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We have this "Planet X " above, commonly called star Sirius, with a White dwarf star going to be in front of it when it rises back up into the northern hemisphere, to as close as Neptune, after 14 years of going around the southern hemisphere with a white dwarf star, going to be up this close in 2020. After 4 red moons, until later in 2020 a brown dwarf star rises up thawed out falls apart a red dwarf star hits the Sun in 2020, a red dwarf star that hangs around for all together 60 red moons since Jewish Temple times, coincidently while a red dwarf star is in the area of Planet X crossing its path to cause polar reversal in 2020/figured out from 5 different magnetic core samples of ocean floor. While the first humans engineered blue light reflecting off a White dwarf star here lighting up Planet X blue, that when it went by snuck a battle ship up to Mercury while going behind the Sun, wait for a human die-off, a flight deck covered with solar cells wide as a planet, trying to hide from Earth, where I present alternatives to death and destruction, to settle on Earth it's first people.

There has got to be life here making a planet and

star blue, so the white dwarf star reflects the blue

light off of its white produces the blue sunset ring

around it, rising up to the Earth in front of Planet X

2020, star Sirius. But 2016 brown dwarf Wormwood

misses the Sun and falls apart close causing chaos

in dollar collapse Tribulation, red dwarf star hits sun

6 months after Sirius rises see Wormwood fall apart!

No one else has a chance to deal with ancient aliens:

Behind a cloak towed around sun by Mercury, aiming

its bough pointed at the Earth, every spin around sun.


While the gangs and thieves are threats I solve here

leadership for White America, armed forces majority

suddenly my violent revolution and Martial Law 2017

White armed forces Rule. Good verses bad to victory

taking homes and land, equal shares. Where I have to

get qualified students to run industry and government

in luxury underground shelter, so U.S. citizens survive.


So I build cities in mountains. Military and civilian areas

each with their industries, to support everyone's needs.

Each community doing their chores. For gold and silver.

All data free to citizens gadgets everything citizens need

for a good community life in underground cities, popular

opinion influence. Polls for most likely way to succeed at

everything. I am the Military Solution for the 21st Century,

a revolution so citizens take out illegal's aliens and crime,

join workers of like kinds I lodge talent levels in divisions.



This 2003 UB313 is in an orbit in 2015 five years before visible again in

northern hemisphere in 2020. Sun's end of orbit 4 tsunami in 2011, end

of Galaxy turn around asteroids explode damaging Russian city Florida

night, 2 asteroids. Planet X speed increasing, coming in behind the sun:

The other star in the solar system Planet X brought this from its

White dwarf star to beside Mercury, while going behind the Sun.

Planet X orbiting the Sun. While on two intersecting planes, with

planets Planet X out of Oort cloud around sun in the middle of it.


18:00 hours eclipse Oct 23/2006 of the Sun's twin here is

found "2003 UB313", as it came out from behind the Sun

to polar reversal February 19, 2007, sun's magnetic poles

UB313 magnet flipped. Wormwood coincidence, our blind

side object unable to see the Revelation scripture disaster

coincide Sirius visitors return. Earth's missing human link,

that must be racist to be hiding from the Earth up so close.


This star in 1994 coming in from 18 to under 6.5 light years away by

2005. UFO@Mercury people see the red dwarf coming straight at the

Sun will see Earth turn upside down by polar reversal and extinction.

The little oval in the sky below locates the above mystery New Star,

which is below illustrated from the Earth's orbit around the

Sun, certainly will turn Sun into red giant if it hits it!

Earth hit by its core will be upside down, facing

the red dwarf star bounce Sun away that day,

after Sirius rises in western sky up to Neptune.

Above Planet X is swinging around the Sun to the west

as the New Star red dwarf star shoots straight in secret,

object headed for the Sun only a coincidence, God plan.

That they popped out of a tentacle of the Universal Black

Hole the Milky Way Galaxy. Sun solar jet squirted planets

while galaxies bloomed all along the Gravity Circuit Cord,

Length of Eternity which big banged out parallel Universe.

Gravity current sink so stars attract/one comes by Neptune

up close in 2020 eon end star runs into the sun a black-eye,

brown dwarf Wormwood breaks. White dwarf, damage done.


warning of disaster and invasion. I am leader by Default,

a vote for White America, The Third Party. We the people

can the system! Apprehend them to push off of fiscal cliff

U.S. government all the lawyers capture destroy authority,

to feed to crocodiles and any hungry predator in stadiums.

Take the non-profits church state cash nationalize business

while taking bomb shelters to build industries underground

in towers in mountains cities in my Martial Law Command a

public tribunal round up illegal's and their cousins. Some to

ship out with some of their things or take everything funding

an America in Industrial Revolution with every precious metal

and all the Wall Street stocks. My religion and social economy


so I go make colonies a nation and people a head start in 1760.

A 100 years to make a space ship we mine the Moon of titanium

up cable. Building a 10 mile in diameter honey comb structure a

foundation industries and communities inside grow light raising

an atmosphere for livestock fields while farm with fiber optic sun

city spinning with gravitational center weight to live on Moon soil

growing park around equator river recreational area beach inside.


My plan underground cities safe from galaxies in NGC2300

a hydrogen bomb concussion, while I a few always find the

way out can vanish through to JesusChrist the "other side"

no one can show you unless it helps to playback ascending

by camera the math of it always relative/same on both sides.


Gravity current reciprocal forces, coming and going, to ride

on. I will incite Revolution. Make automatic. Rub out corrupt

government nationalize everything. Harness gravity creation

for end time engineering. Make Americans space shuttles, to

the planets from me a 1760 gold deposit discovery finance all

dividends with cotton gin, tractor. American labor rid of slaves

1760's. Even if Power by Default now I outnumber political vote

I pay U.S. Debt, in polls make the rules after revolution real $'s.


