Scientist know that an asteroid storm appearing out as far away as Neptune takes three months to arrive, having bounced off of the star Sirius coming in to up close, when the star was seen approaching to go behind the Sun, that takes 14 years around southern hemisphere to up close in 2020. While some of the damned and many of the innocent that die ascend, either who break right through or the Light goes out so they have to fight their way in like my girlfriend had to do. I still have some pages I will correct, after the 4th red moon, 3 years before Planet X rises as close as Neptune in 2020. While if you are "pure in heart" it is best keep it to yourself, for an opportune date in adversity to get into the God Jesus Christ preached. Choices unknown are on the other side of Gravity Currents, better off to hide out in the world damned to the end of it. So here I spread what truth possible, before I find out if God is good enough for me to show up in 1760. A few more pages to correct the most important parts of before I break on through to the other side, to the real God of two, for wherever point in time I choose that the genii will allow me to return to. Unless the ascended in the flesh call their own shots to move whatever mountains they please, likewise to be in charge of my own destiny. I would have to kill all of my enemies like dictators have to do, there is no compromise adversaries, if you don't kill them all they will never stop trying to destroy you.

October 23, 2006, Planet X sat on the mountain top to the east of town. I was certain it was going to send a ship, while it went behind the Sun. Once in a while on the Internet I finally found the image of the space ship sent from the Sun's former 5th planet, that bounced off of Thor to behind its white dwarf to destroy the damned/but not unsaveable. Nostradamus 15th century prediction clue of two asteroids hitting Europe missed Europe on December 21, 2012. Only a Red Star to worry about, after star Sirius rises in the west. A last clue illustrating what is behind the 4 red full moons. Concluded on September 28, 2015. In all of my writings cannibalism is really only sarcasm, unless popular I have to take it to the extreme. If the people say so, who use to make you eat crow for something. I would have to at least eat Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Obamas' shish kabobs.

End of the world blew-up on February 15, 2013, over Russia, and 16th of February, Nostradamus predicted 2 asteroids to destroy Europe blew-up, second one east of Florida lit up Florida! While a bubble up in Earth's top not a coincidence, pointing to end of the world, or city as big as the Moon shaped like an aircraft carrier pointed at Earth, hiding behind a cloak waiting for the opportunity to pounce. But ions from the Sun blew its cover with a solar flair at Mercury in a power-outage, made its force field transparent. Here everyone watching Mercury to witness the Sun hitting it with a solar flare saw through a force field a battle ship aimed at Earth, poised to strike the world during one of its passes around the Sun, that you will never hear about on the News. Unless prepared with secrets tortured out of the authorities, if the Media and the System has to be taken that far.



AND DESTROY EVERYONE IN 2020 IN The NEW SUPER VOLCANO. Like its last polar reversal

erupted in Siberia, out of the south! So whole souls in a Rapture luck-out, that no child was their baby.

The Big One Earth expands against terrestrial wall what a way to get-in, poles flip over. Magnetic core

bursts Earth's top in north Atlantic, so the Sun will rise from the west after it flips over, polar reversal.

Everyone left behind only waits for death! Long before that I will hear the voice again in another age.

Star hits the Sun before earthquake sends things flying for Earth turning over in a day/300+ mph

winds. Poles switching places Earth spirals down to bottom of the world. My best to be in the air

where two people in Biblical times said to have ascended vanished, in front of witnesses. To few

or no one else I ascend! What a surprise children and a teacher missing from a rock in Australia.


But with educated and the dumb all saying there is nothing they can do about the polar reversal,

the rich planning their evacuation underground scam the tax payers to pay for a Consortium rule

of politicians and lawyers conspire fraud, authority figures to put in meat grinder take everything

in my Military solution change of command. Election '16 action whole damn system Debt to pay.


While stars go nova the Earth instead turns upside down its magnetic poles and collapses you find a

safe way out with racism back in charge. Earth turns opposite direction to its core spin until too late!

With ice melting off of Earth's poles flooding the world. A death toll in 5 ends. To 50 billion in Hell.

So it looks like only "the pure in heart" get to the other side/but everyone else to bag in Hell in 2020. Shopping Mall


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