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I have attended to correcting these pages as

advised. My inspiration starts at this unlikely

beginning witness the only souls to trust are

gone, real Ghost come around everyone 9th

to 13th cheery or serious outlook remember

when its your turn the party lives on, taking

this on my back to a day I start a 60's over

in revolution try turn out in peace and love

debt free over so many bodies in a military

solution Jerry Garcia, that he can live with.

To the Ghost

The "Chosen" can go to "Heaven", be a ghost, or return again! Everyone could be friends, at the show that never ends. The leader of it all, Jerry Garcia, was not bound by human laws, used a drug to get halfway to Heaven a god watching over us here. A unseen sphere over his image, I never thought to look for until a day after the Memorial was over. He probably by now went the rest of the way whenever he wanted to, to be the only god there to go all the way. But Jerry stayed around to have some fun, certain to see what follows the "fourth seal" 4 "red moons". Last night after the 4th red moon a rainbow formed around it, someone told me this morning, only seen in southern Oregon, that was Jerry Garcia for me to see, you will read about here, since he passed away became a spot of rainbow in the sky for me, in the mists. I was passed out from making this page, working all night I fell asleep and missed seeing a cloudy 4th red moon. Where I kept on writing for the Revolution, like they use to say, if it will do any good. We have a new President, to make it happen, if he only reads what I have to say: In 2017.

Either people ascend out of the world with their body, or they leave it behind. Which just might as well be left behind feeling fine. Like the lucky ones. Jesus!

Here I found the convergence-sphere of Earth gravity has now at least one god! That started out in pranks in the real world causing a power failure, in flashes of light as he moved about the Dead Heads gathering, camping out for a Memorial in my science adventure I made sense of while on hard rock 'n' roll the new god! Everyone standing can buy music at stores, in a Martial Law.

While I stood watching at this Memorial to Jerry Garcia I felt I should not be here, with all my far to the right political beliefs in writings lost and stolen. I had to write all of it over in some way in balance with this inviting kind of universe fellowship, called Family, I found myself in. Here sky pulsed steadily, a circuit good forever, down to the ground. All of these 5 days, the new god beamed above amplified by the crowd half way to Heaven, a ghost going around here having fun in the aftershock of ascension. A spot of cloud, New-Age on a cloud with a rainbow going through it. So eventually I wound up with this in 46 other pages of mine, on the Internet, figured out that Gravity x Light = Mass for physics. The impossible was possible! Mysteries in science can be figured out from college definition sheets in my bag for 17th century. "Bang", down to sub atomic particles space not expanding Universe as fast as Newton said. Gravity was pulling everything down to the ground is the opposite! Particles of matter centers of gravity currents are all around the creations, pushing everything together into layers, its organs from seeds in the Universe that pop out in space debris assembling suddenly the world's particles of mass to each individual, on separate current's atoms pushed together, the world of creations at once. Each in their order, a circuit alit, for each set of Black currents of Gravity to every particle of matter: expanding at exactly the same proportion of mass accumulating throughout the entire Universe. Everything expanding at 4.9 meters per second God+ above on currents the mass of everything dancing bear, confident Light good to die for with a smile on a secret looking down over us to be so electric August 9 to NYC.

Much later, seventeen years of Jerry Garcia appearing as a spot of cloud with a rainbow through it until May 1, 2012, he was back again as I looked up to see if there was a ring around the sun in slightly hazy skies, where was only a piece of it to see from the ring around the sun a piece of colors, a curtain of rainbow to the left of the sun, with bright rainbow colors down it. I looked to the right of the sun for an opposite piece of the ring, if there was a ring around the sun. There it was! A rainbow piece of colors down it! I took this to mean I was right about my eagle Universe experience page I just finished showing Don Juan's "eagle" the Universe, I re-created. Cheers to hope and trust and fellowship gathered here, again in Golden Gate Park where maybe I could get Jerry Garcia to check this out for him to know he did the right thing.

The idea of the Grateful Dead movement appeared to me to be where all divergent classes of people could get together and be family, that led to a lot of different kinds of problems, which gradually broke down after Jerry Garcia died. Who probably knew after the crowd waiting for another Grateful Dead show broke out in a riot and looting of a downtown somewhere, that it was useless to try to keep the peace within his followers to maintain a good image for himself and all.

Ever since I woke up this morning August 9, 1995, I immediately felt something was going on more oppressing and interesting than my constantly contemplating depression over all of my writings and valuables stolen last month. A worse thing must have happened that was oppressing overhead to the east of Samuel P. to Golden Gate Park, hanging over the air switched my channel from worrying about if I should survive to write revolution over again, with all of my written work in Masonic wrong hands again, and back homeless in San Francisco. Such luxury in remote camps, to big campfires in State Parks, here back in Golden Gate Park at my hide away, with fly casting pond view of tall trees overlooking the Polo Grounds. In and after the Memorial gaze and find Jerry Garcia's ghost round sphere that had to of been over the multitude of Grateful Dead Heads, gathering in a love-in, amplifying it to an overwhelming supernatural event I was caught up in, from my nearby camp. As if one chorus raising together the Dead's growing crowd chant in sync, 20 thousand Grateful Dead followers gathering felt the love-in chant, in waves to peaks, in the night to a frightening shout! Memorial service finally showing up late 4 nights later, setting up for a Sunday August 13 Show. I was paranoid about the crowd, to keep what I still had with me, only came out in the daytime to the beautiful people, to day's end a family fellowship. I would never overdose in my camp with that around. Riding in under grief stunned sky a pulsing light for five days and four nights. Crowd shout all together! The camaraderie peaking out at night! A 1960's Revolution anti-government atmosphere New Age, new earth. My interest was global warming because core of the Earth began spinning in 1975 faster and faster up to the Big One earthquake Spring 2020 Noah Jesus saying. I contemplated all the major fault lines around the world stressed so tight there has to be a very big geological slip in 2020, U.S. Military scientific 2020, while fig trees are putting forth new leaves in Israel. Need to be thinking flight or bomb shelter or leave your bones ascending out of seven billion people a gathering of dead heads over at Polo Ground scorer's tower end growing. Jerry Garcia could entertain the heads at concerts out of the vault forever, in everyone's heads. Dead Heads camping out crowd chanting to a great peak so high as to form a pyramid Shout all night. At Golden Gate Polo Grounds!

