Nearest Stars To The Sun, 2008 One Coming Straight At It

This artist's representation of the Milky Way Galaxy, charts the course of what scientists
believe was the looping path of a black hole with "it's companion", over the last 4.5 billion
years, represent's the current position of the Milky Way Galaxy, point of creation. Black Hole
drifting over yellow spot locates Sun, in 2012, turning around at the red dwarf star coming out.


Sirius and its white dwarf star otherwise rise in 2020 to a brown dwarf Wormwood scripture red moons.


The Sun out of its black hole sent for a loop, a red dwarf star hits

Sun is seen in 2005 12.5 years closer the 1994, Red dwarf appears

coming in, coincidentlyWodan behind dwarf eclipse of Sirius rise

in 2020. Sun turned around speeding up to hit incoming red dwarf

star. Planet X rise in the west August red star hits Sun a knock-out!


This "New Star" approaching our solar system in 1994 I found in 2005. Then incoming the Planet X set on Hogback Mountain, on September 23, 2006. Passing it turned the Sun upside down on 19 February 2007. Going under the Earth, then rises close as Neptune, a magnet so close it turns Earth upside down. Inner Earth expansion Alaska 9.2 earthquake Earth's moving magnetic core in lithosphere, then 4 as big earthquakes in 2011. 2013 Sun orbit turned around, 1 asteroid blew up over Russia then east of Florida, 2 Nostradamus said December 21, 2012, asteroids rip across Europe together, point to climax whole plant shaking, from star Sirius magnetism getting too close to Earth's magnetism, in 2020. Are we ready, of course not if you think about insurance for a morgue you might as well die decorated for racist reactionary valor at least, in my dictatorship with U.S. Military, or life is a suicide mission the religions all thieves in conspiracies of secret society where everyone else has other views they die. Must be the world does not have the right religion yet, their followers can't get out alive, with the formula to come and go like living in the Garden of Eden on all of the special ground in the world, natural special substance to escape through.

In life's turmoil goes unnoticed the star coming to crash the world.


Here going around the solar system before it sat with the sunrise

in the Fall of 2006, Sirius, brightest star in Southern hemisphere

until rising back to northern hemisphere, 2020. Thor all day long

close as Neptune, that hit Wodan once between Jupiter and Mars,

it took out to Oort cloud. Red dwarf for red moons in Sun eclipse.


Planet X incoming going around the Sun in a 14 year orbit

around down under, to close as Neptune behind white dwarf

star a civilization from Earth that lights up their planet blue,

will rise up in 2020 in front of Planet X behind a white dwarf:


A "Rapture" quake must certainly happen, before a moon rises to break

break apart and fall on Earth to dwarf star Wormwood 2020 catastrophe!

Besides the white dwarf star coming up to close as the Moon, to the Earth

reflecting a white dwarf star white, while reflecting its blue on dark Sirius.

That is why when I looked for the Sun's twin, its points of light were offset.

I had to get out my binoculars found its points of light were on its lower left

where the light source was actually orbiting out behind a white dwarf there.

In front of Sirius A Sirius B, with bright planet

behind it reflecting light on Sirius A, a hundred

and forty four thousand out of 50 billion survive.

Everyone left behind see Wormwood coincidence,

fall apart on Earth, hear 7 angels with 7 trumpets.


Geological and outer space 2 disasters still cross paths

silently. Blue planet intelligence behind a White dwarf

star up close in 2020. Biblical Wormwood disaster, red

dwarf star hits Sun after Sirius upsets Earth axis' spin.


While those that don't care and have other views go

to Hell so few survive polar reversal #21 in bunkers,

or it is my Military White America restored America,

I am our salvation solved by Martial Law in a bloody

ethnic cleansing survive new world order, Wall Street.


The safest way to salvation is to Gravity Charge sphere.

Where a Rapture had to happen before Noah's Flood.

My hills and beach escape or rapture, always saved.


These people had the stars right, to end of galaxy,

(3) 8.8 earthquakes after 9.2 Jap tsunami up to a

end of the world in 5123. August 12, 3113 BCE:

December 24, 2012, end of the world 2011 Sun

end of orbit turn, new fig leaf in 2020 during

popular Government I describe here? With

element 0 a shape, Jesus Christ atomic glue

with a cone raised up, chocolate drop shape

new element break on through JesusChrist

before the Sun goes out, hit by a New Star

coincidence Sun u-turn into, Long Count

21 December 2012, 5124, Sun in its way.

Mexico's most accurate math calendar,

Japan off nine months, early for 2011

end of the world Short Count. End of

of solar orbit, December 24, 2011: 9

months in 4 tsunami. Long Count a

December 21, 2012: Calculation to

end of solar turn around in galaxy

before the Sun' light knocked-out.


In my rule I build America underground

USA purge enemy until all gone, a racist

nation. I could 1800's build city of refuge

space project out of God, a time-machine,

other-side part key for my 1763 revolution

if God is good for anything, than advising.


Free of certain economic crisis new world

order under politicians getting rich. Gangs

of the rich that disrupt November Elections

destroy. A good time for the gifted to ascend

after all of the polar reversals dug up, reason

for alarm figured 2035 Earth poles flip again

after more reversals were dug up over a period

of 15 years figure 6th reversal happens in 2020

the billionaires and politicians plan escape from

using the people's wealth and power, martial law

the people to be destroyed racist militia kill them! Shopping Mall


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