to invent WWI, like President Bush and his brother got richer by starting Middle Eastern wars.

*Of Captains and Kings, by Taylor Caldwell, published in 1920.


Seems like secret societies are the cause and root of people's demise all through

history as upper echelons must all be destroyed for the health of the world/or die

under the thumb of corruption and crime societies. Where U. S. citizens must kill

them if secret secrets so important to keep the people from knowing. So my mother

never told me anything about Eastern Star knowlege, in her Masonic Order. Except

her ring with the Devil's Star on it. She never said anything about it. While she went

behind my step-father's back in the 1950's for sex with everyone and the Lone Ranger

in Detroit, in my childhood. Another the manager ex-convict pedophile Mason example

of secret societies, criminal types on every floor where to have guns paranoid of everyone

I am thankful that the world is coming to and end. Even if I am put into Power by Default.


While food is dyeing off in the oceans and on land maybe I get to my portal/Ascend!

A first of four red moons, on April 15, 2014. The second one October 8, 2014. Then

April 4, 2015 the third red full moon. To September 28, 2015 fourth red full moon,

red dwarf star shadow on full moon, coming straight in at the Sun, that is a secret

for the rich to prepare for. Under a complete government and media suppression?



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