I was more interested in making a Revolution possible, since U.S. government does not represent the American people, and needs to be blown up in a U.S. Military Mutiny or something. Here faith is for a "New Age" harmony fellowship, during a final solution for "The Silent Majority" Default vote Power and National Debt Default revolt. My skin-heads American armed forces solution, Power by Default before Judgment Day 2020, against all of the forces of evil, if I can get it done now, thanking high Heaven Oklahoma City Bombing would ever happen, Waco, Texas fire caused by a feminist Italian woman showing off authority against White America, so the whole "system" needs to be led off in chains in nationalizing wealth, my American Revolution with U.S. Military support obligation to White America, and not anyone else. U.S. Military Internet was interested saw developing my Third Party Default Vote Majority kind of dictatorship. Expropriating and deporting and destroying the bad and confiscating riches of all the Traitors in Conspiracy against White America. Which cannot get their country the way they want it by voting for any politician. Where public gripes against Business Religion and Political Correctness Et Cetera pays the National Debt or dies in the revenge. And prepare for the geophysical world wide disaster polar reversal blowing up out of the Arctic Ocean, its steam out of Earth's core. Thinner now after five Earth expansions collapses to a new heaven and a new earth! Jerry Garcia above it all watching, Earth tilting more with every 8.8 earthquake up to another end of the world. In a methane gas fire volcano end Noah predicted. The remaining saved ascend at once in spring 2020 when Earth expands a 6th time.

I will get a better camcorder, demonstrate escape to safe haven from "the end of the world", take back a revolution in music and a citizen's militia dictatorship in the past to create democracy in 1760's in tribunals, make the country the way Americans say so. U.S. Military looked at this during the last president my Power by Default plan. Gold for a 1 to 10 pay scale every contribution of talent, workers build comfortable storm shelter and work conditions in America enlist for a violent civil struggle capture U.S. government move capitol feed America's enemies and cousins, Democrats and Republicans to sharks. I doubt Jerry Garcia would ever approve of this as an outsider out of his universe with my violent revolution a solution, to peace and music very best of his and others in my small collection I prefer. While all the other tunes only trash of the times in the 21st century, his universe was where to be in my travels for myself, if to back in time.

While under Bush U.S. Military pondered my Third Party plan for government from Default U.S. Militia forces take freedoms back, taking out the system with weapons support. keywords: Default, vote, electorate, America, congress, merchants, workers, property, elected, candidates, state, house, political, authorities, revolution, society, office, stores, national, company, general, commander, resources, community, opinion, majority, church, deception, tradition, documents, rogue, rogues, gallery, christ, tomb, business, cup, electorate, clandestine, organized, conspiracy, computer, conceive, countdown, 2000, internet, fix, millennium, conversion, geological, evidence, pop, bubble, Earth, save, survive, support, leader, power, duty, ways, means, weather, time, news, flight, orders, military. Where I do not need Congress to endorse me politically as The Third Party, in United States elections. U.S. Armed Forces take my excuses and act. Its not pretty, so make USA safe and friendly for Americans in America! Elected according to my "more registered voters who don't vote that outnumbers any of the political candidates for president, elects me!" The people's new government. Where I have the right reserved to rule formula, Election after Election, reason to overrule United States electoral college votes, any day now, in U.S. Debt Default maybe die while taking out the system! Revolution rounding up the authorities, after bombing or tear gas the system a tribunal my National Company Government depends on the popular thing to do, opinion polls as a Premier, might even detain political establishment authorities in Cuba decide fates in Public Opinion Poll majorities in my Power Sharing System. Help me administrate America's Third U.S. Government to pay off the national debt with the establishments money so American citizens can "roll" in money again!


When Jerry Garcia awoke and found he was a risen soul able to move in the air, saw a smile on his face dead knew he would make it safely up into the Earth's soul still in the World surprised he could move in the air went outside before he was found dead at 4:23 a.m. 8/9/95. He decided he would do some mischief after finding out some way he was able to block the flow of electricity departed from the hospital clinic where his body lay went to his Marin county hills deciding to shut off the power to an air traffic communications installations there showed the whole bay area that after death he could cut off power to electrical devices. Where his sphere got in the center of the above "Power Failure", at the two air traffic towers beside each other, and caused the "Air Traffic Crisis" in a Revolutionary defiance showing that he was still alive! Even though the average reader would never fathom this catastrophic coincidence believe that Jerry Garcia did it himself, two hours after he died. Someone else dead and risen found they could get in between an electrical power circuit, so an alarm system could not sound off at the right moment, which otherwise would have let out of school a crowd of Jewish children from an elementary school in Europe, to pour out to the buses around a car bomb set to blow them up! Instead it only blew up buses and parking lot because bells did not ring the children and their bus drivers all stayed inside!

Next year to the day one year after Jerry Garcia died the World Wide Internet shut off, for 19 hours, August 1996 a year after Jerry Garcia died Wednesday the 9th, on the 8th. A few days later on August 19 the day of the 1995 Jerry Garcia Memorial in Central Park New Your City power went out in 9 Northwestern United States home of West Coast Dead Head follower fan base a left then right, symmetrically this new god made these coincidences happen. So no one was hurt!

Jerry Garcia: The Grateful Dead's heart and soul. The beloved free spirit behind rock's great odyssey of the "Peace and Love Movement". As close as I got to the Grateful Dead was to the entrance of their "shows", twice, which tickets to were always sold out. But I was just glad to at least get to find someone in the crowd out front selling LSD hits to get 10 or 20 of them. Other Rock 'n' Roller's around were not as popular socially because of the fellowship in Grateful Dead Rock 'n' Roll social life, for millions of cheerful kinds of caring non-conformists, until hardened or died, over the years of Jerry Garcia's round soul still coming around. The Monday after the Memorial, at sundown I decided to cross my eyes and "gaze" up close in front of the Jerry Memorial stage area scanning for Jerry Garcia's soul halfway down the horse track while going back to camp. I gazed to see if anything was there. About a hundred yards down the track maybe 60 feet up a round like a full Moon white sphere was over the track about 6 feet in diameter with only hair and beard line, cocked up to the right over his Memorial stage area looking sideways at me, down the north side of the horse track, all in white! But the next sunny day was the 19th. I went right up to the bleachers below where his Memorial stage was set up. Seeing him he revolved down to face me less than 30 feet up that looked 6' in diameter still looking at the crowd?