Here I have to find out what U.S. Military power can

do, to establishing true democracy in America. The

solvent solution for U.S. citizens is not voting for a

president from candidates/Power by Default to my

command in U.S. Armed Forces revolt, with Militia.

Draft all local forces largest call to military service

purge prosecute pillage plunder enemy. To divide

up spoil of victory, leftist rich/illegal/their cousins

nationalize estates, command U.S. armed forces.

Democracy Rule according to Opinion Majorities.

This star Sirius only needs go by the Sun

as far as Pluto for a "white dwarf" up close

before brown Wormwood falls apart rises up

over Moon and Earth. After asteroids blown up

six weeks late Nostradamus over Russia/Florida.


Not yet valid claim to Power by Default, a citizen's

Militia? Nationalist White American forces mission

president found my American citizen democracy a

U.S. Military tactics use. Destroy underworld, aliens

crime families and all of their armies. CIA and FBI to

locate the enemy to destroy, in my White leadership,

citizens take bunkers make bigger connect build city.


"2003 UB313" coming-up close to Earth as Neptune

April moon 2020/I will build bunkers shoot space

station. Useless time money spent Conspiracy.

Thankful I have time to get to an inversion out

through "translate" from Earth in a twinkling

of an eye, packing out only what I can carry

to other side, others die think to lights-out.


Creativity led me to think of what purpose

was going on in the sky's. To what purpose

was revolution in 1970's up to Donald Trump

American reverse in the government & politics.


"A heavenly body possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion, by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite, on December 10, 1983", that by December 6, 2002, was so close to the Earth as to be photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope up-close, a brilliant blue illuminated orb behind a white dwarf star to its left, in a close orbit. Where in 2006 the brightest star in the northern hemisphere, Sirius was rapidly approached the Earth, sat on the horizon, on a left to right diagonal path to behind the Sun in the solar system, for me to show here four frames of it setting at sunset, on October 23, in 2006. Which came out into view, after going behind the Sun, and sat to the southern hemisphere. Sirius sat goes around up, to rise close while passing by the Earth like it did when it killed Pharaoh Amenhotep III, 1427-1400 BC, with high winds while he was trying to stop fleeing Jews escaping to caves on the other side of a marsh that buckled up in the middle so Jews crossed over in the destruction of ancient Egypt. Planet X so rises back up into northern hemisphere to Earth's core pulled out of Earth's top, then upside-down in the southern hemisphere to where the brown dwarf star is coming from to break up and fall apart on the Moon and Earth, if the world holds together. Asteroids Nostradamus said strike Europe to the Middle East on 21st of December 2012 end of the world instead blew-up over Russia February 15 and Atlantic east side of Florida on night of February 16, 2013, from 2012 "end of the world". To NGC2300 a 10 million degrees hydrogen-bomb end of time.

Here in the world people are not created "equal", like the U. S. legal system proclaims, which is not what human nature has demonstrated as a truth throughout history, for all human species. However every race is made of the same stuff of life. Different races conflict with the others in a perpetual ethnic and racial divide, that makes democracy ineffective wherever all the races are taken as equals. Therefore my rule by military power in America to end the "melting pot" idea, boiled down to only a capitalistic competition for financial backers to divide Americans for integration profits. Aristocrats have so established USA under their candidates rule sent jobs to cheaper labor for business interests opened borders to anyone in the world that can sneak-in or get in for money to vote for any candidate that gives them anything they want against White Americans is a good reason for an ethnic cleansing to kill it all.

American nationalism and racism is my leadership American people! Where world populations mostly live in peace separated. That I would unite in a world government with borders, if there is time for world peace, in a confederation. Me taking the positive and negative in human natures to divide Americans in labor and personality worker classes, to bunker in against disasters, a civilized society. One nation under negative to positive gravity charge, make life a good time in the world that popped up out of Universal Circuit of Gravity to adversity disease and disasters, for everyone around the world and the USA. Where citizenships kill all of the public enemies the world over dangerous to other people's as well as their own, to do without. Offer visas only for tourism.


NASA scientists have proof under Arctic ice cap, that global warming is coming from a source under the crust of the Earth. Science communities unaware of most of the other scientific communities facts know by now that Earth's magnetic core is causing a 'megabloom' of algae growing in Arctic Ocean from core of the Earth in its molten iron sphere about its magnetic core spinning right under its Ice Cap, pressing up against Russia stretches "Polar Vortex" over Canada to Midwest a dimple stretching across the Earth. Tribunal authorities hiding truth. Earth's core spin on 85 boils lava hotter to blow-up in 2020.

Algae Bloom 1 + Algae Bloom 2 + Algae Bloom 3. To bunkers or die, or camel gets through the eye of a needle, only a slight chance of escaping death possible. No need to be a secret, Gravity Charge pouring down gravity currents makes the Universe expand. While a bubble in a fluid will explode when it reaches air, to a crack in Atlantic Ocean, what can stop its internal pressure from breaking through it like bubbles do, so the Earth collapses if Earth's core has enough steam pressure in it. While asteroids hit off of Planet X won't be seen until close as Neptune, take three months to reach Earth. But Sirius white dwarf gets too close so Earth's bubble pops out of the Earth to a "Rapture" from Earth expanding until contracting. Earth's core will explode steam from an ocean inside it with a White dwarf star up close, collapses Earth to a smaller planet mostly under water. I need only another equinox or solstice, to Ascend!



In 1700's time I suppose I am younger,

to make guns, social unrest eliminating

foreign rule, making a democracy with

21st century technology. Life sucks

for most, who then die. But I can

solve that problem. You have

to get rid of a whole lot

of ass holes -- and

get religion



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