This is the Math community explanation for the expanding Universe, that assumes the Universe is isotropic and homogeneous. Where there are two ways to proceed, you can — as one option — choose General Relativity as your theory of gravity. Write down the space time that describes an isotropic, homogeneous Universe (the Robertson-Walker metric), and solve for the equations that govern the evolution of the size and scale of Universe, as a function of time. The Universe is — on average — identical in all directions (what is called isotropic) and the same everywhere in space (homogeneous). This means it doesn't matter where you are or what direction you look in the Universe it is the same, like a drop of oil on water. On small scales, like the size of stars or galaxies, this isn't true. But on the largest scales, like scales larger than galaxy clusters (like from outside of the Universe), the size of the Universe is expanding. Take a look at the observations: 87% of the Universe is expanding faster than its homogeneous 13% of contents. Slowly it is being recognized, Hubble Telescope in Earth orbit observing it all. Breaking on through to the other side or die being tangent to the Friedmann Equations. The end result that you get out of that, to begin, is in the only other dimension, this relationship between the Hubble expansion rate, H, and the energy density of the Universe, ρ:

Formula 1
That thing that the Hubble expansion rate equals, å/a, is just the velocity that an arbitrary point in the Universe moves away from us (å) divided by the distance to that point (a).

Now, the curvature of our Universe, k, turns out to be zero, and the cosmological constant, Λ, is just another type of energy density, like the diameter of the universe. So if we like, we can rewrite this equation in a more simple form:

Formula 2
That’s the rigorous way to do it, and it’s an exercise that every graduate student in cosmology is required to do. But there’s an easier way to do it. A much easier way, that I’m going to walk you through. Remember taking physics in high school, and learning about two types of energy: kinetic energy and potential energy? In our example here, we’re considering an arbitrary point in a homogeneous, isotropic space. It has both of these types of energy: it’s moving, after all, so it has kinetic energy, and gravity is trying to push everything back together to its original form, a tight point of black hole circuit of gravity that popped-up the Universe Expanding with Gravity Charge on Gravity Currents to the circuit along the infinite length of the center of the Universe visible, so it has gravitational potential energy. Kinetic energy is positive:

Formula 3
While gravitational potential energy is negative:

Formula 4
Now, in a flat Universe like ours — one with zero spatial curvature — we have this very interesting property that the total energy of this Universe is also zero. This means that if we add up kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy, we get zero, like this:

0 = KE + PE,
0 = ½ m v2 – G m M / r.

Or, I could do a little algebra to cancel out the little m, and make everything positive, in which case I get:

G M / r = ½ v2.

That looks okay, but it isn't quite what I want. I don’t really know what this big mass, M, is, do I? Well, I know that mass is equal to density times volume. And — if I remember Gauss’ law for gravity — I will recall that the volume I’m interested in is the volume of a sphere. So I need to replace that mass, M, in my equation with this:

M = ρ V

where the volume, V, is:

V = 4/3 π r3,

and so my equation that I got from kinetic and potential energy becomes this:

G (ρ 4/3 π r3) / r = ½ v2.

Now, this looks pretty good! I’m going to cancel one of the rs from the numerator and denominator, and I’m going to multiply both sides of the equation by 2. So our equation looks like this now:

8/3 π r2 G ρ = v2.

Hmm. Looks like we’re getting really close! Let’s divide both sides by r2, and see what we get:

8/3 π G ρ = v2/r2.

Nice! The only thing is, instead of having H2, we’ve got v2/r2. But hang on. Remember what I said about what the Hubble expansion rate is?

That thing that the Hubble expansion rate equals, å/a, is just the velocity that an arbitrary point in the Universe moves away from us (å) divided by the distance to that point (a).

Well, that’s what we have, a velocity divided by a distance! So all we have to do is substitute in H for v / r, and look at what we’ve got:

H2 = 8/3 π G ρ,

the equation that governs the expansion of the Universe. And all I need was a little bit of high school physics, geometry, and algebra. And now you know how to do it, too!