"Despite the groovy image the Grateful Dead has never thought of itself as being a psychedelic band", said Jerry Garcia. "We've always thought of ourselves as a rock-and-roll band". He was admired, but felt apart from contemporary musicians. Obscured "I live in the Grateful Dead universe," he said, "which has its own parameters." This was the beginning of the only time I crossed into their parameter. I collected only other contemporary rock 'n' roller musician's music. While I was here I had to take these pictures. But I did not have enough space on my server to show any other pictures, the pictures I took that pack a CD. I always go by 710 Ashbury whenever I am in the area. Down there Jerry and his band first lived with their girlfriends and inner circle of friends, there the musical family wrote and practiced original Grateful Dead songs for their bar band appearances and LSD parties. Music dates with Ken Kesey and his band of Marry Pranksters, at their "ASID TESTS", in the 1960's. This was a time of intellectual revolution. Where I was interested in how the world was created, and what was God until I saw it out of a scripture. As science cannot know more than mechanics of, how the world suddenly popped out of the cosmos from a round point gravity circuit, and is wrong about how universe was created and where the Moon really came from. Finally over years of exploring Mars there was discovered by rovers sending back pictures that a Great Flood happened on Mars 2.5 billion years ago, when the Grand Canyon began to form on the Earth. After a big rectangular slab of asteroid ripped across Mars dug in and flipped over into, crashed into Mars' iron core for a flood, and out of Mars, tearing a "Martian Rift" gash across Mars, when two asteroids ripped across a side of the Earth making Atlantic North and South Atlantic ridges, that hit Earth's core and flooded them 5 times the Earth went through the Milky Way Galaxy edge, going through its asteroid field again since December 21, 2012. That 2.5 billion years ago gushed out water that filled the Atlantic Ocean up to the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean basins. Grand Canyon Flood on Earth and Mars happening when an asteroid belt was formed between Jupiter and Mars because this ran into a planet the star Sirius hit, the former 5th planet of the Sun I will call Wodan squirting the Moon out of it at the Earth that left a moon in two pieces smashed apart by the asteroid that made the "Martian Rift" and rained three different kinds of iron on Mars that hit so hard it knocked small pieces of rock off of Mars to the Earth found all around on Antarctic ice. I was mostly interested in the rest of the world around me and what it needed to make life more bearable on Earth where life could not be any better that it was with Jerry Garcia on it.

But ever since my childhood there has been a belief that every time after the world is destroyed by a polar reversal and super volcano carbon dating bones with science wrong about the origin of man. Chart the evolutionary changes of species interbreeding produced vast numbers of unique species interbred freaks of originals keeps dividing them against each other! Afterlife began before 2.5 billion years ago for Adam and Eve. Original Sin descendents living here wait for 2010's human die off. Grand Canyon beginning shortly after Flood on Mars 2.5 billion years ago likes of my candy bar looking asteroid I saw from a pick-up truck bed with a cousin rip across sky in 1957 like the one ripped across Mars a "Martian Rift". Two of them made the north and south Atlantic Ocean. Now Earth going through the center of Milky Way Galaxy so one asteroid blew up over Russia and the next night one blowing up east of Florida, which Nostradamus predicted some 500 years ago would rip across Europe on December 21, 2012, but blew up two months later in February 2013. At a time when all of the major fault lines around the world are like a balloon ready to pop in Spring 2020. At least some people who ever read everything Carlos Castaneda wrote can find the way out alive, and lots of opportunities to see the light, though so few find out how to locate the portals out of the world, not looking for seeing to believe. Only caring to make more and more children and fists full of money to buy their toys with and ruling the world.

Original sin then asteroid storm two asteroids ripped across the Earth that then expanded two gashes Earth's North and South Atlantic. While steam and water pressure over Ocean inside Earth's iron core keeps it below 700 F°, hard as a magnet. When Earth cracked open like a clam shell from the Atlantic, that cracked open the other side of the Earth that expanded open the area that became flooded to become the Pacific Ocean each time Earth was reportedly destroyed. People always seemed to have been coming out of caves from primitive human society to began all over again. While few survivors of expansion of the world escape to safer ground, or they vanished in a "Rapture". Atmospheric breathable oxygen on the Earth now down to only three miles deep after 5 Earth expansions. Before a 6th rapture in another polar reversal, for any other still chosen to ascend before the Earth stops expanding suddenly if it stays together!

This is August 9, 1995, in the afternoon when the Grateful Dead fans began gathering together in the hopes that there would be a Jerry Garcia Memorial! This is the west end of the Polo Grounds in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The Dead originally put on concerts in front of tens of thousands of fans in the 1960's and 70's, here, until the woman mayor put an end to it with a permit time limit. Regulations so prevented all night Grateful Dead music partying and getting high together, that this time would be allowed for five days and four nights. A divine electricity pulsing in the air spreading good cheer, that was felt all over San Francisco west end. Others could see the sky pulsing with a steady flash all around, for 24 hours a day, something like Jesus' return? I looked up at the sky pulsing over the Panhandle at noon. After dark it seemed to resemble heat-flashes impossible by the Ocean where there are never heat flashes. I was just rolling out in the morning to get to my camp in Golden Gate Park from Samuel P. Taylor, when I noticed the sky pulsing! It lasted 5 sunny days and 4 nights! I stopped in the Panhandle to stare at the sky pulsing. Before I got here:

This is Thursday August 10, second day of the gathering thousands of Grateful Dead fans. Most of the Dead-Heads staying four nights and five days in a powerful New Age uplifting spiritual experience! Climaxed in the nighttime when the rhythm of the crowd noise would ebb and flow and build-up, timed with the heat flashes pulsing overhead, to a great shout and then cheering! In camp I was a little over a hundred yards behind the trees in the above background, from the left side of the above gathering. Left of the man raising his hand in the middle of the crowd. I would lay awake for hours at night looking up at the "heat flashes" simultaneously beat flash of light in the sky down on the trees and upon the ground all around me. Listening to the crowd noise building up again like a huge wave crashing on the beach, to almost frightening proportions, that relaxed into cheering. A great and frightening shout followed by cheering went on for hours! But most of the day I would spend back on the east end of the Park where the regular crowd gathered, on Hippy Hill end of Height Street sunning with the "heads" playing other rock 'n' roll bands, at the other end of the park. Yesterday I heard someone shout out: "Watch your stuff! The Dead Heads are coming." I went back to the Dead Head gathering and stopped at the trail beside the west end of the horse track, in Polo Grounds parking lot overlooking thousands of people down on the field, when a lawyer came around his new Porsche and offered to share a big joint of pot with me. We talked about the Dead Heads for some time until sunset. He said it wasn't that way in the 1960's, the bad crowd slipped in with Grateful Dead followers that treated everyone like family. Mooch-offer's and thieves, the bad drug dealers moved in, took advantage of them.

This is Sunday morning August 13. The air was still chilly from the night. People were just getting up to get a close look at the stage area being set up for the Memorial. Over to my right I parked my bike at the camera platform up close and went over to take this first picture. I took these three pictures while I could move around. Here I got the best picture of the stage area. As cultural commentator Scoop Nisker, author of "If You Don't Like the News Go out and Make Some of Your Own", argues "The '60's spirit died long ago everywhere on the planet except at Grateful Dead shows. "Moreover, Jerry Garcia lived a life that was in many ways the envy of every musician. He was able to devote himself entirely to making and experimenting with his art; his work reflected and promoted a palpable sense of community, which we all seek with increasing desperation. He experienced fabulous material success, as his band developed into a self-sufficient business empire. And by all accounts, despite his failings, he was gentle, compassionate and deeply concerned with the impact his music and life had on people and the planet. Even more than the deaths of other rock stars Garcia's passing will force the faithful nomadic Deadheads and loyal employees to take measure of their own lives. Garcia was able to string out his mind-bending solo for more than 30 years." But as Robert Christgau noted in his capsule review of "In the Dark", the Dead's 1987 only "Gold" album, yielding "Touch of Gray". "One problem with the cosmic is that it doesn't last forever." An end.

