Hydrogen: The new fuel of choice

There is no energy benefit by using plant biomass for liquid fuel. The hard fact is we must reduce our consumption and not replace it with something else. Nations rise in racist nationalism. Best eliminate criminal and aliens, saving the money on locking them up. Fault lines keep building up to critical, that is relieved by slipping all around the world suddenly Earth quakes violently, shaking methane gas out of the waters so the air to breathe peoples last breath, around the world, in the Big One earthquake. Where everyone has to make own oxygen and drinking water or die in 4 years, generating their own electricity, distilling the water to drink hydrogen generators give oxygen to breathe after Earth blows its top, enshrouding the Earth in ash so a Ice Age begins, in earthquake and eruption flipping its axis. Raise food in hydroponics under lights, grains for live stocks. Signs on Chile Island of Mayan end of the world December 21, 2012 Earth begins crossing Milky Way Galaxy rim of the world from north to south. Nostradamus drew two asteroids strafing Europe, so two months later a first one blows up over Russia and one off east coast of Florida lit up next night two months late for Nostradamus' 500 year old prediction a coincidence? Mayan calendar end only over edge of Milky Way Galaxy, solar end of its orbit here calculated from a first of 40 day and night flooding over 30 Mediterranean basin and Caribbean basin cities etcetera, are buried, under a Great Flood. Calculated from a star chart in Mexico on a ceiling somewhere still in a Mayan pyramid building deep their jungle laid-out star chart according to astrological points, on a saved star chart on when Gulf Basin cities were all sank, under Noah's Great Flood. So Mayan mathematicians and astronomers figured out a solar sequel' apogee, reached December 24, 2011, Sun God mythology, Short Count August 10, 3113, Long Count end of the world decided on December 21, 2012, Earth fell into the Galaxy edge!

Here a 21st century alternative source of energy energy is needed, in water, prior to abruptly axis of Earth changed by Sirius rising. It looks like Maya Mexico had the math right for the world ending on 12/24/2011 then 12/21/2012 in solar turn around 8 months early for 12/24/2011 end of Sun's orbit, a Japan careless melt down, in Haiti Chile and New Zealand earthquakes prior to new heaven and a new earth from underground citizens return in my Military Power by Default American 21st century. Climbing out of bomb shelters along tunnels independently making everything needed and improving on products sheltered working democracy, deciding the future of everything according to the facts with the schools.

I could unleash world war if USA is threatened the people's children's armed forces seize command. For home my "Green" objective for American citizens concerning ecology and energy independence we survive into the future! My nationalizing everything before star Sirius, or red dwarf star drops off Wormwood then a hydrogen gas NGC2300 H-Bomb probably already blew-up, at over ten million degrees galaxy falling on the hot live-wire of Circuit of Gravity for the Universe, so that a concussion should reach Earth coincidently in 2020 from coincidental disaster indications coinciding before cold the Sun's light is blown out, hit by a red dwarf so Moon "turns blood red". But underground fortified cities save all I ascend from a gravity ground teleport translator or everyone is smashed fried or blown away.

"Renewable energy sources can be used to produce hydrogen for use in fuel cells, that can in turn generate electricity on demand. Hydrogen is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic, when used to power fuel cells. The only emissions are drinkable water and some heat. Even when burned in an internal combustion engine no pollution results." Search for anything to take advantage of, in following the likes of http://www.pca.state.mn.us/oea/p2/hydrogen.cfm.

My U.S. industrial plans are build Bomb and Storm Shelters into the mountains. Survival Accommodations for American citizens, maybe world socialist confederation, in our defense.

Custom assemble your life sustaining Energy Independence, Hydrogen Generator System USA nationalized citizens take the wealth for continuance of high quality of life:


Hydroponics to grow your food




The Alternative Energy Store 1-877-878-4060


Solar Power for backpacking, military and laptops +


Small Wind Turbines For Homes, Businesses, and Off-Grid


ALUMINUM WIND GENERATOR BLADES AND TURBINES/Items Needed To build Tips and Tricks "ACCESSKEY?" TG Windpower Products


Aqua6Gen Tow-Behind Hydro Turbine to install above fast-moving river to supply power to cabin or campsite


Hydrogen generators, Air generators and purifiers, and Multiple Generators such the HANG 3 gas Generator: A Complete gas chromatography station with nitrogen, air and hydrogen output, to Reduce Investment costs compared to 3 separate generators!


