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Editing these pages has taken 11 years, since this publisher says here I have punctuation and grammar errors throughout my manuscript. I still have the pages in the files I sent to them, that they returned. Their thugs kept calling me for months and months, wanting me to send them a hundred and 25 thousand dollars for publishing it. I read the contract they sent, but did not have the money, so I did not sign it. I went right to work editing page after page of it, that took me years to get right to this, to do over again a procedure into the other dimension of physics and publish in 1763. Would have I been able to pay this publisher to rewrite all of it their way. They would have rewritten all of my pages better than I have, some other way, as scholars of writing. Sending me copies of it again and again to edit their rewriting. I would have had to sign for publishing it, and pay them $125,000.00. But I will just finish these pages of editing in a few days after Easter my thirdparty/page5.htm to keep to myself and sell my library of classics and copy Uncle Tom's Cabin to submit to a publisher in 1760, to start making a living. Show movies, for these pages published in 1763 began with an interview, titling my book The Logical Solution, money for assault rifles and manufacture antibiotics.

Now 4 years after the 3rd and 4th red full moon I break on through to the other side, just to find a publisher in the past, because writing is not doing me any good now, plan overload charge of gravity back into the other God of the World, to find-out if the other side is a time machine, packing my manuscript here some things and get paid for publishing when they use to do that. Before I began writing that a college English teacher with a masters degree from the University of Washington that won a job against thousands of other scholars applying for the same teaching position, told me that my writing was very hard to read. Maybe he will read what I have here on the Internet, if I won a prize, that will probably still need a publisher proofread to mark up anything for me to correct in a couple of sessions before publishing it. I have time to make it to my spots, or get out to others under my Element 0 bubble. Maybe I can just tell God to send me down to a 1760 American theater to show Ten Commandments and Ben Hur, so I get money to make guns and published in 1763, to begin a national company in a democracy. offering a share of the profits from the cotton gin export, and making weapons to sell to citizens to earn greater and greater dividends after Revolution. Keep science and medicine technology to ourselves, for our health, trade cotton for all the resources from other countries, keeping our resources to ourselves in reserve. I will take high school to college organic chemistry course and formulas physics laws college course facts to Ascend with! At one of these places I do the whole procedure over again.

I will show how to get a revolution done right, preventing politicians from starting their conspiracy to establish a stock market on Wall Street, to get richer, since 1792. I will just open "My Documents" and have a publisher copy my Web Site chapters including England and European Union report on conspiracy. This is my final copy refined into a compelling order and grammatically correct, so I am free to go break on through to the other side of a gravity system, to find a publisher to pay me, all they pay in 1760's, to publish these 49 web pages in 1763. Making a living showing movies plus college courses and disc-jockey music with everything here thoroughly correct and true, around the world for Internet viewers, good enough to be published in 1760's, for me to change the past, erasing what went wrong by politicians lawyers and religions, taxing money. God only physics laws. Business and school to open for money to manufacture guns and farm machinery in 17th century employees a shareholders underground secret National Company manufacturing semi and automatic rifles to Minute Men, build battle ship loaded with guided missiles and torpedoes take everything from the rich, mineral rights. A pretty good socialist plan for the people, to establish a real democracy from overthrowing the aristocrats, to end politics for profit, from ever developing in the past to the present. Cross over in the flesh again, where no one stays in immortality in God+ charge unless they are dead.

Lava chamber filling up in Yellowstone National Park, did not blow up as the axis of the core of the Earth like a javelin thrust to the west ran into Earth's top in 2011. Ocean core samples drilled for pointing to a 2020 polar reversal. United States in debt default inflation skyrocketing. Only military can put me into power after September dollar inflating world standard currency. While demand exceeds the products available in the market-place, witnesses see me vanish with a bag on break through to the other side to show movies educational classes, could get rich with industry and manufacturing in 1760's, to make a $10,000,000 limit to wealth in a Democracy in America underground, for the planet's health, while manufacturing out of barns and cellars in a public confederation to rise up and take over, production lines all divided into divisions for all the products worker's membership reap dividends to fight for industry safe and secure from intruders Democracy.