This was good timing, getting here to get this last of three pictures before the crowd began to pour in. By the time I got back over to my bike at the camera platform a small crowd began to spread across the field from the stage. While they passed by my way one of them looked over at me from the middle of the crowd. I recognized he was the Grateful Dead's bassist Phil Lesh, the first time I ever saw a Grateful Dead band member live! I was only a gawking spectator. I took a picture of him as he remorsefully drifted on across the field with the crowd, towards another gathering. Some of the band members were gathering on the east end, waiting to join the parade when it came around to this side of the Polo Grounds, a Mardi Gras style parade with floats gathering together to bring all of the other remaining Grateful Dead band members around the horse track to the stage, when it was time for the Memorial to begin. Behind the first parade float two coffins containing 53 snow white doves in side by side coffins. Which when were opened suddenly two flocks of snow white doves flipped end over end and away together, like two cards in the wind. In Fall 1997 and 1998 those doves and their babies dived at me as I came over high end of Sedona, Arizona, at the same place both years, between two shopping centers on high plateau through town to a canyon up from the library Jerry Garcia keeping in touch with me.

"In ways obvious or tangential--as a musician, bemused '60's icon, guerrilla entrepreneur or shambling philosopher-- Jerry Garcia made people happier." (People weekly Tribute). Tom Wolfe described the music of the Dead as "wholly new and deliriously weird." The stoned '60's "were pretty weird times," said Jerry Garcia. "I was very, very far out." Bill Graham Presents showed up in four days of furious preparation for a Memorial I heard setting up late the 4th night, returning the favor of the Dead doing a Memorial for Bill Graham, who died in a helicopter crash. I got up with the sun for breakfast and packing to get over to the Polo Field early, to find a place to park my bike up front somewhere to stay all day. The whole field would be filling up to the fences, with some 25 thousand Grateful Dead fans. People were still getting up. I got this picture of the stage area around 7:30 a.m., when the lighting was just right for color. The stage area was still being set up, as a few people mingled around somber and quiet. I took two more pictures. The lady with sunglasses on was heading this way giving out Grateful Dead band member concert pictures, she gave me one I traded for Bob Weir singing under Full Moon someone had 2 of. I shared all my weed with them. Until it was gone.

The parade has made its way around the Polo Field on the horse track. The area filled up with more thousands of fans. "As the drum procession took up the Bo Dudley beat so familiar at Grateful Dead concerts. The audience without prompting began singing the chorus line of one of the bands favorites: 'You know our love will not fade away.' Garcia's widow beamed as she pounded a drum in the parade. Although her remarks to the crowd were brief she smiled bravely throughout the event." Leading the parade was the dragon reaching the top of the stage above, with teeth showing. Someone is carrying something to the stage. My back is up against my bike while taking this picture. I'm up front packed in with crowd in a family and friends, where ashes ashes all fall down. Loving and enjoying this 1960's New Age fellowship of peace and harmony I relished this moment. Myself so lucky to happen to be living through this American crisis, with the people closest to it, what I realized I had been missing so much was all coming to an end here.

Their children are not happy. The party will soon be over next Saturday in New York City's Central Park. There would be no more hippy Grateful Dead party atmospheres with LSD-soaked thousands of fans touring from coast to coast, or going overseas to Grateful Dead Shows. In the last few days I mingled through all of the various crafts vendor's with souvenir stands and glass pipe displays set up selling party items and posters with decorations and clothing sharing peace and love and New Age anti-government conversations with spiritual and social views surprisingly similar to mine. "Jerry could take a theater with 2,000 people in it -- and make it feel like you're all sitting around the kitchen", said one producer. IN his music, it all comes alive to me!


The crowd of Dead Heads here to my left have filled in the front of the stage area beginning "a raucous yet reverent ceremony that provided a flashback to San Francisco's psychedelic era." Well over 20,000 fans assembled around a colorful shrine erected in Garcia's honor, at the Polo Grounds, where his band use to set up and play for days until banned. "Here for nearly eight hours they prayed cried laughed danced drank and smoked in his memory." Drummer Mickey Heart described his first session with the band at the Oakland Coliseum in 1994 as "the feeling of being whipped into a jet stream. The audience wants to be transformed!"

Here the parade has just come around the east side of the horse track to my right side. Suddenly up in front in the Parade a rush of wings, 53 snow white doves flew up without any announcement to be ready to see them. I was rewinding my camera. Only had a second to look up in time to see two white rectangular formations of birds, like two flat cards blowing away in the sky that flipped over together side by side, as if blowing away high over the trees. An airplane flew over dropping thousands of roses in cones that all blew over the trees in the wind. The crowd ran to find out what was dropped! The plane came back over and got the drop right. I was right here with my camera smoking pot with a couple from Texas. The crowd of people that went to find what the plane dropped all came back with a rose in a cone. I ran out of pot. So the folks from Texas broke out theirs. Cheering!.

Jerry Garcia was 53 years old, so the two caskets carried by the parade around the Polo Grounds on the horse track contained 53 snow white doves. One casket symbolizing Jerry Garcia, and the other symbolically in honor of the Grateful Dead first drummer who died in 1973 from too much drinking and drugging caused Ron "Pigpen" McKernan's death. His girlfriend Magic I found on the east end of here told me next Saturday when I went back, she was engaged to marry him. Here 53 last of her line.

On stage the remaining Grateful Dead band members and their immediate family were gathered around them. Grateful Dead band members including Jerry Garcia performed with other bands, when they were not on tour as the Grateful Dead. So of course Jerry Garcia's other band members would keep on playing music like they usually did, while not on tour with Jerry Garcia. Who apparently knew for certain he would raise from the darkness of death to the light of the gravity circuit in positive gravity charge, above on negative gravity charge currents the wavelengths of, to specific gravity that made the physics laws of nature. Deborah Koons marrying Garcia on Valentine's Day 1994 told the crowd when she saw Jerry the morning he died "he had a smile on his face", indicated heroin overdose. It did a miracle for Jerry Garcia, giving him the boost he needed to be transformed and rise above soon afterwards went to brake airport communications for powerful evidence that he is still with us!