The most dependable service and least required maintenance Oxygen Concentrators, that will run on AC, battery or DC power


Fuel Cells for defense applications, military soldiers load in the field use IQ Fuel cells and other Fuel cells for sale


Fuel efficient, even with non-purified water, buy oxygen producing Fuel cells:

For only generating electricity: Solid Oxide - SOFC fuel cells using natural gas as fuel, SOFC's are over 45% efficient in making electricity at the well over 50,000 hours of reliability necessary to meet commercial needs

AHEAD: Residential Fuel Cell Heat and Power System


This is the final solution in water for fuel, water-methanol fuel injection, drive around cheap with more horsepower, http://www.snowperformance.net/index.php. Distill your own water for purity, to drink. Natural drinking waters will become polluted, until 2020. So generate your electricity oxygen for a earthquake, coming up on a spring 2020 day following a "Flood" then "fire" baptism by JesusChrist binding the world together ascended, transparent new element pooled variously chocolate drop shaped on earth pooled upon the gravity grounds, unfound except by accident, someone will find a shallow end of it may raise it up happen to see its surface. Capture it with a camcorder.

Power your car with water, separating the water into HHO (2 Hydrogen 1 Oxygen):

Alternately "Pound for pound HHO GAS CONTAINS 3 TIMES MORE ENERGY THAN GASOLINE, WORKS ON carburetor and fuel injection applications, gas or diesel old and new cars, light trucks boats and more. Choose between these or other available units --

Run your Big-Rig Truck on HHO GAS, to save 40% on Diesel Fuel Costs"


HYDROGEN GAS, at 10 million degrees Fahrenheit



My course on American History from Pilgrims to 2007 will help Revolution

in lectures for early America should be for Independence from the rich

at http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/revolution/index.html

Congress was an illegitimate body of rich Americans only interested in exempting themselves from taxation, who fomented rebellion for business interest "equality".

Business politic anti-American laws The Founding Fathers conspiracy to get richer has Hell to pay! Distill spirits generate electricity, with motors separating oxygen breath underground distill water/live independently of the system. NGC2300 on the circuit might need die drunk!

Although most people are wiped off of this planet during a magnetic polar reversal flip, the world inside the Earth on a course to blow-out in Rapture, Origin stalks it's Knower the "chosen few" to ascend, for end of the world on "fire."

While only the "chosen ones" enlightened vanish off some gravity ground, have to find one, others in space starving. While the Earth is not utterly destroyed, as Sirius goes by.

The Kolbrin Bible was great information. But "the pure in heart" is all I needed to read to find the truth in scripture. Taking things vanish early for a "Rapture" you vanish out through key at some tour vortex or other deposits around.

Where Christianity came from, call it diabolical mimicry:

So that if you are not a property owner you are not saved: realist thinking die to changes in the dark forever. 144,000 find the gravity circuit don't die. It will take a bomb to get a house off of a gravity charge escape, without biting ants!

For most people and things in Hell, sustaining the Image of the World, it is a happy hunting ground for creating world for themselves forever, which is what the creator wants for everything and everyone in the World so scant few become "gods" gathered above 12.0 earthquake Jesus said end day need to ascend be here or here or jump out here in Earth's collapse of its core lava fills in Hell in 2020, or breaks out to pop. 2 Nostradamus asteroids hit the Earth in 2013 then "Wormwood" a dwarf breaks apart in front of a red dwarf star this. 300mph winds, Earth falls over in 2020, you beat the water flooding in around a smaller Earth in a collapse! Our shelters in the mountains.

A 144,000 figure, out of 50 billion people Adam to 8 billion people, know God. When so few look to find a way out into Positive Gravity Charge that binds the world together, not worried about having to leave another def dumb double, to be found the same way that mountain lions found mine. We keep on applying laws in the natural world element Jesus Christ a sea through to the "Father".

Rapture by core in the Earth blowing its top parts the way in the sword of the lord everyone else needs a known place they can see, will not go through much trouble finding it could purchase from travel agency chance to part the way.

Plan your vacation for Fall 2019. While the Earth is tilting east it's core keeps going northwest pops Earth top in 2020 fig trees put forth new leaf Earth's spin Jesus slower Earth falls over a day steam blow out iron core spin stuck.

Just like Noah said, this time for Flood is a fire.

So everyone left on earth, after Rapture burns.

A cause for a Rapture being a Earth expansion

under gravity charge pressure escapes the few!

Scientists testing until death will see it my way.


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