Here none of this math to my surprise disagrees with the way I explain Universe expanding. Except that gravity is pushing instead of pulling the whole World together, with an incoming gravity current pressure. Rapidly rising floodwaters of mass and energy on currents to all of the creations grounds, in varying sizes all around the worlds, where gravity charge on them is backed-up like this, whereby 87% of Universe is gobbling up its 13% in galaxies from the inside out gravity charge accumulating faster. Thus the energy and inertia in universe center is expanding faster. Universe has already shorted its energy along its infinite length, that may have broke Eternity's circuit of gravity, holding the visible Universe together. That after a dark night in the gravity charge sphere, current recoils back into the Hollow Center of Eternity to a point to begin everything again forces mass(gravity charge) raining down on gravity current, joins negative to positive gravity charge in all creations makes a circuit at the centre of a vacuum, where energy builds up to critical mass until Bang there is a new Universe! 13% suddenly shot out the sides of the Black Hole length in strands to visible Universe, momentum that popped into being the galaxies like so many fireworks out of tentacles off of the central Black Hole. That eventually consumes everything the Black Hole jettisoned in galaxies. Unless Universe expands to the extent of the hollow of outer space, to the charge sphere that is expanding the Universe on gravity currents, that is not expanding. Universe is expanding. Where central circuit of gravity 87% of all of the mass in the Universe expands faster than any of its parts along its infinite length, the black hole out to its ends in strands, as plumes from a universal Black Hole dark Universe 87% out to 13% visible Universe from Black Hole plumbs of it as Quetzalcoatl, in strands out to all of the galaxies, Universe expanding faster and faster about the Circuit of Gravity coil down the center of universe tube, that shorts-out eventually, as galaxies run into it. Thus gamma-ray burst is certain, coming from NGC2300 gas when it blows-up. Most saying death is only lights-out to no existence, a personal problem that causes crime and corruption to have to root out the false perceptions of politics in religion, where Adam and Eve went wrong. So bad blood lines have to be killed-off, to have peace and wealth for the prosperity of good on earth. By ending national debt in killing off criminals and criminal types for pet food or predators, whoever the people have to shoot or bomb, something eats whoever the people have to kill for peace, to get an honest White U.S. Government in America. U.S. citizens saving trillions of dollars on prisons, illegal's and their legal cousins drain on resources. Maybe can them to export, to pay for getting rid of subversives, in an ethnic cleansing. From the dead or the living only one or two more like me break on through to the other side to God, have business there, the others pass on through up to their dark sphere's in the Allah. For the next Universe of currents returning, through the Gravity Charge sphere, to the point center of its Hollow to the Next Big Bang a New Universe. Eliminating rags to riches, every citizen a equal cash value credit to work for, with equal opportunity on 10 levels of talent to reach. Where anything is possible through diligence, if my revolution here succeeds in deleting the ages old politics in gang secrecies. For me if more than only 70 already at the Wound on the light of "God" waiting for me in the time machine maybe there will be another. Many more people should be on the other side, in Earth's positive gravity sphere. While space does not expand, the Universe does. Galaxies expanding out from their centers a uniform expansion of everything, keeps everything relatively close, spread outwards away from other galaxies at the center like oil on water, faster and faster, the length of Eternity spectrum tube circuit out of a point spread the bundled together circuit in a fist grip, with 87% of the energy expanding faster than its 13%, Universe. Visible universe energy spread-out all along and around its circuit center, expanding to the end of space. Religions all wrong when all the faithful die. Unless ideology. Salvation after death.

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Here are the dimensions of something that is an element deposited on the ground, where you cannot see or feel

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All of these such places both big or small, all around the world, centered about a central cord of gravity currents,

converged upon each their own spot. To the central Gravitational Field in the center of the Earth's magnetic core.

From each of the Gravity Grounds on earth. Each backed-up pressure of Gravity Charge around gravity currents,

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gravity pressure limiting speed of light head-on, while expanding the particle and wave of light as fast as universe.

Which in God on the other side you avoid the pressure of incoming Gravity Currents and there is a two way street!

However there is a way around the incoming pressure of gravity currents, to go much faster than the speed of light.





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