The eulogy's conclusion was that Jerry could still be with us, but the rest of the band would still go on playing music with other bands. The ceremony lasted nearly until noon, when the remaining Grateful Dead told the crowd they were not going be playing music today, announcing they were going to play five hours of their best picks of live Grateful Dead concert songs from "The Vault". Although they would rather like they usual liked to do play music all day and all night long. But a new city ordinance would not allow the party to go on past 5 p.m., when police on horseback would move in to clear out the crowd. Said drummer Mickey Hart, "If the Grateful Dead did anything we gave you the power. You have the groove, you have the feeling. ... You take it home and do something with it! We didn't do this for nothing." A fan Jeremy Coles 30 praises on the stage "His guitar playing provided a kind of wrap around you "like a mother wraps an infant." Cary Tennis's ArtBeat column goes on to say "Contrast the heartless and witless AOL cynics with the tears shed at Sunday's Polo Field memorial amid the marvel of Jerry's music raining on the crowd like some rich natural wonder endowed with a soulful intelligence. Contrast the AOL hecklers remarks with the woman at the alter, her mouth torn with grief saying 'I can't believe I'm going to live the rest of my life without him!' Or with a barefoot girl in a muslin dress with a purple sash draped shoulder to ankle, her hair topknot tied with what looked like juniper berries, winding her way through the crowd bearing roses and a sheaf of elegies, and handing them out to one friend after another, with the sprightly quickness of priestly duty. How to square that? Well it doesn't square. Death doesn't square. It just leaves a hole where something rushes in." When I did not want this to end here after just finding it!

Behind the scenes Jerry Garcia was very much alive an objective omniscient soul as darkness was settling in on the August 10 ebbing and flowing and wafting crowd enchantment, where I was out of sight to the left less than 200 yards to the west of the Memorial scene, where I set up camp near the Polo Grounds. There the Grateful Dead put on so many free concerts in the 1960's and '70s, I was told went on for nights of partying before each show. Where the Grateful Dead liked to play music all night, like at their indoor shows. I looked on at the clearing between two big trees, to the Polo Grounds in front of me, until I would fall to sleep. But that night all of a sudden a window of dazzling white-light flipped wide open, for me to "see the light" I knew, and got a good look. Then it abruptly turned on end like a card and disappeared. Right after that over to my left about 45 degrees up at about 10 feet in a clearing between two near trees suddenly appeared an all brightly lit-up in white molecules the egg shape of the soul like a Earth map oval globe about 8 feet across (before contracted to round, later) saw one before had to be Jerry Garcia going around, surprising his gathering fans, ghost at a dead man's show. This new god in the sky able to transform, and able to cut off electrical transformers, had taken notice of me twice I must have passed dead still warm in bed. A bright flash beside the same tree as the night before certainly was Jerry Garcia making the sky flash in a steady pulse along my course from Marin made his rounds around the Polo Grounds in Golden Gate Park must have been reading anyone else's mind!

Jerry Garcia free to move around to and fro to anyone in the park, showing everyone that he is still alive, while there is power in death over electrical circuits! Jerry made it his duty to impress to everyone the difference of this side to the other side of reality overlapping the negative on ground. Anyone could ascend to bottom of Heaven, maybe I was not transformed into memory identity in its highest. While great god of the gods friendly and more powerful than he could ever be in the flesh. At your service and mine, alive in knowledge knowing and understanding how so ever he appeared here. Such a merry prankster in the illuminated secret electrical circuit to high over the world, in this crises. Even circuit of the Universe shorting-out blowing-up a distant galaxy in 10 million degrees of hot hydrogen gas NGC2300, blowing out gravity circuit of the Universe that slams right back together a new Universal Circuit a ball of twine point the size of a golf ball at centre of Eternity. Bang pops-up accumulating mass unfurled point circuit, tubular universe inertia always accumulating mass down gravity currents, all along its electrical Field: Out of coiled point of Black Hole in plumbs squirted-out points, popped-up Galaxies of solar systems.

Monday afternoon August 14 upon returning to the Polo Grounds, from the west end of the horse track on a trail, I gazed up to where the Memorial stage had been yesterday. Just testing I crossed my eyes like the books of Carlos Castaneda said to do, to "see" the soul of Jerry Garcia where I was certain to see him right above where the back of the stage was decorated with a sail that had a string of balloons over it, he must have been way up over the center of the horse track during the Memorial all day. His round soul looked to be about 8 feet in diameter bright as a full moon white spot. Jerry Garcia's round soul tilted up-to the-right. Only a hair line above and a dark beard line all across the bottom of it. He was looking at me from over his Memorial stage area halfway down the track on my way to make camp at sunset! I had to wait out four days of fog to go back to the Memorial stage area August 19, the next sunny morning, to center myself in front of where it was and gaze up to look for him. I went up some steps and "gazed" up to see Jerry Garcia's soul round, above the seats in front of me that seemed large and close a round sphere looking out over the Polo Grounds where nearly 25 thousands of his fans looked up at his picture between sails, right down over the seats now a round sphere with a hairline over a beard line shaded in looking out over the field. He noticed me seeing him, and revolved down like a beach ball on water to look at me! I was speechless, and backed down walked away. The fog came in off the ocean the rest of the week. I could not see Jerry's soul up over his Memorial stage anytime the fog was in, until this Saturday morning after the thick fog went back out to sea for the August 19 Jerry Garcia Memorial in Central Park, New York City. I gazed up to "see" Jerry Garcia's round soul overhead in front of me, where his round soul was surprisingly close and large! But he was go to New York. The looks of him with hair line and beard line, secretly he had looked out over last Sunday's crowd. Realizing I was "seeing" his soul the sphere of Jerry Garcia revolved down to face me directly! I didn't have anything planned to say, at that point in my life, and had nothing great to show for myself. So I just looked back down on the bleacher steps, turned and walked away. I met Magic, a stage hand for the Dead that was engaged to their first drummer Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, who died of liver disease in 1973. In the afternoon she was up on the grass on the east end of the Polo Grounds with friends. Jerry must be in Central Park by now for his Memorial there. So I could not get to see him on Saturday August 19, 1995, when I went back that morning to gaze up to see if I could cross my eyes to him again. But walking away I saw people setting on the southeast end of the grassy slope where I met Magic. A lady sorcerer once engaged to Pigpen.

When clouds or fog were in I could not "see" Jerry Garcia's soul. But most every time I got a chance to gaze for his soul over his stage area of so many concerts in the past, when the sun was out in 1995, he would be there to "see" his round white soul a spot of light high over his stage area Grounds from south side street. Ride by the Polo Grounds to gaze over the Memorial north side, fortunate to be able to "see" such a famous soul where he was usually at, who knows me by sight! A round soul with only a hair and beard line. Sometimes he would be gone away so others might get to see him, likely in ways he appeared to me.