I do the $125,000 editing it myself. But time is too late for a book in this century to do any good. In the Fall I will ascend from where I left my double the last time I ascended. Where mountain lions ripped it apart, took most of my double to other places to eat that night, after I jumped out of that place with my backpack on, got out, went down to my van before dark. I would fear maybe leaving your double is bad, suggested a Don Juan in a Carlos Castaneda book, in 1988. I only ascended by accident, stuck to the last spot, so I had to jump off to get off it. Published now this should be ready to publish in the past, to change the world with dictatorship, leaving it on the Internet. In a panic from keeping on going up I remembered a passage in his book said jump down, to stop from going up in the light, landed me on my heels. Stunned I went straight back down to my van. A year later I came back, found my right collar bone and right shoulder bone beside each other, in 1989, saw I had left my double! Leaving my double, I did not look back. Gold dust all around a gold claim, you might jump out of your skin leaving a comatose double behind, break on through to the other pole of gravity to save lives. Eventually someone hiking should find my other bones, in piles, scattered around in those hills.

As I was reaching to pick up my right collar bone and shoulder bone suddenly a phantom neon mountain lion appeared, snarling up at me reaching for them, in the middle of two spots from the one where I ascended from returned between them with my backpack on and went down to my van. I sat there looking up at the hill. By satellite that hill was not through a sluice box yet. But to another spot stronger than those I will bring my PSP iPods and tablets and speakers, to find out if God is a time machine. I only have to cross Colorado River from one hills to another, to ascend at first one again or the other. In the past go over to a hill full of gold in quarts in 1750's, to afford pack animals from Yuma on a trip to Rio Grand River with a boat to go east, to a Southern British Colony city. With my camcorder on to play back ascending, for the highest admission in 17th century, show the future and me coming from it, To where escape is found on a Carolina and New York gravity charge deposit, take my coins and cash leave profits to my socialism. The skilled instruct education in manufacturing and service innovates social profit. political speak can only be stamped out by military overthrow, Revolution.

I did not bother reading this publisher's "subsidy publishing agreement", after I saw I was suppose to pay them $125,000.00 to do most of the writing, to make these pages into chapters of a book. It probably would have turned out fabulous with their scholarly knowledge, $125,000.00 to have to pay them for. I edited these pages myself to ascend with, valuables for the past, find out if my 1967 girl friend is still there, but raise hell with U.S. Military and a 1763 bloody revolution offering assault rifles and high explosives if they want democracy.

This will have to be a chapter in my book back when publishers paid to publish manuscripts. But publishing at this time in a book form before I break on through to the other side, to find out what God is good for, is not possible. So I will have to go through the whole routine again to where I start to walk away, but cannot move! To a surprise no one would expect while accumulating "power", like a Carlos Castaneda book said to get, but never said why. I'll pick where to jump off to the other side relativity relative to all the ascended or the eligible to ascend, who see God and jump in could drop into an earlier century as they so choose, or just be immortals.

Find the right place at the right time to ascend, I took pictures of over 40 Gravity Grounds to charge on at the time machine, to get enough experience with moving around in there. I might stay. God through sword of the lord, break on through to the other side again. Reciprocal currents to and from Universe expanding relative to it all. I will tell Apollo to drop me in where I choose, out of the genii, with my backpack on to get to make my limit of $10,000,000.00. Camera full of pictures and take back college course facts through to other side, able in those times to influence and redirect science lead White America to stay racist & guide industry with a say.

What I have for creating democracy in America has a chance in 1760's, through a publisher get rid of slaves revolution for a new government then, to get finances enough from getting published as many classic books useful for my cause, out of my library of classic books I have. Later these pages in a book order published. Show movies, put on concerts, play a 2007 lectures on American history, buy a house for a shop to make assault rifles for a racist American people's Revolution for majority rule Independence, to become a nation powerful enough to prevent 21st century the way it is. In 1700's hire workers as business grows, my polling system of democracy and on the job training, and in 1763 pull out a copy of Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, like the French take out church and state the conspiracies, corporations and business, to execute deport or can them, confiscate all the wealth to American Treasury for a National Company socialist economy now, to get ready for disaster. I could prevent global warming and rising oceans by 1800, blowing away Rome to end digging out a "fountain of the deep" under Vatican City, in my reign. But Opinion Majorities would help me rule a real democracy. Martial Law tribunal the rich, confiscate lawyers wealth of the authorities, if they get away track them down they will be dead to believe me, in my dictatorship with racist American Armed Forces only U.S. Military can make possible, defending Americans verses illegal's alien and criminals. Shopping Mall

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