My first encounter with Jerry Garcia was at my camp in Golden Gate Park my first night back on August 9 when I began using the method for "seeing" to locate him from a short distance and then up close once, to find out what he looked like ascended. While at camp he was a persistent hallucination in the tree I camped under, every night, whenever I came back. But on September 5 in the evening was a Grateful Dead gathering crowd up the road from a campground in Marin Headlands. Where I heard them going through their beautifully orchestrated ebb and flow of a crowd chant building up, back and forth to a great and frightening shout followed by cheering! When Jerry found me up to get something out of my locker he flashed right in my face! While the others departed dream, in their sack in their soul like a bat in the dark, who fall into the web of the Gravity Field in the Earth. I only needed to set up my air mattress for my sleeping bag beside my picnic table, the weather was so dry and warm I didn't need to set up the tent. Where while the Dead Heads were doing their ritual chanting and shouting the air was ecstatic. I got up to get something out of my locker when Jerry shot right up in my face a bright flash of light out of the air from the other side of the picnic table, he flashed up-close in my face. Not even a Bear hug? Thank you Jerry, for this moment to make right this epic Revolutionary work right. So I am ready to put the guns available on the table for the people to shoot or apprehend the conspiracy, and stop the advertising, and ship out the people's enemies for the sharks to do away with divide up the booty in a Military takeover, under my Power by Default plans, fill the Treasury with enemies of the people money metals to finance my cooperative Third U.S. Government. Polar reversal happens later in 2020, America prepared for it, the enemies of the people eliminated. Or power failures and electronics gone haywire so airplanes fall out of the sky and electrical systems shut down without warning, so everything crashes in chaos in anarchy all over the world. Ships sucking water so they all fall down in wrath of the gods against "the system", making the good times end leave dense and selfish mind's the fate to inherit a disastrous global warming surprise when two stars show up in 2020, so few vanish to ascend! Communications all broke down.

For some days I stopped "seeing" Jerry Garcia's soul over the Polo Grounds, so I went to camp in a Marin Headlands National Park campground high up over the Ocean, for looking a last time over San Francisco before I went down the coast, to spend one more night of camping in the west end of Golden Gate Park. Other campers after I set up camp were watching a big freighter go under the Golden Gate Bridge. I was looking over San Francisco over the Polo Grounds and noticed a round white spot of cloud with a rainbow going through it, in low clouds hanging out over the beach. I turned to ask the couple at the next picnic table to look over at the white spot of rainbow colors in the cloud. They did, but would not speculate on what it was. Back in San Francisco I looked around to find "Dead Heads" to find out if any of them saw the rainbow spot at sunset. No one else thought a thing of it. Only I knew it was Jerry Garcia's round soul a positive gravity charge. His sphere the next afternoon, looking from the south of it on the beach over the same place I saw it first, that ordinary sight could plainly see Jerry Garcia's soul was a white spot of cloud in the sky with a rainbow going through it. I camped in the park one more night under the tree with the floating psychedelic hallucinations up under its limbs no longer happening after 2003, Jerry somewhere elsewhere doing good where he can? But just now with stuff falling all around me I know he is still here. But white cloud of rainbow circle from one side to the other 3 more times to summer 2006, a significant year for Planet X going to rise in the west in 2020.

Clouds were building up over the Headlands in Marin county next morning when I got out to the beach highway to look north. A storm usually rained a day there before crossing over to San Francisco. I planned on heading out for Half Moon Bay to go south for the winter. I did not expect Jerry to follow me from beach campground to beach campground all along my way south of the storm, to Santa Barbara county, to take a road going through the mountains north of Los Angeles from Ventura. When I reached Monterey the stormy sky retreated east. Wherever clouds were over the northern coast at the end of my sunny days going south a round white spot of cloud with a rainbow going through it was always in the sky in the north facing Sun from one campground to the other all the way to Santa Barbara. Jerry Garcia to El Captain State Beach west of Santa Barbara, California. To a traveler going north at camp I pointed it out to from our table near a cliff overlooking Pacific, last person I got to look at it with me, a round white spot with rainbow through it, on a cloud in the distance, over the coast. I told him all about my experiences concerning it. I knew from a long time ago that a rainbow formed over the eyes of constant and regular LSD users, easiest to do with liquid LSD from an eyedropper, rainbow had to be Jerry Garcia. I only got to see him once more in 1995, up-close enough to be picked up if only I had shouted and danced and jumped up in the topmost mountain pass in Angeles National Forest, around last bend in the road. Up over the top middle of the road to under a white spot of cloud wider than the road, rainbow one side to the other in it, to big round ends of rainbow colored cords within a round white cloud. Where off of all of the round cords of colors steam was drifting east between them. I never have a camera to prove I ever see mysteries with ordinary sight. Unless a photo shop editor erases them to win a new car so I have to emerge from a successful revolution, to prosecute her in a public tribunal. To do as I choose with such an evil witch, as to have her head or else burn her at the stake!

There was a big mountain to get over from Ventura, a mile high above the Ocean. A Jew with a ride offer drove me up the first pass so I could save my shower, and roll down only a thousand feet to take the road east, right into camp. I didn't have a clue why Jerry Garcia's soul had followed me down the coast, unless to encourage me on a mission to a desert mountain in southern California. After a lot of spring water and a rabbit stew I was ready to go on up two thousand feet east to get around Los Angeles through the Angeles National forest. I was going to the desert to climb a mountain near Colorado River a hill on the cover of a Carlos Castaneda book, where seers watched gravity currents like tensile hanging down. While coming up to mountain peak I came around a cliff, bend a few hundred yards or so to the top that came into view close over the road ahead a 60 feet or so round white spot of cloud with bands of rainbow arching through it, all of the colors so bright! Soon I reached the top of the road to right under the rainbow! I parked my bike and went back under it to look up at the thick round rainbow colored cords overhead arching through the big round spot of white cloud. Looking up at the large round cords of rainbow colors arched across the spot of cloud a slight cloud movement I noticed, drifting east off of each of the cords of colors. Whiffs of steam drifted east off each of the round cords of color across their lengths to their round ends, around them. Everything always is forgotten eventually, no matter how great. Scholars got wrong what people made the "Great Pyramid". Without proof.

Four years later in March of 1999, in a dust storm while I made it north from Interstate 8, up through an Indian reservation to a camping area with water, where I loaded up drinking water and stayed for several days. While I was dragging my bike through sand in a dust storm towards a group of large trees I stopped suddenly, upon noticing a large cloud to the south shredded by the wind, a great cloud shaped like a skeleton with its head turned my way, laughing, while riding a big "chopper" in the windstorm as if he was on his way to San Diego! Jerry Garcia no doubt was showing off with his soul, able to transform in whatever medium in the atmosphere available to transform in, to show me and anyone else that he is alive, knowing that I would see him, a "god" for the "gods". The only "god" I ever saw! But writing this has taken 21 years to make it readable, after doing it high on weed. Where since everything in my head is backwards anyway, not to make worse sense by writing under the influence of weed like I had to correct constantly. But by luck I ran out of the stuff, while having to wait two months to buy a new computer, when I found out how bad everything not proofread hundreds of times to get right from writing high on pot can be seen, beginning with the first page, and every page with a 2017 Copyright date on it, best edited not high on anything. I could not write a masterpiece on pot! But Jerry Garcia was having so much fun, did not have to write a masterpiece did everything right, and made the world a better place, in his world wide universe. Where the strongest people get free, find peace.

Jerry Garcia "Friend of the Devil", for the ladies, and

The "Very Best of Grateful Dead", gone on up lives forever.

I remember the Carlos Castaneda Don Juan books saying the soul looks egg shaped, before I saw one. Though crossing my eyes to locate Jerry Garcia's milky white round soul some 30' up in the air, while gazing over his Memorial stage area seats six days later, on the Grounds where nearly 25,000 Dead Heads had gathered. I got to see Jerry Garcia's ghost up close a sphere smooth as glass the surface of it. I recounted at a Headlands camp with two other campers weeks later pointed out the spot of cloud with a rainbow going through it over San Francisco's Ocean Beach, who could not fathom it was Jerry Garcia's round soul, a white spot of cloud in the clouds over the beach, in 1995. It was obvious to me that Jerry Garcia was showing himself to me with the clouds. To riding a motorcycle with a cloud, his head turned north at me laughing later in the winter of 2002, as if him going west against high winds to San Diego. Years later in Klamath Falls, Oregon, I saw him as a white spot of cloud with a rainbow going through it again in 2006. Then two strips of rainbow colors flat on the horizon separated by a cloud on Chinese New Year 2009. But the people beside me did not believe a word I said about it being Jerry Garcia. The only other thing noteworthy in those days was in December 2003, after reaching Standish-Hickey State Park in northern California, after all day getting over the mountains from the coast. I registered for the night, found a picnic table in the sunshine to sit to sunset having sausage and beer. Park to myself after a long strenuous day. I walked out to the cliff over the river at sunset and stood, impressed with Venus so big and blazing as it ever looks, after finishing my last drink and walking to the parking lot after putting the cans in a recycle bin I walked back into the empty parking lot for a last look at bright Venus over the twilight. Then I turned and walked back towards my tent to get to sleep. But to my surprise there suddenly was a blazing blast of light up in the tree tops, so bright I had to turn my head away from it. I thought just wait for the light to go out, or become dimmer so I could look back up at it whatever exploded behind the tree tops, that was so bright. I looked right back up through the branches of a tree top, to where I saw a brilliant light was drifting east brighter than Venus, a few hundred yards up and going east, towards a large clearing to my left where I went, for the bright light drifting through the branches to come out in the clearing. The blazing spot of brightness came out into view, unlike Venus it's points of light 6 very long thin white lines of light that extended out to a short "V" formation at the end of each one the white beam of light. The bright light UFO continued to drift east to over a ridge across California Highway 101, 7 miles north of State Road 1, to the east side of it. When the bright light suddenly went out a wedge shaped object with its rounded end pointed east, with a rounded cornered box shape sticking out of the sides of the pointed end as it drifted east, away. A red tented wedge shaped craft pointing to my right its pointed end. Where I could see large tall lettering of some kind on its left side, in Russian? It's red tented color appeared as if coming from some overhead light source, like out of the Positive Charge of Gravity where it stopped to break out of it to drift to some intended landing spot. So the wedge shaped craft drifted down and away, dropping slowly over the eastern ridge. It's triangle shaped black bottom converging gravity currents down glided towards a landing site somewhere. The craft dropped slowly straight down to behind other side of the ridge. So I went on my way to get to sleep, tired from my long hard day, and I only wanted to get to the coffee shop across the street to tell what happened. The morning was going to be a big disappointment, to my plans.

Unidentified the UFO flew through the light on gravity currents to get somewhere down the black currents of gravity useful for vertical up-or-down movement. Its black triangle bottom converging currents through it. Gravity currents from the Black World to its circuit of the World, useful for daily life and space travel on Negative Gravity Charge Currents, flowing down their Positive Gravity Charge mass as fast as a rock expanding the Universe. All particles of creation with a Gravitational Field center, and currents converging in principle of equal but opposite forces, while flowing down all of the mass in the Universe the elusive original element, with gravity currents channeling all of the matter into the World. Flight on gravity currents gliding in on, in the wedge shaped craft. Looking like a UFO I later heard talk about on an Art Bell Coast to Coast radio show, with tall lettering on its side. Likely powered by what someone invited to a U.S. Military underground factory to look at a blown out hole in it rocket scientist to show a rocket engine something like he was making, to ask him how it worked, space craft engine that looked like full of gravity current collectors inside, found in a underground Area 51 factory, who wanted him to explain how it worked. Asking him to get up on it on a fixture holding it up, to look in the hole blown out in its side. That in someone's rage had overloaded its capacity, so its gasses or liquid inside was blown out, exposed its gravity current collectors. So UFO's can only fly vertically, through the currents. I went over to coffee, where I bough the beer and sausage, store owner to visit. Where I found out he saw the UFO too, while closing his store, went to a bar at California Highway 1 & 101 where someone said he was crazy or something in a argument and shot him, over him seeing a UFO. The store was closed with a note on the door, saying there was a death in the family. But two men in a pick-up truck were just driving over from a house, to leave the grounds. I stopped them and found out about the shooting, after a Coast Guard helicopter landed in their parking lot earlier. I was packing to get over to them before they left. While talking with the men in the truck I pointed out the UFO's course. Right then a little black police helicopter was racing east, right along where I was pointing! In the truck both men turned left to see a little black police helicopter going by, as fast as it could. So I just went on my way to get to Clam Beach campfire, a great high.

I walked out onto my patio overlooking town one afternoon, in 2006, looking at the wisps of cloud on a warm day. Something I never expected to see again, was in a wisp of cloud high over town. It was Jerry Garcia, as a round white spot of cloud with a rainbow going through it. I had been working on some page somewhere here and took a break. This was my last few months of having any kind of technical support, that took 16 years to get right writing and editing this Web page, next month. Jerry Garcia knowing from past experience I would recognize him as a spot of white cloud a rainbow arching through it, my inspiration, to come around for support? Or in town along the way of a past tour, only re-traveling his Grateful Dead show path through town reliving life on earth? I was just thrilled to see him again! Later November 3, 2007, I passed by the Polo Grounds in Golden Gate Park to gaze over the Memorial, to see if his round white soul would be there. But in a shocking second I was seeing the scene of Jerry Garcia's round soul back-half, that was a glossy black round impression only a few days after Halloween. A flock of black bats seemed to be let loose at me. I knew there were Deadheads gathering over the west end from the Memorial stage area, over by the polo scorer's tower at the horse track, who frighten me in a Jerry Garcia prank according to the season. When in October a comet had just exploded to five times bigger than the Sun, spreading debris across Mars' orbit February 19, 2008. Another same type of comet should be waiting to explode into a ball of debris, maybe Borrely a comet feared in a closer orbit to Earth more often. Comet Holmes in a huge cloud of nuclear explosion, over the Earth on July 26, 2008. Sign of end times Sirius closing in on the Earth to close as Neptune a star approaching up from south. "Comet" Wormwood out of Bible "Revelation 8:10,11" a sign, faithful caught up in a Rapture "in a twinkling of an eye"? Creation a shotgun blast a red dwarf star following the Sun and Earth after Sun reached turn around in this Galaxy on December 24, 2011, made arc to December 21, 2012, turn around to go back to center of Galaxy where it popped out in the Milky Way Galaxy, but the sun runs into a star.

Just yesterday a lady was telling me everything is in circles, while I was trying to talk through her talk to say that the soul is round (calculus mathematic's). Earth molten following its crust weight spinning its soul as a sphere. She would never fathom the soul expands to absolutely round, after they die. But is egg shaped while it is shielding an earthly body inside. Under Gravity Charge pressure gravity the ascended transform into egg shape memory identity in particle layers, Souls like my 15 year old girlfriend, that I located in 1972 glided up to me when I looked over at her, in the truth in the sermon on the mount. I saw "God" is an electrical system. But everyone in church says nobody can see God. Religion is no good! In between ascending all the way Jerry Garcia is a round soul, somewhere in the sky over the world. Gods said to be able to manifest into human form with the clouds, made one a chopper and rider, or round showing up as a spot with rainbow through it. Gods inspiring by their appearance all through the ages, resembling people and things, have not seen another. Jerry Garcia the rainbow god. Gathered together my group in the heavens not alien craft but souls of the ascended. I only know Jerry Garcia to be a god who rose up, but cannot talk, as if to say the top of the world is going to blow-up as big as the Moon, out of the Arctic Ocean, in 2020. So long lived the good times! Souls gather in highest Heaven. Where Jerry Garcia is certain to go with other greats gone further. My bag packed, to through Heaven's Wound, through Son to Father, some churchly expert said. Go further!

Back on February 9, 2008, I had another hard day and couldn't get something here done right. While walking away I looking up to see what caught my eye. Just out of a library on the south side I was walking north to a bus terminal, on a dreary day. The buses had stopped running after 4, I could not overcome a computer virus to write this correct until now. Last year a asteroid blew up over Russia then beside Florida off of star Sirius that turned the sun upside down in 2007, going through edge of Milky Way Galaxy through asteroids beginning December 21, 2012, twin of the sun expanded to five times bigger than the Sun's core. Kinds of things to think about but can't write about. Nostradamus comet "Wormwood" pieces close enough to fall on Earth going through asteroids then gas between north and south side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Jerry Garcia was in the sky a bright waterfall-looking strip of rainbow cloud, folded like a curtain hanging down in strips of color, to its bottom, until 4:30. Then it filled out downwards to become a bearded rainbow-cloud, before fading out into a burst of energy at me, and anyone else looking. Suddenly people seemed to know me, passing by like two on skateboards, everyone happy, followed by someone else friendly, and then two others, where I could not get out the words: did you see that rainbow! To tell them that was Jerry Garcia! My impression of the rainbow being obligation to get all of this correct and meta tag, maybe be a miracle in front of others when I jump over my little blue glass ball where a wooden broom or stick can stand by itself. I will just walk bare footed to get stuck there, to have to jump to get off of it, to break out of the physical world to the other side. As if someone watching over you break through, just don't look down! I will bring my bag back in time to make a living, with the future. Science says life began as a single DNA in a primordial lake-composition, rapidly reproducing itself with mutations of itself, that actually originate as separate memory identities paired, stretched out into a double helix, that interbred making races. That produced all of the different kinds of life possible, with opposites. Five ages of "gods" in a gravity convergence sphere. "Their appearances are on the increase", unidentified UFO's chasing planes. Now a "god" who makes people friendly, optimistic and happy, every time he comes around. Jerry Garcia certainly is going to have a grand family in the sky, and in Heaven, the bone left behind. Hopefully more souls than usual get to live see a "New Age" on Earth, after 2020 super volcano blows up beside Scandinavia out of Earth's 85° latitude, longitude one day polar reversal. Chosen souls taste not death, so few souls break on through to the other side. Ascended usually go all the way up to God to become what they really are, so few souls are there. Usually everyone else goes all the way out to the wound of God at such height to the Father's sphere. Where there is no more fear, in their sphere.

Looking out the back window Jerry Garcia knows this party cannot go on forever, while thinking about his health, where like so many of the best entertainers and other greats would all rather go out on top, if possible. So while recovering from another great tour of show performances and heavy partying he found the right time and place to make his departure, went for it on August 9, 1995, that forced me to have to begin this work for 22 years freeing myself to go back to messing around with the fabric of reality suddenly breaking open to me, at certain places, I fear, the only space left for me to get away. Even if I wind up to be the only solution for leadership, to command U.S. Armed Forces, I shut down radio and TV shows, the false government of politician's and lawyer's Media, to focus on global warming and the future of the planet, with such plans I explained. Earth only going to wind up worse than Mars, during a war, when two stars cross paths, destroys life on Earth. When only the people in Earth's core that pops up through a trap door it made northwest of Norway, while periodically running into Earth's crust after Original Sin will be released survive the Earth hit by the Moon out of the Asteroid Belt spurt the planet that star Sirius ran into.

In my lifetime I know only two people that have ascended dead, my 15 year old girlfriend I saw while seeing God from reading the Sermon on the Mount and Jerry Garcia half way to being transformed in the substance of God above but still in this world free to move about at his Memorial over Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Just about anytime I wanted to, from the day after his Memorial on August 13, 1995. While scientists say people only use about 10% of their brain capacity, good for the management of vast amounts of data to comprehend, which refuses to even consider the remaining 90% that cannot be comprehended, by such people as Art Bell on his radio show talking to callers for a moment about their experiences, the reality their 90% of brain capacity has a connection with another reality, are ignorant of a tool they are born with that science does not know what it is good for for anyone to even bring into the life and death equation to save themself. Thus limiting humanity to die and go to Hell regardless of the fantasies of religions. Ascended and returned before, left a body mountain lions ate I must go back to do over again with another backpack on not to return unless in the past leaving Trump president after Military Coup!


"Once in a while you get shown the light
in the strangest of places, if you look at it right."

From "Scarlet Begonias" by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter

Long lived the Good-Times, and the Grateful Dead, where Jerry Garcia is still around!

Maybe to see me with defensive weapons, block or catch and pull down ICBM's, plans.

Lee Harrison,


Dark Star

Let me be the

first thing that you

see when you open

up your eyes.



>Earth and Moon<

Jerry Garcia and the other gods rose above

yet another Summer or Fall to get to where

I jump over a little blue glass ball, I ascend.



The Planet X much bigger planet than Jupiter

coming around again now proves the big bang

was like a shotgun, orbit of the Sun, out of the

center point sun orbit in a year of turn around

during Mayan calendar Short and Long count

calendar. Shot from Creation, to show up when

red dwarf star hits sun gods ascend to high god!


I will already have left, to destroy all the secret

Orders and religions damned with original sin.

The future to the past, cooperate in public rule:

Revolution take out authoritarian & aristocrat. Shopping Mall


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